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Pan Germany

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Pan Germany

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Tearless (gatefold green splattered vinyl LP + booklet)
Cat: PAN 108LP. Rel: 19 Jun 20
  1. Enter (2:38)
  2. Tearless (feat Lalita) (4:08)
  3. Flat (feat Code Orange) (3:12)
  4. Trouble (2:37)
  5. Aca (feat Lalita) (3:22)
  6. Call Of The Center (interlude) (0:15)
  7. Too Late (3:26)
  8. Going (feat Lyzza) (3:24)
  9. Labyrinth (3:28)
  10. U Will Be Fine (4:09)
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Lexachast (LP)
Cat: PAN 83. Rel: 08 Apr 19
  1. Lexachast I (4:24)
  2. Lexachast II (4:41)
  3. Lexachast III (1:13)
  4. Lexachast IV (7:04)
  5. Lexachast V (1:52)
  6. Lexachast VI (3:35)
  7. Lexachast VII (3:07)
  8. Lexachast VIII (2:18)
  9. Lexachast IX (5:29)
Review: Amnesia Scanner, the duo made up of Martti Kalliala and Ville Haimala, have quickly established themselves as important artists operating in the field of experimental electronic music, with a distinct focus towards noise, sound collage and abrasive synthesis. After last year's "Another Life", they return to Pan in collaboration with label boss Bill Kouligas, resulting in the startling, challenging and compelling "Lexachast". It's an album that veers in mood from track to track - at times intimate and furtive, other times bold and aggressive. There are whispers of beats thrown tauntingly to the edge of the mix, while elsewhere acoustic sound sources strain to be heard, but the focus is really on jagged shards of processed sound. It's a powerful, unapologetic listen from artists and a label proudly stabbing into unknown sonic territory.
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&&&&& (limited 1-sided etched 12")
Cat: PAN 100LP. Rel: 18 Sep 20
  1. Knot (2:16)
  2. Harness (2:00)
  3. Fossil (1:40)
  4. Feminine (0:36)
  5. Anaesthetic (2:10)
  6. Coin (2:16)
  7. Century (1:17)
  8. Mother (1:14)
  9. Hallucinogen (2:16)
  10. Pinch (1:22)
  11. DM True (2:17)
  12. Waste (2:35)
  13. Pure Anna (0:46)
  14. Obelisk (2:50)
Review: You wait three years for a new Arca album and then two come along at once. The Barcelona-based, Venezuelan artist has already dropped 'Kick I' and 'Kick II' on his standard XL stomping ground this month, and has now decided to remind us why we fell in love in the first place. &&&&&& is the producer's seminal debut album, and it still sounds fresh today.

Occupying a space somewhere between techno, the proto-footwork and juke popularised by the likes of Addison Groove at the turn of the last decade, IDM and ambient, it's a difficult thing to get your head around, from the strange piano discordance of 'Mother' to 'Feminine''s suggestion of intense 140s and the submerged liquid downtempo of 'Anaesthetic'. A seminal moment in recent dance history.
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 in stock $18.65
Orcorara 2010
Orcorara 2010 (2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: PAN 101LP. Rel: 21 Aug 20
  1. Secret Ravine (Chakana En General) (8:04)
  2. Dog Clouds (feat Jeremy Rojas) (5:02)
  3. Morning Star/Red Glare/Sequoia Bridge (feat Jeremy Rojas) (14:53)
  4. Grove (feat Embaci) (4:44)
  5. Sierra Nevada (feat Jeremy Rojas) (1:19)
  6. Homeless (Q'ara) (7:37)
  7. Amaru Otorongo (Died Pine) (2:42)
  8. Crucifixion (feat Shannon Funchess) (6:42)
  9. Spring Of Wound (feat Siete Octavos) (5:15)
  10. Crest (feat Fanny Chuquirnia Pankara) (3:21)
  11. Abolition (Infrared) (4:10)
  12. Flora (feat Jeremy Rojas) (5:36)
 in stock $28.11
Lack (LP)
Cat: PAN 79. Rel: 01 Aug 17
  1. Phenomenon (3:31)
  2. A Loving Time (5:55)
  3. Practice Of Hygiene (4:50)
  4. Plate Of Order (3:12)
  5. Act Of The Empress (4:59)
  6. Come To Sit, Come To Refuse, Come To Surround (2:14)
  7. Eat (3:22)
  8. The Nerve Meter (5:10)
  9. A Situation Of Meat (2:19)
  10. Lucid Morto (7:34)
Review: Before the Levant's Bedouin imprint and now Berlin's PAN label got to Pan Daijing, the artist had only released one extended cassette for the killer Noisekolln Tapes...and that in itself was enough to cement this artist's name into the front of our minds. Funnily enough, that's also the sort of effect that this rich and multi-faceted strain of electronic psychedelia has had on us when we first heard it. Having said that, this debut LP, Lack, is a much deeper and more introspective cocktail of sounds; Daijing's clearly got a talent for blending all sorts of mesmerising sounds into strange and wonderful loops for the open-minded. Noise or industrial aren't quite enough to describe the scope of this artist's skills, and the material is way too daring to place it anywhere near the word 'ambient'. Rather, Daijing constructs a chilling story from a mixture of visceral field recordings, sinister voices and, of course, a significant injection of sonic chemicals in the form of drones, glitches and unforgiving distortion. Moreover, though its at times disturbing arrangements, this album makes you 'feel' something. A characteristic which is often lacking from contemporary music. Recommended.
