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Shall Not Fade Vinilo y CD

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on Shall Not Fade
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Is It Raining In Berlin?
Is It Raining In Berlin? (yellow & green marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: SNF 111. Rel: 14 Dec 23
Only Me (6:20)
In My Mind (6:12)
Is It Raining In Berlin? (3:55)
So Good (3:13)
Creeper (4:28)
 in stock $14.83
Lost In The Sauce EP
Cat: SNF 079. Rel: 27 Oct 22
Deep House
Robots Are Forever (4:53)
Sayulita (5:27)
Kurupt (5:10)
Xoxo (6:05)
 in stock $14.57
Movement EP
Cat: SNF 077. Rel: 08 Sep 22
Deep House
Movement (7:43)
Direct Effect (5:44)
Unison (7:21)
Passage (6:14)
Review: French finesse with German fusion... Willis Anne makes his Shall Not Fade debut with this killer 'Movement' EP. As with previous missives on his LAN imprint, the beats roam and romp freely between footwork, jungle and ghetto-tek with strong twangs of Detroit bringing it all together. Highlights include the wonderful layers of organs and vibrant chords of 'Direct Effect' and the fully-swung breakbeats and bellowing sub of 'Unison'. Get moving.
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Intérprete: Agnostic Rhythm
 in stock $14.31
Amor Fati EP
Amor Fati EP (blue marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: SNFCC 005RP. Rel: 03 Dec 21
Deep House
Lone Raver (4:19)
Rah That's A Mad Question (3:47)
Jazz Club After Hours (4:54)
El Layali (3:12)
 in stock $15.36
Big Miz Presents Friends FM EP
Cat: SNF 110. Rel: 28 Mar 24
Deep House
Big Miz & Bessa - "It Just Goes" (5:03)
Big Miz & Bessa - "Marvellous" (4:55)
Big Miz & Hayley Zalassi - "Too Much Nature" (6:34)
Big Miz & Van Damn - "So In Love" (4:31)
Review: The mighty Big Miz is back on Shall Not Fade with more of that bright and bold peak-time house music he's made his name on over the past eight years or so. Much like his releases on Dixon Avenue Basement Jams and his own Miz Records, across the Friends FM EP the highly-rated producer smartly balances deep house warmth, crafty modern production and big room presence, but the difference here is this time he's not doing it alone. On the A-side Miz links up with Bessa, while on the flip he trades licks and loops with Hayley Zalassi and Van Damn, but whoever's in the co-pilot seat that distinctive Big Miz sheen comes gleaming through the mix every time.
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Tags: Tech House
 in stock $15.36
Bossa & Swing EP
Bossa & Swing EP (Purple vinyl 12")
Cat: SNF 100. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Deep House
Tough Times (5:26)
Shuffle & Swing (6:45)
Bossa (6:10)
Time To F (5:51)
Review: As displayed on her recent Aus Music and Heist Recordings releases, CInthie Christl is more than adept at creating fresh cuts shot through with subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) references to US house cuts of the 1990s. She's on the tip once more on this surprise Shall Not Fade outing, first dousing a rolling house beat and undulating analogue bassline in spacey chords and riffs ('Tough Times'), before joining the dots between late 90s Strictly Rhythm dubs and bouncy New Jersey garage grooves on 'Shuffle & Swing'. Even better is 'Bossa', a fantastically dubby and sub-heavy slab of hypnotic peak-time deep house, while 'Time To F' is a more breezy and sun-splashed affair with restless riffs, squelchy bass and steppers-influenced deep house beats.
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 in stock $15.63
The Bobcat Special EP
Cat: SNF 081. Rel: 09 Mar 23
Deep House
Dandelion Theory (5:18)
Blow My Mind (feat Eliza Rose) (6:07)
Feel It (5:20)
The Bobcat Special (6:05)
Review: Shall Not Fade has a huge impact on the underground thanks to its consistently high rate of high-quality output across various different house styles. Amy Dabbs brings the goods this time with the gorgeously warm melodic patterns of 'Dandelion Theory' fizzing away over classic US house beats. 'Blow My Mind' is another silky deep house jam with vocalist of the moment Eliza Rose then 'Feel It' gets more steamy and intense with its impassioned vocals throwing it back next to hands-in-the-air pianos. 'The Bobcat Special' is another balmy one with carefree grooves and 90s melodies. A fine, feel good EP.
