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Eight Weeks: Leftfield

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Cat: FSFR 002. Rel: 24 Oct 19
  1. Heartstopper (4:53)
  2. Mother Of The Null (4:53)
 in stock $11.24
Attention Please (heavyweight vinyl 12" reeditado)
Cat: ART OA2. Rel: 13 Nov 19
  1. Attention Please (5:56)
  2. Lounge Music (6:51)
  3. Mean Streets (4:26)
  4. Cosmic Dance (6:06)
Review: Back to 96: The 4th Wave was a producer named Steve Paton. Also operating under aliases such as The Invisibles and Lo-Fi Sensibilities (when he appeared on Mo Wax), Steve didn't remain active for too long outside of the 90s but he left us two killer EPs. One on Planet E in 95 and this one on Kirk Degiorgio's Op-Art in 96. Reissued for the first time, and now featuring the twinkling downtempo delight "Lounge Music" (which was only ever previously available on a compilation), it's a powerful example of the Detroit/UK feedback loop at the time as both techno hubs were influencing each other. "Attention Please" rolls out the breaks, "Mean Streets" bites like a woozy UR record while "Cosmic Dance" whips up a tribal frenzy for the finale. 23 years old and still sounding future.
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 in stock $11.24
Army Of Love (1-sided 12" limited to 150 copies)
Cat: AA 03. Rel: 19 Nov 19
  1. Army Of Love (feat Penelope Trappes) (6:13)
  2. The Task (5:22)
 in stock $11.52
Samhain EP (blue marbled vinyl 12" + insert + sticker)
Cat: SPORE 002. Rel: 29 Oct 19
  1. Samhain (8:44)
  2. Fomhar (6:28)
  3. Blewit Mist (4:10)
Intérprete: Alexis Le-Tan
 in stock $11.24
Cat: MORD 064. Rel: 18 Oct 19
  1. Seekers (4:53)
  2. Time Wave (4:56)
  3. Canvas (4:49)
  4. Outer Being (4:42)
  5. Cynicism (4:56)
  6. Micro Cosm (5:03)
Intérprete: Ben Sims, S-File
 in stock $9.86
Peel Session 2 (12" in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: WARPLP 3001. Rel: 15 Nov 19
  1. Slo Bird Whistle (3:34)
  2. Radiator (6:31)
  3. P-string (7:01)
  4. Pancake Lizard (4:05)
Review: Are there two more consistently - and rightfully - fawned over names in electronic music than John Peel and Aphex Twin? A coming together of two giants is always going to be worth hearing and so this second Peel Session recording proves. One of only two radio broadcasts Richard D. James recorded as part of a special set of radio themed vinyl releases from Warp, it's hypnagogic electronic pop meets ambient techno on this instalment with the trademark timbre and tonality of James lighting up each and every track in ways that are somehow both heavenly yet of high physical impact.
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 in stock $15.08
Planet Alliance Vol 1 (hand-stamped 12" + insert)
Cat: LOD 014. Rel: 17 Oct 19
  1. Arkanoid - "Sunday Morning Trip" (9:44)
  2. Joel John - "Acid Icarus" (feat Pete Hope) (5:03)
  3. Vadim Sharygin - "Hive" (6:22)
  4. Acid Youth - "Dust" (4:21)
Intérprete: Zukas
 in stock $13.15
Widower (12" + inserts + MP3 download code)
Cat: BKV 026. Rel: 17 Oct 19
  1. Eriksson (2:42)
  2. Widower (3:35)
  3. Banned From Motion (4:34)
  4. Banned From Fini (3:03)
  5. Wellspring (5:53)
 in stock $10.96
Debiasing EP (12" reeditado)
Cat: OTON 112. Rel: 21 Oct 19
  1. Cascade Effect (6:54)
  2. When Prophecy Fails (3:38)
  3. Look How Hard I've Tried (5:19)
  4. Filter Bubbles (4:43)
 in stock $9.05
Dupla Ritmica EP (numbered 7" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: BR 11. Rel: 29 Oct 19
  1. Benoit B - "100%" (4:12)
  2. Candido - "Shaktiman" (4:07)
Review: The latest missive from Benoit B's Banlieue label is a tight double-header in which the boss man takes top billing. His A-side cut "100%" is a sleazy, mind-bending chugger where bleeping electronics, breathy vocal snippets, ghostly lead lines and "clonk"-style percussion hits rise above a sludgy bassline, new beat drums and a filthy bassline. Candido (not the disco-era percussionist, but rather a rising star of German electronic music) handles the B-side, offering up an even darker and sleazier number that joins the dots between EBM and new beat (think stabbing, mutilated vocal samples, machine-gun percussion fills and "Sensoria"-era Cabaret Voltaire bass).
