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Mannequin Germany Vinilo y CD

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Exploded View & Demos 1981-1984
Cat: MNQ 156. Rel: 14 Feb 23
Unreal Personality (6:02)
Lights (4:32)
Deutsches Madchen (4:29)
Covergirl (3:35)
Wahlerisch! (4:21)
UCX-S (4:35)
Modern Air (4:43)
Seit Wir Uns Kennen (4:17)
Picture 210 (3:41)
Gentlemen & Pettycoats (2:58)
Deutsches Madchen (4:27)
Lights (4:28)
Wahlerisch! (5:16)
Picture 210 (3:30)
Seit Wir Uns Kennen (5:04)
UCX-S (5:25)
Gentlemen & Pettycoats (3:32)
Fire (4:38)
Automobil (3:45)
40-50-60 (4:37)
Review: Minimal synth Dutch pioneers The Actor dropped this classic in 1982 on Trumpett Tapes. It was a cult favourite amongst those who know that eventually got reissued for the first time by Mannequin Records in 2014, and now comes another new drop but with the added bonus of a whole extra slab of wax. It is packed with extra full-length of demos from the 1981-1984 period and makes for some superb tonic for lovers of rusty analog synths. Cold yet alluring with textbook deadpan vocals, this is crisp coldwave at its best.
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 in stock $31.05
Program & Rhythm
Program & Rhythm (2xLP limited to 300 copies)
Cat: MNQ 151. Rel: 10 Jun 22
Pr 002 (II) (1:13)
Pr 001 (I) (1:40)
Pr 004 (XIII) (1:44)
Pr 001 (II) (1:26)
Pr 002 (X) (2:08)
Pr 001 (V) (2:20)
Pr 002 (XIV) (1:56)
Pr 002 (IX) (1:38)
Pr 002 (VIII) (1:55)
Pr 004 (IX) (1:31)
Pr 003 (IX) (1:09)
Pr 003 (II) (1:28)
Pr 003 (VIII) (0:53)
Pr 002 (XIII) (0:50)
Pr 003 (X) (0:46)
Pr 003 (III) (2:10)
Pr 004 (IV) (0:33)
Pr 006 (X) (2:38)
Pr 002 (V) (1:38)
Pr 001 (VII) (2:10)
Pr 001 (III) (0:46)
Pr 004 (III) (1:33)
Pr 004 (VI) (0:43)
Pr 004 (VII) (0:56)
Pr 005 (IV) (0:54)
Pr 004 (IV) (1:32)
Pr 004 (VIII) (0:40)
Pr 006 (IX) (2:40)
Pr 004 (X) (1:50)
Pr 003 (I) (1:23)
Pr 004 (XII) (1:35)
Pr 006 (XII) (1:07)
Pr 005 (II) (0:59)
Pr 005 (VI) (1:40)
Pr 002 (VII) (1:23)
Pr 006 (I) (1:34)
Pr 006 (III) (1:23)
Pr 006 (II) (1:07)
Pr 006 (IV) (1:30)
Pr 006 (V) (1:55)
Pr 006 (VII) (2:02)
Pr 006 (VIII) (1:24)
$25.65 SAVE 40%
 in stock $15.40
Parafernales (limited 12")
Cat: MNQ 160. Rel: 14 Jul 23
Softly Softly (5:56)
Secret Games (5:49)
Surface Wound (3:38)
Sneaking Suspicion (5:12)
False Passion (5:26)
 in stock $21.06
Now Wait For The Last Year (remastered)
Cat: MNQ 159LP. Rel: 11 Jul 24
The Happening World
Animal Latte
Tracking With Close-Ups
Review: This enigmatic recording, ahead of its time upon release, features Caroline K's pioneering approach to analog synth music and sample experimentation. Tracks like 'The Happening World' demonstrate her focus on dark ambient and drone music, while 'Animal Lattice' offers a haunting juxtaposition of high and low notes, reminiscent of early Dead Can Dance. 'Between The Spaces' explores a range of atmospheres, from new age to dungeon synth, with ethereal undertones. Caroline K's use of background noises and found sounds adds depth and texture to compositions like 'Leaving,' leaving a lasting impression on listeners. Now Wait For Last Year remains a lasting legacy to Caroline K's innovative spirit and her enduring influence on ambient, dark ambient, and electronic music. This brilliant trip into experimental ambience will impress everyone from soundtrack lovers to those who are into darker electronics.
