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New releases last four weeks: Leftfield

Leftfield vinyl released in the last four weeks
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Snake Eyes (Record Store Day RSD 2024)
Snake Eyes (Record Store Day RSD 2024) (custom shaped 10" picture disc)
Cat: LP 611087. Rel: 27 Apr 24
Hey Big Man (1:43)
Torture Me (feat Skrillex) (1:53)
Runaway (2:32)
! low stock $41.84
Astro Sounds From Beyond The Year 2000 (Record Store Day RSD 2024)
Cat: VELP 1001. Rel: 27 Apr 24
Flameout (2:49)
Re-entry To Mog (3:31)
Space Odyssey (1:40)
Astral Freakout (2:59)
Orbit Fantasy (2:59)
Blues For The Guru (bonus track) (4:21)
Barrier X-69 (2:16)
A Disappinted Love With A Desensitized Robot (2:27)
Where Were You In 1982? (1:52)
Trippin' On Lunar 07 (2:07)
A Bad Trip Back To '69 (2:19)
Strings For Ravi (bonus track) (3:15)
Karma Sitar (bonus track) (3:13)
 in stock $25.41
1127 (LP)
Cat: NP 46. Rel: 23 Apr 24
Zooify (feat Premise & Cult Of Z Cheeky Yet Chic) (4:21)
Hyperfals(E)xoteric@iro (feat Concrete Shapes) (2:37)
1446 (4:52)
III Aeish Fi Jilbab Abi (feat Min Alyamin Lilshamali) (2:53)
302 Steps Towards Decadence 4 Dummies (2:38)
Complexity Induced Amnesia (feat Altaeqid Nisak & Albasha Daghaf) (2:01)
Ghalebny (3:29)
Told My AI Female Companion That Im Enjoying This V Generous Selection Of Fancy Conveniences (feat Transient Pleasure & SiliconValidity.io) (4:32)
Innocent Complicity (feat MinusDesire) (1:58)
165000 (feat Caironomixx) (2:39)
Mawawheel Aka PreEternal Poems Are My Alltime Fav Raps (feat Conclusion & Safwat) (2:54)
Post-unprecedented Creativity Causing Me An Awful Deal Of Stomach Paynn (feat Emna Maaref & Mounir@) (3:28)
 in stock $30.19
Stasis Sounds For Long Distance Space Travel (reissue)
Stasis Sounds For Long Distance Space Travel (reissue) (hand-numbered random coloured vinyl LP limited to 50 copies (cannot guarantee colour customer will receive))
Cat: PITP 39RE. Rel: 08 May 24
Stasis Sounds For Long-Distance Space Travel (Stage 1) (5:59)
Stasis Sounds For Long-Distance Space Travel (Stage 2) (6:15)
Stasis Sounds For Long-Distance Space Travel (Stage 3) (5:01)
Stasis Sounds For Long-Distance Space Travel (Stage 4) (10:42)
Review: If not quite a case of doing exactly what it says on the tin - at least, the long distance space travel mentioned in its title may be of a more cerebral rather than physical nature - this meditative ambient session in four parts from the prolific PIITP label's co-founder is a perennial favourite among aficionados of both this esteemed label and the chillout genre at large and always in demand. Don't be fooled into complacency by this latest reissue, as this hand-numbered random coloured vinyl run is limited to 50 copies, so don't sleep on it. There'll be plenty of time to relax once the record's on!
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 in stock $21.18
Horror Vacui
Horror Vacui (heavyweight vinyl LP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: LPADR 77. Rel: 02 May 24
Shapeshift (4:54)
Ready Player One (3:32)
Easy On The Exit (3:28)
Horror Vacui (4:29)
Mount 22 (2:58)
Canvas Blank (4:46)
Crimson (2:54)
Run For The Hills (2:57)
Midnight Sun (4:04)
Review: 9T Antiope's Horror Vacui intersects where the eerie tale of a mysterious house mirrors the complexities of human existence lie. Nima Aghiani and Sara Bigdeli Shamloo masterfully blend elements of Iranian heritage with contemporary sonic exploration, delving into themes of identity, displacement and the relentless passage of time. Through sparse instrumentation and haunting vocals, the duo navigates the liminal spaces between past and present, old and new, creating an atmospheric soundscape that is both unsettling and captivating. The title track, with its subtle shifts in language and texture, encapsulates the album's exploration of memory and the fear of forgetting. Horror Vacui is an album that defies easy categorisation, balancing on the precipice between structure and formlessness, heaviness and softness. It challenges listeners to confront their own fears and uncertainties, urging them to embrace the space between dualities. In doing so, it offers a profound meditation on the nature of existence itself, leaving a lasting impact on the listener's psyche and memory.
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 in stock $22.78
Quand Viennent Les Serpents
Cat: MMLPXX 808. Rel: 08 May 24
Jin (3:20)
Tromper Le Temps (5:21)
Squatter L'araignee (3:16)
Luis Gil (Long Song For Selva) (3:21)
Assis Dans L'herbe (12:10)
Quand Viennent Les Serpents (4:15)
Review: Abschaum's Quand Viennent Les Serpents seamlessly merges electronic and rock elements while delving into ambient, folk and Krautrock styles. The album's standout feature lies in its ability to blend folk tones and instruments with abrasive dissonant effects, resulting in a fascinating and dramatic folk adventure. Throughout the album, Abschaum crafts a progressive rock aura, showcasing their prowess in blending electronic and rock influences. Each track offers a meditative and experimental journey, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the band's innovative soundscapes. With its intricate arrangements and dynamic compositions, Quand Viennent Les Serpents pushes the boundaries of traditional music genres, offering a fresh and unique listening experience.