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Niaiw Ot Vile
Cat: PAN 45. Rel: 18 Dec 13
  1. Venpin
  2. Noscrlu
  3. Viochlm
  4. Out Kutzk
  5. Ciaradh
  6. Donsfe
  7. Seit Nuin
  8. Sclunt
  9. Mothlitz
  10. Oidhche
Review: Veteran experimental producer Dalglish makes his delayed debut on PAN with the Naiw Ot Vile LP. Best known under the O.S.T. moniker, veteran producer Chris Douglas has a rich musical history; at 16 he organised the first ambient techno parties in San Francisco, and began working with Drexciya's James Stinson and Underground Resistance's Mad Mike when he moved to Detroit a year later, while he was chosen to support Autechre on tour in the early 2000s. A Berlin resident since then, Douglas has since has produced a bewildering array of music under a number of other aliases including Scald Rougish, Seaes and Dalglish. Niaiw Ot Vile follows immersive full lengths from Rene Hell, Rashad Becker, Mohammad and Marginal Consort on PAN this year, and is dedicated to his late friend, and Isolate Records founder Wai Cheng. Expect a typically compelling sonic journey through texture and rhythm across the ten tracks.
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Workaround (LP reeditado)
Cat: PAN 106. Rel: 27 Nov 20
  1. Workaround 1 (3:38)
  2. Workaround 2 (4:22)
  3. Workaround 3 (4:25)
  4. Workaround 4 (5:48)
  5. Workaround 5 (1:39)
  6. Clouds Strum (1:18)
  7. Workaround 6 (3:24)
  8. Workaround 7 (1:26)
  9. Workaround 8 (3:16)
  10. Workaround 9 (4:23)
  11. Square Fifths (1:21)
  12. Workaround Bass (4:31)
  13. Pause (0:59)
  14. Workaround 10 (1:12)
Review: It's been a long time coming, but finally Beatrice Dillon has delivered her debut album - and it's a peach. It sees her "Workaround" a set rhythmic idea - 150 BPM percussive polyrhythms influenced by various global drumming styles - to create a suite of tracks rooted in bass-heavy UK style "broken techno" but vastly different in tone and style. Thanks to a range of impressive guest musicians (techno experimentalists Batu and Laurel Halo both contributed alongside veteran jazz players, one of Britain's best bhangra drummers and a cellist), there's a fantastic hybrid electronic/acoustic vibe throughout, with Dillon's experimental instincts combining with her grasp of mood and melody to create a suite of impossible-to-pigeonhole tracks that genuinely sound like nothing else around. In a word: superb
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Intérprete: Pure Space
coming soon $22.26
Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin
Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: PAN 112LP. Rel: 06 Nov 20
  1. Airborne Ashes (3:23)
  2. Metallic Taste Of Patience (3:47)
  3. Below The Clavicle (3:54)
  4. Burning Feather (1:25)
  5. How To Fight (3:30)
  6. Kiss Of The Phoenix (3:02)
  7. Volcano (4:32)
  8. Fantasy Collision
  9. Mercurial Nerve
  10. Goodbye Diamond
  11. Bringing Me Back
  12. Diamond In The Bedrock (4:09)
  13. Faith Consuming Hope (4:50)
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Superlative Fatigue
Cat: PAN 81. Rel: 14 Nov 17
  1. Lightspeed (5:25)
  2. Who-is (6:02)
  3. I'm Interesting, Cheerful & Sociable (4:57)
  4. Centroid (4:11)
  5. Superlative Fatigue (4:57)
  6. Retired Low-Level Internal Server (6:08)
  7. Internet Of Screws (4:54)
  8. My Party (3:54)
Review: Berlin native Erik Wiegand has quietly been a foundational part of the modern techno scene over the years. His work as Errorsmith has constantly ripped up the techno rule book when it comes to constructing beats, and what can and can't go into a dance track. The entirety of his music has come out on his own self-titled imprint or his other MMM stable until recently. PAN has taken it upon itself to bring the artist back to the foray, and he has done so in stupendous fashion. Superlative Fatigue is the legends fourth LP to date, and it crosses as many genres as it does eradicate them, dipping and diving out of techno with his usual levels of wit and charm. As Hardwax imply, there are nuances of dancehall and tribal music in there, manifested through the rough and sporadic beats, but we like to refer to this as 'post-dance', or rather, an amalgamation of all the sounds that have been twisted and edited throughout dance music history over the years. In fact, it would be redundant to condense this down to words, but if you've been a fan of Errorsmith's mythical albums, then here you'll get another reincarnation of the man, as choppy and ethereal as ever, the only difference being that his main point of reference is now coming from kuduru. Unmissable.
