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Back Catalogue: Minimal/Tech House

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Stereo Colours (CD single)
Cat: STP 104CDS. Rel: 30 Sep 09
  1. The Green Street
  2. Pretty Orange
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Accordion (CD single)
Cat: MLR 004CDS. Rel: 26 Oct 09
  1. Accordion (Adamino DJ remix)
  2. Accordion (Martellojay remix)
  3. Accordion (Riky B remix)
  4. Accordion (Mauro Ferrero remix)
  5. Accordion (Lowboys remix)
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Deep & Hairy EP (CD single)
Cat: STP 110CDS. Rel: 30 Sep 09
  1. Deep & Hairy (dub mix)
  2. Deep & Hairy (Humantronic remix)
  3. Deep Hairy (original mix)
  4. Jatanka (original mix)
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San Pedro (CD single)
Cat: STP094CDS. Rel: 11 May 09
  1. San Pedro (Oozicky & Joykitikonti mix)
  2. San Pedro (Andrea Bertolini remix)
  3. San Pedro (Rospario Internullo remix)
  4. San Pedro (Danilo Vigorito remix)
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Cat: EGO 3352CDS. Rel: 18 Dec 13
  1. All The Time In The World (Donati & Amato remix)
  2. All The Time In The World (Slangship Brothers remix)
  3. All The Time In The World (FDF dub mix)
  4. All The Time In The World (R' N Roll Vicio mix edit)
  5. All The Time In The World
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ZIMBA (CD single)
Cat: S 1145CD2013. Rel: 11 Mar 14
  1. Zimba (radio version)
  2. Zimba (original mix)
  3. Zimba (Mr Glitch remix)
  4. Zimba (Mastro J remix)
  5. Zimba (Pacolab vs Mr Glitch version)
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Cat: ITS 155. Rel: 16 Jun 17
  1. 1993 (Nacht)
  2. Lucky Lobster (2RMW & Umami - Nacht)
  3. Somebody Lonely & Me (Nacht)
  4. Energie Multimillionar (Nacht)
  5. Ich Bin Die Bass Drum (Nacht)
  6. Hey Schmetterling (Nacht)
  7. Das Herz Irrt Nie (Nacht)
  8. Hotel Sunshine (Nacht)
  9. Bonjour Cherie (2RMW & Dieter Meier - Nacht)
  10. Ich Hor Musik Wenn Ich Dich Seh (Nacht)
  11. 1993 (Tag)
  12. Lucky Lobster (2RMW & Umami - Tag)
  13. Somebody Lonely & Me (Tag)
  14. Energie Multi Millionar (Tag)
  15. Ich Bin Die Bass Drum (Tag)
  16. Hey Schmetterling (Tag)
  17. Das Herz Irrt Nie (Tag)
  18. Hotel Sunshine (Tag)
  19. Bonjour Cherie (2RMW & Dieter Meier - Tag)
  20. Ich Hor Musik Wenn Ich Dich Seh (Tag)
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Drift (CD)
Cat: 776001 2. Rel: 26 Apr 19
  1. Embrace (feat Phoebe Killdeer)
  2. You're Not Alone (feat Blase - album edit)
  3. Areg
  4. It Will Never Be The Same (feat Sacha Rudy)
  5. Call Of The Wild (feat STS)
  6. Dominae
  7. A One Second Flash
  8. Remedy (feat Noemie)
  9. Scala (feat Jacques)
  10. Computer Program Reality
Review: Given that eight years have passed since French techno stalwart Agoria released an album, it's little surprise to find that "Drift" sees him taking what he describes as "a new musical approach". On the accompanying press release, the Gallic veteran has described the set's sound as being inspired by "sitting on your sofa between your guilty pleasure and your tasteful opinion". In other words, it's a more open-minded and eclectic affair that mixes accessible, laidback vocal numbers (see the sparse tech-house-pop of opener "Embrace (feat Phoebe Killdeer)" and cheery chugger "You're Not Alone (feat Blase)" with nods towards wonky, off-kilter electronic hip-hop (STS hook-up "Call Of The Wild") and a swathe of heavier, club-leaning cuts inspired by his love of techno and Italo-disco.
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Akkord (CD)
Cat: HTH 015CD. Rel: 26 Nov 13
  1. Torr Vale
  2. Smoke Circle
  3. 3dOS
  4. Folded Edge
  5. Conveyor
  6. Hex Ad
  7. Channel Drift
  8. Navigate
  9. Rocendal
  10. Undertow
Review: Given their obsession with maths, geometry and clandestine soundscapes, you'd expect this debut album from Manchester-based studio boffins Synkro and Indigo to be a murky, otherworldly affair. That it is isn't much of a surprise, though it's hard not to be impressed by the depth of material on offer. This self titled set effortlessly struts between cranky, angular techno ("3dOS", "Hex Ad"), sparse African rhythms ("Smoke Circle"), Skam-ish IDM ("Fooled Edge"), slo-mo industrial drone ("Channel Drift"), and post-dubstep rhythms ("Navigate", the dubwise "Rocendal"). Throughout, there's a claustrophobic air of intense paranoia that's hard to ignore. Impressive stuff.
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Nost (CD)
Cat: BPC 330CD. Rel: 12 May 17
  1. Mind Journey (2:00)
  2. Innocence (2:00)
  3. Jack My Ass (2:00)
  4. Call Me (2:00)
  5. Electric Eye (2:00)
  6. MMA (2:00)
  7. Physical (2:00)
  8. Stormy Memories (2:00)
  9. Erdmond (2:00)
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Unieqav (CD)
Cat: N 045. Rel: 14 Mar 18
  1. Uni Sub
  2. Uni Mia
  3. Uni Version
  4. Uni Clip
  5. Uni Normal
  6. Uni Mic A
  7. Uni Blue
  8. Uni Mic B
  9. Uni Dna (feat Anne-James Chaton)
  10. Uni Edit
  11. Uni Tra
  12. Uni Chord
Review: Back in 2008, noted experimentalist Alva Noto began a sporadic series of albums that were far more focused on dancefloor-inspired rhythms than his usual eccentric and inspiring fare. Unieqav is the third and, we're told, final part of the series. The album is apparently meant to be a sonic representation of an underwater dive, a conceptual theme which manifests itself through the storied producer's use of deep and atmospheric chords, fluid and occasionally glistening electronics, and rhythms that evoke images of ever-deeper dives into the dark, cold depths. Rhytmically, there are nods to electro, IDM, dub techno and Autechre, though the mood remains laidback and intoxicated throughout.
