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Stolen Goods Vinilo y CD

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B2B2 (12")
Cat: SGR 007. Rel: 08 May 24
Bawrut - "Freedom" (6:44)
Lele Sacchi - "Flim Flam" (6:13)
Review: The second instalment of Stolen Goods' Back to Back series brings together two stalwarts of the scene: Italian veteran Lele Sacchi and Italo-Spanish beat master Bawrut. Known for their contributions to the electronic dancefloor landscape, both artists deliver peak-time bangers primed for club euphoria. Bawrut's track showcases his signature blend of retro-future rave, drawing on his extensive experience with labels like Life & Death and Correspondant. Meanwhile, Sacchi, with nearly three decades of DJ experience, infuses his production with funky deep grooves and killer stabs, epitomizing peak-time monster attitude. With nods to acid house and electro-techno, this release epitomises Stolen Goods' ethos of delivering messages From Clubbers to Clubbers, promising dancefloor ecstasy for discerning audiences.
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Intérprete: Rave Energy
 in stock $19.59
High Cutz Vol 3
Cat: SGR 002. Rel: 23 May 23
Deep House
Belive In U (5:52)
Destiny (Pastaboys remix) (6:04)
Destiny (6:45)
Review: NTThis EP on Milan-based label Stolen Goods is a great example of how house music can be both smooth and danceable at the same time. 'High Cutz Vol. III' is a solid EP that showcases the deep house talents of Italian producers Black Loops and Innocent Soul. The two original tracks 'Belive in U' and 'Destiny' are both bouncy and groovy, with catchy vocal samples and jazzy chords. The Pasta Boys remix of the latter adds a bit more energy and funk to the mix, while keeping the soulful vibe of the original.

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 in stock $13.76
B2B1 (12")
Cat: SGR 006. Rel: 07 Mar 24
Deep House
Rogue D - "The Vibe" (feat Joe Le Groove) (7:08)
Rogue D - "The Vibe" (feat Joe Le Groove - Job remix) (5:47)
Ruff Stuff - "The Gathering" (5:53)
Ruff Stuff - "Brighter Mood" (6:50)
Review: For the sixth transmission from Stolen Goods, two artists in Rogue D and Ruff Stuff step up to take charge of one side each. The former goes first with 'The Vibe' (feat Joe Le Groove) and it is a smoky, low-key and deep basement house cut with razor sharp hi-hats and dusty drums overlaid with a sensuous male vocal adding the soulful vibes. A Job remix is much more cosmic as it travels through starry night skies on shiny synth lines, then Ruff Stuff douses you in rippling synth melodies on 'The Gathering' and lays down clipped, funk-fuelled house on 'Brighter Mood'.
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Tags: Acid House
 in stock $19.59
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