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Back Catalogue: Leftfield

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Remixes Volume 1 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ERC 046-1/MT 012. Rel: 29 May 18
  1. Autarkic - "Screaming (To Be With You)" (feat The White Screen)
  2. JD Twitch - "Dalbouka"
  3. Sneaker - "I Looked For You"
  4. Die Orangen - "Rattling Ghosts"
Review: After teaming up to release the scintillating works of C Cat Trance in their original 80s form on Screaming Ghosts, Emotional Rescue and Malka Tuti join forces once again to deliver a ludicrously talented roster of remixers who catapult John Rees Lewis' cult group into thrilling new spatial and temporal zones. Autarkic decides to go for the full-tilt cover version on "Screaming (To Be With You)", with ample help from The White Screen, while JD Twitch roughs up "Dalbouka" into a quintessential slab of ethno-motorik body music. Sneaker's take on "I Looked For You" emphasizes the atmospheric tension in the original, giving the track a cinematic scope, and Die Orangen's "Rattling Ghosts" finishes the record on an appropriately ominous, subtly industrial tone.
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 in stock $7.37
Remixes Volume 2 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ERC 046-2/MT 013. Rel: 29 May 18
  1. Red Axes - "Shake The Mind"
  2. Jamie Paton - "Take Me To The Beach"
  3. Prins Thomas - "Sudaniyya"
  4. Khidja - "Simple Helen" (feat Borusiade)
Review: Emotional Rescue and Malka Tuti serve up another round of top shelf remixes and revisions of John Rees Lewis' mid-late 80s project C Cat Trance, following in the wake of the Screaming Ghosts compilation. First up to bat are Red Axes, who bring a seductive line in loose and limber drumming to "Shake The Mind" that should suit the Fourth World dancefloor massive just fine. Jamie Paton brings a tough, clamouring intensity to "Take Me To The Beach," while Prins Thomas takes a truly spiritual approach when weaving the intricate arpeggios and percussion of "Sudaniyya." Khidja and Borusiade team up on "Simple Helen," presenting a dense and hazy trip into exotic territory with sinister undertones.
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 in stock $6.31
Cat: DE 199. Rel: 02 Feb 18
  1. Perfect Hideaway (3:34)
  2. Perfect Hideaway (dub) (3:48)
  3. Listen In To The Heart (3:29)
  4. Questions Answers (3:58)
 in stock $12.12
Psychos In Love (Soundtrack) (limited purple vinyl 7" + insert + sticker)
Cat: WRWTFWW 016. Rel: 14 Dec 17
  1. Track 1 (7:09)
  2. Track 2 (7:00)
Intérprete: Manu•Archeo
 in stock $9.09
Breakdown (7")
Cat: WYS 012. Rel: 03 Mar 16
  1. Breakdown (4:07)
  2. So Low (3:40)
 in stock $9.75
The Fog (limited red vinyl 7")
Cat: SIL 71475. Rel: 26 Nov 18
  1. Theme From The Fog (5:09)
  2. Ghost Story (4:13)
 in stock $15.02
Cat: 12MUTE 580. Rel: 11 Jan 19
  1. Bongo Glow (2:32)
  2. Uysring (Daniel Avery remix) (6:46)
  3. Blissters (Radiophonic Workshop remix) (3:16)
  4. Tones Map (Chris Liebing Burn Slow remix) (6:40)
 in stock $9.75
Cat: SILLP 1466. Rel: 02 May 17
  1. QATP EMC #1 (2:05)
  2. QATPC EMC #2 (3:33)
  3. QATPC EMC #5 (2:28)
  4. QATPC EMC #9 (3:10)
  5. QATPC EMC #10 (6:58)
 in stock $10.53
CC Dust (12")
Cat: LSSN 045. Rel: 12 Dec 16
  1. Never Going To Die (3:50)
  2. Tonopah (3:59)
  3. Baby Boy (4:45)
  4. Mutiny (3:32)
  5. Abra (3:20)
Review: Maryjane Dunphe and Laurent Dagincourt's debut as CC Dust, the Night School released "Shinkasen No. 1" 7", was impressive enough to mark them out as an act to watch. This eponymous EP delivers on that early promise, offering synth-pop cuts that gleefully reference some of their favourite bands. "Tonopah", for example, features synths and guitar motifs that recall early New Order, while "Never Going To Die" has the sort of low-slung bass and evocative vocals that will be familiar to fans of The Futureheads and Franz Ferdinand. Intriguingly, flipside cut "Mutiny" sits somewhere between those two tracks, while "Abra" is a synth-driven blast of emotion-rich pop melancholy.