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Cat: IVCD 09. Rel: 07 Aug 18
  1. The Line (feat Matthew Herbert)
  2. Queen Of Toys
  3. Gerne (feat Gudrun Gut)
  4. Deadlocked (feat Roedelius)
  5. Blind Eye (feat Planningtorock)
  6. Positivland
  7. Helliconia
  8. Futuro Antico
  9. No War
  10. Give Me Your Ghost (feat Jens Kuross)
  11. Oldorado
Review: Innervisions bosses Frank Wiedemann and Kristian Beyer return as Ame, and present their first full length entitled Dream House - described as a home listening styled journey. The German duo spent three years working on the LP and it features collaborations with legends of German electronic music such as Roedelius and Gudrun Gut, as well as Bolivian singer David Lemaitre and Jens Kuross - who was a member of Wiedemann's other venture The Howling, with Ry Cuming. Highlights include their dramatic collaboration with Matthew Herbert "The Line", the upbeat disco number "Blind Eye" (featuring Planningtorock), the chill balearica of "Positivland" and the evocative/melodic dreamscape of "No War".
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Fabric 42: Ame (mixed CD)
Cat: FABRIC 83. Rel: 11 Sep 08
  1. Linkwood - "Hear The Sun"
  2. Even Tuell - "Untitled B!"
  3. Minilogue & KAB - "That's A Nice Way To Give Me Feedback" (Wighnomy Brothers Quintenzirkel Remikks)
  4. Jens Zimmerman/Moondog - "Modmodblubblub/Moondog Monologue"
  5. Mixworks & Alex Picoe - "Berlin Dub"
  6. Armando - "Don't Take It" (Thomos Edit)
  7. STL - "Something Is Raw"
  8. Edward /Those Guys - "Raw Structure/An American Poem" (feat Justus)
  9. 76-79 - "Six Ten"
  10. Henrik Schwarz/Ame/Dixon - "DPOMB" (version 1)
  11. Matthew Styles - "We Said Nothing"
  12. KB Project - "The Symphony"
  13. Gowentgone - "MAM" (Marcel Dettman remix)
  14. LFO vs Fuse - "Loop" (Fuse mix)
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Cat: TRESOR 262C. Rel: 20 Jun 13
  1. Electric Garden (Jazz In The Garden mix)
  2. Electric Dub
  3. Footprints
  4. Electric Garden (original mix)
  5. Treehouse
  6. Mars Garden
  7. Digital Forest
  8. Afterlude
Review: Borderland sees the illustrious Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald join forces for an album of meditative techno for Tresor. The partnership marks the first time Juan Atkins and Moritz von Oswald have directly collaborated in 20 years, though both have regularly assisted each other's work behind the scenes. Von Oswald played an important role in engineering much of Model 500's R&S catalogue, while Atkins supplied his mixing craft and two edits on Thomas Fehlmann & Moritz von Oswald's early '90s project 3MB. This eponymously titled album is skewed toward club-orientated electronic music blessed with a freedom for organic musical experimentation and expect to sink into a soundscape where melodic and textural motifs float in and out of focus.
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Cat: FABRIC 132. Rel: 15 Nov 12
  1. Daniel Avery - "The Eagle"
  2. Cowboy Rhythmbox - "Shake"
  3. Telephones - "Kanal" (Prins Thomas Sure oppstot)
  4. Rework - "Touch Yourself"
  5. Nautiluss - "Troubleman"
  6. Daniel Avery - "Need Electric"
  7. Daniel Avery - "Naive Reception"
  8. Sneaker - "You Think You Think"
  9. Simian Mobile Disco - "Supermoon"
  10. Magnets - "Game Theory"
  11. Daniel Avery & The Deadstock 33s - "Effect Tweak"
  12. Daniel Avery - "Water Jump"
  13. James Welsh - "Something Borrowed"
  14. Daniel Avery - "Taste"
  15. Forward Strategy Group - "Elegant Mistakes"
  16. JR Seaton - "Way Savvy" (Gatto Fritto remix)
  17. Morgan Hammer - "Libillule" (Matt Walsh remix)
  18. Viadrina - "It's OK" (Prince club remix)
  19. Miss Kittin - "Girlz"
  20. Raudive - "Dancing & Slaving"
  21. Kassem Mosse - "Workshop 12 (A1)"
  22. The Asphodells - "Dry Heat"
  23. Compuphonic - "Sequoia"
Review: The rise of London producer Daniel Avery has been little short of staggering. Less than two years ago, he was relatively unknown beyond the confines of blogland. Now, thanks to a string of acclaimed productions and a blossoming DJ career, he's been afforded the opportunity to mix the latest instalment of the FabricLive series. Musically, FabricLive 66 offers a snapshot of where he's at now, delivering a tough but flowing mix of fuzzy electronic rhythms, stripped-back techno, gnarled acid house and tactile, next-level electronica (see Gatto Fritto's superb remix of JR Seaton's "Way Savvy"). There are also occasional forays into electroclash-ish territory (Miss Kittin, Raudive) and a smattering of Avery's own productions, making FabricLive 66 a formidable proposition.
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Intérprete: Hannah Holland
 in stock $5.51
  1. Labyrinthine
  2. Resilient Star
  3. Family Gospel
  4. Child Of Folly
  5. Thoughts & Prayers
  6. Mordechai (A Prophecy)
  7. November's Child
  8. White Rose
  9. Your Fathers' Names
  10. Fault Line
 in stock $10.48
Neu (CD)
Cat: BASTICD 03. Rel: 07 Oct 15
  1. Neu1
  2. Neu2
  3. Neu3
  4. Neu4
  5. Neu5
  6. Neu6
  7. Neu7
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Global Underground #42: Berlin (Collector's Edition) (2xCD box set + book + art prints)