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 in stock $11.65
Powerful Woman EP
Cat: SNF 076. Rel: 12 Jan 23
Minimal House/Tech House
Powerful Woman (5:06)
Acid Queen (6:08)
Powerful Woman (Johannes Volk remix) (6:30)
Powerful Woman (Chicago Skyway remix) (6:12)
Review: Shall Not Fade has proven over the last five plus years that whatever sounds it turns its hand to it does with style. Mostly that is deep house and garage but here we have some warehouse-ready techno from Dasco. 'Powerful Woman' has mid-tempo drums that are run through with a supple and subtle acid line and repeated vocal phrasings that lock you into the trip. 'Acid Queen' jacks a bit more, with raw analogue drums and vintage cow bell sounds before the 303 takes over, then Johannes Volk really bangs the box with his hardcore house remix, full of splintered kicks and dusty hi hats. Chicago Skyway brings plenty of Windy City texture to his version.
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Tags: Acid House
 in stock $11.65
Daily Routine EP
Daily Routine EP (red vinyl 12")
Cat: SNFKC 009. Rel: 01 Sep 22
Deep House
Daily Routine (5:31)
Speed Dating (5:38)
Nuque Docile (3:28)
Balade Hexagonale (4:50)
Daily Routine (THEOS remix) (6:09)
Daily Routine (Asquith Power remix) (5:39)
 in stock $14.31
Rarities Volume 2
Rarities Volume 2 (pink vinyl 12")
Cat: SNFCC 011. Rel: 25 Feb 22
Deep House
I Know You Tried (4:10)
With You (2:48)
Yesterday (3:25)
Early You (3:37)
 in stock $12.45
Into Blue Light LP
Into Blue Light LP (blue vinyl LP)
Cat: SNFLP 015. Rel: 25 Jan 24
Deep House
Won't Let It Ruin My Mood (3:33)
For The Last Time (4:02)
Know Each Other So Well (with DJ Cinema Quartier Latin) (4:15)
The Joy You Once Felt (3:11)
Last Call (3:34)
You're Not A Burden (3:12)
Wherever You End Up (2:26)
With You All My Fears Wash Away (1:49)
Sing To Me (2:51)
Agape (Nicholas Britell Cover) (3:17)
Build A Life Together (2:56)
 in stock $18.29
Me & You EP
Me & You EP (blue vinyl 12")
Cat: SNF 070. Rel: 15 Apr 22
Deep House
Me & You (5:50)
Take Me Back (7:01)
Odyssey (5:50)
Lost In Time (7:26)
 in stock $15.36
Cat: SNF 056. Rel: 14 May 21
Jamie Said It Was Wicked (6:28)
Icarus (4:50)
2008 (4:00)
Looks Like A Mad Place (4:13)
Thyme Bridge (4:11)
ASMR (I'm Trying) (3:47)
Review: Shall Not Fade is in unstoppable form right now. The label is putting out a high rate of high quality releases hat traverse a broad electronic spectrum. Liam Doc is next up to take the mantle and head with it into colourful techno territory. The amusingly titled 'Jamie Said It Was Wicked' is a warm, twisted affair to build the tension and elsewhere there is glitchy broken beat techno funk on 'Icarus', old school jungle rollers like '2008' and bass heavy rhythmic workouts like 'Looks Like A Mad Place.' This nimble producer goes on to pull off even more impressive, inventive tricks on the final two tunes to make this a real standout.
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 in stock $12.18
Velvet Tracksuit EP
Velvet Tracksuit EP (pink vinyl 12")
Cat: SNF 092. Rel: 29 Jun 23
Deep House
Velvet (5:32)
A Club Serenade (4:09)
Tracksuit (4:18)
Lust 2 Luv (4:00)
Review: If new talent is your thing, Shall Not Fade has long been a label to watch. While the Bristol-based imprint does sign material from established artists, it consistently promotes music from new or early career producers too. Daughters of Frank, a pair of sisters from London, are the latest rising stars to make their bow on the label. Their debut EP is genuinely impressive, too, delivering a mix of hallucinatory, spaced-out liquid drum and bass ('A Club Serenade'), stripped-back and fiendishly sub-heavy workouts seemingly informed by the skeletal construction and dub-wise weight of bleep techno (EP highlight 'Tracksuit'), giddily saucer-eyed, early morning anthems-in-waiting (the sunrise special that is 'Velvet'), and deep, spaced-out two-step garage (the heady and intoxicating 'Lust 2 Luv').
