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Metal vinyl represses and restocks
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Endex (B-STOCK)
Endex (B-STOCK) (limited gatefold 1890 gram red smoked vinyl LP + poster)
Cat: THTE 196588083511. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Xenogenesis (3:51)
Acme Death Machine (4:26)
Slum Planet (3:23)
What's Left (3:33)
Merchant Of The Void (3:24)
Higher Than Death (4:19)
ALI3N (3:22)
Plutonomicon (4:27)
Paralyze (feat Ho99o9) (3:13)
Scorpion (3:32)
Drift (3:46)
Everybody Wants To Rule The World (bonus track) (4:32)
 in stock $28.50
Parrhesia (gatefold neon orange vinyl LP + MP3 download code with embossed obi-strip (indie exclusive))
Cat: 810016 765691. Rel: 01 Nov 23
Conflict Cartography (5:01)
Monomyth (7:52)
Red Miso (2:08)
Gestaltzerfall (2:25)
Asahi (1:58)
The Problem Of Other Minds (2:28)
Thoughts & Prayers (5:44)
Micro-Aggressions (4:07)
Gordian Naught (4:37)
 in stock $34.32
Peace Till Death
Peace Till Death (unmixed 2xCD)
Cat: CDVILED 1108. Rel: 25 Jan 24
Autopsy - "Toxic Death Fuk" (alternate version - CD1)
Autopsy - "Marrow Fiend" (alternate version)
Cancer - "Enter The Gates" (Pre-Production)
Cancer - "Into The Acid" (2023 Re-Dip)
Morta Skuld - "Perfect Prey" (demo version)
Morta Skuld - "Dying Remains" (2023 version)
Static Abyss - "Unrepentant Mutant Serpent" (alternate version)
Static Abyss - "Horizon Of Cremains" (alternate version)
Autopsy - "Severed Survival" (CD2)
Cancer - "CFC"
Paradise Lost - "Breeding Fear"
Prophecy Of Doom - "Insanity Reigns Supreme"
Darkthrone - "Sunrise Over Locus Mortis"
Therion - "Asphyxiate With Fear"
Vital Remains - "Malevolent Invocation"
Impaler - "Malignant Dreams"
Accidental Suicide - "Misery Hunt"
My Dying Bride - "The Forever People"
Baphomet - "Leave The Flesh"
At The Gates - "Beyond Good & Evil"
Morta Skuld - "Consuming Existence"
Banished - "Skinned"
Opeth - "Serenity Painted Death"
Akercocke - "The Serpent"
Abscess - "16 Horrors"
Behemoth - "The Harlot Ov The Saints"
Napalm Death - "Narcoleptic"
Obliteration - "The Abominator"
Bloodbath - "Process Of Disillumination"
Barren Earth - "Forlorn Waves"
Static Abyss - "Morgue Rat Fever"
 in stock $10.04
Gold & Grey
Gold & Grey (limited gatefold translucent red & blue vinyl 2xLP (side 4 digitally printed) + MP3 download code (indie exclusive))
Cat: 855380 008760. Rel: 21 Nov 23
Front Toward Enemy (3:39)
I’m Already Gone (3:47)
Seasons (4:26)
Sevens (1:53)
Tourniquet (5:45)
Anchor’s Lament (1:36)
Throw Me An Anchor (3:56)
I’d Do Anything (4:03)
Blankets Of Ash (0:59)
Emmett-Radiating Light (4:09)
Cold-Blooded Angels (5:26)
Crooked Mile (0:38)
Broken Halo (4:23)
Can Oscura (1:57)
Borderlines (6:11)
Assault On East Falls (2:16)
Pale Sun (4:15)
 in stock $36.96
Timewave Zero
Timewave Zero (gatefold LP + CD)
Cat: 194399 49101. Rel: 25 Feb 22
Io (20:33)
Ea (19:30)
Review: There's arguably few modern bands pushing and expanding the confines of death metal like Denver, Colorado based genre provocateurs, Blood Incantation.

Combining intricate tech-death stylings with psychedelic, prog-rock passages all awash in sci-fi hues led to 2019's 'Hidden History of the Human Race', landing on several end of year lists.