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Intérprete: Pletnev
 in stock $11.79
Cat: TRSK 009. Rel: 04 Dec 19
  1. Eighteenhundred (15:51)
  2. Apatheia (6:52)
  3. East (7:53)
Intérprete: Pugilist
 in stock $10.14
Cat: WARPLP 3002. Rel: 15 Nov 19
  1. Haikuesque (2:32)
  2. Petals (2:29)
  3. All The Flowers (0:47)
  4. Lovers Carvings (4:33)
 in stock $15.08
Country Creatures (remixes) (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: 695808 9146. Rel: 04 Nov 19
  1. Fever Ray - "This Country Makes It Hard To Fuck" (Björk remix) (3:03)
  2. Bjork - "Features Creatures" (Fever Ray remix) (4:10)
  3. Bjork - "Features Creatures" (The Knife remix) (4:38)
Review: A fierce meeting of minds you may never have expected, but that makes total sense - the mighty Bjork crossing swords with Fever Ray in an exchange of remixes with blistering results. Iceland's foremost musical visionary is in full warrior mode as she tackles Fever Ray's "This Country Makes It Hard To Fuck", delivering a nightmarish techno jackhammer full of monolithic kicks and sheet metal scrapings. Then Bjork's "Features Creatures" gets two versions from Karin Dreijer - first the Fever Ray remix that pumps and locks in an otherworldly mechanism that wouldn't sound out of place on one of Bjork's Mark Bell-produced albums. Then comes a sprightly version from Dreijer's other project, The Knife, which bounds along at an urgent pace with a skippy rhythm section and plenty of hyphy synth vamps.
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 in stock $15.63
Marymont (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: CEAD 002. Rel: 14 Oct 19
  1. Person Sans (5:23)
  2. 20,000 (6:17)
  3. Western/Eastern (5:28)
Review: After kicking things off with the killer "Mariachi Guadalajara" by Lewski, Or:la's Cead label returns with another emergent talent, Blu Terra. The Warsaw based producer comes on strong for this breakthrough release with the heavy slapping, sound design-enhanced electro of "Person Sans". Even if the opening track felt detailed, it's superseded by the barrage of information spilling out of crafty, distinctive acid monster "20,000". "Western/Eastern" spreads across the B-side in a nervous twitch of rave energy geared towards big dark spaces, perfect for that spine-tingling part of the night when the real world feels very far away indeed.
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 in stock $10.96
Peel Session (12" in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: WARPLP 3003. Rel: 15 Nov 19
  1. Aquarius (version 3) (6:20)
  2. Happy Cycling (7:48)
  3. Olson (version 3) (2:28)
  4. XYZ (8:01)
Review: As part of their on going series of special vinyl releases of radio broadcasts from days gone by, Warp this time turn to a special Peel Session put together by Boards Of Canada. Covering plenty of ground from the deep and chugging dream-techno of "Happy Cycling" to the archetypal IDM squiggles and kinetics of "XYZ" via the sort of brain cleansing alpine purity of ambient beauty "Olson". Opener "Aquarius" sounds almost balearic in comparison, with little guitar riffs, smeared chords and sampled vocals that bring to mind the finest post-rave work of Orbital.
