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Heaven In Hartford
Cat: SMCD 972. Rel: 06 Apr 20
  1. Supertzar Introduction
  2. War Pigs
  3. Neon Knights
  4. NIB
  5. Children Of The Sea
  6. Sweet Leaf
  7. Black Sabbath
  8. Heaven & Hell
  9. Iron Man
  10. Band Jam
  11. Die Young
  12. Paranoid
  13. Children Of The Grave
 in stock $9.49
So Where Are You
Cat: TAI 126612P. Rel: 31 Oct 20
Hard House
coming soon TBA
Anarchy In The Uk
Cat: SMCD 976. Rel: 06 Oct 20
  1. Welcome To The Jungle
  2. Out Ta Get Me
  3. Rocket Queen
  4. Nightrain
  5. My Michelle
  6. It's So Easy
  7. Mr Brownstone
  8. Don't Cry
  9. You're Crazy
  10. Paradise City
  11. Whole Lotta Rosie
  12. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
  13. Move To The City
  14. Mama Kin
 in stock $10.58
Kraftwerk: Ready Player Two (The Full Documentary)
Cat: 783504 Rel: 14 Jul 20
DVD on the history & music of Kraftwerk
Notes: Formed in 1970, Kraftwerk's contribution to the development of electronic music remains unsurpassed. Having inspired everyone from Bowie to Joy Division to Radiohead, this mysterious collective has also proven responsible for entire genres to emerge electronica, techno and synth-pop to name but three.

This DVD reviews the career and music of Kraftwerk, from their inception in the late 1960s through their most celebrated period in the mid-1970s, culminating with their resurgence during the 1980s. The film further explores how Kraftwerk both fitted into and pulled away from the electronic wing of what is often lazily referred to as Krautrock . Showing respect too for many of the groups German contemporaries from a similar impulse, and tracing the unfolding of electronics in German contemporary music generally, this programme presents a fascinating story previously untold on film.

Featuring exclusive and extensive interviews with ex-Kraftwerk members - Karl Bartos and Klaus Roder, German ambient and electronic musicians - Dieter Moebius [Kluster/Harmonia], Hans Joachim Rodelius [Kluster/Harmonia], Klaus Schulze [Tangerine Dream/ Ash Ra Tempel and Solo], Wolfgang Siedel [Eruption], Conrad Schnitzler [Kluster/Solo], Klaus Lohmer [engineer, Kraftwerk album] and many others. Also boasting further contributions from Electronic music experts and writers, and rare studio and live footage of the band, these all together make for perhaps the best film on the subject ever to emerge.
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 3 in stock $7.06
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