The much anticipated follow up, 'Timewave Zero', is a purposeful 180 from their formula, eschewing vocals, riffs and malevolence for ambient, synth-based science fiction psychedelia akin to latter day Tangerine Dream.

It may seem a perplexing departure, but one the group have envisioned since prior to releasing their 'Starspawn' debut in 2016. Continuing to carve out their own path, and craft a solely unique vision may lose some riff-raff semi-fans, but those willing to follow Blood Incantation on their ever unfolding cosmic journey, have just been handed the keys to the unknown.
Read more
 in stock $22.17
I Shall Die Here/Earth Triumphant
I Shall Die Here/Earth Triumphant (limited white vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: RVNGNL 25EXC1. Rel: 29 Jun 23
To Carry The Seeds Of Death Within Me (6:28)
Alone All The Way (5:20)
The Night Knows No Dawn (7:38)
Hail To Thee, Everlasting Pain (5:45)
Our Souls Were Clean (5:06)
Darkness Surrounds Us (8:59)
Our New Genesis (5:36)
No Sadness In The Many (5:07)
A Testament To Willingness (7:30)
A Cloud Broke Open (3:57)
Wind On The Ocean, Wind On The Trees (3:19)
Death At A Great Distance (7:44)
 in stock $32.57
Brain Tourniquet
Brain Tourniquet (limited red vinyl 7")
Cat: PKR 079V. Rel: 19 Dec 23
Shot Dead (0:22)
Not Alive (0:32)
Hollow Shell (0:23)
Feel (0:42)
Fate (2:01)
Servants (0:22)
Paranoia (0:40)
Animal Instinct (0:42)
No Solution (1:02)
It Takes Three (2:57)
 in stock $11.89
Split (reissue)
Split (reissue) (limited 7")
Cat: DSR 1627. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Brutal Truth - "Vision" (1:01)
Brutal Truth - "I See Red" (live) (2:33)
Brutal Truth - "Stench Of Profit" (live) (1:19)
Rupture - "The Chosen One" (0:25)
Rupture - "Foot In My Grave" (0:58)
Rupture - "Eraser Evasor" (0:20)
Rupture - "Vaticum City" (0:36)
Rupture - "A Breath Of Cyanide" (1:11)
Rupture - "The Nihilator" (1:18)
 in stock $2.64
Charcoal Grace
Charcoal Grace (limited gatefold 180 gram vinyl 2xLP (side 4 etched))
Cat: 196588 378713. Rel: 25 Jan 24
The World Breathes With Me (9:23)
Golem (5:18)
Charcoal Grace I: Prey/II: A World Without/III: Vigil/IV: Give Me Hell (24:05)
Sails (4:10)
The Stormchaser (5:55)
Mute (11:42)
 in stock $31.67
Homovore (remastered)
Cat: 31G 014. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Joined At The Ass
Open Human Head Experiments With Bleach Laquer & Epoxy
Diarrhea Of The Mouth
Colostomy Jigsaw Puzzle
Pepe’s Trepes
Release The Gimp
The Roadside Dead (Detrunked Stumpification Through Roadrash)
Carnal Fecophelia Due To Prolonged Exposure To Methane
Icepick Gag Reflex
Bathing In A Grease Disposal Unit
Wine Of The Sanguine
Ride ‘Em Cowboy
Human Jerky & The Active Cultures
 in stock $14.52
Chiaroscuro (red & black splattered vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: LP 30764. Rel: 16 Feb 24
Intro (0:29)
Constantly Problematic (1:00)
Haunting (0:25)
And Releasing (0:54)
My Words Are Sacred (1:02)
Infinite Imbalance (1:22)
You, Me & Venus In Decay (2:46)
Track 8 (1:35)
Arlington Cemetery (1:20)
Well Fed Machine (0:44)
We Met On The Park Boundary Trail (1:23)
Funeral Flowers (0:55)
