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Selva Discos

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Cat: OMSD 004. Rel: 19 Nov 18
  1. Baiana (4:42)
  2. Baiana (Wolf Mueller Drum Drop) (5:03)
Review: Barbatuques, a well known Brazilian group of body percussionists, originally recorded "Baiana" back in 2005 - which became a staple of their concerts. It is now issued on vinyl for the first time, marking the second volume of Brasingles: a new series on Selva Discos dedicated to releasing 'loud' 12" singles. On the first side, the original is a modern folk song from Bahia composed by Maria do Carmo Barbosa, and featuring a wild mouth harp sound with a stomping Barbatuques' arrangement that imprinted its trademark sound. German producer Jan Schulte (aka Wolf Mueller/Bufiman) heard the song and decided remix it to use in his DJ sets - adding more drums to brilliant effect.
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Cat: OMSD 002. Rel: 25 Oct 17
  1. Cantico Brasileiro No 3 (Kamaiura) (Selvagem & Carrot Green mix) (8:22)
  2. Lamento Africano/Rictus (Joakim remix) (7:55)
Review: Earlier this year, Brazilian duo Selvagem joined forces with Optimo's JD Twitch to reissue Maria Rita's Brasileira, an obscure, 1998 full-length that had long been a "holy grail" for lovers of contemporary Brazilian music and Balearic enthusiasts alike. Here, two tracks from that set are given the remix treatment. Selvagem and Carrot Green join forces on the A-side to deliver a lolloping, soft touch house mix of "Cantico Brasileiro No. 3 (Kamajura)". Wrapping Rita's drifting vocal, Amazonian flutes and bustling analogue synth-bass around a solid kick-drum and layered hand percussion, it's something of an epic. Arguably even better is Joakim's flipside rub of "Lamento Africanus/Rictus", which sees bleeping new age melodies and foreboding synth lines rise above a bed of dreamy vocal samples and hypnotic drum machine hits.
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Cat: OMSD 003. Rel: 19 Jun 18
  1. Tchori Tchori (3:34)
  2. Tchori Tchori (Joutro Mundo mix) (8:19)
Review: Marlui Miranda's dedication to native Brazilian music goes four decades and one doctorate deep and right now Optimo are paying homage. Celebrating her 1995 album Ihu: Todos os Sons, a collection of tribe songs from northern Brazil, the Jaboti tribe's "Tchori Tchori" is a shimmering, reflective trip laced with staccato, bird-like vocals and chiming harmonic percussion. Enticing, beguiling and ripe for remix extension from Rio's Joutro Mundo on the B. Beautiful.
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Brasileira (reissue) (LP + 4 page insert)
Cat: OMSD 001. Rel: 11 Jul 17
  1. Cantico Brasileiro No 3 (Kamaiura) (3:56)
  2. Felicidade (2:21)
  3. Cantico Brasileiro No 6 (Tempora) (4:51)
  4. Cancao Da Garoa (1:31)
  5. Lamento Africano/Rictus (4:26)
  6. A Cidade (4:33)
  7. Cantico Brasileiro No 1 (2:37)
  8. Relhacos (1:34)
  9. Trilhas (2:10)
  10. Melodia De Veludo (1:15)
  11. Cancao De Barco E De Olvido (3:29)
  12. O Amor (0:55)
Review: Since Music From Memory included one of its tracks on their fine Outro Tempo compilation earlier this year, Maria Rita's previously overlooked Brasiliera album - the artist's sole release - has become an in-demand album online. This reissue, then, has appeared at exactly the right time. It's a genuinely unique set of tracks, combining traditional Amazonian instrumentation and Rita's folksy Portuguese vocals with new age melodies, vintage 1980s synthesizer sounds and occasional bouts of drum machine-driven percussion. Even this description doesn't really do justice to its quirky brilliance. Basically, give it a listen - we guarantee you won't be disappointed.
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Artículos del 1 al 4 de 4 en la página 1 de 1


Selva Discos
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