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Secousse France Vinilo y CD

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on Secousse France
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Toubab Bile (reissue)
Cat: SEC 016. Rel: 31 Aug 23
Roots/Lovers Rock
Toubab Bile (4:13)
Fatelikul (version) (4:12)
Review: Marseille label Secousse turn their attention to the debut single of Senegalese musician Maxidilick Adioa. 'Toubab Bile' was originally released in 1987, and it tackles the harrowing story of the West African soldiers betrayed by the French army in 1944. Having worked as a percussionist for years before that, Adioa invested his own money into recording the track in Paris and finding distribution through Safari Ambiance until his talents were picked up on by Island's Chris Blackwell. The track single-handedly launched Adioa's solo career, and it's not hard to hear why - the perfect synergy of West African and Jamaican music with a potent call for justice in its heart.
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Tags: African | Dub Reggae
 in stock $22.52
Makiyaj (12" + insert)
Cat: SEC 002. Rel: 09 Mar 18
Makiyaj (3:38)
Tes Idees (edit) (4:29)
 in stock $22.24
Jagwar (Special Edition)
Jagwar (Special Edition) (limited 7" + book)
Cat: SEC 013. Rel: 20 Apr 22
Jagwar (3:53)
Jagwar (acoustic version) (3:57)
Tags: Middle Eastern | Folk
 in stock $39.21
Rumba Rules Nouvelles Genealogies (Soundtrack)
Cat: SEC 014. Rel: 26 Sep 22
Ekonda Musicians - "Genealogie De La Wale" (Rumba Rules edit) (1:22)
Brigade Sarbati - "Rando" (9:21)
Lumumba Ya Muana - "Tozozela Ba Ancetres" (1:30)
Brigade Sarbati - "Edenda" (4:19)
Eglise La Resurrection - "Nzambi Ya Babo" (1:19)
Werrason - "Block Cadenas" (4:19)
Brigade Sarbati (Choeur) - "Ma Descendance" (2:22)
Brigade Sarbati - "Tshouna Baby" (6:05)
Papa Wemba - "Excuse Me" (live Au New Morning, 2006, Rumba Rules edit) (2:27)
Franco Et Le Tout Puissant OK Jazz - "Kinshasa Makambo" (live From Tele Zaire, 1982, 2022 Remaster) (9:02)
Lumumba Ya Muana - "La Vie Est Belle" (2:02)
 in stock $28.08
Merci Yaya Bongo: Les Groupes D'Animation Feminins Du Gabon 1982 - 1989 (reissue)
Cat: SEC 017. Rel: 15 Apr 24
Missema - "Mbela Bongo" (7:28)
Groupe Kounabeli De Masuku & Patience Dabany - "Abaga Mbouga" (8:23)
Oyana Efiem Pelagie - "Biloa" (5:29)
Groupe D'Animation UFPDG - "Mpebe" (7:05)
Groupe D'Animation UFPDG - "Tchatcha Tchatcha" (6:18)
Kolikagie De Masuku - "Miali Mi Kolikagie" (6:01)
Mi Kouagna De Mounana - "Legnila Nde Obele" (6:55)
Groupe D'Animation Kakoula Djele De Bongoville - "Yaya Omar Bongo" (7:52)
Kounabeli De Mbilasuku - "Lekou Mobi" (6:46)
Groupe Kounabeli De Masuku & Orchestre Banowita - "Lessimbi" (6:49)
Patience Dabany - "Ayanga" (6:05)
Review: Merci Yaya Bongo: Female Animation Groups In Gabon 1982-1989 offers a spellbinding glimpse into Gabon's vibrant music scene of the 1980s. The compilation showcases the talent and creativity of several female groups and presents a diverse range of styles from Afrobeat to funk and disco. Tracks like 'Abaga Mbouga' and 'Yaya Omar Bongo' exude infectious rhythms and soulful melodies and highlight the unique sound of Gabonese music during this era. With its rare and obscure selections, this compilation serves as a valuable homage to the overlooked contributions of female artists in shaping the country's musical heritage.
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Tags: African | Soukous
 in stock $36.30
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