To The Cauldron (3:48)
 in stock $27.73
Chamber Music (reissue)
Chamber Music (reissue) (translucent purple vinyl LP + booklet)
Cat: RHR 112VLCLPR. Rel: 08 Feb 24
Mist (3:20)
Tragedy (4:09)
El Cu Cuy (3:11)
Untrue (2:42)
Tyler's Song (2:55)
What's In Your Mind? (0:41)
Not Living (3:36)
Shock The Monkey (3:24)
Burgundy (2:03)
Entwined (3:34)
Feed My Dreams (2:44)
My Mercy (3:39)
No Home (3:59)
Shari Vegas (3:06)
Notion (3:09)
Anything But You (3:42)
Review: Originally released in 1999, Chamber Music served as the sophomore offering from Los Angeles nu-metal pioneers Coal Chamber, yet marked a notable departure from the groove-oriented sound of their self-titled debut following several comparisons to their peers in Korn. While still delivering a hefty sonic assault, the material introduced a slew of melodic, electronic, gothic and industrial elements, thanks in no small part, to the enlisting of session keyboardists such as both Amir Derakh and Jay Gordon of Orgy as well as DJ Lethal of Limp Bizkit, while Skinny Puppy's Dave Ogilvie provided valuable production assistance. Most known for the Ozzy Osbourne featuring cover of Peter Gabriel's 'Shock The Monkey', which would become the band's biggest hit to date, the project sits in a delicate sweet spot between nu-metal time capsule and a sonic striving to push beyond the confines of the increasingly claustrophobic genre, bolstered further by frontman Dez Fafara's later departure to focus on DevilDriver.
Read more
 in stock $26.15
Dethalbum II (reissue)
Dethalbum II (reissue) (limited translucent bubblegum vinyl LP (indie exclusive))
Cat: 793227 078890. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Bloodlines (3:27)
The Gears (4:11)
Burn The Earth (4:01)
Laser Cannon Deth Sentence (4:26)
Black Fire Upon Us (5:27)
Dethsupport (2:42)
The Cyborg Slayers (4:15)
I Tamper With The Evidence At The Murder Site Of Odin (4:30)
Murmaider II: The Water God (5:40)
Comet Song (3:48)
Symmetry (4:31)
Volcano (4:22)
 in stock $35.65
Tyranny Of Souls (reissue)
Tyranny Of Souls (reissue) (gatefold 180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: 405053 8288612. Rel: 27 Oct 17
Mars Within (intro) (1:28)
Abduction (3:49)
Soul Intruders (3:53)
Kill Devil Hill (5:06)
Navigate The Seas Of The Sun (5:50)
River Of No Return (5:12)
Power Of The Sun (3:30)
Devil On A Hog (4:01)
Believil (4:48)
Tyranny Of Souls (5:48)
 in stock $21.65
The Chemical Wedding (reissue)
The Chemical Wedding (reissue) (gatefold heavyweight vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 405053 8288575. Rel: 27 Oct 17
King In Crimson (4:44)
Chemical Wedding (4:05)
The Tower (4:47)
Killing Floor (4:31)
Book Of Thel (8:11)
Gates Of Urizen (4:25)
Jerusalem (6:16)
Trumpets Of Jericho (6:23)
Machine Men (5:40)
The Alchemist (5:58)
 in stock $31.15
Option Paralysis (reissue)
Option Paralysis (reissue) (limited gold & black marbled vinyl LP)
Cat: SOM 2CK200. Rel: 13 May 23
Farewell, Mona Lisa
Good Neighbor
Gold Teeth On A Bum
Crystal Morning
Endless Endings
Room Full Of Eyes
Chinese Whispers
I Wouldn't If You Didn't
Parasitic Twins
Chuck McChip
 in stock $41.46
But Wait There's More!