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 in stock $15.63
These Knits EP
These Knits EP (limited blue vinyl 12")
Cat: SNFCC 013. Rel: 10 Jun 22
Minimal House/Tech House
These Knits (5:48)
These Knits (Earth Trax remix) (7:12)
Promises (7:29)
CAT (5:50)
Bubble Wrap (7:27)
 in stock $14.04
Froggy's World EP
Froggy's World EP (green vinyl 12")
Cat: SNFCC 014. Rel: 09 Dec 22
Deep House
Every Day That I Don't Think Of You (5:14)
Be Happy With Who You Are (4:39)
BK Swing (3:38)
Bonita (6:39)
 in stock $14.04
Roots EP
Roots EP (blue marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: SNF 098. Rel: 06 Jul 23
Deep House
Take Control (6:36)
My Mind (6:11)
Rave The Groove (6:22)
Shine (6:09)
 in stock $15.11
Expressure EP
Expressure EP (purple vinyl 12")
Cat: SNFKC 018. Rel: 12 Oct 23
Deep House
Back To OPZ (6:20)
It's A Lo (5:10)
Lost At Orly (4:36)
Material Views (4:48)
 in stock $15.36
Day Break EP
Day Break EP (limited purple vinyl 12")
Cat: SNF 099. Rel: 23 Nov 23
Deep House
High Rise (5:36)
Only Subs (5:37)
Get It On (5:36)
Only Subs (Rhythms In The Place beats edit) (5:39)
Review: The high class Shall Not Fade welcomes equally sophisticated and accomplished deep house don Fred P for another of his superbly heady outings on lush purple vinyl. 'High Rise' finds Fry in fine form and layering up dynamic drums with majestic chords and swirling instrumentation that is grand in scale. 'Only Subs' has a little more thump to it with wispy vocals and chords swirling round over the hefty and hypnotic drums and 'Get It On' has a more slick feel with its warped leads and fragmented vocals. Last of all is a Rhythms In The Place beats edit of 'Only Subs' for more direct deployment.
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 in stock $15.36
The Lichtenberg Effect
The Lichtenberg Effect (red & blue marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: SNF 120. Rel: 05 Jul 24
Deep House
Happy Sunday
I'll Find A Way
The Lichtenberg Effect
You Can Do It On Your Own
Review: It has always been hard to define the exact sounds of Shall Not Fade behind 'just good tunes'. The Bristol label is one of the UK's finest at this point and Felipe Gordon is exactly the sort of artists who fits their vibe. His new EP The Lichtenberg Effect is a timeless one that draws on jazz for its vibrant house kicks. The drums are raw and punchy on 'Happy Sunday' while the keys are off grid and wonky. 'I'll Find A Way' brings a little swing to get those hips moving while clipped vocals add some soul. The title cut is a blend of off-dance jazz chords and feathery hi hats with leggy drums and 'You Can Do It On Your Own' closes with some downbeat introspection.
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My Legs Are Numb EP
My Legs Are Numb EP (yellow marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: SNF 119. Rel: 16 May 24
Deep House
My Legs Are Numb (6:04)
Sander's Journey (5:59)
Do You Ever Miss Me? (5:47)
A Perfectly Calmed Felipe (5:25)
Review: Felipe Gordon has long been a familiar presence on Shall Not Fade and now the cultured producer unveils his seventh release with the independent Bristol mainstays. His latest effort is My Legs Are Numb EP, a superb outing that very much embodies Felipe's signature style. His captivating house sounds is laid bare from the off with the Moodymann-channeling deep house intensity of 'My Legs Are Numb' and the more laid-back melodic vibes of 'Sander's Journey'. There is extra drive to the drums of 'Do You Ever Miss Me?' and a fine sultry sax that melts the soul and 'A Perfectly Calmed Felipe' is a nice jazzy vibe to end on.
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 in stock $14.57
In The Zone EP
In The Zone EP (white vinyl 12")
Cat: SNF 095. Rel: 02 Nov 23
Deep House
Let's Go (4:48)
Rave On Tonight (4:12)
Rim Shoot On The Clouds (5:35)
Sparkly & Bouncy Is For Me? (4:13)
Down & Up (4:25)
 in stock $15.36
Coastal Love EP
Coastal Love EP (pink vinyl 12")
Cat: SNF 114. Rel: 14 Mar 24
Deep House
Show Me Your Love (6:29)
Until The Daylight (4:09)
Tha Dream Team (4:44)
Euro Seaside (4:22)
 in stock $15.36
Joy & Happiness EP
Joy & Happiness EP (blue vinyl 12")
Cat: SNF 097. Rel: 14 Sep 23
Deep House
Joy & Happiness (7:29)
Silent (7:54)
Fallin (7:19)
Advanced (6:17)
Review: French minimal, tech and house master Janaret is back with more spaced out brilliance, this time on Shall Not Fade, one of the UK's most consistently excellent - and eclectic - labels. 'Joy & Happiness' kicks off with crispy tech beats and swirly sci-fi synths while gurgling bass works away down low. 'Silent' is a steamy brew for more peak time moments but never loses its class, and the vibes keep coming with 'Fallin' then slipping into a super cool and breezy late night deep house groove. 'Advanced' closes down with an electro-leaning rhythm that is light up by snappy snares and synth modulations.