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 in stock $15.08
Cat: PGS 011. Rel: 20 Nov 19
  1. Oakland Ave (6:58)
  2. CMND (6:27)
  3. Prometheus (5:54)
  4. SMC2 (4:54)
Intérprete: Mark Forshaw
 in stock $15.08
Cat: RIVERTONE 11. Rel: 01 Nov 19
  1. Moth Book (3:51)
  2. Wendover, Bucks (2:08)
 in stock $8.23
Don't Believe It's Over (12" reeditado)
Cat: MNQ 130. Rel: 15 Nov 19
  1. Don't Believe It's Over (4:57)
  2. Don't Believe It's Over (dub) (4:41)
  3. Don't Believe It's Over (Alessandro Adriani remix) (6:02)
  4. Don't Believe It's Over (instrumental) (2:24)
Intérprete: Alexis Le-Tan
 in stock $10.14
EP 01 (12")
Cat: OY 001. Rel: 08 Nov 19
  1. Arena (Crush44 edit) (4:59)
  2. Bene (4:55)
  3. Interframe (2:06)
  4. 2Hydra (feat Nami Sato) (4:14)
  5. S-Flood (2:44)
 in stock $11.52
EP 01 (white vinyl 12" limited to 100 copies)
Cat: OY 001COL. Rel: 22 Nov 19
  1. Arena (Crush44 edit) (5:05)
  2. Bene (4:59)
  3. Interframe (2:08)
  4. 2Hydra (feat Nami Sato) (4:12)
  5. S-Flood (2:44)
 in stock $13.15
Travelling Light (hand-numbered 12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: EE 028RTM. Rel: 17 Oct 19
  1. Travelling Light (4:24)
  2. Traction (3:59)
  3. Sever (2:56)
  4. Travelling Into The Abyss (Rude 66 remix) (6:35)
  5. Traction (Machinegewehr remix) (5:23)
  6. Sever (Yabibo Hazurfa remix) (5:04)
 in stock $13.43
SLF Versions (clear vinyl 12")
Cat: HTH 117. Rel: 15 Nov 19
  1. Two Serpents (33EMYBW remix) (4:52)
  2. Uupar-Theory (Gabber Modus Operandi remix) (5:57)
  3. I'm Not Always Where My Body Is (Varg remix) (4:38)
  4. The Favor Of Fire (feat Gavsborg & Shanique Marie - Equiknoxx remix) (5:16)
 in stock $12.61
Eraser (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: FLEXXSEAL 009. Rel: 18 Oct 19
  1. Critical Damage (4:41)
  2. Eraser (6:00)
  3. His Threshing Floor (5:21)
  4. Casca's Theme (3:59)
Intérprete: Brokntoys
 in stock $10.42
44 Days (split coloured vinyl 7")
Cat: AOF 420. Rel: 13 Nov 19
  1. 44 Days (5:37)
  2. Takanadobabble (take 2) (4:46)
 in stock $22.21
A Line Drawn By Chalk Hypnosis (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: SYNT 001. Rel: 15 Nov 19
  1. R2n2n2r (4:43)
  2. FOGGG (6:03)
  3. GAR (6:02)
  4. Wolf (6:10)
 in stock $11.52
Earth (blue vinyl 12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: DFA 2637LP. Rel: 18 Oct 19
  1. Earth (8:56)
  2. Corps Etranger (6:03)
  3. Earth (Passarani HiNRG remix) (8:50)
Review: It would be fair to say that Montreal duo Essaie Pas don't have a particularly positive view of our planet. "Earth, what a shithole," they moodily grumble on the title track from their latest EP on DFA, their first since the release of last year's "New Path" LP. The cut itself is perhaps not quite as dark as you'd expect, with its throbbing, dark Italo-style arpeggio bass and crunchy drum hits being peppered with sharp, trance style synthesizer motifs, bubbly electronic riffs and female vocals that add an extra frisson of positivity. Italian scene stalwart Marco Passarani delivers a flipside interpretation that brilliantly re-casts the cut as a Bobby Orlando style mid-1980s Hi-NRG club cut, while bonus track "Corps Etranger" is a pleasingly sparse, bubbly and alien-sounding chunk of intergalactic electro.
