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On Board Music Vinilo y CD

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Point C: Remixes
Cat: OBM 012. Rel: 19 Jun 24
Foreign Material - "Into The Gleams Of Forgetfulness" (Patrick Russell remix) (6:12)
Hiver - "Time Lapse" (Estrato Aurora remix) (7:36)
Sylve - "Cloudless Raindrops" (Polygonia remix) (6:13)
Alan Backdrop - "Oelo" (Forest On Stasys remix) (6:09)
Hironori Takahashi - "Exars" (Erika remix) (5:59)
Review: Point C: Remixes offers a lasting impression through the realms of deep and meditative techno, reworked by a line up of formidable producers. The A-side sets the tone with Patrick Russell's remix of Foreign Material's 'Into The Gleams Of Forgetfulness,' weaving tribal rhythms with analog depth, casting an eerie and ominous atmosphere. Hiver's 'Time Lapse' receives a transformation by Estrato Aurora, delivering moody tribal elements immersed in deep meditation, accompanied by atmospheric textures. Sylve's 'Cloudless Raindrops' undergoes a metamorphosis in Polygonia's hands, introducing broken beats, crystallized melodies, and lush backgrounds that elevate the deepness to ethereal heights. On the flip, Forest On Stasys reimagines Alan Backdrop's 'Oelo' into a spacey, alien landscape, inviting listeners to traverse another dimension filled with mysterious encounters. Closing the EP, Erika's remix of Hironori Takahashi's 'Exars' further delves into the mystical, crafting an enigmatic soundscape that captivates the senses. Each track on 'Point C: Remixes' contributes to a sonic exploration of the hypnotic depths of techno.
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 in stock $13.73
Forbidden Islands EP
Cat: OBM 09. Rel: 19 Jul 22
Islas Hormigas (3:26)
Sexto Sentido (5:39)
Punaturi (5:30)
Poveglia (5:08)
Hunga Tonga (5:22)
Surtsey (5:06)
 in stock $15.06
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