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 in stock $14.49
DB7 001 (40 gram vinyl 7")
Cat: DB7 001. Rel: 25 Mar 19
  1. Blood, Campari & Sand (4:06)
  2. Meta Weta (4:38)
Review: The mighty Cherrystones originally dropped the crackling party heat of "Blood, Campari & Sand" on his own Bandcamp page, and now he's doing the right thing and committing it to wax via Duca Bianco. It's a vital, funk-rooted jam that revolves around dusty drum licks and piano, as badass as it is considered. "Meta Weta on the flip is equally cool in its execution, this time using some uneasy synth pulses that reverberate between the laconic step of the beat. Drawing on library music, Giallo and deep-digging grooves from the outer reaches, Cherrystones once again demonstrates his knack for off-kilter tackle to get the freakier party set moving in approval.
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 in stock $8.96
Lady (heavyweight pink vinyl 12")
Cat: IDIB 35PINK. Rel: 01 Feb 19
  1. Lady (5:11)
  2. Looking For Love (instrumental) (7:55)
  3. Lady (instrumental) (5:11)
  4. Lady (On Film) (3:19)
  5. Looking For Love (Disco version) (15:02)
 in stock $16.34
Camera (reissue) (coloured vinyl 12")
Cat: IDIB 71RED. Rel: 04 Oct 19
  1. Camera (3:52)
  2. Camera (vocal) (0:43)
  3. Camera (instrumental) (3:53)
  4. Magazine (club mix) (3:17)
  5. The Taste Of Blood (1:03)
  6. Flashback To Forever (2:41)
  7. Dear Tommy (On Film) (3:21)
  8. Magazine (club instrumental) (2:22)
 in stock $23.72
Liberator (white vinyl 7")
Cat: CACHE 013. Rel: 22 Aug 14
  1. Liberator
  2. Summer
Review: Fresh and contemporary intergalactic reissue action from the ridiculously on-point Finders Keepers! For many old-school gamers and general niche nerds, the sounds of the inimitable Atari machines were the foundations of gaming culture. Never strictly available in soundtrack format until now, Suzanne Ciani's shimmering, quasi-techno sounds are the perfect example of the futurism that characterised the 1980s. This particular release features the opening theme and jingles from the Liberator game, which means that the wonderful Finders Keepers could certainly be planning another Atari-related release in the near future. He right, but in the meantime do not sleep on this badboy
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Intérprete: Tomasz Guiddo
 in stock $5.53
Cat: FLIES 4516. Rel: 26 Sep 19
  1. Bersaglio Altezza Uomo (Titoli) (3:15)
  2. Bersaglio Altezza Uomo (Caccia Mortale) (3:16)
 in stock $14.27
Cat: DE 223. Rel: 13 Aug 18
  1. Jennifer (4:30)
  2. Love Is A Stranger (4:06)
  3. She's Invisible Now (3:54)
  4. Step On The Beast (2:30)
  5. Never Gonna Cry Again (2:52)
  6. Invisible Hands (4:43)
  7. Monkey Monkey (1:35)
Review: Cold Beat is a San Francisco-based quartet fronted by Hannah Lew (synths, vocals) with Kyle King (synths, guitar), Luciano Talpini Aita (synths) and Sean Monaghan (guitar). Formed in 2013 the band has released three albums and two EPs. 'A Simple Reflection' is a 7-song collection of Eurythmics covers, yet feels just as personal as any of their original material. While digging through a collection of 12?s for her record shop Contact Records, Lew stumbled across the earliest Eurythmics B-sides and was floored. This lead to the discovery of their debut album 'In The Garden'. Annie Lennox's abstract and poetic lyrics really struck a chord with Hannah. What had started out as a single cover quickly snowballed into a full blown obsession. The synth and drum programming resonated with her songwriting process, so reimagining them was very creatively fulfilling. The covers on this EP are simultaneously dynamic and atmospheric post-punk that plays to Lew's ethereal vocals and King's crystalline guitar. All songs have been mixed by Mikey Young (Total Control) and mastered by George Horn at Fantasy Studios. The record is housed in a jacket designed by Eloise Leigh, which features pink and purple clouds that evoke a dreamy softness and DIY playfulness and photos Lew in her best Lennox-inspired drag. Each copy includes a postcard with photos and notes. "Sometimes a song seems to sing just for you, as if someone knows your most inner thoughts and feelings and has found a way to describe them effortlessly" - Hannah Lew
