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Soul Jazz

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Nova (limited coloured vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: SJRLP 442. Rel: 15 Feb 19
  1. Nova (3:48)
  2. Lions Of Juda (5:34)
  3. Free Spirits - Unknown (5:47)
  4. Long Time Black (8:00)
  5. Sixth House (8:16)
Review: Way back in 1976, now legendary U.S jazz drummer Steve Reid and his band, The Legendary Master Brotherhood, headed into Studio WE in NYC to record what would become "Nova" - a near-legendary debut album that has since become a cult classic. Featuring a mix of punchy free jazz and free funk, the set is still regarded by many jazz-heads as Reid's defining work. Here it gets a fresh reissue on limited orange vinyl, with Soul Jazz Records doing their usual bang-up job on the mastering and packaging. There's much to admire throughout, from the fizzing dueling trumpet and sax solos of breezy opener "Nova", to the spiraling spiritual jazz intensity of "Free Spirits - Unknown" and the free-jazz epic "Sixth House".
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  1. Willie West - "Fairchild"
  2. Professor Longhair - "Go To The Mardi Gras"
  3. Betty Harris - "Trouble With My Lover"
  4. Tony Owens - "Got A Get My Baby Back Home"
  5. Lee Dorsey - "Little Baby"
  6. The Dixie Cups - "Two-Way-Poc-A-Way"
  7. Eldridge Holmes - "If I Were A Carpenter"
  8. The Dirty Dozen Brass Band - "Do It Fluid"
  9. Lee Dorsey - "What You Want"
  10. The Explosions - "Jockey Ride"
  11. Allen Toussaint - "We The People"
  12. Chuck Carbo - "Take Care Your Homework Friend"
  13. Betty Harris - "What'd I Do Wrong"
  14. Eldridge Holmes - "The Book"
  15. The Deacons - "Fagged Out"
  16. Diamond Joe - "Gossip Gossip"
  17. Professor Longhair - "Big Chief" (part 2)
  18. The Rubaiyats - "Omar Khayyam"
Review: New Orleans: one of jazz music's most spiritual homes, the US city was also a hotbed for raw, groundbreaking funk fusion in the 60s. But as most releases experienced limited distribution, many of its most distinctive funk talents remained solely within the city boundaries and have since become something of a collector's boon. As proved with the previous two volumes, the collectors had every right to seek these out... From the smoky blue grass subtleties of "Little Baby" to the tribal voodoo fusion of "Two Way Poc A Way" via the jazz harmonies and aquatic wah wahs of "Jockey Ride", each one tells a once forgotten tale of raw, spirited grooves, repping New Orleans in a whole way. A must have for all funk aficionados.
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Cat: SJRLP 307A. Rel: 10 Jun 15
Deep House
  1. Hieroglyphic Being - "Shikaakwa" (8:53)
  2. Tevo Howard - "Summer Romance" (5:42)
  3. Kassem Mosse - "Staat Aus Glas" (12:40)
  4. Andres - "Ribena" (5:14)
  5. Blludd Relations - "Cold Like The Baron" (3:59)
  6. AYBEE - "Return To The Underground" (5:26)
  7. Heatsick - "Snakes & Ladders" (7:51)
  8. Tenderlonious - "Caramel" (8:28)
Review: The grandly titled Sounds Of The Universe: Art + Sound 2012-15 sees the always excellent Soul Jazz compile together the series of limited 12" releases the label has issued over the past three years. The double CD release features both these cuts and a whole host of new productions from some like-minded artists, but this LP sampler houses just those previously released tracks. It's a great move by Soul Jazz too, given how rare the original 12"s were and any self-respecting fan of electronic music should check Art + Sound for the Kassem Mosse, Andres, Heatsick and Tenderlonious cuts in particular. Taking grip of the entire B-side, Mosse's heat treated track "Staat Aus Glas" is 13 minutes long but could easily go one for three times as long without losing any of its charm.
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Cat: SJRLP 311B. Rel: 15 Jul 15
  1. Jahneen - "Everybody's Dancin'" (7:16)
  2. Montego Joe - "Freestyle" (5:16)
  3. Timmy Thomas - "Africano" (4:37)
  4. Paper Doll - "Get Down Boy" (7:35)
  5. Jazz - "I Feel Like Love" (12:45)
  6. Pacp & Flaco & Coco - "He's Here" (6:14)
  7. Ripple - "Victorious" (4:30)
  8. Universal love - "Moon Ride" (7:23)
  9. Panache - "Jam On" (6:16)
  10. Otis Brown's Grade A - "Strut On" (13:05)
Review: If you are going to call yourself Disco Patrick its best you know your boogie onions and few could dispute the Dutch digger is among the most knowledgeable of disco scholars on the basis of his Soul Jazz compilation last year. The Disco Patrick armoury of rare gems is well stocked however, and his second selection of Independent Disco Modern Soul & Boogie for Soul Jazz is every bit as good. Across the ten tracks featured on this second of two double vinyl samplers to augment the full CD compilation Patrick lays down some supreme disco treats like the low slung "Africano" by Timmy Thomas, the clap happy antics of "Strut On (Strutt Your Stuff)" from Otis Brown's Grade A and psyched out slinker "I Feel Like Love" by Jazz.
