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Touch From A Distance Germany

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Touch From A Distance Germany

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Going Clear EP
Cat: TFAD 4. Rel: 06 Feb 19
  1. Double Helix (1:50)
  2. Infinity 2 (6:30)
  3. Sky Walking (5:05)
  4. Going Clear (5:30)
Review: More high grade material from Brother Nebula, a mysterious artist whose previous releases on Legwork brilliantly joined the dots between spacey electro and raw, rave-fired material. This EP feels a little more thoughtful and considered, with glassy-eyed ambient opener "Double Helix" being followed by a deliciously warm and melodious chunk of soundscape electro bliss. This evocative, melody-driven feel extends into B-side opener "Sky Walking", where bubbly acid lines, punchy vocoder vocals and cascading synthesizer melodies cluster around a bustling, breakbeat-driven electro groove. As if to prove he still likes it rough and raw, closing cut "Going Clear" is a bustling, sub-heavy workout that recalls the bleep-era electro tracks of overlooked British producers Ubik and Sinewave.
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out of stock $10.58
Murky Waters
Cat: TFAD 6. Rel: 13 Aug 19
  1. Murky Waters (6:37)
  2. Hypervisibility (4:52)
  3. Prophet Paradise (4:47)
  4. Year 2000 Problem (5:07)
Review: For the sixth missive on his admirable Touch From A Distance label, Panorama Bar/Berghain resident Nick Hoppner has turned to debutant Cameo Blush. The little-known artist hits the ground running with title track "Murky Waters", a superb fusion of two-step influenced electro drums, bleeping electronic melodies and drowsy female vocal snippets. "Hypervisibility" is a deep but weighty chunk of melodic electro bliss, while "Prophet Paradise" is dreamy, languid and sun-kissed, with bright and breezy lead lines and warming chords. Equally as impressive is killer closing cut "Year 2000 Problem", a rumbling breakbeat workout smothered in the kind of blissful electronic flourishes that were such a feature of Isolee classic "Beau Mot Plage".
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Intérprete: Lee Holman
out of stock $12.57
Zenome Archetype
Cat: TFAD 5. Rel: 18 Jun 19
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. Zenome Archetype (5:40)
  2. Taking It Out For A Rip (5:28)
  3. Walrus Rodeo (6:50)
  4. Al Gore Rhythmic (5:31)
out of stock $13.71
Fast Life
Fast Life (12")
Cat: TFAD 1. Rel: 29 Aug 18
  1. Fast Life (5:29)
  2. Somehow I Talk (6:25)
  3. Finger Flies (6:57)
  4. Glixen (feat Baby Rollen) (6:26)
Review: For the first release on his new label, Touch From A Distance, Berghain and PBar stalwart Nick Hoppner has recruited Holding Hands chief and sometime Scissor and Thread regular Desert Sound Colony. The London-based producer is in fine form throughout the EP, serving up a trio of top-notch cuts. First up on the A-side is the punchy, deep electro-breaks rumble of "Fast Life", which is quickly followed by the deep space alien broken beats and bombastic UK garage bass of "Somehow I Talk". Over on the flip, the producer's UK bass influences are fused with the futurist intent of Detroit and the rubbery funk of South African Kwaito on "Finger Files", while EP closer "Glixen (feat Baby Rollen)" peppers a jazzy groove with rumbling bass and mangled organ chords.
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out of stock $13.43
Rainbow Gelato
Cat: TFAD 7. Rel: 12 Nov 19
  1. Rainbow Gelato (8:05)
  2. Pseudo Affogato (6:01)
  3. Piano Parfait (6:25)
  4. Cosmic Sorbet (6:36)
out of stock $10.87
Dan's Dancing
Cat: TFAD 3. Rel: 19 Nov 18
Deep House
  1. Dan's Dancing (6:36)
  2. Marimbanana Loaf (8:05)
  3. Soma (8:16)
  4. Trypno (5:57)
out of stock $14.01
Parallax (12")
Cat: TFAD 2. Rel: 23 Oct 18
  1. Parallax (7:12)
  2. Aura (7:45)
  3. Mirage (6:59)
  4. Phantom (7:04)
Review: Touch From A Distance is a Berlin based label run by Panorama Bar resident Nick Hoppner. Following up a terrific inauguration by Holding Hands boss Desert Sound Colony, the label returns with Japanese duo Opal Sunn aka Al Kassian and Hiroaki OBA. Opal Sunn are a well seasoned hardware only live act, who are very much in control of their repertoire, but also capable of captivating improvisations. They have a recognisable sound driven by smart, often arpeggiated synth lines, on point drums and textures. Highlights are the slinky and hypnotic tech house cut "Parallax", followed by the discofied slow burner "Mirage" and the deep electro journey "Phantom" on the B side.
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 in stock $18.58
Laika EP
Laika EP (12")
Cat: TFAD 8. Rel: 20 Feb 20
Electro House
  1. Laika (7:52)
  2. Minority State (6:41)
  3. Holy Mountain (7:46)
  4. Tangerine Blues (6:38)
 in stock $13.14
Artículos del 1 al 8 de 8 en la página 1 de 1


Touch From A Distance Germany
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