But Wait There's More! (limited 1-sided screen-printed 12" picture disc)
Cat: BCR 2121. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Against Me (2:15)
Anonymity (1:41)
As Seen On TV (1:05)
Mad Man (1:32)
Couch Slouch (2:53)
 in stock $8.97
Death: An Anthology
Death: An Anthology (limited gatefold 180 gram 'ghostly' vinyl 2xLP (side 4 etched) + MP3 download code)
Cat: 784705. Rel: 02 Feb 24
Abyss (1:54)
Face Of Fear (3:59)
The Reaper's Servant (4:55)
Spineless (6:35)
King Of Ruination (5:26)
Casket Of Rust (7:02)
I, Divine (4:46)
Malevolent Force (feat Wes Hauch) (5:35)
Accelerated Demise (4:39)
Blood & Teeth (6:34)
Curse Of Flesh (feat Matthew K Heafy) (6:54)
 in stock $27.73
True Bearings
True Bearings (LP + fold-out poster + insert + postcard + sticker + mp3 download code)
Cat: DVP 276LP. Rel: 12 Jan 24
Eternal Light, Eternal Night (5:00)
Sorrow (Love In Vain) (3:44)
True Bearings (3:50)
Dead Air (5:38)
Battered & Bruised (4:18)
Time Is No Excuse (6:48)
Just Survival (3:47)
 in stock $28.50
Opus Eponymous
Opus Eponymous (gatefold LP + insert)
Cat: RISELP 124. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Deus Culpa (1:35)
Con Clavi Con Dio (3:30)
Ritual (4:27)
Elizabeth (3:59)
Stand By Him (4:01)
Satan Prayer (4:38)
Death Knell (4:29)
Prime Mover (3:58)
Genesis (4:08)
 in stock $28.78
Meliora (limited translucent green vinyl LP + booklet (indie exclusive))
Cat: LVR 3191. Rel: 05 Apr 23
Spirit (3:10)
From The Pinnacle To The Pit (0:47)
Cirice (5:10)
Spoksonat (0:30)
He Is (3:37)
Mummy Dust (1:34)
Majesty (1:15)
Devil Church (0:51)
Absolution (1:35)
Deus In Absentia (5:00)
 in stock $33.00
If You Have Ghost
If You Have Ghost (translucent yellow vinyl LP)
Cat: 888072480230. Rel: 24 Apr 23
If You Have Ghosts (3:34)
I'm A Marionette (4:49)
Crucified (5:12)
Waiting For The Night (5:36)
Secular Haze (live) (5:34)
! low stock $28.25
Meliora/Popestar (Deluxe Edition) (B-STOCK)
Meliora/Popestar (Deluxe Edition) (B-STOCK) (blue vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: LMVT 1405161. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Spirit (LP1: Meliora) (3:10)
From The Pinnacle To The Pit (0:47)
Cirice (5:10)
Spoksonat (0:30)
He Is (3:37)
Mummy Dust (1:34)
Majesty (1:15)
Devil Church (0:51)
Absolution (1:35)
Deus In Absentia (5:00)
Square Hammer (LP2: Popestar) (9:24)
Nocturnal Me (5:58)
I Believe (5:15)
Missionary Man (9:37)
Bible (11:32)
Review: ***B-STOCK: Creasing to corner of outer sleeve but otherwise in excellent condition***

The third full-length from Swedish theatrical goth rock extraordinaires Ghost originally arrived in 2015, with the lead single 'Cirice' even winning them the 2016 Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance. Following on from their acclaimed sophomore effort Infestissumam, the material on Meliora showcased the first signs of the fearlessness and lack of consideration for metal musos that become a staple of their identity in the coming years. Still retaining a complex psych-tinged prog rock aesthetic, whilst embracing hooks and anthemic, purposefully cheesy song structures, this was the album that made Ghost a household name within the metal sphere. This reissue also includes the Popestar EP, which was originally featured as bonus content on the Meliora Redux, and offers up ludicrously brazen and endearing renditions of cuts from the likes of Echo & the Bunnymen, Eurythmics and Simian Mobile Disco.