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 in stock $17.48
Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty (Soundtrack)
Cat: 196588 48191. Rel: 10 May 24
I'm A Netrunner (2:55)
Force Projection (2:48)
On The Prowl (4:13)
Not A Plan, A Man (3:02)
Agent Provocateur (3:12)
Hardest To Be (3:08)
Choke Hold (2:06)
Bravest Foxtrot Golf (2:25)
Infiltration Compromised (2:26)
Just Another Weapon (4:10)
Never Looking Back (3:44)
Test Of Loyalty (2:56)
Phantom Liberty (5:33)
Review: After numerous patches, Cyberpunk 2077 has come an astoundingly long way since Keanu Reeves himself announced it at the now-defunct E3 expo. Phantom Liberty is an expansion on the original game set in Dogtown, the ruins of an abandoned luxury development project that was forced to be scrapped when old military complexes, bunkers and labs were uncovered by construction. A tale of espionage and political intrigue ensues, scored by P.T. Adamczyk and Jacek Paciorkowski once again following the duo's Game Award-nominated original score. The highlight is, of course, 'Phantom Liberty', the title and credits track that features Polish X Factor winner and multi-diamond recording artist Dawid Podsiadlo, his voice booming in front of the Czech National Symphony Orchestra. Pressed on heavyweight 180gm vinyl and includes a double-sided insert with key art of Songbird for fans of the series to enjoy.
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 in stock $37.07
Volumes (LP + insert limited to 200 copies)
Cat: FS 004. Rel: 02 May 24
Afforestation (6:57)
Pledge Of Rock (4:49)
Green Underside Blue (2:34)
Prairie (3:13)
Stipa (3:11)
Valere (3:02)
 in stock $32.31
Poised Over Pause Buttons
Poised Over Pause Buttons (lathe-cut vinyl 2xLP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: AM 03. Rel: 02 May 24
Dreampain (5:03)
Nightlife (5:42)
I Don't Understand (5:09)
Far Too Late (4:36)
Great Mysteries (4:46)
Herethere (4:18)
Is This The World (4:35)
Suboceana (demo) (5:01)
Your Whole Life (5:33)
Freak Response (3:41)
Fathom (4:46)
Perpetual (4:02)
As Soon As Possible V2 (5:24)
Where Are They Now (3:33)
Review: Attack Decay Sustain Release (ADSR) originated as Todd Nickolas and Dominic Paterson's synthesiser project during high school and was conducted in the serene surroundings of Todd's family farm in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. Amidst the pastoral setting, natural sounds intertwined with the hum of machinery. Inspired by CBC Radio's Brave New Waves program, they soaked up diverse musical influences from ELO's futuristic rock to Skinny Puppy's electronic body music. Now, unearthed cassette recordings from this era offer a nostalgic glimpse into their fearless exploration. Curated by Todd and Linus Booth, this collection embodies their spirit of discovery and experimentation back between the years of 1987 and 1991.
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 in stock $31.51
Ancestor Sounds
Cat: PMA 2502CDDIRT0115. Rel: 15 May 24
Run, If You Can (Don't Go Down That Road)
Family Secret
Do You Hear Me Now?
Lead Me Home
Black Part Of Town
Illegal Factory (Smokestack Sighs)
Africatown In Their Face
Kept Me
First Thing He Did When Freed Was Build A Drum
Haunted By Her Capture
Sent To Vietnam, But Never Been To Africa
Only Black School
Reconstructed Memory
Cudjoe's Statue Defiled
Birdsong Beside The Refinery
Walk With Thee
Graveyard Shift Emissions
The Blues Returns (Taking Flight)
 in stock $14.30
No Ordinary Love (Record Store Day RSD 2024)
Cat: PMKA 1008. Rel: 13 May 24
No Ordinary Love (4:22)
Let Go (4:13)
Review: Japanese stars Akiko and Yukihiro Fukutomi came together to cover SADE's anthem several years ago but it now makes its way back to fresh wax courtesy of Record Store Day 2024. They infused it with dark, mysterious jazz and contemporary influences and Akiko's enigmatic vocals intertwine flawlessly with the minimalist arrangement. On the B-side, their original 'let GO' offers a spiritual journey through dub-techno realms where the synergy between Akiko's emotive delivery and Fukutomi's masterful production creates a captivating sound. This release epitomises the pair's creative chemistry and innovative approach to blending diverse musical elements into a seamless, immersive new realm.