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 in stock $15.36
What Is Blackness? EP
Cat: SNF 068. Rel: 25 Mar 22
Deep House
That Blackness (6:56)
Africanus (feat Gustavo Martinez) (5:11)
10 Ways (feat Steve Faets) (5:07)
East Meets South (feat Kurtx) (6:28)
Yak (5:21)
 in stock $14.57
Endless EP
Cat: SNF 083. Rel: 10 Nov 22
Endless (5:36)
Mare's Nest (6:40)
Aspect (5:18)
Endless (Optmst remix) (6:50)
 in stock $14.04
Henosis (blue marbled vinyl LP)
Cat: SNF 078. Rel: 01 Sep 22
Deep House
Xyleac (4:07)
Diluspth (2:57)
Bbyncole (2:17)
Flhewn(1)irio303 (1:50)
Shores Of Eternal Life (3:27)
Night Train (2:49)
SO45101-51-16 (2:51)
Dith0xove (2:50)
Nenath9x (1:25)
Blue Suzuki (5:32)
Review: Lake Haze's third album on Shall Not Fade is another triumph with his signature shimmering melodies strung out over lush beats. Drawing on house, disco, garage and broken beat it is a rich affair with a strong UK vibe. There is elegance and symphony to opener 'Xyleac' that immediately gets your head amongst the stars. 'Diluspth' keeps up the majestic synth while 'Bbyncole' is double-speed techno with balmy celestial synths and hurried bass that locks you in. Tender ambient pieces like 'Shores Of Eternal Life' reset the mood and then the second half is a series of shorter sketches packed with electronic soul.
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 in stock $15.63
Pure Movements
Pure Movements (limited white vinyl 12")
Cat: SNF 088. Rel: 20 Apr 23
Ephemeral (5:19)
Body Memory (5:21)
Genius Loci (5:05)
Physical Quietness (5:32)
Review: What do we think of when someone says the word 'ambient'? Maybe a stupid question, nevertheless the term is often taken as an implication of background sounds, or at least tracks that are loosely structured around ebb and flow rather than rigid forms. In no way a criticism, Luke Haze's Pure Movements offers a counterbalance to that idea.
Dropping on Bristol's Shall Not Fade - essentially an imprint you might as well buy every release from without bothering to listen - this link was always going to be a bit of a clue as to what's on offer. In many ways, the four tracks here play out like breakdowns within late night club sets, hints of euphoria, an atmosphere of build, informed by acid, progressive and techno, but certainly none of the above.
Read more
Intérprete: Chris Coco
 in stock $14.83
Diamond Casino EP
Diamond Casino EP (turquoise vinyl 12")
Cat: SNF 101. Rel: 12 Oct 23
Deep House
Magic Roundabout (6:07)
Diamond Casino (5:34)
Serotonin (5:37)
Tags: Tech House | Minimal
 in stock $15.36
Curvatures (white marbled vinyl LP)
Cat: SNFLP 012. Rel: 27 Apr 23
Progressive House
Inception (3:45)
Elara (5:36)
Tensor (5:23)
Chakra (4:19)
Scalar (5:38)
Trimaxion (4:18)
Abyss (5:27)
Memories (5:28)
Arpsidaisy (4:52)
Feel For You (5:37)
The Time We Had (3:29)
 in stock $15.36
Not Quite There Yet EP
Not Quite There Yet EP (pink marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: SNF 112. Rel: 21 Mar 24
Deep House
Not Quite There Yet (4:16)
Fantasy (3:27)
We Won't Smoke Any California (4:31)
Shampoo (4:14)
 in stock $15.36
Feels Like Forever EP
Feels Like Forever EP (white vinyl 12")
Cat: SNFSS 017. Rel: 29 Sep 22
Deep House
Feels Like Forever (4 AM mix)
Safe Crash
Theme For G
Back 2 U
Coast To Coast
Intérprete: CHEAPEDITS
 in stock $14.57
Eurostar EP
Eurostar EP (blue marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: SNF 096. Rel: 06 Jul 23
Deep House
Rhode & Brown & Kid Simius - "Eurostar" (6:13)
Rhode & Brown & Kid Simius - "Delfino Bianco" (6:03)
Rhode & Brown & Kid Simius - "Suite Tropical" (6:45)
Rhode & Brown & Kid Simius - "Eurostar" (Jex Opolis remix) (6:41)
Rhode & Brown & Kid Simius - "Eurostar" (Demi Requisimo remix) (7:11)
Review: The superb and ever-hard-to-pin-down Shall Not Fade label is racing on towards its 100th real and this 96th outing sure does come with a big old sense of celebration and joy. It's a fresh collaborative outing between Rhode & Brown & Kid Simius who gets hands in the air with big piano stabs and 90s dance vibes on 'Eurostar'. Things take an Italo turn on 'Delfino Bianco' which is a more melodic and breezy retro-future Beatrice house cuts. 'Suite Tropical' slows it down further with an even more breezy and carefree slice of sunset house that warms the heart. A pair of 'Eurostar' remixes find Jex Opolis going big and Demi Requisimo bringing scuffed-up garage-tinged grooves.
