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Nervous US

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Nervous US

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Nervous Nitelife: Summer Clubbing Vol 2
Cat: 091012077326. Rel: 02 Jul 08
Funky/Club House
  1. Ercola - "Every World" (feat Daniella - Wendel Kos club mix)
  2. Adam K - "Soha - Long Distance"
  3. The Cube Guys - "Baba O'Riley"
  4. Alex Santer - "Utica"
  5. Antoine Clamaran - "Get Down"
  6. Tomcraft - "Boogie Nights (Like An Eagle)"
  7. Ralph Falcon - "Break U" (feat The Weather Girls - Richie Santana & Peter Bailey Mindcontrol mix)
  8. Lutzenkirchen - "Paperboy" (D-Nox & Beckers remix)
  9. Peter Bailey & Carlos - "Bring It On"
  10. Deka - "Enter Your Soul"
  11. Erich Ensastigue - "Lick My Body" (Alex Ocampo louder remix)
  12. Inaya Day - "Say You Will" (Mischa Daniels Super String mix)
  13. Mark Brown - "The Journey Continues" (feat Sarah - Micky Slim S Sleeves Off remix)
  14. Oscar G - "Pimp"
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Danny Krivit Celebrates A Decade Of 718 Sessions
Cat: NE 22641. Rel: 30 Nov 12
Deep House
  1. Classic VIV & Lawaetz - "This Is For The Women"
  2. James Sims - "Seret Fantasy" (Terrence Parker edit)
  3. Bukusoul - "The Deepness" (main mix)
  4. Ron Trent - "Cross Roads" (feat Tkumah Sadeek)
  5. Ralf GUM - "Take Me To My Love" (feat Monique Bingham)
  6. Adultnapper - "Monitor" (MKL vs BGSS rework)
  7. Julius Papp & Deep Culture - "Believe" (feat Deborah Bond - Julius Papp Sunrise mix)
  8. Kenny Bobien - "The Light" (DK edit of Ian Friday Libation vox)
  9. Su Su Bobien - "All I Want To Do" (unreleased demo mix)
  10. Ananda Project - "Heaven Is Right Here" (feat AKDanny Krivit & Dazzle drums remix)
  11. Digital Soul - "Ain't No Place" (feat Leon Neal)
  12. Jazzmattik & Boddhi Satva - "And Other Worlds" (feat MiSSum - Kai Alce remix)
  13. The Fantastic Aleems - "Hooked On Your Love" (feat Calebur - original NIA 12" mix)
Review: Danny Krivit's monthly party, 718 Sessions, has become an integral part of New York's nightlife over the last 10 years. Here, he raises a glass or two to celebrate that achievement, mixing up a selection of his favourite US garage, deep and soulful cuts that have rocked the dancefloor over the last decade. Kicking off with the jazz wise flex of Classic VIV and Lawaetz, Krivit moves through a variety of seductive sounds, touching on piano-laden deepness (Blacksoul), soft focus soul (Ralf GUM), sparkling Latin flavours (Adultnapper), delicious nu-jazz (Julius Papp), upbeat soulful garage for the heads (Su Su Bobien) and classic New York soulfulness (Digital Soul). He finishes on a high, with the Fantastic Aleems disco-boogie classic "Hooked On Your Love" - a triumphant end to a delicious selection.
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 in stock $12.53
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Nervous US
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