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 in stock $13.97
Cat: HEARTWORM 55. Rel: 28 Feb 14
  1. Black Boots
  2. Meaningful Life
 in stock $10.53
You & Me & Infinity (gatefold 10" picture disc + insert)
Cat: HEARTWORM 75. Rel: 24 Sep 18
  1. You & Me & Infinity (4:42)
  2. Nothing Is True But You (4:13)
  3. Glory (5:09)
  4. My Heart Is Immortal (4:35)
 in stock $27.14
Moto (Man Power remix) (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: C 004. Rel: 18 Jun 18
  1. Moto
  2. Fe
  3. Ansia
  4. Moto (Man Power remix)
Review: After appearing on the first Calypso Records release out of Mexico last year, Colossio returns to the fray with a whole EP of sleazy jams for the warm up crowd to get nasty to. "Moto" is a grinding crossover track that features dirty garage guitars to match the low-slung synth undulations and sizzling disco beat, while "Fe" throws the windows open for a ranging cut centred around all kinds of instrumentation played with a post-punk looseness. "Ansia" keeps things nervous and atmospheric without skimping on party energy, and then Man Power swoops in for a remix of "Moto" that keeps things spooky while injecting a swinging groove into the mix.
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 in stock $9.48
HHH (7")
Cat: FLEXI 020. Rel: 13 Feb 17
  1. HHH (3:45)
  2. Shove (3:46)
 in stock $6.85
  1. Dark (4:14)
  2. Discipline (2:41)
  3. Dance Remotion (3:09)
  4. Here As I Am (2:40)
 in stock $15.02
Plante (hand-stamped 7")
Cat: PCFQHT 01. Rel: 25 May 18
  1. Plante (4:24)
  2. Plante (Sylvain Chauveau remix) (3:14)
  3. Plante (Cristian Vogel remix) (6:23)
 in stock $7.37
Kickin' In (12")
Cat: HNY 009. Rel: 11 Nov 15
  1. Kickin' In (feat Loverde) (12:26)
  2. Thief Of Love (5:27)
  3. You Gotta Make It Loose (6:24)
Review: San Francisco's Honey Soundsystem are doing a good job in unearthing long-lost Patrick Cowley productions. Having previously joined forces with Dark Entries to release the pioneering producer's soundtrack to gay porn flick School Daze - and soon, a compilation of his other work for pornographic movies - they've decided to go solo on this 12". Kickin' In features a trio of previously unreleased Cowley disco workouts, recorded between 1975 and 1978. The real killer is the title track, a typically epic, 15-minute excursion that fuses Cowley's throbbing, masculine synthesizer lines with vocals and instrumentation from disco band Loverde. Flip for two groovy, low slung disco workouts that are, rather surprisingly, free of Cowley's usual Hi-NRG arpeggios. Instead, there are live basslines, organic percussion and decidedly sleazy spoken word vocals from the great man himself. In a word: essential.
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 in stock $12.64
  1. Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras - "You Laugh At My Face" (Tobias version) (7:15)
  2. Half Hawaii - "Watch The Flash" (6:07)
Review: For the latest release on his quietly impressive Foom label, Ben Freeney has secured the rights to release two killer cuts, both of which are significant in their own way. On the A you'll find a previously unreleased Tobias Freund remix of "You Laugh at My Face", an obscure late '70s proto-new wave collaboration between legendary disco producer Patrick Cowley and art-punk vocalist Jorge Socarras (best known for being part of San Fran band Indoor Life). Freund's version is undulating and evocative, with spacey analogue synth motifs and drowsy vocals rising above a pitched-down breakbeat groove. On the flip, German duo Half Hawaii return to action after a six-year break, offering up a slow-burn delight rich in drowsy, melancholic motifs, shuffling drums and dewy-eyed vocals.