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 in stock $30.51
Toda La Verdad Sobre Dame Area
Cat: MNQ 166. Rel: 26 Aug 24
Si No Es Hoy Cuando Es
Vengo Dall Aldila
Sempre Cambiare
Urlo Di Guerra
Tu Me Hiciste Creer
Esto Es Nuestro Ruido
Si No Eres Nada Puedes Ser Todo
coming soon $25.37
GMM Suite (remastered)
GMM Suite (remastered) (limited orange vinyl 12")
Cat: MNQ 140OR. Rel: 09 Sep 21
GMM Suite 1 (13:09)
GMM Suite 2 (14:02)
$21.06 SAVE 30%
 in stock $14.75
Another LP
Another LP (limited red vinyl LP)
Cat: MNQ 126. Rel: 19 May 20
Channel Surfing I (0:33)
Under The Floor (7:37)
Entity (8:27)
Inhuman Ecstacy (6:05)
Channel Surfing II (1:48)
Please Center/Ready To Ingest (7:03)
Almost Almost (6:11)
Possession (1:17)
Review: Tokyo-based duo Group A have been operating as outliers for many years now, self-releasing music and earning a reputation for their incendiary live shows. After catching the ear of Alessandro Adriani's mighty Mannequin label, they released a self-titled EP on the Italian imprint back in 2017, and now they're finally back to follow it up with a full-length. Being on Mannequin you should know to expect beyond the grave sonics with heavy notes of industrial and minimal wave, but Group A intersperse this with their own particular strain of sonic personality, from dismembered voices to American TV rips (on the excellent "Channel Surfing". It's an imposing listen, not to mention a captivating one.
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 in stock $21.59
Silver Demon
Cat: MNQ 134. Rel: 13 Feb 20
The Passenger (6:04)
Exit Strategy (4:17)
Citadel (interlude 3) (2:00)
Vortex 21 (3:21)
Odyssey (3:30)
The Onmipresent Eye (4:19)
First Age (4:41)
Dialogues (interlude 1) (2:33)
Behind The Walls (4:35)
Silver Demon (3:44)
Review: 10 years after first starting out, June aka Tsampikos Fronas serves up a third full length on Mannequin Records that draws on all his years of musical exploration. The world that results is a dystopian one where machines have taken over and human life has long gone. Synths fizz with static electricity, drums and percussion automated by AI and the whole thing is like an exercise in cyber-transcendence. An arsenal of vintage analog synthesizers, drum machines and effect processors add retro-future textures that only serve to heighten the record overall.
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 in stock $16.74
Voue A Rouiller
Cat: MNQ 152. Rel: 14 Dec 23
Baski Iklimi (4:37)
Yanan Kurban (5:01)
Kacis (4:19)
Creve Tes Yeux Et Regarde (3:32)
Veuve 909 (4:19)
Liquide (5:48)
Bencil Iliski (4:55)
Orage (4:03)
Review: Leroy Se Meurt make a bold statement here with their new long player on the Mannequin label. It finds the Parisian pair keeping the foundational sounds of EBM, post-punk and electro at the core but also explores around the edges in fantastic fashion. The mood here is heavy and abrasive rock textures permeate the tracks next to electric synths and over worked samplers. The tracks feature lyrics sung in Turkish and French and are hard hitting affairs with floor facing, repetitive loop madness next to double-tempo cuts with chaotic guitars amongst much more.
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 in stock $21.06
Tunnel (cassette single limited to 100 copies)
Cat: NQ 148. Rel: 28 Feb 22
Blast (6:49)
Accelerator (7:05)
Cave Girl (7:39)
Doom (8:10)
 in stock $10.26
Voltage Control (1990-1992)
Cat: MNQ 161LP. Rel: 26 Jul 24
Antithesis Song
Apocalypse (Full)
Jack Hallucinates
Outer Space Odyssey (part V)
Cybertron Technoid 829
Silicon Pleasures
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