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 in stock $34.51
Chemical Flowers
Cat: PAN 99CD. Rel: 20 May 19
  1. Capital Crisis
  2. I Knew You Would Respond
  3. Body Rushes
  4. Leave Them All Behind
  5. Lizard In Fear
  6. Toxic Racecourse
  7. You Are The Database
  8. Chemical Flowers
Review: British experimental musician Luke Younger returns to PAN following up 2015's difficult yet riveting opus "Olympic Mess". Composed in the Essex countryside, he once again shapes samples and field recordings into new forms. Movement is an overarching theme - sound collages are assembled and dismantled, and temporal and spatial boundaries fluctuate - on an album that questions the structures around us. We're enjoying the abrasive and textural sonic soundscapes on "Capital Crisis (Ne City Loop)", the droning and hypnotic slo-mo techno of "Leave Them All Behind" with its intoxicating effects, the musique concrete of "Toxic Racecourse" which treads more familiar territory of Helm's work - as does the avant-garde imaginary soundtrack "You Are The Database".
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 in stock $11.97
Sex (LP)
Cat: PAN 116LP. Rel: 26 Mar 21
coming soon TBA
Cicatriz (translucent red vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: PAN 114LPC1. Rel: 30 Nov 20
  1. The Coldest Hello (live)
  2. Sick
  3. The Burning Hammer
  4. DKD Lethal
  5. Cicatriz
  6. Cicatriz X
  7. Poison
  8. Demonic Y (feat Felix Lee)
  9. Destruction
  10. Track 10
  11. Azucar (feat Woesum)
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est. release 30 Nov 20 $19.48
2 (LP in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: PAN. Rel: 10 Jun 19
  1. Now More Than Ever (4:02)
  2. Total Cure (4:20)
  3. Mirror In My Room (3:41)
  4. Blackpepper (6:15)
  5. Purplelight Wish (5:31)
  6. Rose 31 (5:48)
  7. Near Future (7:09)
Review: Lifted's off-kilter ambient electronics were rightly praised by critics when the improvisation-loving trio (who can count Andrew Field-Pickering AKA Max D amongst their number) released their debut album back in 2015. It's likely that this impressive follow-up will be similarly lauded. "2" offers up tracks that mix languid ambient motifs and pleasingly skewed melodies with jazzy, off-kilter drum machine percussion, unsettling free-jazz sax solos, starburst electronics and bizarre but brilliant blasts of instrumental eccentricity. At times, it's deliciously challenging, at others blissfully brilliant. On rare occasions - as on standouts such as "Rose 31", "Blackpepper" and "Total Cure" - it's both of those things at the same time.
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 in stock $20.03
Cocoon Crush
Cat: PAN 97CD. Rel: 07 Jan 19
  1. Lost & Found (Lost mix)
  2. Dazzle Anew
  3. 35
  4. Nervous Silk
  5. Deadlock
  6. Rest Yr Troubles Over Me
  7. Silica
  8. Runaway
  9. Secret Snake
  10. Another Knot
  11. Lost & Found (Found mix)
Review: Despite building his reputation as a creator of tough, left-of-centre club material, Objekt is smart enough to realize that the full-length format offers more room for experimentation and personal musical exploration. Like its predecessor, 2014's "Flatland", "Cocoon Crush" rarely goes in search of dancefloor thrills, instead offering up a refreshingly eclectic, fearlessly experimental take on off-kilter electronica that not only draws heavily on IDM, glitch-hop and ambient, but also regularly veers from glassy-eyed, melodious positivity, to intense, paranoid darkness. It's a blend that guarantees great results, and we're not surprised if he jettisons functional club music for good.
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 in stock $11.97
Moi (LP)
Cat: PAN 103. Rel: 19 Nov 19
  1. Open Fire Hydrant (3:29)
  2. Cold Light Of Day (2:41)
  3. Kind Of Blue (3:34)
  4. Salvation (3:07)
  5. Kaleidoscope (4:10)
  6. Over There (3:39)
  7. Consolatio (5:51)
  8. Danke (feat Jo Pryde) (4:07)
  9. Rush (3:31)
  10. Silhouette (4:20)
 in stock $15.11
RFG Inventions For Cello & Computer
Cat: PAN 90. Rel: 28 Feb 20
  1. Track 1 (16:50)
  2. Track 2 (16:50)
 in stock $19.48
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Pan Germany
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