Cat: 019029 6912399. Rel: 29 Mar 19
  1. Markus Guentner - "Crystal Castle"
  2. Barker - "Look How Hard I've Tried"
  3. Phil Kieran - "Solar Storm" (Mano Le Tough remix)
  4. The Drifter & Benjamin Frohlich - "Waterville"
  5. Jossie Telch - "Borders" (Eitan Reiter remix)
  6. Rick Pier O'Neil - "Planetary" (RPO part 1)
  7. Eitan Reiter - "Eat You"
  8. Patrice Baumel - "Expanse"
  9. Shlomo - "MUM"
  10. President Bongo - "Tramontana" (Sturm Der Liebe remix)
  11. Ripperton - "Leonor's Lanugo" (Anders Ilar Leonid dub)
  12. FunkForm - "Synthesia"
  13. Diego Azocar - "Natural" (Matias Chilano remix)
  14. Nicolas Rada - "Cumulonimbus"
  15. Guido Schneider & Daniel Dreier - "Little Helper 290-1"
  16. Patrice Baumel - "Grace"
  17. Phil Kieran - "Empty Vessels"
  18. Steve Moore - "Worldbuilding"
  19. Oostil - "Quantic"
  20. HearThuG - "Crossroads"
  21. Pig&Dan - "Lost Another Angel" (dub)
  22. Mango & Gullen - "Manitoba" (SineRider remix)
  23. Shlomo - "Vanished Breath"
  24. Markus Guentner - "Look At Me"
  25. Egbert - "Trip"
  26. Christian Loffler - "Ghost"
  27. Jesse Somfay - "Lying In A Bed Of Myst"
  28. Patrice Baumel - "Collider"
  29. Mehmet Akar - "Roll The Dice" (Matias Chilano remix)
  30. Edit Select - "Undulation"
  31. Ness - "Thought 1"
  32. Swayzak - "So Cheap"
  33. Luigi Tozzi - "Demersal Zone"
  34. Patrice Baumel - "Mutant Voices"
  35. Guy J - "Fallstar" (Rising mix)
  36. Christopher Bissonnette - "Jour Et Nuit"
  37. Chateau Flight - "Cosmic Race"
  38. Fabrizio Lapiana - "Far Away"
  39. Minilogue - "Clouds & Water"
  40. Aris Kindt - "Every New Thing"
  41. Architectural - "A Girl With No Friends"
  42. Musiccargo - "Ich Geh Den Weg Mit Dir"
  43. Model 500 - "Starlight" (Echospace dub)
  44. Sten - "Squares"
  45. Matthew Dear - "Another"
  46. Jayro - "Jungle" (Fideles remix)
  47. Deepbass & Ness - "Distance"
  48. Reeko - "Electrical Phenomena" (Remake)
  49. Adam Port - "Do You Still Think Of Me?"
Review: For the 42nd stop on the decades-long journey through worldwide DJ culture, Global Underground has pitched up in Berlin and handed over the reins to Patrice Baumel, a Dutch DJ/producer with an impressive track record. The resultant two-disc mix-up is staggeringly good, with Baumel choosing to represent a wide variety of techno and tech-house sounds with occasional diversions into more melodious or off-kilter fare. Wisely, the Dutchman has also chosen to offer up tracks that span the decades, contrasting classic material from the likes of Swayzak, Matthew Dear and Chateau Flight (whose brilliant "Cosmic Race" stands out) with newer cuts from such artists as Shlomo, Steve Moore, Adam Port, Ripperton and the ageless Phil Kieran.
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 in stock $60.84
Cat: 907212 5. Rel: 21 Jan 19
  1. Red Mountain (Kellerkind remix)
  2. Spark (Christian Nielsen remix)
  3. Omega (Quivver remix)
  4. Dark Shadows (Maksim Dark & BOHO remix)
  5. Neighbours (Dapayk remix)
  6. New Fade (Moonbootica remix)
  7. Remember The Vibe (Martin Waslewski remix)
  8. Third Eye (Wankelmut remix)
  9. Good (Alex Heide & ND Catani remix)
  10. Dark Shadows (Tocadisco remix)
  11. Frames (Curtiz Cole remix)
 in stock $13.38
X (CD)
Cat: 907059 6. Rel: 12 Nov 18
  1. Red Mountain
  2. Spark
  3. Omega (with David Keno)
  4. Good
  5. Dark Shadows (with Matchy)
  6. Neighbours
  7. Remember The Vibe
  8. Third Eye (with Seth Schwarz)
  9. Pacific
  10. New Fade
  11. Frames
 in stock $13.38
Cat: MDL 03CD. Rel: 27 Jan 15
  1. Quiet Life
  2. Keep Up Appearances
  3. We Search For Answers
  4. Worship (feat Qzen)
  5. Psychedelic Underground
  6. Shadow Theory
  7. Seraphim
  8. Make It True (feat JoJo De Freq)
  9. Feel Free
  10. Logan Five
Review: Having built their reputation through 12" singles for the likes of Crosstown Rebels and Poker Flat, Dan Berkson and James What deliver their debut album, on their freshly minted imprint Modelmaker. Interestingly, Keep Up Appearances is an altogether warmer, melodious and more evocative set than you'd perhaps expect, with a smattering of rich downtempo cuts joining a solid selection of dancefloor-friendly deep house. You can hear a classic dub techno influence in cuts such as "Keep Up Appearances" and "Shadow Theory", while the acid-flecked, soul-soaked "Make It True" sounds like classic Osunlade. Best of all, though, are the more forthright efforts, with the ragged "Seraphim" standing out.
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  1. Intro
  2. State Of Emergency
  3. Maybe 1 Day (feat Tony Coates)
  4. Child's Play (Lil Strick mix)
  5. Fear No Fear (feat Don Q)
  6. A Soldier's Story
  7. War Dance
  8. Under Tone
  9. Bar Room Brawl
  10. What Up Doe (Omar S remix)
  11. Yllabian Dogfight
  12. 100% Hustler
  13. Buckle Up
  14. Final Hour
 in stock $1.04
Immune (CD)
Cat: SPECTRAL 72. Rel: 02 Jul 09
  1. Meaning & Memory
  2. Hyperlight
  3. I'll Hold Your Hand
  4. What Did You Say
  5. Imitation Lover
  6. Arigato
  7. Subspace Radio
  8. Spacial Harmonics
  9. Immune
 in stock $18.62
Cat: BFMB 33CD. Rel: 07 Apr 17
  1. Digging A Hole (with Craig Walker)
  2. Numb The Pain (with Craig Walker)
  3. Magnolia
  4. Broken Skin (with Daniel Spencer)
  5. Peak (with Yates)
  6. Babylon (with Craig Walker & Urdur)
  7. Eyes Open (with Craig Walker)
  8. Loneliest Boy (with Craig Walker)
  9. All Falls Down (with Craig Walker)
  10. All Of This & Nothing (with Craig Walker)
 in stock $6.46
Galvany Street (limited 2xCD)
Cat: BFMB 33DLX. Rel: 07 Apr 17
  1. Digging A Hole (with Craig Walker)
  2. Numb The Pain (with Craig Walker)
  3. Magnolia
  4. Broken Skin (with Daniel Spencer)
  5. Peak (with Yates)
  6. Babylon (with Craig Walker & Urdur)
  7. Eyes Open (with Craig Walker)
  8. Loneliest Boy (with Craig Walker)
  9. All Falls Down (with Craig Walker)
  10. All Of This & Nothing (with Craig Walker)
  11. Babylon (with Craig Walker & Urdur - single version)
  12. Changes (with Craig Walker - original version)
  13. Broken Skin (with Daniel Spencer - Exclusive Deluxe CD version)
  14. Eyes Open (with Craig Walker - Exclusive Deluxe CD version)
  15. Babylon (with Craig Walker & Urdur - extended version)
Review: Throughout their career as purveyors of tech-house and club-ready electronica, Booka Shade has always boasted a softer, more contemplative side. Most of their albums boast a sprinkling of downtenpo tunes, and they also released a digital-only ambient album, Cinematic Shades (The Slow Songs), in 2008. Galvany Street, their latest full-length, continues this trend, subtly moving away from the dancefloor towards home listening pastures. Of course, there are nods to house and (more surprisingly) dub disco, but the meat of the album is a range of evocative synth-pop, downtempo and electro-soul songs featuring a variety of guest vocalists. While this may still surprise a few, it's arguably one of the duo's strongest albums to date. This "deluxe" edition boasts an additional CD packed with alternative versions of selected tracks.
