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Super Disco Edits Vinilo y CD

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Love Vibrations
Cat: SDE 25. Rel: 07 Jun 17
  1. Love Vibrations (4:35)
  2. Love Company (4:20)
Review: Back around the early 1970's, Bell Telephunk was formed around the New Jersey area. Some members moved to Cleveland, Ohio where the group performed in local bars and clubs at the time. The band disbanded early on but the name lay dormant for a few years until round the mid '70s; when Michael Calhoun and a few others decided to rejuvenate the name again. They played often at the Kinsman Grill in Cleveland where they cut their teeth. They ventured into the studio just once and record a series of six songs: crossover ghetto soul of the highest order and on their newly formed Kinsman Records label. This previously unissuedversion courtesy of Super Disco Edits.
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Intérprete: SOUL 45, Soul Music
 in stock $11.51
Horizon's Theme Part 1 & 2
Cat: SDE 021. Rel: 19 Dec 16
  1. Horizon's Theme (Pt 1) (3:26)
  2. Horizon's Theme (Pt 2) (2:49)
Review: Prior to this year, funk connoisseurs and collectors have known only one record from the 70s Bay Area funk troupe Brass Horizon. That was "We Just Want To Play" and it's been known to go over $1500 in the past. 39 years after its release Super Disco Edits have incredibly unearthed an unreleased gem! So large it takes over both sides, "Horizon's Theme" is a groove heavy instrumental jammed with that classic laid back Berkley vibe where all players get a chance to shine. Part one is all about the organs while part two lets the horns tear the groove a new one. What a find.
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 in stock $10.47
Keep God On Your Side
  1. Keep God On Your Side (5:51)
  2. Going Down (Incognito) (6:36)
Review: Previously, Philadelphia outfit Heem The Music Monsters was most famous for the sought-after 1976 psych-funk 7" "Wake Up People". It turns out, though, that the Hubert Willis-produced band recorded tons of other material in the same period, almost all of which has never seen the light of day before. The two tracks featured here are two such examples. "Keep God On Your Side" is a pleasingly sweet and dreamy chunk of life-affirming warmth that sits somewhere between classic Philly Soul and the more conscious vibes of the Mighty Ryeders. B-side instrumental "Going Down (Incognito)" is arguably even better, mixing as it does the inspired fusion of Brit-funk combo Cymande with heavy Clavinet lines, breathy backing vocals and dueling horn solos.
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 in stock $14.93
That Someone's U
Cat: SDE 60. Rel: 23 Dec 21
  1. That Someone's U (4:35)
  2. That Someone's U (Jazz Funk instrumental) (4:39)
Review: Reach for the cocktails and turn down the lights because the Super Disco Edits label has a golden groover on its hands here. 'That Someone's U' was actually a track submitted to be a part of the famous Splash LP by Freddie Hubbard, but it never made the cut. Written by Sydney Justin, Sanifu Al Hall and David Shields, it languished on the cutting room floor until it was converted from analogue to digital with a load of other tracks by The La Propinquity. The smooth groove has a steamy sax line, easy-going drums and languid chords that melt the soul.
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 in stock $11.51
Look At My Back Wheels
Cat: SDE 61. Rel: 31 Jan 22
  1. Look At My Back Wheels (2:36)
  2. It's All Coming Back (3:22)
Review: There is no rest for the good people at Super Disco Edits - they ended 2021 in fine fashion and kick off 2022 on just as strong a footing. This time out they serve up a superb slice of soul originally recorded in 1971 by The Michicgans, who crafted it in the Don Davis studios and had it engineered by the late great Ed Wolfdrum. 'Look At My Back Wheels' has drums to die for - they're dumpy and well defined yet loose, with unique vocals up top with a raw blue eyed funk. Flip it over and you will find the slower, more romantic soul sounds of 'It's All Coming Back to Me.'
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 in stock $11.51
A Time For Us (A Time For Love)
Cat: SDE 62. Rel: 28 Feb 22
  1. A Time For Us (A Time For Love) (3:17)
  2. Everybody's Got A Song To Sing (3:39)
Review: Eddie Carmichael started Mirror having left his previous band The Voshays when he caught their manager stealing. He formed it with Derry Shepherd, Sandy Ficca, Duncan Bethel, bass player Dave Segal, Bob Groszer on keys and Flynn Emanuel to play trombone. They were regular performers on Miami Beach and recorded only a few tunes, but what tunes they were. It is said that had the band had a better manager they could have gone on to be one of the best of their era. Either way, at least we have these two dazzling disco and soul gems.
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Tags: Soul Disco
 in stock $11.00
Give It Up Turnit A Loose
Cat: SDE 13. Rel: 12 Oct 15
  1. Give It Up, Turnit A Loose (previously unreleased) (4:31)
  2. It's A Family Thang (previously unreleased) (4:35)
Review: Obscure Californian group The Real Thing (not the Liverpool 4 piece ) who recorded for US label Whiz enjoy a very special spotlight on Super Disco Edits. Both cuts previously unreleased; they're as fizzy as the product they share a slogan with... "Give It Up & Turn It Loose" takes James Brown to turbo charged pastures, tearing up the funk rule book so rapidly they've got friction burns. "It's A Family Thang" brings us back down to earth with such unified tightness and positivity it would make Sly and the Stones blush. The real deal.
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 in stock $11.51
Love Changes
Cat: SDE 64. Rel: 24 Jun 22
  1. Love Changes
  2. Funky Way To Treat Me
Tags: Soul Disco
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Weavers Of Dreams
Cat: SDE 55. Rel: 16 Mar 21
  1. Weavers Of Dreams (4:33)
  2. We Could Be A Giant (4:32)
Review: Super Disco Edits are back with another re-issue in the form of this fabulous modern-jazzy-soul 45 by The Weavers Of Dreams. The band's Al Hough was born in New Orleans and had a staid Catholic school education but lived uptown, so go plenty of urban experience which helped to colour his musical influences. Here he pairs gorgeous gospel vocals with steamy call and response from the backing singers and nice squelchy synth bass. ON the flip things get more sentimental with a female lead given plenty of room to shine next to lush flutes, keys and drums.
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$11.51 SAVE 25%
 in stock $8.64
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