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Village Again Japan Vinilo y CD

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Bridge Into The Future: Recreated Tracks
Cat: ZLCP 0423. Rel: 07 Mar 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
So Far Away (DJ Kawasaki Recreated Jazzy reprise)
Planetary Track (DJ Kawasaki Recreated Brazilian Boogie mix)
Blazin' (feat Karin - DJ Kawasaki Recreated Fusion Funk mix)
Ain't No Mountain High Enough (feat N'Dea Davenport - DJ Kawasaki Recreated Latin Disco mix)
Shinning (feat Bird - DJ Kawasaki Recreated Disco mix)
Let The Music Play (feat Yoo Hee - DJ Kawasaki Recreated Disco mix)
Bright Light (feat Sauce 81 - DJ Kawasaki Recreated Experimental Session)
I'm So On Your Mind (feat Rasiyah - DJ Kawasaki Recreated Disco mix)
One Love (feat Lori Fine - DJ Kawasaki Recreated Disco mix)
Shooting Star (DJ Kawasaki Recreated dub Tribute version)
 in stock $21.12
Message From A New Dawn
Message From A New Dawn (CD with obi-strip)
Cat: ZLCP 0414. Rel: 22 Dec 21
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Astral Ascension
Primal Echo
Get Up (feat Roy Ayers)
Get It Together
This Feeling
Visions Of Tomorrow
The Message
The Mask
Revolution Evolution
Eternal Tide
Review: Shuya Okino is a DJ, club owner, writer and producer as well as being a part of the Kyoto Jazz Massive, and has been a vital figure in the Japanese club scene for over three decades. He is involved in a wide range of projects from Cosmic Village to Root Soul to Mondo Grosso, but his work with brother Yoshihiro as Kyoto Jazz Massive might be his best. This new album is another standout fusion of synth, broken beat and nu-jazz styles. Some of the tunes are pure dance floor heaters such as the prickly vibes of 'Get Up' while others gaze off to a cosmic future such as the gorgeous synths of 'Visions Of Tomorrow'. Essential.
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 in stock $29.33
Tokyo Crossover Night 2023: Shuya Okino's Unreleased Tracks
Cat: ZLCP 429. Rel: 24 Jul 23
Kyoto Jazz Massive - "The Mask" (Aartek Jets remix)
Kyoto Jazz Massive - "Get It Together" (Shuya Okino & Root Soul remix)
Kyoto Jazz Sextet - "Still In Love" (feat Navasha Daya)
Kyoto Jazz Quartet - "Transend Me"
Echoes Of A New Dawn Ochestra - "Substream"
Kyoto Jazz Massive - "This Feeling" (Young Pulse & ATN Mochi Men remix)
Root Soul - "Feeling Good" (feat Leon King - Shuya Okino Re edit)
Miomatic - "Step Into Our Life" (Shuya Okino re-edit)
Shuya Okino - "Shine" (feat Diviniti - Root Soul Boogie remix with Soki Kimura)
Shuya Okino - "The Light" (feat Ruth Koleva)
Review: Complementing the fresh single 'Shine', released at the very same time, 'Tokyo Crossover Night 2023' is a compilation album by various artists selected by Shuya Okino, esteemed Japanese disco and broken beat DJ/producer. Kyoto Jazz Sextet, DJ Kawasaki, J.A.M and Shuya Okino himself all crop up on this veritable razzmatazzer, amounting to yet another worthy contribution to the label Village Again Japan, and the Tokyo crossover scene they occupy at large.
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 in stock $21.92
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