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Rocafort Spain

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Roadtrip (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: ROCLP 006. Rel: 27 Feb 20
  1. Easy Baby (4:26)
  2. Crispy Time (4:14)
  3. Squirtly (feat Chip Wickham) (3:09)
  4. Hard Play (4:01)
  5. Hey Hey (feat Alberto Palacios) (2:47)
  6. Under Pressure (2:52)
  7. Eternal Question (3:44)
  8. Beat Bronco (3:34)
  9. Road Trip (4:37)
  10. Electro Pi (feat Chip Wickham) (4:00)
 in stock $17.24
Listen To The Drums
Cat: ROC 044. Rel: 13 Jan 22
  1. Listen To The Drums (2:07)
  2. You Look Like A Flower (2:22)
 in stock $10.16
Not Even Light
Cat: ROC 040. Rel: 04 Mar 21
  1. Not Even Light (4:37)
  2. Dead Planet (feat Gemma Humet) (4:11)
Review: It's been a long time between drinks for Outer Space, a Barcelona based six-piece who last appeared on wax in 2019 via a private press edition of their 2017 set Into The Unknown. You'll be delighted to hear that they're in fine fettle on this Rocafort Records-released "45. A-side 'Not Even Light' is a languid but floor-friendly affair, with ear-catching electric guitar melodies, jazz-funk flourishes and snaking horn lines rising above a chunky, loose-limbed funk break. Over on the flip Catalonian singer Gemma Humet handles lead vocals on 'Dead Planet', a filmic affair with subtle jazz overtones that's as atmospheric as they come.
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Intérprete: Voodoocuts
 in stock $10.16
Latin Underground Revolution 3: Ansonia Records Rare Groove: Mambo Boogaloo Descarga & Salsa From New York City 1960-1976
  1. Mon Rivera Y Su Orquesta - "A Mi Plin" (3:07)
  2. Gilberto Sextet - "Do You Want To Be Free" (3:12)
  3. Joesito Mateo Y Su Combo - "Boogaloo Para Ti" (3:02)
  4. Noro Morales - "Vitamina" (2:36)
  5. Cortijo Y Su Combo - "Calefaccion Aqui" (2:31)
  6. Frankie Figueroa Y Su Orquesta La Madre - "El Mejor Soy Yo" (3:17)
Review: On the latest volume in their ongoing Latin Underground Revolution series, Rocafort Records has dipped into the vast archives of Ansonia Records, the NYC-based Latin American division of Decca Records. With six tracks stretched across three seven-inch singles, there's much to enjoy, from the organ-laced Latin soul shuffle of Gilberto Sextet's 'Do You Want To Be Free' and the punchy mambo madness of Mon Rivera Y Su Orquestra's 'A Mi Piln', to the scintillating salsa of Cartiho Y Su Combo's 'Calefaccion Aqui' and the horn-heavy dancefloor strut of Joseito Mateo Y Su Combo's 'Boogaloo Para T'. Throw in some superb, authoritative liner notes and you have another brilliant package from the on-point Rocafort Records crew.
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 in stock $28.54
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