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 in stock $10.53
Cat: DE 102. Rel: 11 Jan 16
  1. Jump Over Barrels (3:32)
  2. Jump Over Barrels (1981 demo) (3:32)
  3. Jump Over Barrels (Charles Manier remix) (3:33)
  4. Jump Over Barrels (early rehearsal version) (3:07)
Review: Post-punk aficionados may already by familiar with Crash Course In Science, a Philadelphia-based band who released two acclaimed singles between 1979 and '81, before going their separate ways. Here, one of the band's previously unheard 1981 demos gets mixed and released for the first time. "Jump Over Barrels" is a song about overcoming adversity, and in newly mixed form sounds like a lost post-punk classic. It's accompanied by a couple of demos - their initial 1981 recording, and an earlier, deliciously skeletal and heavy rehearsal version - and a fresh remix from Tadd Mullinix under his now familiar Charles Manier alias. The Ann Arbor-based producer does a good job of toughening up the track for modern dancefloors, whilst retaining the free-spirited essence of Crash Course In Science's original.
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 in stock $12.64
Nunroyd Works (12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: PARCEL 529B. Rel: 23 Jul 19
  1. Engine Fields (7:02)
  2. Dye & Size (10:17)
  3. Foddergang (17:34)
 in stock $10.53
Cat: PARCEL 322. Rel: 19 Sep 17
  1. Eller Ghyll (15:56)
  2. Tenter Ground (16:11)
Review: While Netherfield Works might, on first listen, sound a bit like the cosmic side of German rock music pioneered by the likes of Can or Cluster back in the early 70s, the album is very much a product of post-industrial Britain. To be precise, Craven Faults are from Yorkshire, and this is their protest - their view of an existential future laid bare by the downfalls of industrialist culture. Debuting via the newly formed Lowfold Works, this lot sound like they know exactly what they want to say, with two 15+ minute voyages showcasing their skills as musicians, and their vision as an outfit. "Eller Ghyll" bounces off the walls with its supremely echoed riffs and meandering basslines, sounding like an ode to the powers that be; "Tenter Ground" is comparatively gentler in its approach, launching a barricade of starry harmonies up into the sky along with a driving, hypnotic percussive roll that could well slot this into the deeper of DJ sets across the board. TIP!
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 in stock $10.01
Rodney's English Disco (red vinyl 7" + CD)
Cat: BOT 12. Rel: 01 Jun 18
  1. Comrades (3:53)
  2. Dreamland (4:05)
  3. Comrades
  4. Barbed Wire
  5. Technocrats
  6. Dreamland
  7. Comrades (Vieon remix)
  8. Barbed Wire (Remi Parson remix)
  9. Technocrats (Pattern Language remix)
  10. Dreamland (Alice Hubble remix)
 in stock $5.09
Cat: SC&P 003. Rel: 25 Sep 17
  1. Another View
  2. Together In The Dark
  3. Together In The Dark (Inga Mauer remix)
  4. Another View (The Golden Filter Revision)
Review: Snap, Crackle & Pop does the business once again as Berlin-based producer Curses steps up with the distinctly 1980s new wave stylings of "Another View". It's the kind of track that will have lovers of early The Cure, Sisters Of Mercy et al dancing in a hazy fever dream where early goth and indie meets with contemporary beats. "Together In The Dark" makes the point even clearer with a brooding trip through languid guitar, beyond the grave vocals and scuffed drums. Inga Mauer takes an entirely different tact with her remix of the latter track, conjuring up a particularly chilling acid daemon to jangle the nerves before The Golden Filter spook out "Another View" with heavy doses of reverb.