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Cat: SJRLP 047. Rel: 16 Mar 11
  1. The Explosions - "Hip Drop"
  2. Aaron Neville - "Hercules"
  3. Bo Dollis & The Wild Magnolia Mardi Gras Indian Band - "Handa Wanda"
  4. The Meters - "Handclapping Song"
  5. Eddie Bo - "Check Your Bucket"
  6. Professor Longhair - "Big Chief"
  7. Cyril Nevilille - "Tell Me What's On Your Mind"
  8. Lee Dorsey And Betty Harris - "Love Lots Of Lovin"
  9. Mary Jane Hooper - "I've Got Reasons"
  10. Lee Dorsey - "Who's Gonna Help Brother Get Further"
  11. Huey Piano Smith & His Clowns - "Free Single And Disengaged"
  12. Eddie Bo - "Hook'n'Sling (Pt II)"
  13. The Gaturs - "Gator Bait"
  14. Danny White - "Natural Soul Brother"
  15. Ernie K Doe - "Here Come The Girls"
  16. Dr John - "Mama Roux"
  17. Allen Toussaint - "Get Out Of My Life Woman"
  18. The Explosions - "Garden Of Four Trees"
  19. Robert Parker - "Hip-Huggin"
  20. Chuck Carbo - "Can I Be Your Squeeze"
  21. Gentleman June Gardner - "It's Gonna Rain"
  22. Marilyn Barbarin - "Reborn"
  23. The Meters - "Just Kissed My Baby"
  24. Sonny Jones - "Sissy Walk (Pt II)"
Review: This Soul Jazz release is a definitive collection of New Orleans funk featuring acknowledged masters of funk (The Meters, Eddie Bo, Professor Longhair) next to some of the earlier artists who shaped the meaning of funk. The album is also filled with many rare, sought after and undiscovered funk tracks. It covers the period from the emergence of New Orleans funk in the early 1960's through to the mid 1970's. The album comes with a 40 page booklet presenting a historical explanation to how and why this music came about, and with lots of information about the people involved.
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Cat: SJRLP 344. Rel: 09 Sep 16
  1. Joni Haastrup - "Free My People" (4:52)
  2. Christy Essien - "You Can't Change A Man" (3:59)
  3. Akin Richards & The Executives - "Afrikana Disco" (6:25)
  4. Tee Mac - "Nam Myoho Renge Kyo" (5:40)
  5. Joni Haastrup - "Greetings" (6:14)
  6. Don Bruce & The Angels - "Ocheche (Happy Song)" (5:51)
  7. Benis Cletin - "Get Up & Dance" (5:37)
  8. Colomach - "Enoviyin" (5:02)
  9. Joni Haastrup - "Do The Funkro" (4:04)
  10. Tee Mac - "Living Everyday" (feat Marjorie Barnes) (5:19)
  11. Arakatula - "Mr Been To" (4:01)
  12. Angela Starr - "Disco Dancing" (5:30)
  13. Joni Haastrup - "Wake Up Your Mind" (5:58)
  14. Jimmy Sherry & The Musik Agents - "Nwaeze" (7:00)
  15. Benis Cletin - "Soul Fever" (5:02)
  16. Arakatula - "Wake Up Africa" (3:19)
Review: Another work of Soul Jazz curatorial gold: Nigeria Soul Fever is a detailed gatefold trip into one of Nigeria's richest chapters in music. Heavy trade restrictions allowed them to develop their own style without too much US or European influence and the result is an array of national talent who largely remained legends within their own borders. The range is mesmerizing; the sinewy synth and playground vocal Q&A of Benis Cletin's "Get Up & Dance", the ballroom disco soul of Tee Mac's "Living Everyday", the soulful afrofunk folk of Jimmy Sherry's "Nwaeze", the gut-punching power of Arakatula's album finale "Wake Up Africa". This is a treasure trove of unreleased gems that capture a truly unique time.
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 in stock $25.09
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Soul Jazz
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