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 in stock $13.08
Movements 10 (2xCD)
Cat: BFMM 10CD01. Rel: 12 Oct 16
  1. Night Falls (2:00)
  2. Body Language (Interpretation) (2:00)
  3. Paper Moon (2:00)
  4. The Birds & The Beats/At The Window (2:00)
  5. Darko (2:00)
  6. Pong Pang (2:00)
  7. Mandarine Girl (2:00)
  8. Take A Ride (2:00)
  9. Wasting Time (2:00)
  10. In White Rooms (2:00)
  11. Hallelujah USA (2:00)
  12. Lost High (2:00)
  13. Night Falls (Nils Frahm re-work) (2:00)
  14. In White Rooms (Jonas Rathsman reprise) (2:00)
  15. Lost High (Dennis Ferrer remix) (2:00)
  16. Body Language (Interpretation) (Chi Thanh remix) (2:00)
  17. Lost High (Andhim remix) (2:00)
  18. Mandarine Girl (Deetron remix) (2:00)
  19. Wasting Time (MANDY remix) (2:00)
  20. Mandarine Girl (Eat Twisted remake) (2:00)
  21. In White Rooms (Hunter/Game remix) (2:00)
  22. Night Falls (Patrick Topping remix) (2:00)
Review: On its' initial 2006 release, Booka Shade's sophomore album, Movements, really captured the zeitgeist. Arguably the first great album of the post-minimal tech-house era, it mixed their usual hypnotic, undulating dancefloor tracks with more considered, IDM-influenced material. Ten years on, they've decided to reissue it, bundling the original album with a new disc of remixes. These remixes are uniformly excellent, from the intense creepiness of Nils Frahm's soundtrack style revision of "Night Falls", and Dennis Ferrer's deliciously percussive version of "Lost High", the feverish Afro-techno humidity of Andhim's rework of "Lost High", and Eats Everything's throbbing, big room interpretation of "Mandarine Girl" [sic].
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Intérprete: Resident Advisor
$13.63 SAVE 33%
 in stock $9.13
Pentagram (CD)
Cat: KOMPAKTCD 146. Rel: 14 Jun 18
  1. The Walker
  2. The Black Bookshelf
  3. Overload (feat Luciana Villanova)
  4. Forgotten
  5. Forgive Me
  6. Scene 2
  7. Alcazar
  8. The Phoenix (feat Nathan Berger)
  9. Halluciantion (feat BT)
  10. Spur
  11. Pentagram
  12. 618
 in stock $9.57
Cat: BALANCE 001CD. Rel: 21 Feb 18
  1. Dedicated To Sagan
  2. Lost Again
  3. Under The Gun
  4. Tulum
  5. Sleepers
  6. Space Zap Forever
  7. Mote Of Dust
  8. Down & Out
  9. West Hollywood
  10. Television Days
Review: Since debuting on Visionquest back in 2013, Clarian North has served up music on a wide variety of labels - Multi-Culti, Turbo and Kompakt included - all the while mixing vintage new wave influences with more contemporary dancefloor styles. For this long-awaited debut album, he's decided to flip the script a little, serving up a set of drowsy, stylish and left-of-centre cuts that mostly his explore his love of skewed synth-pop and Mascara-clad 1980s new wave. Of course, there are plenty of subtle nods towards other sounds and styles - a dash of spacey ambient here, a tear-jerking shoegaze pop gem there - amongst the DIY post-punk pop workouts, as well as a handful of tracks that move closer to his more familiar dancefloor sound.
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 in stock $10.48
Cat: 405053 8297768. Rel: 25 Aug 17
  1. Weak
  2. Bo & Wing
  3. Old Jam
  4. Take Flight
  5. Darkside (feat Chelou)
  6. Lucky Charm
  7. Blackout
  8. Unholy
  9. A Chemical Affair (feat Wendy Rae Fowler)
  10. Misty Morning (feat Wendy Rae Fowler)
  11. Keep Me Warm (feat Gaps)
  12. Let You Go
  13. Won't Let You Down
  14. On My Way
  15. Go On & Make It Through
  16. Cherry Bomb
  17. Chasing Sunshine
  18. Golden Days
  19. Werk
  20. Passing Me By
  21. Trails
  22. Stay
  23. Pulse
  24. Starlight
Review: Four years have passed since Maya Jane Coles' last full-length excursion (2015's set as Nocturnal Sunshine not included), so it's perhaps unsurprising that Take Flight is something of a long and undulating epic. Featuring 24 tracks stretched across two CDs and a string of eager collaborators (Chelou, Rachel Butt of GAPS fame and We Fell To Earth singer Wendy Rae Fowler being arguably the best known), Take Flight is little less than an extended showcase for the DJ/producer's particular bland of shuffling, tactile tech-house, tweaked to suit the demands of radio and home listeners. One reviewer recently described it "love letter to dance music", and Coles' many fans will no doubt agree.
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Intérprete: Ben Gomori
 in stock $12.58
Balance 030 (mixed 2xCD)
Cat: BAL 023CD. Rel: 01 May 18
  1. Ben Lukas Boysen & Sebastian Plano - "A Greater Pattern"
  2. Bing & Ruth - "The How Of It Sped" (mix cut)
  3. Nils Frahm - "For" (Max Cooper remix)
  4. Bxentric - "Afon"
  5. Max Cooper - "Balance" (Perc Tool)
  6. Geotic - "Actually Smiling"
  7. Agrippa - "Ziplash"
  8. Portable Sunsets - "Straylight" (Dave DK remix)
  9. Max Cooper - "Music Of The Tides"
  10. Nils Frahm & Olafur Arnalds - "23:52"
  11. Deapmash - "Blocks"
  12. Burnski - "Control"
  13. Tenebre - "Axe Nord-Sud"
  14. Lusine - "Ticking Hands" (feat Sarah McIlwain)
  15. Donato Dozzy - "A Ritmica"
  16. Batu - "Stairwells"
  17. Max Cooper - "Organa" (Patrice Baumel Balance remix)
  18. Max Cooper - "Resynthesis"
  19. Lusine - "Tropopause" (Loscil remix)
  20. Tim Hecker - "Chimeras"
  21. Brecon - "Half Light"
  22. Tessela - "Helter Skelter"
  23. Rob Clouth - "Shedding Layers"
  24. Hidden Orchestra - "Wingbeats" (Max Cooper remix)
  25. Rob Clouth - "Transition" (Ben Lukas Boysen remix)
  26. Kimyan Law - "Luba"
  27. Com Truise - "Ternary"
  28. Rob Clouth - "Silica"
  29. HLZ - "Dream Source"
  30. LSB - "About Tonight"
  31. Lee Chapman - "Believe In Something"
  32. Belief Defect - "Disembarking Horizons"
  33. Alix Perez - "Blips"
  34. Atoms For Peace - "Default"
  35. Vaetxh - "Unfolding Mechanism"
  36. Rival Consoles - "What Sorrow"
Review: Max Cooper has long been known as a DJ and producer whose immense technical skills are matched by an open-minded desire to try different things. Bearing in this in mind, you'd expect his two-disc contribution to the long-running Balance series to be rather special. Happily, it is, with the Nottingham-raised artist doing his best to balance (sorry) his desire to do things differently with the need to entertain. That makes for a fluid, slowly shifting and hugely entertaining affair where drifting experimental ambience, dewy-eyed deep house, acid-fired electro, melodious techno and weighty rhythm tracks rub shoulders with hazy tech-house, loved-up leftfield pop, crunchy IDM and the kind of clanking, industrial-influenced compositions that defy easy categorization.