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 in stock $18.80
Temir Alcy
Temir Alcy (limited cassette)
Cat: STRCAS 089. Rel: 09 May 24
Circles To Round
Une Lueur Pas Comme Les Autres
Lorsque Le Jour Pleure
Glisten Moonbells
Depth In Blu
Per Quanto
O Donna So
 in stock $13.24
Haunted By Eternity
Cat: 202310 31. Rel: 25 Apr 24
Bunny Of Ice - Turtle Of Fire
She Walks In His Sleep
The Men With The Movie Cameras
Haunted By Eternity
Never Trust The Maze
The Optical Poet
Maciste At The North Pole
Maciste Is Back In Town
Ballet Mechanix Destruktiw
Truelove In My Town
Queen Of Puzzles
Blacksmiths Of The Flowers
The Whistler's Spork
The Three Stooges At South Pole Station
Temptations In The End
 in stock $19.87
22247 005
22247 005 (12")
Cat: 22247 005. Rel: 25 Apr 24
Murder On The Dancefloor (5:34)
Midnight Creep (5:30)
Fatality (5:50)
Death At The Opera (5:52)
Review: Barcelona's 22Recordings takes a break from the usual electro fare with an intriguing fusion of minimal tech and electro - dare we say, 'minimal mech' - from DJ and producer Anah, the '22247005' EP. Far from a Sophie Ellis-Bextor flip, opener 'Murder On The Dancefloor' narrativises the act of contriving a hitman for hire, with a sinister voice urging as to clarify whether they can indeed be of assistance to the listener. This character accompanies us throughout the four-track journey, which is otherwise constituted of parping yet dark electro-disco sonics and consistently techy 4x4 draws, among which 'Fatality' is the most enticing.
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 in stock $17.74
Assassin's Creed: Mirage (Soundtrack)
Assassin's Creed: Mirage (Soundtrack) (limited gatefold amber vinyl 2xLP + insert with obi-strip)
Cat: 196588 93751. Rel: 17 May 24
Mirage Theme (3:30)
The Shadows We Walk (1:38)
Madinat Al-Salam (2:29)
Daughter Of No One (3:45)
Tales Of Baghdad (2:21)
Bloodflower (2:27)
Nightshade (2:13)
Retribution (1:33)
Leaving For Alamut (1:29)
Serpent's Kiss (1:36)
Outside The Walls (1:58)
Sand Drift (2:22)
Hushed Blades (2:05)
The Wild (0:24)
City Under Stars (1:48)
The King Sun (2:05)
Singing Dunes (2:16)
Whispers (2:08)
True Sight (1:43)
Pools Of Blood (1:25)
A Path Of Shadows (1:23)
A Path Of Heat (1:15)
The Round City (2:18)
Incense Trails (2:05)
Assassin's Lament (2:01)
The Escape (1:59)
The Bureau (Mirage version) (1:24)
Spices (1:41)
Marketplace (1:22)
Baghdad Murmurs (2:14)
The Center Of Science (2:14)
Without Mercy (2:08)
Deadly Shade (1:42)
Noxious (1:35)
Truth Of Masks (1:15)
The Jinni (1:19)
You Are Never Alone (2:08)
A New World Awaits (2:05)
Ezio's Family (Mirage version) (1:35)
Mirage Theme (Menu version) (1:08)
Mirage (feat Mishaal Tamer & OneRepublic) (2:23)
 in stock $40.24
Pure Sleep: Music & Nature Sounds For Peaceful Dreams
Cat: GTMM 16343287.2. Rel: 01 May 24
Be Still
The Here & Now
Mindful Breathing
Relax & Release
Light As A Feather
Drifting Away
Blissful Dreams
 in stock $18.00
XV XXVII III XXI IX: Variations & Coda
Cat: WW 038LP. Rel: 16 May 24
Variation 1: XV XXVII III XXI IX (6:56)
Variation 2: XV (XXVII III XXI IX) (10:09)
Variation 3: III (XV XXVII III XXI IX) (9:57)
Coda: III I V XV (10:59)
 in stock $28.59
Bortom Naturens Forlat
Bortom Naturens Forlat (cassette + MP3 download)
Cat: MOLOTON 017CS. Rel: 07 May 24
Spindeln (3:48)
Ur Morker (4:52)
Paul Pruss (4:16)
Visa Fran Erkheikki (6:07)
Anrop (0:37)
O Tysta Ensamhet (2:19)
Mellantillstandet (3:37)
Partisan (3:39)
Tranor (1:47)
Ga Isar (3:56)
Slutet (3:19)
 in stock $14.30
Acid Field Recordings In Dub
Cat: SUBEX 00152. Rel: 09 May 24
Through Nuclear Skies (3:15)
Gravity Fields (4:56)
Babyloniacid (4:39)
Hollowlands (4:13)
Coasting (5:06)
The Lsat Day Of August Felt Lke The First Day Of Autumn (5:15)
Song For The Lost Cartographer (3:49)
Soma (2:18)
 in stock $20.66
Atari 50 (Soundtrack)
Atari 50 (Soundtrack) (gold vinyl LP)
Cat: DV 12692. Rel: 17 May 24
Main Menu Music (1:41)
Quadratank (Battle) (8:13)
Quadratank (Menu) (4:02)
Yars' Revenge (main) (1:06)
Yars' Revenge (main (Alternate)) (1:55)
Yars' Revenge (Menu) (6:06)
Neo Breakout (vs music) (2:41)
Neo Breakout (Level music) (2:44)