Read more
 in stock $25.88
Dust Of The Human Shape
Dust Of The Human Shape (limited opaque olive green vinyl LP)
Cat: UNFD 191LP. Rel: 25 Jan 24
Void Voyeur (4:51)
Tomato Red (4:05)
Polyphonic Mind (3:50)
Panorama Daydream (3:47)
Lesser Gods (4:29)
Bedsheet Tourniquet (4:27)
Gaps In The Armoire (3:34)
Dust Of The Human Shape (3:28)
Seeker (Stretch The Night) (4:29)
In The House Of Leaves (4:26)
Riding The Blindside (4:09)
Death Confetti (5:16)
Review: Ghost Atlas serves as the long-gestating solo outlet from Jesse Cash; frontman of melodic metalcore genre-benders ERRA. Following a slew of self-funded/released EPs, Dust Of The Human Shape marks Cash's full-length debut and offers a melancholic affair of 90s-indebted grunge and alt-rock repurposed through the modern filter of metalcore composition. Crushing riffs meet with soaring, ethereal electronics to conjure a vulnerable depiction of fragility, constantly skirting the outer limits of aggression without ever falling victim, while Cash's lush cadence balances despair and despondency effortlessly.
Read more
 in stock $22.17
Dimensional Bleed
Dimensional Bleed (limited gatefold translucent blue vinyl 2xLP + insert)
Cat: WAX 21. Rel: 15 Jun 23
Hexsewn (2:38)
Death Is A Relief (5:49)
Lift Your Head (5:05)
Empty Vials (7:01)
Amaranthine (3:33)
Dimensional Bleed (2:35)
Void Of Light (7:01)
Sightless (4:43)
True Loss (6:53)
Blood Memory (3:17)
Review: Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, Holy Fawn have become quickly renowned thanks in no small part to their acclaimed debut LP Death Spells, released in 2018. Combining overwhelming levels of reverb-drenched shoegaze with blackened metallics whilst avoiding the obvious blackgaze assumptions, their unique brand of cathartic post-metal has been refined and polished to a severely impressive degree on the much anticipated sophomore effort Dimensional Bleed. Arriving toward the end of 2022, the work builds upon the melancholic grandiosity of their The Black Moon EP with shimmering ease, conjuring levels of emotive despair usually occupied by acts of the more extreme metal variety. Atmospheric, forlorn and utterly crushing, this is doomgazing at both its most ethereal and punishing.
Read more
 in stock $26.40
Time (gatefold blue vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: NPR 1247VINYL. Rel: 08 Feb 24
Because I Let You (4:01)
Dying Light (5:13)
Never To Return (3:38)
Lighthouse (5:22)
The Answer Is You (4:27)
Vivarium (4:27)
Pandemonium (4:42)
Enmity (5:41)
Unpredictable (3:53)
Game Of Blame (4:26)
Paura (5:13)
A Second Or A Thousand Years (2:44)
 in stock $31.42
Albino Blue
Albino Blue (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: LPNORSKEA 30. Rel: 08 Feb 24
King (3:00)
Jump (3:26)
It Must Be Something That I Ate. What's Eating You (3:21)
Fusion (3:50)
Albino Blue (4:15)
Dozer (3:02)
Swallow The Hook (12:40)
Reverb (6:03)
Mental Radio (5:21)
When The Hammer Hits The Head (7:41)
Mutilation (6:51)
Last To Die (4:09)
Pilgrimm (4:50)
 in stock $22.71
The Sinner Rides Again
The Sinner Rides Again (limited gatefold clear vinyl LP (indie exclusive))
Cat: NPR 1264VINYLC. Rel: 04 Oct 23
Sons Of The Sentinel (4:12)
Strike Of The Viper (2:27)
Reap The Whirlwind (3:31)
One More Shot At Glory (4:26)
Hymn 66 (4:40)
The Sinner Rides Again (4:40)
Keeper Of The Graves (5:38)
Pledge Your Souls (4:26)
Wash Away Your Sins (6:20)
 in stock $34.84
Full Contact
Full Contact (LP + insert + poster + postcard + sticker + MP3 download code)
Cat: DVP 279LP. Rel: 05 Feb 24
Emperor Of Dreams (3:41)
Doppelganger (3:06)
Heavy Leather (4:32)
(Return Of The) Astral Vampire (5:15)
Ixaxar (3:19)
Watcher At The Edge Of Time (4:19)
Bloodchild (3:55)
Spectral Fire (3:33)
 in stock $27.20
Lucifer V
Lucifer V (cassette (indie exclusive))
Cat: 406562 9701741. Rel: 30 Jan 24
Fallen Angel (3:22)
At The Mortuary (5:59)
Riding Reaper (4:19)
Slow Dance In A Crypt (4:34)
A Coffin Has No Silver Lining (4:36)
Maculate Heart (4:12)
The Dead Don't Speak (3:59)
Strange Sister (4:29)
Nothing Left To Lose But My Life (4:50)
Review: Johanna Sadonis (real name Johanna Platow Andersson) is the German Wiccan frontwoman of Swedish retro psych-doomers Lucifer. Crafted in collaboration with her regular songwriting partner and husband Nicke Andersson (of hard rock heroes The Hellacopters and death metal legends Entombed), the aptly titled V marks the group's fifth full-length and distils accessible AOR style hooks with the sleight hands of proto-metal and blues-tinged psychedelia, while lyrically delving into the occult and cosmic otherworldly rituals; elevated and brought to life by Platow's sultry, frosted and commanding presence.