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Intérprete: Local Suicide
 in stock $7.64
Third Skin (12")
Cat: DE 123 . Rel: 23 Jun 16
  1. Third Skin (7:12)
  2. Lipstick Information (6:20)
  3. Third Skin (Steffi remix) (6:33)
  4. Third Skin (The Hacker remix) (6:11)
Review: Having spent much of the last 12 months furiously re-issuing classic Italo-disco bombs, Dark Entries has finally got round to releasing some more contemporary cuts. The man behind this EP is Victor Lenis AKA Cute Heels, a Barcelona-based Colombian who last appeared on the imprint in 2014. As usual, the two new productions showcased here see him explore a range of vintage electronic music influences, presenting them in a typically stylish and authentic way. "Third Skin" melds the muscular sweatiness of EBM to the jackin' energy of Chicago acid, while "Lipstick Information" offers a master-class in dark Italo-disco and early Detroit techno fusion. Steffi and The Hacker both give the title track a thorough going over, with the former's deliciously hypnotic, psychedelic take being particularly potent.
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 in stock $12.38
Now & Then (12" + insert)
Cat: OMSOLOW 001. Rel: 19 Jul 17
  1. Ian Hicks - "False Awakening" (7:50)
  2. Luxos - "Vihrea Ovi" (5:45)
  3. Carl Matthews - "As Above So Below" (4:53)
  4. The Schmutz Sisters - "La Folle" (4:11)
Intérprete: Alexis Le-Tan
 in stock $14.23
Tusk Wax Twenty Eight (limited hand-stamped 12")
Cat: TW 28. Rel: 20 Mar 19
  1. Magia (7:52)
  2. It All Sounds The Same (6:21)
  3. Walk With Me (6:13)
  4. Secret Friends (5:36)
 in stock $10.53
Ombra Festival: Unusual Sounds Gathering Vol 1 EP (heavyweight vinyl 12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: OR 64. Rel: 11 Oct 19
  1. The Present Moment - "Some People" (4:37)
  2. Celldod - "Eko" (3:42)
  3. Psyche - "Lord Unleashed" (Bastards Of Love mix) (4:34)
  4. We Are Not Brothers - "Light" (4:30)
  5. RNXRX - "Desmistify To The Void" (3:39)
 in stock $17.65
Drinking Gasoline (LP + DVD)
Cat: CABS 24. Rel: 16 Jan 14
  1. Kino
  2. Sleepwalking
  3. Big Dunk
  4. Ghost Talk
  5. Drinking Gasoline (DVD)
Intérprete: Kid Who
 in stock $13.57
Micro Phonies (remastered) (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: CABS 23. Rel: 08 Nov 13
  1. Do Right
  2. The Operative
  3. Digital Rasta
  4. Spies In The Wires
  5. Theme From Earthshaker
  6. James Brown
  7. Slammer
  8. Blue Heat
  9. Sensoria
 in stock $11.07
Cat: CABS 22. Rel: 08 Nov 13
  1. 24-24
  2. In The Shadows
  3. Taking Time
  4. Animation
  5. Over & Over
  6. Just Fascination
  7. Why Kill Time (When You Can Kill Yourself)
  8. Haiti
  9. Crackdown
 in stock $11.07
#7885 Electropunk To Technopop (gatefold 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: CABS 26. Rel: 19 Jun 14
  1. Do The Mussolini (Headkick)
  2. The Set Up
  3. Nag Nag Nag
  4. On Every Other Street
  5. Silent Command
  6. Kneel To The Boss
  7. Seconds Too Late
  8. Landslide
  9. Breathe Deep
  10. Just Fascination (7" version)
  11. Crackdown (radio edit 83)
  12. The Dream Ticket (7" version)
  13. Sensoria (7" version)
  14. James Brown (7" version)
  15. Kino (7" version)
  16. Big Funk (7" version)
  17. I Want You (7" version)
  18. Warm
Review: London's legendary Mute institution goes back to its roots and digs up some of the best work by one of the UK's finest Cabaret Voltaire. These guys don't really need an introduction give the fact that they're pretty much responsible for the rise of post-punk right through to the birth of techno. It was about time a new compilation of their stuff was released, especially one as brutally on-point as this one! All the classics such as "Nag Nag Nag", "Kneel To The Boss" and "On Every Other Street" are one here but the more obscure rarities that were previously only available on 7" are the real winners. "Just Fascination", for example, is one you'll certainly want on a longer, re-mastered cut! Downright essential!