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Intérprete: Ben Gomori
 in stock $15.63
Ghost House EP
Ghost House EP (limited red vinyl 10")
Cat: SNFTENS 002. Rel: 10 Nov 22
Deep House
Ghost House (4:57)
Ghost House (MLir remix) (6:35)
Deux (4:48)
NSCDS (5:01)
Intérprete: Evan Michael
 in stock $14.57
The Rise & Fall Of Jaymie Silk & Rave Culture LP
Cat: SNFLP 011. Rel: 06 May 22
Deep House
Freedom For Everybody (4:00)
The Heat (3:09)
Stop Singing, Start Swinging (4:06)
Party Downstairs (3:36)
Bad B (4:12)
Cat Love Drums (4:04)
Waiting For The Day (4:26)
Take Time To Breathe (3:24)
Review: Montreal's Jaymie Silk (not to be confused with the Chicago house originator J.M. Silk) first came to light in 2016 with the Trouble In Paradise LP on Ghost Club Records. He reached a wider audience in Europe in 2021 with The Legend Of Jack Johnson on Shall Not Fade, and now he's back on the UK label with a mighty eight tracks of forward-thinking house which draws deeply on the roots while bringing a distinctive slant. There are 90s tropes scattered throughout this release, but they're wielded with a cavalier attitude which makes even the most familiar sample sound fresh. Crucially, this is club music with a purpose as Silk interweaves his tracks with pointed messages in the speech samples he draws on, winding up with party gear to make you think as well as move.
Read more
 in stock $13.77
Phonosynethesis EP
Cat: SNFBT 014. Rel: 23 Mar 23
Deep House
Phonosynthesis (4:56)
T Minus (5:35)
Regular Party (5:42)
Watkins Street Finale (6:13)
 in stock $17.75
Golden Era EP
Golden Era EP (translucent green vinyl 12")
Cat: SNF 094. Rel: 29 Jun 23
Deep House
Golden Era (4:53)
Tropical Twilight (7:00)
That Time (5:44)
Review: Although best known for promoting new and fast-rising artists, Shall Not Fade has also become a regular home for deep house royalty, not least Rick Wade. Golden Era marks the Detroiter's fifth EP for the Bristol-based imprint, and as usual is full-to-bursting with class-sounding deep house hits. The title track can be found stretched across the A-side, with Wade smothering a deep, squelchy synth bassline and pleasingly swinging deep house drums in gorgeous chords, sun-soaked trumpet sounds, heady synth-strings and languid keyboard solos. The classy vibe continues on side B, where the bongo-rich deep house bliss of 'Tropical Twilight' is followed by the dusty, sub-heavy energy of deep and drowsy floor-filler 'That Time'.
Read more
 in stock $15.63
The Groove Head EP
The Groove Head EP (grey marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: SNF 090. Rel: 13 Jul 23
Deep House
Vibe Like This (5:44)
Groove Head (6:27)
No BS (5:41)
Review: Six years on from his first outing on the imprint, Rick Wade drops his fifth EP for Shall Not Fade. Predictably, it's another beauty, with the long-serving Detroit deep house producer cannily combining electronic and organic instrumentation. Check first A-side 'Vibe Like', where warming Fender Rhodes motifs, rubbery bass guitar and spacey synthesiser doodles ride a restless house groove. Wade opts for a deeper, TB-303 style bassline and more densely layered percussion on the immersive, deep and quietly soulful 'Groove Head', before successfully playing around with sampled loops, subtly hip-hop-influenced house beats and sustained chords on quirky closing cut 'No Bs'.
Read more
Intérprete: Osmose
 in stock $15.63
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