Read more
 in stock $15.31
Rebirth Greatest Hits: Epic Anthems from Alan Wake 1 & 2 & Control (Soundtrack)
Cat: CG 161041LP. Rel: 18 Dec 23
The Skald Awakens (1:05)
Dark Ocean Summoning (6:44)
Children Of The Elder God (3:39)
The Poet & The Music (4:16)
Balance Slays The Demon (5:15)
Anger's Remorse (5:47)
Herald Of Darkness (feat Alan Wake & Mr Door) (13:34)
Take Control (7:57)
The Sea Of Night (6:32)
 in stock $40.13
Clear (limited clear vinyl LP (indie exclusive))
Cat: 061297 791743. Rel: 12 Jan 24
Overture (2:11)
The Summer Jam (4:17)
Feed The Ground (4:30)
Zero (5:32)
The Parade Of Ashes (5:14)
Extraneous (3:12)
Pale Aura (4:40)
 in stock $30.62
Zig (gatefold mint green vinyl LP + poster)
Cat: SUM 2852. Rel: 26 Oct 23
Church Outfit (1:54)
Knockoff (3:04)
Hard (2:26)
What It Becomes (3:38)
Flicker (2:22)
1s + 0s (3:17)
The Attic
Prove It
 in stock $34.32
Chaos Of Forms
Chaos Of Forms (purple galaxy vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: RR 51671. Rel: 01 Feb 24
Cretin (2:58)
Cradle Robber (4:15)
Harlot (2:47)
Dissolution Ritual (4:26)
Conjuring The Cataclysm (4:17)
No Funeral (3:45)
Fractal Entity (1:42)
Chaos Of Forms (4:15)
The Watchers (4:00)
Beloved Horrifier (4:10)
Dethroned (4:38)
Reprogrammed (3:44)
 in stock $21.11
Age Of Decay
Age Of Decay (red & black smash vinyl LP + insert limited to 100 copies)
Cat: CONVR 41. Rel: 30 Jan 24
Krieg (2:16)
Age Of Decay (2:01)
Avenge (1:39)
The Snake Bites Back (2:01)
A Noose For Every Chair (0:57)
Ashes Of Tomorrow (1:44)
Sentinel II (1:55)
Fellow American (1:52)
Armageddon Doctrine (1:51)
Interlude IV/Bounty Huntress (3:11)
 in stock $23.76
Sir Lord Baltimore (reissue)
Cat: TDP 54042. Rel: 28 Sep 20
Man From Manhattan (10:30)
Where Are We Going (3:20)
Chicago Lives (3:46)
Loe & Behold (3:44)
Woman Tamer (5:10)
Caesar LXXI (5:23)
 in stock $19.28
Kostolom (limited gatefold translucent red marbled vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 081001 6764649. Rel: 02 Sep 22
Bonebreaker (4:26)
Demolisher (3:36)
Baba Yaga (4:14)
Made In Russia (3:55)
Agony (3:57)
Zavali Ebalo (3:51)
Your Only (3:52)
I Killed A Man (4:04)
Bratva (4:50)
Ouroboros (3:51)
Head On A Plate (4:29)
Father (3:53)
 in stock $35.12
Iowa (reissue)
Iowa (reissue) (gatefold translucent green vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 007567 8645716. Rel: 13 May 22
(515) (4:45)
People = Shit (3:34)
Disasterpiece (1:26)
My Plague (3:38)
Everything Ends (4:18)
The Heretic Anthem (4:10)
Gently (4:51)
Left Behind (4:01)
The Shape (3:43)
I Am Hated (2:43)
Skin Ticket (2:53)
New Abortion (3:45)
Metabolic (7:37)
Iowa (14:59)
Review: At the turn of the 21st century, Slipknot opted to take the newfound fame and success rewarded by their self-titled debut, and run it into the ground in, what has to be, one of the most intriguing examples of chaos and inner band turmoil lending to an integral work.