Neo Breakout (High Score) (6:02)
Neo Breakout (Menu) (1:17)
Vector Sector (Level music) (2:55)
Haunted House (Title) (4:10)
Haunted House (Title (Alternate)) (2:10)
Hated House (Secret Room) (1:04)
 in stock $38.67
UFO (Soundtrack) (Record Store Day RSD 2024)
UFO (Soundtrack) (Record Store Day RSD 2024) (limited numbered translucent violet vinyl 7")
Cat: SIL 71754. Rel: 27 Apr 24
Alien Odyssey/Main Titles (2:31)
SHADO: Variations On A Theme (4:32)
! low stock $17.74
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor (Soundtrack) (Deluxe Edition)
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor (Soundtrack) (Deluxe Edition) (gatefold blue & orange "lightsaber" vinyl 2xLP + booklet)
Cat: WW 198. Rel: 17 May 24
Dark Times (2:01)
The Undercity (5:02)
A Frontier Welcome (3:14)
The Bedlam Raiders (1:57)
Where The Nekkos Roam (5:01)
Beast's Maw (2:27)
Phon'Qi Caverns (2:03)
Gen'Dai (1:12)
Beneath The Cantina (2:13)
Haven (3:28)
Desert Ruins (3:46)
The Ancients (3:15)
Fields Of Dusk (orchestral version) (4:34)
Campfire (3:09)
Pilgrim's Path (1:35)
The Sacred Mesa (3:13)
Flight (3:22)
Shattered Moon (5:35)
Course Collider (2:55)
Warrior's Code (3:06)
Mogu In The Mist (2:35)
Above The Clouds (2:25)
Siege (2:08)
The Visitor (3:07)
Rage (2:51)
Through Darkness (4:29)
Cold Dawn (2:32)
 in stock $42.37
Sitting In Trees
Cat: IFEEL 085. Rel: 15 May 24
Edwin Schimscheimer - "Bon Nuit Michelle" (4:01)
Dancing Fantasy - "Mystery Voice" (5:39)
Peak Of Normal - "Hava" (4:22)
Christian Ch Kneisel - "Jungle Connection" (3:40)
Beau Michael - "Move Away" (extended) (6:52)
Summer Vee - "Judas" (4:56)
Patrick Jahn & Erobique - "Moonlight Shuffle" (7:29)
Ikee Largo - "After The Storm" (4:21)
Review: Blissful Balearic brimmers from the artist known only as Basso, whose longstanding efforts as a record collector, label head, storyteller and all-round obsessive all pay off with this latest record via International Feel. Keeping the curation short and sweet, Sitting In Trees is an eight-track rendezvous to the Island; it follows, in a well-timed fashion, on the hot heels of his very own label Growing Bin, whose releasing of music in this vein knows few bounds and is by now probably more than overflowing. Sifting through the reams of dusty but still golden trance tapes, private presses and smooth jazz obscurios to find the cuts - by Peak Of Normal, Patrick Jahn, Erobique et al - to make up this short but sweet LP's worth.
Read more
Intérprete: Manu Archeo
 in stock $24.89
Incineration Prayer Self Righteous Suicide
Incineration Prayer Self Righteous Suicide (orange vinyl LP limited to 300 copies)
Cat: AL 041V. Rel: 20 May 24
Incineration Prayer (15:05)
Self Righteous Suicide: Simulated Kindness (1:43)
Self Righteous Suicide: Her Milk Is Not Yours Asshole (1:55)
Self Righteous Suicide: The Holocaust No One Cares About (4:19)
Self Righteous Suicide: Earth Without Man (The Only Unspoiled Time) (4:45)
 in stock $28.87
Off The Hook
Off The Hook (cassette + MP3 download code)
Cat: IS 001. Rel: 20 May 24
Off The Hook 1
Off The Hook 2
Off The Hook 3
Off The Hook 4
Off The Hook 5
Off The Hook 6
Off The Hook 7
Off The Hook 8
 in stock $13.51
Call Me Malespero
Call Me Malespero (heavyweight vinyl LP limited to 300 copies)
Cat: OR 125. Rel: 03 May 24
Faded Flowers (5:21)
Blistered (4:17)
Tongues Of Fire (3:54)
Darkness That's My World (4:31)
When You Alone (4:46)
Worship The Dust (3:48)
Burden Of Epoch (5:37)
Drowned In You (4:19)
 in stock $23.57
Noise & Cries
Noise & Cries (limited heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: SUB 053. Rel: 26 Apr 24
The Sage (3:25)
Deathwill (3:20)
Until Scared Of Death (2:47)
Unwinding (6:15)
Confluence Loop (2:54)
Pit (4:25)
Noise & Cries (9:02)
 in stock $23.57
Garden Of Ediacara
Garden Of Ediacara (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: OUS 047. Rel: 16 May 24
What Seed Quests For A Coralline Mud Slump (2:20)
Where The Body's Distant Arrivals (2:35)
Bake Airwaves Into Symbols? (2:32)
Like Aurochs Who Fraternized With Syntax Of The Riverbed (2:47)
We Stop Short, Frothy, Outdoing The Grass (3:34)
Rake A Song-gush From The Outcrop (3:04)