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Harbour (CD)
Cat: FNU 07CD. Rel: 09 Mar 17
  1. Harbour
  2. Watching Over You
  3. U-Camargue
  4. Sink This Ship
  5. Drops
  6. Nightshades
  7. Tempest
  8. Just Be Found
  9. Rain
  10. Stop Running
  11. Favorite Song
  12. The Field
$11.28 SAVE 33%
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DJ Kicks (mixed CD)
Cat: K 7346CD. Rel: 27 Jan 17
  1. Nils Frahm - "Ode"
  2. Matthew Dear - "Wrong With Us (DJ-Kicks)"
  3. Mahal - "Ongaku" (HVL remix)
  4. Monsieur Georget - "Double Lune" (Third Child Boomer mix)
  5. Kreon - "Silo Sol"
  6. Caserta - "Ricky" (Thatmanmonkz remix)
  7. Gwilym Gold X Doc Daneeka - "Lust For Sale" (MGF mix)
  8. Smoke - "Nuutri"
  9. Decius - "Bread & Butter"
  10. Italojohnson - "ITJ10B1"
  11. Vin Sol - "Instinct" (Matrixxman remix)
  12. Groovesh - "Glowing"
  13. Duff Disco - "Feed The Horse"
  14. Dudley Strangeways - "Hallam"
  15. Alex & Digby - "Angolan Rumble"
  16. Gary Sloan & Clone - "Harmonitalk" (Alex & Digby edit)
  17. Randomer - "Rendell Pips"
  18. Markus Enochson - "Hot Juice Box"
  19. Simian Mobile Disco - "Staring At All This Handle"
  20. Pearson Sound - "XLB"
  21. Soulphiction - "Sky So High"
  22. Audion - "Live Breakdown"
  23. Audion - "Starfucker"
  24. Audion - "Brines"
  25. DJ Khalab & Baba Sissoko - "Kumu"
 in stock $11.80
Cat: 190296 945236. Rel: 12 Oct 18
  1. Andy Cato - "7am Drop"
  2. Timmy P - "Harv"
  3. Kled Baken - "If Ya Don't Know" (James Dexter remix)
  4. Artes - "Bright Side" (Lauren Lo Sung remix)
  5. Prunk - "Sexy Brazil"
  6. Son Of Raw - "A Black Man In Space" (Sax mix)
  7. Dee Montero - "Aeon" (Drums mix)
  8. Joeski & DJ Chus - "El Amor (A Capella Do Amor)"
  9. Danny Howells - "Isolar"
  10. Kerri Chandler - "Checkmate"
  11. Tim Weeks - "Illuminate"
  12. Brian Cid - "Pitch Black"
  13. Chicola & Sahar Z - "They Made Me Do It"
  14. Made By Pete - "So Long" (feat Jem Cooke - Audiojack remix)
  15. Denney - "Genena"
  16. Jerome Hadey - "I Wonder" (feat Qendresa - Ninetoes remix)
  17. Chus & Ceballos & Dennis Cruz - "The Sun" (Drums mix)
  18. Layo & Bushwacka! - "Delta Ahead" (Maher Daniel remix)
  19. Audiojack - "Reverie"
  20. Re.You & Floyd Lavine - "Humanity" (LAWLER remix)
  21. Soul Of Man - "Dirty Waltzer" (Denney Nubreed edit)
  22. Serge Devant - "Frenzy"
  23. LORDIE - "Alpha" (Darius Syrossian remix)
  24. Franky Rizardo - "I'm Feelin'"
  25. Catz 'n Dogz - "Elixir" (Jonathan Kaspar remix)
  26. John Creamer & Stephane K - "I Wish You Were Here" (feat Nkemdi - Omid 16B Revisit remix)
  27. Jacobi & Housekeeping - "Hov Areq" (feat Iveta)
  28. Eelke Kleijn - "The Calling"
  29. Richie Blacker & Loeca - "Angel"
Review: The Nubreed series has built amazing momentum over the past year and Global Underground are very proud to announce Denney as the newest DJ to turn in a future classic for the iconic series. The British producer has stated that this three month labour of love resulted in the most personal and emotive selection of music he has made in his career thus far. He thought his Essential Mix was tough going - but mixing Nubreed 12 he felt he reached another level. Features 29 tracks, including four exclusives from Denney and friends, with highlights such as the artist's own "Genena", the Andy Cato classic "7AM Drop", legend Danny Howell's massive "Isolar" and the progressive house classic "I Wish You Were Here" by John Creamer & Stephane K (feat Nkemdi - Omid 16B Revisit remix).
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Last Night At Output (mixed 6xCD box set in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: BEDOUT CD. Rel: 29 May 19
  1. Eagles & Butterflies - "The Last Dance" (CD1)
  2. Agoria - "Singing" (feat Scalde - Dixon Dlub)
  3. Geist - "Tiny Little Things" (Tripswitch remix)
  4. Butch & Julie Marghilano - "Last Tango" (Daso remix)
  5. Pablo Sanchez - "Daydream" (Pablo Bolivar remix)
  6. Emilie Nana - "I Rise" (Francois K Journey vocal)
  7. Martin Buttrich - "Southwest"
  8. Alex Niggemann - "Zoulou"
  9. Florian Kruse & Tesla Nix - "I Am Here" (Andre Kronert remix)
  10. Mulya - "Cyclone"
  11. Mulya - "Romeo"
  12. Nathan Fake - "The Sky Was Pink" (Holden remix)
  13. Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Orchestra - "Too Much Information" (Laolu remix edit)