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 in stock $12.91
Chance Versus Causality (limited gatefold transparent green vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: CABS 29. Rel: 30 Aug 19
  1. Chance Versus Casualty (part 1) (7:19)
  2. Chance Versus Casualty (part 2) (3:00)
  3. Chance Versus Casualty (part 3) (12:07)
  4. Chance Versus Casualty (part 4) (9:28)
  5. Chance Versus Casualty (part 5) (8:15)
  6. Chance Versus Casualty (part 6) (4:36)
  7. Chance Versus Casualty (part 7) (2:52)
Review: In 1979, Cabaret Voltaire - then consisting of all three founder members, Richard H. Kirk, Stephen Mallinder and Chris Watson - recorded a soundtrack for an experimental film "for two projectors" by Babeth Mondini. 40 years on, that soundtrack has finally been given a release. It's similar in tone to some of the Sheffield experimentalists' other soundtrack work from the period, offering discordant, unsettling and otherworldly sound collages that fuse heavily modified and processed instrumental parts (guitar, bass, drums, clarinet, saxophone) with tape loops, sampled dialogue and the band's ever-present electronic tones. Whether you're an obsessive Cabs fan or not, it's well worth a listen. This is, after all, a slice of previously hidden musical history.
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 in stock $21.68
Mirage (140 gram vinyl 12" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: GALAXY 001. Rel: 07 Nov 16
  1. Mirage (3:50)
  2. Carovana (5:54)
  3. Dune (6:49)
  4. Viaggiatore Nel Tempo (4:24)
  5. Pericolo Dal Cielo (4:57)
  6. Caleidoscopio (4:58)
  7. Finale (3:26)
Review: Originally released in 1979, Francesco Cabiati's Mirage is a classic slice of holy grail electronic prog that has been searched for and fawned over for years by avid collectors. Now Galaxy have scored the record as their opening gambit, which should satisfy more than a few second hand vigilantes out there. It's a bombastic offering rich in Moog lines and dramatic themes, much like all the great instrumental synth offerings of the era. From the faithful treatment of the cover and labels to the quality of the remastering, it's everything a classic reissue of a hidden gem should be.
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Intérprete: DAX DJ, Christopher Tubbs
 in stock $10.53
Freq (remastered) (180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: TB 6225. Rel: 14 Feb 18
  1. Ned Lud (4:33)
  2. Talk 1 (1:32)
  3. Acid Rain (4:51)
  4. Talk 2 (2:40)
  5. All The Machines Are Quiet (5:23)
  6. Talk 3 (0:50)
  7. Standing On The Picket Line (3:17)
  8. Talk 4 (0:51)
  9. The Cool Courage Of Bomb Squad Officers (4:36)
  10. Talk 5 (1:40)
  11. Work Song (3:54)
  12. Lord Of The Hornets (bonus track) (3:52)
  13. The Greenfly & The Rose (bonus track) (3:39)
 in stock $14.62
Cat: JBH 077LP. Rel: 30 Jan 19
  1. Front Titles (2:51)
  2. Billy's Paper Round (0:20)
  3. Dawn: Billy Sees Kes In The Tower (3:46)
  4. Stealing The Book (1:21)
  5. Midnight: Billy Climbs & Captures Kes (2:49)
  6. Training Kes (1:01)
  7. Kes First Flight (0:44)
  8. Jud Walks To The Mine (0:56)
  9. Kes Flies Free (1:03)
  10. Kes Flies Higher (1:03)
  11. Billy Asleep In The Boiler Room (0:21)
  12. Foreboding (0:35)
  13. Looking For Kes (1:00)
  14. Realisation (0:54)
  15. Burying Kes (0:27)
 in stock $21.88
Greyscale (180 gram vinyl LP + CD)
