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Traffic Entertainment Group US Vinilo y CD

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A Taste Of Chocolate: The Very Best Of Gary Davis
Cat: TEG 3330LP. Rel: 02 May 19
Gee Dee (5:14)
Last Night (3:54)
Stay With Me (4:47)
The Time For Love Is Now (2:37)
Got To Get Your Love (3:43)
Super Jake (3:51)
The Professor Here (4:09)
The Pop (3:59)
The Professor (Is) Space Walking (8:06)
The Pop (12' version) (9:15)
Gotta Get Your Love (Kenny Dope remix) (4:23)
The Professor (Is) Slow Walking (6:58)
The Pop (feat MC Chocolate Star - vocal version) (6:37)
Gee Dee (alternative mix) (3:47)
 in stock $26.63
Straight Out The Jungle (reissue)
Straight Out The Jungle (reissue) (limited red & green vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: TEG 75510LPC. Rel: 07 Oct 19
Hip Hop/R&B
Straight Out The Jungle (4:00)
What's Going On (4:10)
Black Is Black (3:38)
Jimbrowksi (4:30)
I'm Gonna Do You (3:23)
I'll House You (4:59)
On The Run (4:07)
Behind The Bush (3:34)
Because I Got Like That (4:40)
Braggin & Boastin (3:54)
Sounds Of The Safari (3:05)
The Promo (3:37)
Ultimatum Ultramix (4:32)
Review: This 1988 debut album from Jungle Brothers eschews the use of the sampler, choosing instead to lay down these fresh beats by recorders, all looped by hand, eight bars at a time. The record also features Q-Tip for the first time on the excellent "Black Is Black" which features one of the few samples on the album as the voice of Gil Scott-Heron is stitched into the rolling beats. Smash hip-house hit "I'll House You" was added to later versions of the album and is included here with other gems like "Braggin & Boastin" and "Behind the Bush".
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Intérprete: I Love Hip Hop
 in stock $27.96
Sir Vicious: The Best Of Just Ice
Cat: TEG 76546LP. Rel: 07 May 13
Hip Hop/R&B
Cold Gettin' Dumb
Back To The Old School
Gangster Of Hip Hop
Get Into Something
That Girl Is A Slut
Going Way Back
The Original Ganster Of Hip Hop
Moshitup (feat KRS-One)
Na Touch Da Just
Kool & Deadly
Freedom Of Speech '88 (12" single edit)
The Desolate One
Welfare Recipients
The Music
Put That Record Back On
It's Time I Release
Slow, Low & Dope
Cool & Wicked
Way Back (We're Going) (feat Chubb Rock)
 in stock $21.24
Mr Hood
Mr Hood (2xLP)
Cat: TEG 755041. Rel: 04 Nov 04
Hip Hop/R&B
Mr Hood At Piocalles Jewelry/Crackpot
Who Me? (With Answer From Dr Bert)
Boogie Man!
Mr Hood Meets Onyx
Subroc's Mission
Figure Of Speech
Bananapeel Blues
Nitty Gritty (feat Brand Nubian)
Trial N Error
Hard Wit No Hoe
Mr Hood Gets A Haircut
808 Man
Boy Who Cried Wolf
Preacher Porkchop
Gasface Refill
Review: The classic 1991 debut album from Zev Love X Subroc and Onyx a seamless blend of funny skits and uniformly slick breaks laced with biting wit. Now available as a limited DJ friendly special 2xLP edition with full colour pic sleeve shrink wrapped and with original centre label artwork.
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 in stock $34.95
King Of The Beats: Anthology 1985-1989
King Of The Beats: Anthology 1985-1989 (limited red & white vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: TEG 76536LPC. Rel: 12 Aug 19
Hip Hop/R&B
Mantronix - "Needle To The Groove" (12" version) (6:28)
T La Rock - "Breaking Bells" (12" version) (5:26)
Just Ice - "Back To The Old School" (4:51)
Mantronix - "Fresh Is The Word" (12" version) (5:52)
Just Ice - "Turbo Charged" (5:12)
T La Rock - "Breaking Bells" (dub version) (4:24)
Mantronix - "We Control The Dice" (3:56)
Just Ice - "Cold Gettin' Dumb" (4:33)
Just Ice - "Cold Gettin' Dumb II" (6:33)
T La Rock - "Bass Machine" (12" version) (5:26)
Mantronix - "Bassline" (5:26)
Tricky Tee - "Johnny The Fox" (5:24)
Mantronix - "Fresh Is The Word 88" (6:03)
Intérprete: I Love Hip Hop
 in stock $25.27
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