  14. Raxon - "Enter Galactic"
  15. Raw District - "Ranking"
  16. Danny Howells - "Earthlings X" (Jimpster remix)
  17. Martin Buttrich - "Northeast"
  18. Jonas Rathsman - "Lost Youth"
  19. Randall Jones - "53 Stickup"
  20. Pig & Dan - "Crazy"
  21. Ame - "Den Ratta"
  22. Kenneth Bager & Phunk - "Farmacia (A Homage To Frankfurt)"
  23. Agoria - "Scala"
  24. Eagles & Butterflies, John Digweed & Nick Muir - "Crazy Diamond"
  25. Acumen & Timid Boy - "Chicago Story" (Oxia remix)
  26. C12 - "Hooked On Coke (Tunnel Line)" (feat Jole - Judy)
  27. Aaaron - "Janus"
  28. All Is Well - "Jarry"
  29. Massimiliano Pagliara - "Raving At The Acropolis"
  30. Verche - "Rapid Eye Movement"
  31. Sobek - "Modest Is Hottest"
  32. Steve Bug & Langenberg - "Chord Cluster" (Cassy Full On dub mix)
  33. Oliver Huntemann - "Rotlicht" (Raxon remix)
  34. John Digweed & Nick Muir - "Satellite" (Oxia remix)
  35. Anja Schneider - "Run The City"
  36. Argy - "La Vida"
  37. Andre Hommen - "Nowadays"
  38. PBR Streetgang - "Transfunction" (Tom Demac remix)
  39. Raxon - "Destiny"
  40. Super Flu - "Selee"
  41. Frankyeffe - "Red Giant" (Nicolas Masseyeff remix)
  42. Quenum - "Blue Mountain"
  43. Beanfield - "Human Patterns" (Roman Flugel remix)
  44. Layo & Bushwacka! - "Now Is The Time" (2020 Soundsystem remix)
  45. Acid Pauli - "Ayam" (Red Axes remix)
  46. Ame - "Tatischeff"
  47. Jean Pierre & Trangaz - "Flying Through You" (Per Hammer End Station mix)
  48. Tom Flynn - "The Future" (feat AMP Fiddler - Claude VonStroke remix)
  49. Hot Since 82 Vs Joe T Vannelli - "The End" (feat Csilla - Richie G remix)
  50. Flowers & Sea Creatures - "Color The Rain" (Stereocalypse remix)
  51. Paul Rutherford - "Get Real" (Just Be Re-Rub)
  52. Frankyeffe - "Eterea"
  53. Ivory - "Super"
  54. Fairmont - "Modol"
  55. Better Lost Than Stupid - "Inside" (dub)
  56. Josh Wink - "Mars Beats"
  57. Josh Wink - "Aries In Mars "
  58. Laurent Garnier - "Swinging @ Da Suga!"
  59. Shiffer - "Ourselves Behind Ourselves" (The Drifter remix)
  60. Reset Robot - "Velleity"
  61. Pig & Dan - "Jaguar" (Alberto Ruiz remix)
  62. Pig & Dan - "Reset Your Bassline"
  63. Future Beat Alliance - "Pitch Black"
  64. James Holden - "The Wheel"
  65. Marc Romboy - "Sequential Error"
  66. Nathan Fake - "Adamedge"
  67. Laurent Garnier - "Electric Djjedi Disco Biscuit"
  68. Madben - "Acid Madness"
  69. Oliver Lieb - "Violet Phosphorous"
  70. Drag & Drop - "Discolabirinto"
  71. Choice - "Acid Eifell"
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Bedrock XX (4xCD (2xCD mixed, 2xCD unmixed))
Cat: BED 20CD. Rel: 08 Aug 18
  1. Eagles & Butterflies - "Crazy Diamond" (vs John Digweed & Nick Muir - reprise)
  2. Yunus Guvenen - "K'aisha"
  3. Guy J - "End Of Lost Cause "
  4. John Digweed & Nick Muir - "Organia"
  5. Quivver - "On & On"
  6. Robert Babicz - "Dream Machine"
  7. Josh Wink - "BPM"
  8. Martin Eyerer - "El Circulo"
  9. Fairmont - "Malinalli"
  10. Musumeci - "Wssof"
  11. Monkey Safari - "Xelerator"
  12. Marc Romboy - "Laika"
  13. Hannes Bieger - "Mauna Loa"
  14. Ruede Hagelstein - "Chromapark"
  15. Paco Osuna - "Your Lights"
  16. Sam Paganini - "Endless" (feat Zoe)
  17. Lee Van Dowski - "Ironclad"
  18. Pig&Dan - "Pick Me Up"
  19. Oliver Lieb - "Osyris"
  20. Alan Fitzpatrick - "Vibes"
  21. Ian O'Donovan - "Whiteout"
  22. Josh Wink - "BPM"
  23. Hannes Bieger - "Mauna Loa"
  24. Robert Babicz - "Dream Machine"
  25. Quivver - "On & On"
  26. Yunus Guvenen - "K'aisha"
  27. Monkey Safari - "Xelerator"
  28. Ian O'Donovan - "Whiteout"
  29. Musumeci - "Wssof"
  30. Guy J - "End Of Lost Cause"
  31. Eagles & Butterflies - "Crazy Diamond" (vs John Digweed & Nick Muir - reprise)
  32. John Digweed & Nick Muir - "Organia" (intro)
  33. Marc Romboy - "Laika"
  34. Oliver Lieb - "Osyris"
  35. Fairmont - "Malinalli"
  36. Martin Eyerer - "El Circulo"
  37. Sam Paganini - "Endless" (feat Zoe)
  38. Pig&Dan - "Pick Me Up"
  39. Paco Osuna - "Your Lights"
  40. Lee Van Dowski - "Ironclad"
  41. Ruede Hagelstein - "Chromapark"
  42. Alan Fitzpatrick - "Vibes"
Review: Ever the progressive futurist, John Digweed has decided to celebrate two decades of his Bedrock parties and record label not with an epic retrospective, but rather a compilation entirely made up of new, previously unreleased recordings. In typical Digweed fashion, the first two discs feature these 42 tracks mixed into a seamless journey by the man himself, with the same material featuring in full-length, un-mixed form on discs three and four. For fans of the producer's melodious and atmospheric take on house, techno and downtempo grooves, there's much to enjoy, including sublime cuts from the likes of Yunus Guvenen, Guy J, Marc Romboy, Oliver Lieb, Nick Muir (Digweed's long-serving studio partner), Quiver and Pig&Dan.
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Cat: ZYX 82790-2. Rel: 02 Apr 15
  1. The Cube Guys - "La Verite" (original mix)
  2. Gareth Stirling - "This Is House" (original mix)
  3. Vangelis Kostoxenakis - "Red Wolf" (ZDS remix)
  4. Bob Sinclair - "Sea Lion Woman" (Gregory Cabayan remix)
  5. Jimmy Kennedy & Aneesh Gera - "Home" (feat Pryce Oliver - David Bernardi remix)
  6. Ninetoes - "Finder" (Klardust remix)
  7. Chocolate Puma - "Step Back" (feat Kriss Kriss)
  8. The 49ers - "I Got The Music" (Noize Frenzy remix)
  9. Patrick Hoffman - "Topspot" (Hochanstaendig remix)
  10. Jupiter Project & Jetski Safari - "With You" (feat Helen Corry - Majik J dub mix)
  11. Grant Miller - "Colder Than Ice" (BK Duke tech house extended mix)
  12. Prezioso - "Tell Me Why" (feat Tom Franke - original extended mix)
  13. Mason - "Exceeder" (Umek & Mike Vale remix)
  14. Audiomodelz - "U Got 2 Let The Music" (Sean Finn remix)
  15. Baby's Gang - "Challenger" (club mix)
  16. Yas Cepeda, The Adventure - "Inception" (original mix)
  17. Mea - "Get Get" (original mix)
  18. Damier Soul - "We Are Back" (original mix)
  19. Roy Rosenfeld & Format:B - "Human Dynamo" (original)
  20. PMX Soundz - "My Soul" (original mix)
  21. David Phillips - "Doogiehouser" (original)
  22. Darlyn Vlys - "The End" (original)
  23. Raul Duran - "He Keeps" (original mix)
  24. Dompe - "House Kitchen" (original)
  25. Pig&Dan - "Wet Velvet" (original mix)
  26. The Cheapers - "Autumn Blues" (original)
  27. George Cooper - "Heroes" (Joris Dee remix)
  28. Earwax - "Push The Button" (original mix)
  29. Luca Debonair & Dave Rose - "Keep Fallin" (club mix)
  30. Truck & Trailer - "Kiss Me" (original mix)
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5 (CD)
Cat: DJEB 00CD. Rel: 17 Nov 16
  1. Intro (Heartbeat) (2:00)
  2. Flamingo (2:00)
  3. Nineties Playground (2:00)
  4. Mister Bastard (2:00)
  5. Heartgroover (2:00)
  6. D.B Cooper (2:00)
  7. The Other Night (2:00)
  8. God's Dreams (2:00)
  9. Ideal Dawn (2:00)
  10. Passions (2:00)
  11. Seven Blessings (2:00)
  12. Suzaku (feat John Dimas) (2:00)
Review: Given his prolific nature, it's perhaps surprising to find that 5 is actually Medhi Djebali's debut album. The title was apparently chosen as both a nod to the fifth anniversary of his self-titled label, and as a reflection of the number of months it took the Parisian to record it. As you might expect, it's an enjoyable collection of largely club-friendly cuts, with Djebali offering nods towards Robsoul style tech-house ("Nineties Playground", "Mister Bastard"), spacey ambience ("Heartgroover", "The Other Night"), acid (the funk-fuelled "D.B Cooper", "God's Dreams"), and warm, early morning deep house ("Seven Blessings", "Ideal Dawn"). To round things off, he also includes a head-nodding chunk of dreamy instrumental hip-hop (John Dimas collaboration "Suzaku").