Cat: BB 192LP. Rel: 26 Mar 15
  1. Shine (4:23)
  2. Laughing (6:05)
  3. In The Cloud (5:08)
  4. Count On Me (feat Peter Heppner) (4:39)
  5. I'll Find (5:56)
  6. Still (4:54)
  7. Misery (3:53)
  8. Leave Your Room Behind (4:46)
  9. Light Grey (1:27)
  10. End Of Words (5:44)
  11. Dark Grey (3:00)
  12. Shine
  13. Laughing
  14. In The Cloud
  15. Count On Me
  16. Greyscale
  17. Still
  18. Misery
  19. Leave Your Room Behind
  20. Light Grey
  21. If...
  22. End Of Words
  23. Dark Grey
  24. I'll Find
 in stock $22.27
Cat: XSPOON 5. Rel: 12 Jun 14
  1. Deadlock
  2. Tango Whiskyman
  3. Deadlock (instrumental)
  4. Don't Turn The Light On, Leave Me Alone
  5. Soul Desert
  6. Mother Sky
  7. She Brings The Rain
 in stock $16.67
Cat: BEC 5156101. Rel: 12 Nov 15
  1. Roustchouck (Danube's Song) (5:03)
  2. Les Langues De L'Enfance (2:39)
  3. Les Grands-Parents Canetti (La Ballade Des Grands-Parents) (3:18)
  4. Grand-Pere Arditi (Nos Apres-Midi) (5:30)
  5. Elias Et Laura (Laura's Song) (7:46)
  6. Grand-Pere Canetti (Images Balneaires) (4:11)
  7. L'Oncle Salomon Arditi (Seduction) (5:38)
  8. Visite A Sofia Vers 1925 (Hora Rapide) (5:30)
  9. Redecouverte Avec Les Origines (Entrons Dans La Danse) (5:42)
  10. Les Voix De Marrakech (Les Voix De Marrakech Et Danube's Song) (5:19)
 in stock $21.87
  1. La Voix Humaine (part 1) (20:41)
  2. La Voix Humaine (part 2) (27:24)
 in stock $18.42
Derelicts (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: BLOOD 183. Rel: 02 Oct 17
  1. Accede (5:43)
  2. Derelicts (6:12)
  3. Clouds (4:30)
  4. Nattvasen (5:39)
  5. Equilibrium (8:58)
  6. Path Of Least Resistance (6:36)
  7. 780 Days (6:15)
  8. 42 (4:48)
  9. Reyleigh Scatterers (5:08)
  10. Dodecahedron (8:38)
  11. Loss Aversion (5:09)
  12. Everwave (14:14)
Review: Sweden is not too often cited alongside the best of the downtempo scene, but it just makes so much sense for the country's sleek looks and cool approach to be associated to slow-burning bursts of outsider electronica. As such, Goteborg's Carbon Based Lifeforms have been among the few Swedes to wave the flag for the genre, and this new album - Derelicts - for Blood Music feels like another masterful stroke of genius from the duo. We've always been big fans of the label, so this LP comes as both a pleasure and a surprise in the fact that we weren't necessarily expecting them to appear on its wondrous catalogue. However, it's clear from the start that this is a fitting relationship; Derelict follows like a strange and compelling story, taking us into a world of distant chants and slow beats which form a distinctive narrative across its 12 tracks, and it comes highly recommended for anyone wishing to go on a little journey. Blissful, indeed.
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Intérprete: Vincent Inc
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Cat: 673848 3. Rel: 20 Apr 18
  1. Leather Teeth (3:55)
  2. Cheerleader Effect (3:35)
  3. Sunday Lunch (3:17)
  4. Monday Hunt (2:57)
  5. Inferno Galore (3:49)
  6. Beware The Beast (3:42)
  7. Hairspray Hurricane (5:26)
  8. End Titles (5:21)
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Trilogy (trifold heavyweight vinyl 3xLP)
Cat: 576067 4. Rel: 30 Jun 17
  1. Escape From Midwich Valley (6:46)
  2. Disco Zombi Italia (5:15)
  3. LA Venice Bitch 80's (4:14)
  4. Wake Up The President (6:44)
  5. 347 Midnight Demons (1:46)
  6. Le Perv (4:19)
  7. Roller Mobster (3:34)
  8. Meet Matt Stryker (4:06)
  9. Obituary (4:31)
  10. Looking For Tracy Tzu (4:18)
  11. Sexkiller On The Loose (3:42)
  12. Hang 'Em All (5:35)
  13. Division Ruine (3:34)
  14. Paradise Warfare (4:17)
  15. Run, Sally, Run! (4:51)
  16. Turbo Killer (3:30)
  17. Anarchy Road (3:33)
  18. Invasion AD (6:28)