Or The Noun Of Naive Particles (3:16)
Leeching Off The Glow-work Of Organ Rooms (3:12)
We Go Candied In The Marrow (4:48)
Grow Dream-bark, A Tree (4:01)
 in stock $17.48
Inventions For Radio (Record Store Day RSD 2024)
Cat: SILCD 1598. Rel: 27 Apr 24
Opening Announcement (CD1: The Dreams)
Running Away
Closing Announcement
Opening Annoucement (CD2: Amor Dei)
Amor Dei: Movement 1
Amor Dei: Movement 2
Amor Dei: Movement 3
Amor Dei: Movement 4
Closing Announcement
Opening Announcement (CD3: The After-Life)
The After-Life: Movement 1
The After-Life: Movement 2
The After-Life: Movement 3
The After-Life: Movement 4
Closing Announcement
Opening Announcement (CD4: The Evenings Of Certain lives)
Then & Now
Closing Announcement
The Dreams - Opening Music (CD5: Related/bonus Material part 1)
The Dreams (From "The Cloud")
"Falling" (Music Track)
Underwater (Music Track)
Amor Dei Background 1
Amor Dei Background 2
Amor Dei Background 2 (High)
Amor Dei Background 3
Amor Dei Background 4 (Roraete Caeli Desuper)
"Atheism" Music (From "Poets In Prison")
Amor Dei Background 1 (Repurposed For "Tutankhamun's Egypt") (CD6: Related/bonus Material part 2)
Christmas Music: Plainsong Aniphons (Unaccompanied) - Rorate Caeli Desuper
A Doorway Into A New Life
The Cord That Binds
Heavenly Backgrounds 1
Heavenly Backgrounds 2
Heavenly Backgrounds 3
Heavenly Backgrounds 4
Heavenly Backgrounds 5
Heavenly Backgrounds 6
Heavenly Backgrounds 7
Heavenly Backgrounds 8
The Delian Mode (Original Full Length Version)
The Dreams, 1977 Repeat Closing Announcement
 in stock $36.01
April Fool's Day (Soundtrack) (Deluxe Edition)
April Fool's Day (Soundtrack) (Deluxe Edition) (gatefold 2xLP + insert in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: 724758 1. Rel: 25 Apr 24
Main Title (LP1:orchestral Film version) (2:05)
Muffy's Present (0:20)
Pier Pressure (part 2) (1:01)
Pier Pressure (part 1) (1:29)
Night (1:13)
Trick Or Threat/Muffy & The Dolls Alt (1:51)
Little Miss Muffy (part 2) (0:37)
Little Miss Muffy (part 3) (0:32)
First Victim (0:42)
Snakes Alive (1:22)
All's Well That Ends (1:49)
The House (version 1) (2:05)
Little Miss Muffy (part 1) (0:48)
Nightwatch (1:16)
Wind/Window (0:27)
Stab In The Dark (1:41)
Hanging Around (1:41)
Nan In Danger (1:41)
Muffy Attack (part 2) (1:41)
Choke & Dagger (Parts 1 & 2) (1:41)
Getting The Point (1:41)
Hack In The Box (1:41)
Muffy Attack (part 1) (1:41)
CB Groove 1 (alternative Source Cue - bonus track) (1:41)
CB Groove 2 (alternative Source Cue - bonus track) (1:41)
Violin Concerto No 1 In A Minor (JS Bach orchestral Source Cue - bonus track) (1:41)
Intro (LP2: original 1996 Soundtrack) (1:35)
Main Title (1:35)
Choke & Dagger (1:35)
Pier Pressure (1:35)
All's Well That Ends (1:35)
Snakes Alive (1:35)
Stab In The Dark (1:35)
Hanging Around (1:35)
The House (1:35)
Trick Or Threat (1:35)
Nan In Danger (1:35)
Nightwatch (1:35)
Sitting Duck (1:35)
Dead Man's Float (1:37)
Night (1:37)
Getting The Point (1:37)
Little Miss Muffy (1:37)
Muffy Attack (1:37)
First Victim (1:37)
Hack-In-The-Box (1:37)
Techno-Loons 1 (bonus track From Charles) (1:37)
Music Box & Child Voices (bonus track From Charles) (1:37)
Popup Sting Layers (bonus track From Charles) (1:37)
Winks, Clock Motifs & Rhythmic Motif (bonus track From Charles) (1:37)
Melodic Motif (bonus track From Charles) (1:37)
Review: For the most part, in 2024 movie soundtracks only really make it into the public domain when the film was a big hit, or has achieved the kind of cult status that turns fans into collectors. April Fool's Day, released in 1986, received widely varied responses from critics at the time, but has since chalked up a strong following among die hard horror, and particularly slasher, movie lovers. We definitely recommend watching it - the flick landed at a great time for genre and sub-genre and refused to kowtow to the canon's rules of the day. In terms of score itself, this is Charles Bernstein working at his most comfortable (his other horror scores include the iconic Nightmare On Elm Street, a year or so earlier), so think tense, ominous refrains, twinkling synths, and descending strings. Oh, and bar room rock & roll.