Named after their home state, 'Iowa', still remains an utterly frightening project, driven by addiction, depression, and encompassing negativity. Refusing to pursue a more accessible route regardless of the ensuing momentum around them, the collective would lash out with an extremely severe batch of material that remains challenging even by today's standards.

While the now iconic leads singles, 'My Plague' and 'Left Behind' remain embedded in the metal spectrum, deeper cuts such as the caustic 'People = Shit', nihilism rally of 'The Heretic Anthem' or the decrepit defeatism of 'Skin Ticket' offer the bleakest look into the band's psyche at their most temperamental of conditions.

The fact that frontman Corey Taylor has confessed that the 14-minute closing title-track was recorded while highly inebriated and cutting himself with a broken liquor bottle, should be all the background one could need when approaching this complex, unforgiving beast of an album.

Reissued after far too long an absence, this beautiful new rendering finally allows for a timeless endeavour to be rediscovered in all of its violent glory; rarely bridging the vast dichotomy between mainstream and extreme metal.
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Abimes-I (limited gatefold LP)
Cat: CODE 139V. Rel: 13 Feb 24
Implode (9:08)
Barren (11:37)
Abyss (8:12)
Collapse (14:22)
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Apocryphon (10th Anniversary Edition)
Apocryphon (10th Anniversary Edition) (limited gatefold 180 gram yellow marbled vinyl LP)
Cat: 724558 7. Rel: 15 Dec 22
The Veil Of Isis (5:32)
Cloak Of Feathers (5:25)
Arcane Montane (4:06)
The Hidden Masters (4:52)
Dying Earth (4:55)
Execrator (3:26)
Seven Sisters (3:29)
Hawks & Serpents (4:28)
Eyes Of The Stormwitch (3:12)
Apocryphon (4:57)
Review: Announcing their amicable break up in October of this year, it only seems fitting to commemorate the Texas stoner-doom rock heroes after almost two decades of service with a ten-year anniversary reissue of their excellent fourth full-length, Apocryphon. Their first album following the departure of founding drummer, Trivett Wingo, and the arrival of his replacement, Santiago "Jimmy" Vela III; the project marked a departure from the preciseness of its predecessor, 2010's fan-favourite, 'Warp Riders', in favour of a looser, more mid-tempo approach, whilst maintaining their signature groove and heft. What resulted was an endlessly cavernous collection of stompers falling somewhere between Sleep and Black Sabbath, but with a sliver of Thin Lizzy melody.
