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Other People

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Cat: OP 036LP. Rel: 02 Mar 16
  1. Flying Across The Globe (1:48)
  2. Seeing From Above (2:21)
  3. Thousands Below (3:31)
  4. Like Endless Patterns (3:02)
  5. Making Their Endless Practices (7:46)
  6. Of Roots Hardly Known (2:43)
  7. With No Directions (2:07)
  8. Names Or Labels (7:41)
  9. Thus They Celebrate (2:38)
  10. Speechless Yet Echoing (2:48)
  11. The Ancient & Continuous (4:33)
  12. Trembling Of The Air (4:56)
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Sirens (CD + 12 page booklet)
Cat: OP 042CD1. Rel: 12 Oct 16
  1. Killing Time
  2. The Governor
  3. Leaves
  4. No
  5. Three Sides Of Nazareth
  6. History Lesson
Review: The Chilean producer based in New York City Nicolas Jaar presents his new album entitled Sirens. This is his first solo album since 2011's Space Is Only Noise LP and released on his own Other People imprint. Jaar has been involved in various projects over the years, such as Darkside (with multi-instrumentalist Dave Harrington), while last year he released Pomegranates, a collection of ambient tracks provided as an alternative soundtrack to the 1969 film The Colour of Pomegranates. The LP is six tracks that "flow seamlessly" between each other. According to a press release, the album is "Jaar's most topically cohesive and politically-minded record to date."
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Terepa EP (12" picture disc)
Cat: OP 028. Rel: 15 Jul 15
  1. 28th October 2014 (15:09)
  2. 8th August 2014 (20:21)
Review: Nico Jaar is evidently enjoying juggling his own creative urges with the responsibilities of running Other People, with the label's latest transmission a most daring experiment indeed. Under the banner Terepa, NHK'Koyxen called on Rashad Becker, Laurel Halo, Julia Holter, Charlotte Collin, Lucrecia Dalt and Gregoire Simon to join him in an international improvised recording session. These two 20 minute sessions were conducted without any form of communication with the results layered and mixed by NHK'Koyxen into the two pieces presented here. Despite the number of people involved there is a remarkable serenity to opening composition "28th October 2014" whilst "8th August 2014" is more redolent of the abstract noise one expects when Becker and NHK'Koyxen are involved. A most interesting sonic endeavour.
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Steals (LP)
Cat: OP 050LP. Rel: 27 Feb 19
  1. Vechermix (2:06)
  2. Sentimental Geometry (4:00)
  3. Sweep (3:41)
  4. Sausemix (2:55)
  5. VVK (4:40)
  6. Nervnii RnB (3:47)
  7. Can't Tell (3:31)
  8. Slowshit (3:39)
  9. Primechord (4:37)
Review: Fittingly, Other People's 50th release comes from an artist who has been with the label almost since its birth: impossible-to-pigeonhole Russian experimentalist Vtgnike. "Steals" is also notable for being the Moscow-based producer's first outing of any sort for almost two years. We can happily report that the set sparkles from start to finish, with highlights including the spacey ambient exotica of "Vechermix", the deep and chiming dancefloor shuffle of "Sausemix", the post-R&B IDM warmth of "Sentimental Geometry", and the slowly shifting ambient experimentalism of the oddly dreamy "Slowshit". These are our recommendations, but the other tracks are equally as impressive.

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Other People
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