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 in stock $31.24
Airplane! (Soundtrack) (Record Store Day RSD 2024)
Cat: 1984018 RW020. Rel: 27 Apr 24
Main Title (1:52)
Kiss Off (0:48)
Ambulance Arrives (0:32)
Hari Krishna/Ticket/Nervous (2:43)
Lisa/Farewell/Take Off/Another Meeting (3:16)
Fighting Girls (0:44)
Love Theme From Airplane! (1:05)
From Here To There (2:06)
Head/Memory (1:11)
Shimmer/Molumbo (1:01)
Zip/Eggs/Roger, Take Over (2:32)
Wild Violins/Sickness/Idea (2:25)
Thar She Blows!/Flash/Panel (2:01)
"Where The Hell Is Kramer?"/Trouble (2:01)
Mayday (2:01)
Punch-Up/Kramer (2:01)
Clumsy (2:01)
Dog Fight/Failure/Pep Talk/Notre Dame Victory March/Master (2:01)
News (2:01)
"Runway Is Niner"/"The Gear Is Down & We're Ready To Land" (2:01)
Crasher (2:01)
Resolutions/Tag (1:08)
Notre Dame Victory March (0:54)
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Boite Boite
Boite Boite (limited 10")
Cat: AKULP 1049. Rel: 02 May 24
Goum Goum Goum (0:45)
Boite Boite (1:36)
Extaz (1:59)
Fruh In Berlin (0:39)
Amarena (4:45)
Lisylis Pavillon (1:21)
Aristocrates (0:42)
Zwischen Shaan Und Bendern (0:23)
Inca D'enfance (1:43)
Alienor En Aout (0:56)
RAS (1:15)
Riga Centraal (3:45)
Ambassade D'angle (1:33)
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Silenced (remastered)
Cat: DUSTV 120. Rel: 08 May 24
Trojan Horus (part 1) (5:03)
Trojan Horus (part 2) (2:30)
Lam Vril (4:27)
Truth Benders DIE (3:22)
Bolt 23 Blue Screen Ov Death (1:45)
Alt/Return/Dash/Kill (2:14)
Bolt 777 Ordinary Boy (4:04)
Drexian City RIDE (1:23)
Remote Viewing (feat Steven Severin) (3:12)
Gummi Void (2:31)
Machine Machina (2:15)
The Stele Of Revealing (1:27)
Songs For Other People (2:57)
Break Down On Lake Shore Drive (2:00)
Bolt 33 Glitch & Chin (2:20)
Sudden Intake (4:49)
4 3s 555 (part 1) (2:49)
4 3s 555 (part 2) (4:27)
Review: Album number six from Sheffield's electronic heroes The Black Dog was closer to their debut, Bytes, than anything that came in between. "We never set out to make it like Bytes," group member Martin Dust has since explained. "My idea was to create something you could come home to after you'd just ben to a club or gig, that would start at the right pace and then just wind down into a great album and just chill out." Suffice to say, they achieved that and then some. Silenced is an example of downtempo that still feels like it has one foot in the rave, sounds informed by 4AM highs and 10AM quiet, here made precious through the use of blissful and complex tones that envelop and encase your mind. A record everyone should own.
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Video Game Lofi: Secret Of Mana
Video Game Lofi: Secret Of Mana (180 gram vinyl LP in holographic sleeve)
Cat: CURE 0024V. Rel: 07 May 24
Angel's Love (2:40)
Tell A Strange Tale (2:39)
Into The Thick Of It (3:34)
Holy Intruder (3:15)
A Wish (2:39)
Eternal Recurrence (3:55)
Eight Ringing Bells (4:01)
Star Of Darkness (3:31)
Whisper & Mantra (3:09)
Pure Night (3:19)
The Wings No Longer Beat (2:19)
Close Your Eyelids (1:49)
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Decade Of Effort
Decade Of Effort (white vinyl LP)
Cat: AV! 091. Rel: 02 May 24
Connections (2:38)
Last Who Cares (2:24)
Emotional (2:17)
Winter (1:25)
Filth (2:32)
Animals Die In The Scaffolding (2:01)
Save (2:20)
Animals Die In The Scaffolding (Trouble Concept remix) (2:51)
Cold Hands (2:34)
Train To Tallinn (2:34)
Nails (2:19)
Pressure (2:37)
Ribs (2:10)
Human Being (2:37)
Memories (3:04)
Le Dernier Rendez-Vous (3:00)
 in stock $28.33
The Mountains Pass
Cat: BLACKTRUFFLE 117. Rel: 26 Apr 24
Northward (2:33)
The Hermit's Peak (12:31)
Violet-Green (9:19)
F2754 (6:20)
Ungulates (3:13)
Review: Olivia Block is back with an album that it is fair to say is her best as well as most ambitious and rewarding to date. The Mountain Pass is a compelling new work from the artist who is a key part of Chicago's vibrant experimental music scene and has been since the late 90s. She has proven prolific over the years and always fuses practices from the musique concrete tradition with her own sense of studio improv, sound installations and orchestral pieces. This album was recorded by Greg Norman at Steve Albini's Electrical Audio studio and is the result of distilling works made over the course of three years. They find Block head into all new terrain, at times zoning out with neo-classical bliss, at others working you into a freeform jazz and noise frenzy.
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Feel Free
Feel Free (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: BRC 03. Rel: 25 Apr 24
Life Of A Earthworm (4:15)
Interceptor III (3:23)
Electric Twilight (4:03)
Wow! (4:10)
Big Moonlight (4:32)
Falling (Sensation) (4:08)
Innerspace (4:53)
Wild Air (4:29)
(It's) Free To Dream (3:29)
Endian Summer (2:59)
Review: Brainwave Research Center is back once again with another superb album, and once again Chase Smith and Christa Majoras embody a unique DIY sound crafted from analog synthesizer experimentations. This is another entry into the duo's initial four-part series and it encapsulates the essence of summer. The A-side commences with a dreamy narrative that transitions into the gritty urban landscape of Brooklyn in 'Interceptor iii,' and concludes with euphoric sunset vibes. On the B-side, the music delves into the sensation of falling in dreams, reminiscent of their second album Mosaic, again blending electronic and acoustic elements. Feel Free, then, invites listeners into the everyday musings of Brainwave Research Center and is a classic listen for fans of locked-in rhythms.