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Intérprete: Politics Of Dancing
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Cat: 3000CD 15. Rel: 26 Feb 19
  2. KOTAU
  3. Where's The Love (feat Kijana)
  4. Clouds
  5. Tattoo (feat Anduze)
  6. Quiet Storm
  7. Eating Me (feat Kijana)
  8. Cinabon
  9. Glass Town
  10. Tigerbeat
  11. Minus Dance
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Serenade (2xCD)
Cat: 744011 5. Rel: 05 Feb 18
  1. Serenade (Movement I)
  2. Maan
  3. Biscarrosse
  4. Nightingale
  5. Marin
  6. Seesaw
  7. Nordkapp
  8. Cenote (Movement II)
  9. Nob Hill
  10. Prana
  11. Ayana
  12. Precious
Review: On his latest long player - his first for three years, fact fans - Berlin-based tech-house producer Samuel Kindermann has attempted to fuse electronic music with the sweeping strings and considered compositions of classical music. To this end, he's spit the resulting tracks into two classical-style "movements". Disc one contains the club-focused material ("Movement 1"), a melodious an attractive selection of positive dancefloor tracks rich in joyously tuneful motifs, glistening electronics and soaring orchestration. He flips the script on disc two, showcasing the dowtempo side of his personality for the first time. Here, you'll hear deep space ambient, warm and woozy IDM and a clutch of inspired, neo-classical inspired soundscapes.
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Unknown (CD in slip-case)
Cat: CORCD 044. Rel: 26 Oct 18
  1. We Are The Asteroid!
  2. Fischmarkt On Acid
  3. Ausloser
  4. Ort Und Impuls
  5. Runway Hitchhiker
  6. Die Vorahnung
  7. St Morley
  8. Under The Fridge
  9. Das Diktat
  10. Streetwise
  11. Die Zitrone Der Schopfung
  12. Herzstuck
Review: It took Extrawelt some five years to get round to recording last year's wonderfully expansive and on-point "Fear of an Extra Planet", a willfully eclectic album that remains a high point of their production career. Happily, "Unknown", their fourth album, didn't take nearly as long to gestate. Interestingly, it's more tightly focused than previous outings, consisting almost entirely of electro workouts. While there are subtle nuances and incremental shifts throughout - a little more acid here, a nod to early '90s IDM there, and regular tempo changes throughout - the majority of the album is as spacey, weighty and punchy as you'd expect. It's almost as if the German duo has spent the last year exclusively listening to Drexciya and Central Processing Unit records. Superb stuff.
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Los Lagos (CD)
Cat: KOMPAKTCD 148. Rel: 04 Sep 18
  1. Lowenzahnzimmer
  2. Window
  3. Morrislouis
  4. Tempelhof (feat Max Loderbauer)
  5. Freiluft
  6. Triggerism
  7. Neverevernever
  8. Geworden
Review: With nearly 40 years experience as a producer, having collaborated with everyone from Holger Hiller, Moritz Von Oswald and Juan Atkins among others, Swiss legend Thomas Fehlmann presents Los Lagos ('The Lakes'). It's his seventh solo full-length (and fourth for Koelsch institution Kompakt), following his Berlin inspired 2010 LP Gute Luft. The multi-talented composer and long standing member of The Orb embarked on a deep journey of soul searching while recording the album - and in the process incorporated elements of art, disco, minimalism, jazz and funk. A collection of glacial and textural dub introversions as best exemplified on "Lowenzahnzimmer" or "Morrislouis", but he also makes room for moments of pulsating hypnotic dancefloor dynamics ("Triggerism") and moments of lush ambient bliss reminiscent of his work with Dr. Alex Patterson on "Geworden".
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Cat: KOMPAKTCD 94. Rel: 06 Oct 11
  1. Is This Power
  2. It's Up There
  3. Burned Out
  4. Arpeggiated Love
  5. Looping State Of Mind
  6. Then It's White
  7. Sweet Slow Baby
Review: For his third full-length for the constantly enduring Kompakt label, Axel Willner has decided to take his enduring brand of Balearic loop techno to grandiose new heights. Sonically, the template remains the same - intoxicating layers of guitar, voice and ambient synth loops atop hypnotic dancefloor grooves - but the resultant tracks are just, well, bigger - cinematic, even. Given Willner's inherent skill at producing this kind of baggy, organic techno, the results are rarely less than impressive. As a result, Looping State Of Mind makes for thoroughly enjoyable listening, simultaneously appearing ambitiously big and pleasantly intimate. He deserves enormous credit for pulling it off.
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Dots & Pearls 4 (mixed CD)
Cat: CORMIX 055. Rel: 14 Apr 17
  1. OFF - "Electrica Salsa" (feat Sven Vath - Roman Flugel remix)
  2. Mirko Loko - "Artificiel"
  3. Wouter De Moor - "Tesla Coil"
  4. Tim Green - "Among Wolves"
  5. Christian Burkhardt - "Karambolage"
  6. Jimi Jules - "Euphrasia"
  7. Einzelkind & Robin Scholz presents Rhythm Factory - "N.2Guts"
  8. Chymera - "7 Hours"
  9. Markus Fix - "Baroon"
  10. Sven Vath - "Robot" (Kolsch remix)
  11. Argy - "How Late It Was, How Late"
  12. Ricardo Tobar - "Red Light" (Lawrence remix)
Review: For the fourth installment of their Dots & Pearls mix series, in which a selected DJ gets busy with the label's back catalogue, Cocoon has enlisted the services of Frankfurt's Markus Fix. His mix is designed to showcase the melodious and atmospheric tech-house tracks lurking in the Cocoon vaults, and predictably does a fine job of fulfilling this remit. There are impressive contributions from the likes of Sven Vath, Tim Green and Chymera, plus a quartet of previously unreleased tracks. These are invariably excellent; check, for example, Fix's own "Baroon" - a kind of woozy 21st century riff on the '88 "Pure Trance" version of The KLF's "What Time Is Love" - and the ethereal melodies and early morning fuzz of Argy's "How Late It Was, How Late".