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 in stock $10.96
Downbeat Black Label 04 Part 2 (12" limited to 75 copies)
Cat: DOWNBEATBLACKLABEL 042. Rel: 22 Oct 19
  1. Urtzi - "Rugemoveon" (9:46)
  2. F On - "Rugemoveon" (rework) (9:46)
 in stock $12.34
Downbeat Black Label 04 Part 1 (12" limited to 75 copies)
Cat: DOWNBEATBLACKLABEL 041. Rel: 22 Oct 19
  1. F On - "Missing" (7:01)
  2. Urtzi - "Missing" (rework) (8:40)
Review: Even by the standards of limited pressings, the latest missive from the Downbeat Black Label is a rarity. Remarkably, only 75 copies of this double header from F On and Urtzi have been pressed. The former kicks things off with A-side "Missing", a cranky and crackling trip through field recordings of pinball machines, unsettling electronics, surprisingly jazzy synth sounds, hazy aural textures and the occasional hypnotic pulse of dub techno. On the flipside Urtzi offers up a brand new interpretation of the same track, retaining some of the slowly vibrating electronics and opaque chords, while also adding dub techno style delay trails and a more structured, locked-in dub techno beat.
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 in stock $12.34
Oneness Remixes (12" + insert + postcard)
Cat: HIPPIEDANCE 12. Rel: 03 Dec 19
  1. All That I Need (feat Cherokee - Dave DK remix) (7:22)
  2. In Oneness (Fahrland remix) (5:29)
  3. Spanish Castle Magic (Superpitcher Instrumantra) (7:46)
  4. Spanish Castle Magic (Superpitcher Magic mix) (7:15)
 in stock $13.98
Infinitum: Maida Vale Session (12" + MP3 download code in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: WARPLP 3004. Rel: 15 Nov 19
  1. MmmHmm (6:20)
  2. Golden Axe (6:15)
  3. Tea Leaf Dancers (2:54)
  4. Drips (5:17)
 in stock $15.08
Potential For Havoc (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: LMD 021. Rel: 22 Oct 19
  1. Broken Royal Shank (5:19)
  2. Collapse Of Meaning (5:40)
  3. Contrarian (4:32)
  4. Cabin In The Sky (6:13)
Review: When it comes to dub-fuelled, mind-altering insanity, few are capable of setting the pulse racing quite like German veteran Bernd "Burnt" Friedman. For proof, check this essential new EP. By his standards, it's particularly wild, utilizing psychedelic electronics, exotic and occasionally droning Indian sounds, weighty bass and ambidextrous rhythms that variously doff a camp to grime, dubstep and the polyrhythms of Africa. Our picks are intoxicating and fragrant opener "Broken Royal Shank" - Asian dancehall via Coburg - and the trance-inducing dub techno hypnotism of "Contrarian", though closing cut "Cabin In The Sky" is pretty darn tasty, too.
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 in stock $10.42
Arterial Movements (7" + insert)
Cat: XM 114. Rel: 22 Nov 19
  1. Arterial Movements (3:38)
  2. Smarting (3:20)
  3. It's Over, Forget It (1:18)
 in stock $6.57
Ocean In A Drop (Soundtrack) (10") (1 per customer)
Cat: 778880 9. Rel: 18 Oct 19
  1. Time-Lapse City (3:57)
  2. Control Shift (7:02)
  3. Four Corners (4:27)
  4. Ocean In A Drop (4:18)
  5. Nessus (2:36)
Review: Back in 2015, jazz/electronica fusionists GoGo Penguin wrote and performed a live soundtrack to Godfrey Reggio's cult 1982 documentary "Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out of Balance". It was such a success that they have since performed the soundtrack live all over the world, and here deliver a fine mini-album inspired by their original "re-score". It's as vibrant, emotion-rich and stirring as you'd expect, with opener "Time-Lapse City" providing a dazzling mixture of intensely positive and restless pianos, bustling jazz drums and smooth double bass, "Ocean In A Drop" brilliantly growing in intensity throughout thanks to a superb new arrangement and closer "Nessus" sounding every bit as poignant and tear-jerking as it did when they first performed the score.
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 in stock $15.90
Cat: 4GN3S 03. Rel: 27 Nov 19
  1. Autonomy (Medlar remix) (4:24)
  2. New Politik (Anna Wall remix) (5:50)
  3. Electric Light (Curses remix) (7:35)
  4. Infinity (Isolating remix) (5:48)
Review: The Golden Filter's "Autonomy" album has been a surefire highlight of the year for lovers of fresh twists on the coldwave tradition, and now the London-based outfit's music is undergoing the remix process with a stellar cast of sonic surgeons. First up is Medlar, who takes "Autonomy" and roughs it up into a decidedly freaky house diversion that keeps the edgy spirit of the original intact. Anna Wall takes "New Politik" into sparse, minimalist places, while Curses adds a seductive strain of post-punk gloominess into "Electric Light". Isolating completes the set with an icy industrial reduction of "Infinity" - a powerful atmospheric piece that does great service to the original.