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 in stock $23.05
Aprilnacht (LP + insert + postcard)
Cat: ZORN 81. Rel: 02 May 24
Goldne Abendsonne, Wie Bist Du So Schon (3:30)
Aprilnacht (3:27)
Urin Deiner Bluten 1 (1:53)
Mutter Maria Zwischen Den Himmeln (2:09)
Requiem Fur Eine Ringelnatter (2:40)
Urin Deiner Bluten 2 (2:51)
Apfelbaum, Kuh Und Backofen (1:55)
Nie Kann Ohne Wonne, Deinen Glanz Ich Sehn (3:36)
Requiem Fur Ein Schwalbennest (3:43)
Morgensonne (2:49)
Afra Altar Maidbronx (3:02)
Review: Originally released on tape by SicSic in 2014, Aprilnacht commemorates a decade of music from Brannten Schnure and marked the spring in a tetralogy of albums about the four seasons. When it was first released, Brannten Schnure consisted solely of German musician Christian Schoppik; it was only after this period that he'd continue to hone is gothic folk romanticism and pastoral neoclassical sound, thereafter enlisting the help of vocalist Katie Rich as well. Now reissued by the esteemed Aguirre Records, Aprilnacht returns for a second haunting, retro-spectrally calling to mind its eerie sound collages and dusty sampler assemblages.
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Bukimisha Are Go!
Bukimisha Are Go! (limited CD)
Cat: BSXCD 9160. Rel: 25 Apr 24
Thunderbirds Main Title (Japanese version)
International Rescue Team (From The Episode "Trapped In The Sky")
Penelope's Close Call (From The Episode "The Perils Of Penelope")
New York's Horror (From The Episode "Terror In New York City")
The Activities Of The Jet "Mogura" (From The Episode "Pit Of Peril")
Launch The No.4 Missile (From The Episode "Day Of Disaster")
Zero X's Journey (From The Episode "Thunderbirds Are Go")
Thunderbird 6 Suite
Tracy Island
Thunderbids End Title
Thunderbirds Main Title (original version)
Thunderbirds Song (Full Japanese version)
Thunderbirds March
Bukushima Are Go! (version 2)
 in stock $14.30
Minecraft Volume Alpha (Soundtrack)
Minecraft Volume Alpha (Soundtrack) (limited green vinyl LP + MP3 download code reeditado)
Cat: GI243 LPC2. Rel: 14 May 24
Subwoofer Lullaby
Living Mice
Moog City
Mice On Venus
Dry Hands
Wet Hands
 in stock $25.69
Minecraft Volume Beta (Soundtrack)
Minecraft Volume Beta (Soundtrack) (red splattered vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code reeditado)
Cat: GI 360LPC1. Rel: 14 May 24
Ki (1:29)
Alpha (9:37)
Blind Spots (5:22)
Mutation (2:49)
Biome Fest (6:00)
Aria Math (5:03)
Taswell (8:09)
Beginning 2 (2:43)
Moog City 2 (2:51)
The End (14:34)
Kyoto (4:06)
Chirp (3:06)
Mellohi (1:36)
Stal (2:30)
Eleven (1:04)
Far (2:52)
Intro (4:40)
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111 Series
111 Series (limited 2xLP + art cards)
Cat: STUMM 507. Rel: 25 Apr 24
Four (with Yara Asmar) (3:37)
Seven (with Okkyung Lee) (6:37)
Ten (with Daniel Miller) (3:43)
Thirteen (with Leila) (5:52)
Two (with Lee Ranaldo) (5:39)
Five (with Coby Sey) (2:45)
Eleven (with Laraaji) (7:05)
Fourteen (with Nailah Hunter) (3:14)
Three (with Ben Vince) (4:39)
Six (with KMRU) (2:53)
Nine (with Green-House) (3:46)
Twelve (with Marta Des Pascalis) (5:52)
One (with Keeley Forsyth) (5:06)
Eight (with Wu-Lu) (3:17)
Fifteen (with Damsel Elysium) (2:50)
 in stock $31.51
Lost Themes IV: Noir
Lost Themes IV: Noir (LP + poster)
Cat: SBR 336LP. Rel: 02 May 24
My Name Is Death (5:36)
Machine Fear (4:24)
Last Rites (4:30)
The Burning Door (3:20)
He Walks By Night (4:06)
Beyond The Gallows (3:37)
Kiss The Blood Off My Fingers (4:39)
Guillotine (4:04)
The Demon's Shadow (3:26)
Shadows Have A Thousand Eyes (4:46)
Review: Is John Carpenter the best soundtrack composer of all time? The jury will always be out on that one, but chances are if you're reading this you'd prefer to tuck into the score to Assault On Precinct 13 than the pomp and pageantry of, say, John Williams or Hans Zimmer. Not that we don't have a huge amount of time for both those maestros, too. Lost Themes IV: Noir isn't really a soundtrack, of course, and goes some way to positioning Carpenter as a true musical genius well beyond any connection with the silver screen. Like listening to midnight blue descend over the endless sprawl of an unnamed city in soft focus, the album is packed with after dark overtures steeped in the kind of atmosphere you can cut with a knife.