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Van Halen
Van Halen (limited numbered SACD)
Cat: 821797 224369. Rel: 27 Dec 23
Runnin' With The Devil
You Really Got Me
Ain't Talkin' Bout Love
I'm The One
Jamie's Cryin'
Atomic Punk
Feel Your Love Tonight
Little Dreamer
Ice Cream Man
On Fire
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Blast No 1: Blastbeat Tribute To Type O Negative
Blast No 1: Blastbeat Tribute To Type O Negative (gatefold 2xLP (side 4 screen-printed) + MP3 download code)
Cat: LHC 030LP1. Rel: 08 Feb 24
Kannibal Kris - "Are You Afraid" (1:31)
Task Force Beer - "Prelude To Agony" (7:01)
Schismopathic - "I Don't Wanna Be Me" (2:44)
Hellbastard - "We Hate Everyone" (3:12)
Dishell - "Xero Tolerance" (3:21)
Verano's Dogs - "Love You To Death" (2:07)
Herida Profunda - "All Hallows Eve" (3:47)
Bottom - "Be My Druidess" (3:08)
Gendo Ikari - "Kill You Tonight" (2:51)
Plague Bearer - "Creepy Green Light" (4:01)
Proletar - "Angry Inch" (1:28)
Boycott The Baptist - "Everything Dies" (3:58)
Will Cope - "Some Stupid Tomorrow" (1:51)
Assur - "Christian Woman" (1:55)
Emissaries Of Syn - "Black No 1" (3:04)
Hot Cops - "My Girlfriend's Girlfriend" (1:58)
Skitzo - "Unsuccessfully Coping With The Natural Beauty Of Infidelity" (7:46)
Abaddon Incarnate - "Dead Again" (2:13)
The Atrocity Exhibit - "Der Untermensch" (2:07)
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The Good Ship Lollipop
The Good Ship Lollipop (gatefold LP + insert)
Cat: GRAPHFAR 55LP. Rel: 23 Feb 23
The Good Ship Lollipop (5:19)
Timeline (2:48)
Slack Jaw (2:56)
Pig (2:12)
Clinical (3:50)
Fractured (6:30)
Voices (2:00)
So Sick (3:39)
Flowers Bloom (2:28)
Humble Crow (2:03)
Can't Lose (5:47)
Everything Is Endless (4:19)
Life's Winter (2:56)
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Lightless (gatefold black & white splattered vinyl LP limited to 250 copies)
Cat: SOM 767LPCW. Rel: 30 Jan 24
Lightless (5:08)
Labyrinthine Hex (6:42)
Morningstar (6:52)
Shapshu (4:09)
Phainesthai (5:40)
Ruination Glow (5:53)
Neon Rain (3:54)
Promethea (10:15)
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Chronicles (translucent green vinyl LP + insert with obi-strip)
Cat: UNFD 161LPB. Rel: 15 Feb 24
Ohne Sicht (1:29)
Gothika (2:51)
Into The Dark (3:40)
Berghain (3:14)
Dominatrix (3:02)
ASMR (3:33)
The Lonely People (3:04)
Vampyr (4:35)
Hell Hell Hell (2:29)
Saint Miserable (3:14)
Altar (4:21)
Neue Sicht (3:03)
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Waking Into Nightmares (reissue)
Waking Into Nightmares (reissue) (limited gatefold purple vinyl LP + poster + insert)
Cat: MLP 110. Rel: 09 Feb 24
Living In A Whirlwind
Severed Reality
Scorched Earth
Abandoned By Time
Prey For Death (0:59)
Nightmare Anatomy (3:59)
Shadow From The Tomb (4:07)
Senseless Life (4:57)
Forgotten Dead (4:06)
The Road Warrior (feat Gary Holt) (3:48)
Execute Them All (unreleased Cover) (3:31)
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Worlds Torn Asunder (reissue)
Worlds Torn Asunder (reissue) (limited gatefold blue vinyl LP + poster + insert)
Cat: MLP 111. Rel: 09 Feb 24
Living Weapon (4:12)
Shattered Like Glass (3:22)
Wake Up Destroy (4:36)
Future Ages Gone (3:59)
Savagery (4:52)
Treacherous Tongue (2:33)
Echos From The Void (4:56)
Enemies Of The State (3:15)
Behind The Veils Of Night (3:22)
Demonic Ecstasy (5:26)
Sacrifice (3:34)
We Are The Road Crew (3:17)
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Savage Masters
Savage Masters (limited clear & smokey vinyl 12" + insert)
Cat: BPR 18V1. Rel: 01 Jan 90
The Cruelest Cut (2:59)
Venom Hell (2:59)
Deathless (2:24)
Black Holes (2:09)
A Chorus Of War (1:48)
Born In A Blaze (2:54)
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