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Carpenterbrutlive (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: 576068 0. Rel: 30 Jun 17
  1. Escape From Midwich Valley (3:00)
  2. Division Ruine (3:48)
  3. Roller Mobster (3:53)
  4. Meet Matt Stryker (3:12)
  5. Wake Up The President (4:03)
  6. Chew Bubble Gum (3:56)
  7. Turbo Killer (4:57)
  8. Paradise Warfare (1:46)
  9. Run, Sally, Run! (4:18)
  10. Looking For Tracy Tzu (4:06)
  11. Anarchy Road (3:39)
  12. The Good Old Call (3:14)
  13. Disco Zombi Italia (3:44)
  14. Sexkiller On The Loose (3:50)
  15. 5 118 574 (4:19)
  16. Le Perv (3:53)
  17. Hang 'Em All (3:18)
  18. Maniac (4:58)
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The Fog (Soundtrack) (gatefold 180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: SILLP 1301. Rel: 03 Dec 15
  1. Ghost Story (4:12)
  2. The Journal (2:28)
  3. Seagrass Attack (3:55)
  4. Andy On The Beach (1:10)
  5. Where's The Seagrass? (1:07)
  6. Stevie's Lighthouse (1:27)
  7. Something To Show You (2:29)
  8. An Evil Plan (2:22)
  9. Weatherman (3:30)
  10. Walk To Lighthouse (2:40)
  11. Dane (1:48)
  12. Morgue (2:37)
  13. The Fog Approaches (2:21)
  14. Knock At The Door (2:13)
  15. Fog Reflection (1:13)
  16. Andy's In Trouble (2:51)
  17. The Fod Enters Town (7:24)
  18. Revenge (2:15)
  19. Number 6 (2:40)
  20. The Fog End Credits (3:02)
  21. Prologue From The Fog (7:44)
  22. Theme From The Fog (0:49)
  23. Matthew Ghost Story (1:57)
  24. Walk To The Lighthouse (2:37)
  25. Rocks At Drake's Bay (1:26)
  26. The Fog (4:09)
  27. Antonio Bay (4:27)
  28. Tommy Tells Of Ghost Ships (1:15)
  29. Reel 9 (0:58)
  30. Main Theme (reprise) (3:26)
  31. The Fog Rolls In (7:28)
  32. Blake In The Sanctuary (1:41)
  33. Finale (11:49)
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Escape From New York (Soundtrack) (gatefold heavyweight vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: SILLP 1493. Rel: 06 Aug 15
  1. Main Title (3:45)
  2. The Bank Robbery (3:30)
  3. Prison Introduction (dialogue) (0:25)
  4. Over The Wall/Airforce One (2:15)
  5. He's Still Alive/Romero (2:13)
  6. 'Snake' Plissken (dialogue) (1:41)
  7. Orientation (1:47)
  8. Tell Him (dialogue) (1:46)
  9. Engulfed Cathedral (Debussy) (3:30)
  10. Across The Roof (1:14)
  11. Descent Into New York (3:34)
  12. Back To The Pod (version 1) (1:25)
  13. Everyone's Coming To New York (2:25)
  14. Don't Go Down There! (dialogue) (1:01)
  15. Back To The Pod/The Crazies Come Out (version 2) (1:28)
  16. I Heard You Were Dead! (dialogue) (0:08)
  17. Arrival At The Library (1:06)
  18. You Are The Duke Of New York (dialogue) (0:17)
  19. The Duke Arrives/Barricade (3:32)
  20. President At The Train (2:29)
  21. Who Are You? (dialogue) (0:26)
  22. Police Action (2:26)
  23. Romereo & The President (1:39)
  24. The President Is Gone (1:51)
  25. 69th Street Bridge (2:40)
  26. Over The Wall (3:40)
  27. The Name Is Plissken (dialogue) (0:25)
  28. Snake Snake (3:54)
Review: In 1981, prolific film director John Carpenter made Escape From New York, a near-future dystopian action film which has inspired a whole generation of movie producers and musicians. Mr. Carpenter also took care of its soundtrack, originally out on Milan Records and reissued in 2000 by Silva Screen, and again now. If you haven't heard it before, it's a true journey into the depths of electronics. The double LP contains 27 songs, all representative of the chilling scenes in the film, ranging from vintage drones, to flurries of orchestral instrumentation, and even bursts of new age sounds. It's a mood record, and one which should be enjoyed with an open mind and an attentive set of ears. A classic.
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