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 in stock $9.60
Pandelson (7")
Cat: TFGC 018. Rel: 05 Nov 19
  1. Pandelson (6:03)
  2. June (4:59)
Review: Philipp Otterbach has been spotted here and there on labels like Grokenberger Records, doing deep cover variations on electro, techno and lo-fi experimentation. Here, he plays a part in something grander, calling on guitarist Sebastian Lee Philipp and drummer Bjorn Bauermeister to help shape out his vision as Grand Optimist. Appearing with a concise 7" on the ever-brilliant Themes For Great Cities, this collective presents a live, kosmische indebted vibe as you would expect from the Dusseldorf label, travelling far and wide while retaining a strong sense of groove that holds the record together beautifully.
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Intérprete: Alexis Le-Tan, RSS Disco
 in stock $10.69
Patent (12")
Cat: GLASS 004. Rel: 14 Nov 19
  1. Inch (4:42)
  2. Tare (5:52)
  3. Caved (5:58)
  4. Patent (4:22)
 in stock $8.23
Follow Me (12")
Cat: ESP 063B. Rel: 10 Oct 19
  1. Follow Me (4:22)
  2. Follow Me (Jay Glass dubs mix) (6:42)
  3. Ozone House (7:03)
Intérprete: Alexis Le-Tan
 in stock $11.24
Cat: IDLE 057. Rel: 24 Oct 19
  1. Major Blinks (4:43)
  2. The Source (5:01)
 in stock $8.76
Stone Lizard (12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: SAUCERS 2. Rel: 29 Nov 19
  1. Mower (4:51)
  2. The Pole Wax (5:09)
  3. Model Of Apathy (4:04)
  4. Pantaibira (3:37)
  5. Stone Circle (4:39)
 in stock $10.69
Cat: FM 018. Rel: 27 Nov 19
  1. Day Three (7:50)
  2. Day Five (7:42)
  3. Day Seven (3:00)
Review: Matthew Herbert has been busy dropping reissues of his most treasured house gems from the '90s, but let's not forget he's more focused on experimental pastures these days. Foom clearly know, and what better label to carry some intriguing electro-acoustic interplays from the maverick marvel? These pieces were all the product of a week-long residency in Berlin, recorded in front of (and sometimes with the participation of) an audience, and they veer from the bouncing synthesized freakery of "Day Three" to the clangorous baroque composition of "Day Five" and then the minimal experimentation of "Day Seven". There's still no one that does it like Herbert.
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 in stock $12.05
Deep Shit (white vinyl 7")
Cat: IDEAL 194. Rel: 03 Dec 19
  1. Deep Shit (4:51)
  2. The Drop (5:05)
Intérprete: Alexis Le-Tan
 in stock $8.76
Nullzehn (12")
Cat: DREC 010. Rel: 18 Nov 19
  1. Ike Dusk - "Ionize" (6:11)
  2. RVDE - "RMNTN" (6:23)
  3. Progression - "Noodle Head" (5:01)
  4. Jokasti & Nek - "Saved By The Bell" (5:56)
  5. Georg Bigalke - "Cloarzn" (3:51)
 in stock $10.14
Cat: MC 047. Rel: 20 Nov 19
  1. Inigo Vontier - "Jubile Is OK" (5:56)
  2. Inigo Vontier - "Masicka" (6:29)
  3. Thomass Jackson - "El Hihat" (6:17)
  4. Thomass Jackson - "Naive Song In E Minor" (6:52)
Review: Multi-Culti has invited us to join their "Calypso Cult", a shadowy musical organization with two named leaders. First to set out their tropical pagan manifesto is Mexican maverick Inigo Vontier. He first layers trippy, dubbed-out spoken word snippets and whistling synth lines atop a chugging arpeggio groove on "Jubile Is OK", before reaching for the hand percussion, dark electronics and weird noises on heavyweight throb-job "Masicka". Fellow cult leading light Thomass Jackson steps up to the podium on side B. His message is a little hazier and more spaced out, with the hypnotic eccentricity that is "El HiHat" being followed by "Naive Song In E Minor", a wonderful combination of undulating melodies, locked-in tropical percussion and feverish Balearic flourishes.