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Lost Themes IV: Noir
Lost Themes IV: Noir (limited translucent red vinyl LP + poster in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: SBR 336LPC3. Rel: 02 May 24
My Name Is Death (5:36)
Machine Fear (4:24)
Last Rites (4:30)
The Burning Door (3:20)
He Walks By Night (4:06)
Beyond The Gallows (3:37)
Kiss The Blood Off My Fingers (4:39)
Guillotine (4:04)
The Demon's Shadow (3:26)
Shadows Have A Thousand Eyes (4:46)
Review: A decade after John Carpenter's groundbreaking Lost Themes debut, his collaboration with son Cody Carpenter and godson Daniel Davies, the pioneering composer and director has revitalised his career. Lost Themes IV: Noir explores the essence of film noir, infusing Carpenter's signature synth-driven sound with dark, atmospheric motifs. Described as "soundtracks for the movies in your mind," these compositions evoke the mysterious allure of classic noir films. While traditional noir scores relied on orchestral arrangements, Carpenter, Carpenter, and Davies craft their distinctive sound with synths and guitars, capturing the essence of the genre. With this latest installment, they continue to redefine Carpenter's musical legacy, transcending mere homage to create immersive sonic experiences.
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 in stock $24.89
Lost Themes IV: Noir
Lost Themes IV: Noir (limited tan & black marbled vinyl LP + 1-sided screen printed clear vinyl 7" + fold-out poster (indie exclusive))
Cat: SBR 336LPC4. Rel: 02 May 24
My Name Is Death (LP)
Machine Fear
Last Rites
The Burning Door
He Walks By Night
Beyond The Gallows
Kiss The Blood Off My Fingers
The Demon's Shadow
Shadows Have A Thousand Eyes
Black Cathedral (7") (3:48)
Review: A decade since his groundbreaking Lost Themes debut, John Carpenter, along with son Cody Carpenter and godson Daniel Davies, has revitalised his career. Lost Themes IV: Noir delves into the essence of film noir, infusing Carpenter's iconic synth-driven style with dark, atmospheric elements. Termed "soundtracks for the movies in your mind," these compositions summon the enigmatic charm of classic noir films. Departing from traditional orchestral scores, the trio crafts a distinct sound with synths and guitars, capturing the genre's essence. With this latest release, they redefine Carpenter's musical legacy, moving beyond homage to create immersive sonic experiences that transcend expectations.
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 in stock $34.94
Lost Themes IV: Noir
Lost Themes IV: Noir (CD in slipcase)
Cat: SBR 336CD. Rel: 02 May 24
My Name Is Death
Machine Fear
Last Rites
The Burning Door
He Walks By Night
Beyond The Gallows
Kiss The Blood Off My Fingers
The Demon's Shadow
Shadows Have A Thousand Eyes
Review: A decade ago, legendary horror movie composer/director John Carpenter joined forces with son Cody and godson Daniel Davies to make Lost Themes, a collection of new musical compositions to "soundtrack the movies in your mind". It kick-started a prolific period of musical activity which included both real soundtracks and music made for imaginary ones. Lost Themes IV sits in the latter camp, with the trio delivering music inspired by the aesthetic of "noir" movies. While Carpenter senior's suspenseful, paired-down drum machine rhythms and clandestine synthesiser sounds are still present, they work in harmony with creepy effects, immersive sound effects and additional instrumentation. For proof, see the growling guitars on 'My name IS Death' and the exotic classical guitars and sitars of 'He Walks. By Night'.
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La Folie Studio
Cat: VERLP 47. Rel: 23 Apr 24
Trombe (3:46)
Fordizm (6:50)
Esika Molimo Ezali (4:23)
Clair De Lune A Mykonos (12:36)
Allo? (5:00)
Mange (7:37)
Satanique Musette (6:17)
La Folie Studio (4:38)
Theatre De Verdure (5:37)
 in stock $47.93
Up In Smoke (Record Store Day RSD 2024)
Up In Smoke (Record Store Day RSD 2024) (limited gatefold green & black smokey vinyl LP)
Cat: RCV 13249. Rel: 27 Apr 24
Strother Martin - "The Finkelstien Shit Kid" (1:05)
Cheech & Chong - "Up In Smoke" (1:28)
War - "Low Rider" (3:07)
Pedro & Man - "1st Gear, 2nd Gear" (6:58)
Cheech & Chong - "Framed" (2:52)
Search Boys - "Searchin'" (2:44)
Man & The Ajax Lady - "The Ajax Lady" (0:45)
Yesca - "Strawberry's" (3:20)
Yesca - "Here Come The Mounties To The Rescue" (2:55)
Pedro & Sgt Stedenko - "Sometimes When You Gotta Go You Can't" (1:04)
Yesca - "Lost Due To Incompetence" (Theme For A Big Green Van) (3:30)
Pedro & Sgt Stedenko & Officer Clyde - "Lard Ass" (1:26)
Cheech & Chong - "Rock Fight" (3:14)
Man & Jade East & Pedro - "I Didn't Know Your Name Was Alex" (1:14)
Alice Bowie - "Earache My Eye" (2:46)
Cheech & Chong - "Up In Smoke" (0:54)
 in stock $31.76
Clean Clear White
Clean Clear White (180 gram vinyl LP + booklet)
Cat: ISA 1001. Rel: 01 May 24
Rooftop Machines (3:43)
Clean Clear White (1:49)
4056 (4:36)
Underground (2:34)
Stairs (4:40)
14th Floor (3:40)
NMR (6:20)
Through The Window (2:37)
 in stock $20.66
Mediterranean Music Water
Mediterranean Music Water (limited LP + booklet)
Cat: HOL 125. Rel: 25 Apr 24
Mediterranean Music Water (part 1) (19:36)
Mediterranean Music Water (part 2) (19:39)
 in stock $24.10
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