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 in stock $10.42
Spoit (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: MGM 07. Rel: 11 Nov 19
  1. Spoit (6:12)
  2. Mount Castle (6:09)
  3. Tiger (7:21)
  4. Touch (5:42)
Review: Following an impressive debut on the excellent Pluie/Noir last year, Yuzo Iwata returns with a new 12" of leftfield goodies on Malin Genie's self-titled label. Preferring to span a variety of styles, Iwata glides gracefully from the dubbed out oddball techno of "Spoit" to the dubstep-inflected delicacy of "Mount Castle", all the while firing off tasteful splashes of FX and noise to create a vivid sonic imprint. "Tiger" is a switch in mood again, whipping up a distorted mutant acid-disco hybrid that defies easy categorization. "Touch" brings things back to a more linear groove, but there's still plenty of space for psychoactive experimentation atop the forthright beat.
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Intérprete: Yuzo Iwata
 in stock $9.32
Sehnsucht (12")
Cat: DDDEEPT 03. Rel: 20 Nov 19
  1. Hold On (7:05)
  2. Entremonde (4:32)
  3. Hold On (Gary Martin Desperation mix) (6:51)
 in stock $12.34
Umeme (10")
Cat: NNT 017. Rel: 06 Nov 19
  1. Umeme (9:08)
  2. Kelele (8:59)
 in stock $10.14
Cat: STUDIOMULE 25. Rel: 06 Nov 19
  1. Electric World (4:08)
  2. 727 (instrumental) (3:52)
  3. Electric World (extended version) (5:46)
Review: First released in 1986, "Electric World" was the debut single from Ryo Kawasaki and Satellites, a New York-based collective helmed by a computer programmer who built his own MIDI-workstation. Here it gets a timely reissue. It's an intriguing EP, with the title track - which is available in original mix and extended version form - offering a breezy, warm and (whisper it) Balearic mix of cheery synth-pop melodies, addictive female load vocals, dreamy chords, NYC freestyle ticks (the oft-used Fairlight orchestral stab) and beats that sit somewhere between electro and freestyle. Instrumental cut "727" continues on a similar theme, peppering a squelchy bassline and bustling machine drums with spacey chords and oodles of additional percussion sounds.
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 in stock $15.34
Cat: V 029. Rel: 31 Oct 19
  1. Tabs Of The Idiot Acid (7:00)
  2. Pure Bleach (6:49)
  3. Embarassing Scene (5:31)
  4. Can't Be A Candle (6:49)
 in stock $10.42
Kuurandia (12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: EN 005. Rel: 06 Nov 19
  1. Distant Song (5:31)
  2. Spiral Halt (6:02)
  3. Kuulanding (5:35)
  4. Battle Of Goddesses (4:33)
 in stock $18.92
Party Songs (limited clear vinyl 12" + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: 12MUTE 605. Rel: 22 Nov 19
  1. Honourable, Dead Or Alive, When Following The Revolutionary Road (Arduous March version) (4:06)
  2. Honourable, Dead Or Alive, When Following The Revolutionary Road (single Hearted Unity version) (3:21)
  3. We Will Go To Mount Paektu (3:39)
  4. Arirang (live At Kum song music School, Pyongyang) (2:19)
  5. Honourable, Dead Or Alive, When Following The Revolutionary Road (live At Kum song music School, Pyongyang) (2:30)
  6. We Will Go To Mount Paektu (live At Ponghwa Theatre, Pyongyang) (3:36)
Review: Laibach's new EP is made up of "unpublished tracks from the repertoire of the band's 2015 performances in North Korea". "Honourable, Dead Or Alive, "When Following The Revolutionary Road" are based on an aria from a North Korean opera written and produced under the watchful eye of Kim Jong Il, but Laibach's interpretation was deemed too complicated hence stricken from their show. It's presented here, however, with two takes on North Korean pop hit "We Will Go to Mount Paektu" along with folk song "Arirang" to make for a wonderfully exotic release.
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 in stock $17.00
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Eight Weeks: Leftfield