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Cat: FABRIC 118. Rel: 16 Sep 11
  1. Intro
  2. Micheal Redolfi - "Immersion Partielle"
  3. Crazy Bald Heads - "First Born"
  4. Persian - "Feel Da Vibe"
  5. KH - "101112"
  6. Youngstar (Musical Mob) - "Pulse X"
  7. Crazy Bald Heads - "First Born"
  8. Floating Points - "Sais" (dub)
  9. Apple - "Mr Bean"
  10. Caribou - "Webers"
  11. Big Bird - "Flav" (Urban Myths remix)
  12. Genius - "Waiting"
  13. Four Tet - "Fabric"
  14. David Borden - "The Continuing Story Of Counterpoint" (part 9)
  15. STL - "Dark Energy"
  16. Percussions - "Percussions One"
  17. C++ - "Angie's Fucked"
  18. Burial - "Street Halo"
  19. KMA - "Cape Fear"
  20. WK7 - "Higher Power"
  21. Ricardo Villalobos - "Sieso"
  22. Four Tet - "Pyramid"
  23. Red Rack'Em - "How I Program"
  24. Active Minds - "Hobson's Choice (Tune For Da Man Dem)"
  25. Armando Gallop & Steve Poindexter - "Blackholes"
  26. Outro
  27. Four Tet - "Locked"
Review: The Fabriclive series maintains its fine run of form with Four Tet's eagerly anticipated inclusion into the canon. Stitching together field recordings of the club itself, ambient tracks from Michel Redolfi and David Borden, a selection of lost, dusty UK garage from the likes of Persian and Crazy Bald Heads and recent productions from Burial and Floating Points, it's not so much a DJ set as an impressionistic rendition of Hebden's own memories of clubbing itself. Considering the fact that Hebden's own productions are usually so saturated in melody, it's a relatively dark mix, dominated by murky bass tones and sharp, brittle beats, with a constantly shifting sense of urgency that encourages rapt attention throughout. The stellar mix is capped off with two brand new Four Tet tracks, "Pyramid" and "Locked", which only seek to highlight his growing ability to produce devastating club tracks.
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Intérprete: Hero Records
 in stock $5.51
Cat: 3000CD 16. Rel: 14 May 19
  1. The Green Lake
  2. Lost For Ages
  3. Fuck The War
  4. Stardust (album version)
  5. Endless Space
  6. Black Hole
  7. Forgotten Realm
  8. Planet Sojus
  9. Suburban
  10. The Anomaly
  11. One Hopeful Day
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Her Future Ghost (mixed CD)
Cat: CORCD 042. Rel: 18 May 18
  1. New Life
  2. He Future Ghost
  3. Colliding
  4. The Opera
  5. Echo
  6. The Incident
  7. Evaded
  8. Same Life
  9. They Want Us To Fall Down
  10. He Fell
Review: Tim Green has been promising to deliver a debut album for much of his decade-long career, so it's good to see that it has finally arrived. It comes on the back of strong dancefloor-friendly singles for Get Physical, Dirtybird and, of course, Cocoon. Intriguingly, Green produced Her Future Ghost as "a film soundtrack for a film that doesn't exist", and the album is shot through with cinematic tropes (think sweeping musical movements, atmospheric compositions, a loose narrative and exploration of a variety of moods). That's not to say that he's abandoned the dancefloor completely, of course; like recent single "Echo" (which is of course included here), the majority of the tracks pepper European techno and tech-house style grooves with rising and falling synthesizer melodies, emotion-rich chords and mood-altering electronics.
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From My Mind To Yours (unmixed 2xCD in hardback sleeve)
Cat: PLUS8 25CD. Rel: 11 Dec 15
  1. Plastikman - "No Way Back"
  2. Childsplay - "Stretching"
  3. Plastikman - "Cirkus"
  4. 80XX - "Creepr"
  5. Fuse - "Them"
  6. Plastikman - "Purrkussiv"
  7. Plastikman - "Gymnastiks"
  8. RHX - "Excusion"
  9. Fuse - "Close"
  10. Robotman - "Simple Simon"
  11. 80XX - "Grindr"
  12. Circuit Breaker - "Systematic"
  13. Plastikman - "Akrobatix"
  14. 80XX - "Creatur"
  15. Plastikman vs Fuse - "Expanded"
  16. RHX - "Extensions"
Review: This year, Richie Hawtin has been in a nostalgic mood. With the Plus 8 label he co-founded reaching the grand old age of 25, he's been revisiting his youth and releasing a series of anonymous - but barely disguised - white label 12" singles that doff a cap to his most famous early projects, including FUSE, Circuit Breaker and Plastikman. Here he gathers those together, alongside other similarly minded tracks, on the surprise full length From My Mind To Yours. Largely focused on drum machine jack-tracks, acid, electro and no-nonsense techno, the two-disc set's 16 tracks feel like products of another time. Given the quality of Hawtin's work throughout the '90s, though, this is no bad thing.
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Moments (CD)
Cat: FATCD 015. Rel: 07 Jul 16
  1. Helio (2:00)
  2. Venice (2:00)
  3. Ginger (2:00)
  4. Purple (2:00)
  5. Mandrill (2:00)
  6. Joker (2:00)
  7. Comonia (2:00)
  8. Bob (2:00)
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Fabric 68 (CD)
Cat: FABRIC 135. Rel: 13 Feb 13
  1. Lumiere
  2. Chestii Socoteli
  3. In Miriste
  4. La Cuba
  5. Anima
  6. Chosen
  7. Seara-N Crang
  8. FH Dub
  9. Flurimba
  10. Basso Ostinato
  11. Vastu' Da Gama
  12. Dansul Libelulei
  13. Je T'aime Lori
  14. Murgul
  15. Bodiu Radu Dumitru - "Piano Preludes"
Review: Given that he took his DJ/production pseudonym from the name of a 19th century Romanian writer of folk stories, it's no surprise that Petre Insperescu's chosen form of techno is shuffling, atmospheric and classically-minded. Sitting somewhere between Luciano, Ricardo Villalobos and Nicholas Jaar, his sparse but well-rounded productions are simultaneously pleasingly calming and genuinely energetic, full of curious touches (a twinkling, distant piano here, a cut-glass string trio there) and gentle exploration. Gathered together and mixed into a seamless whole, as on this first mix for Fabric, they offer an intriguing journey that should appeal to all those who love their techno subdued and atmospheric.
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Cat: MULEMUSIQCD 56. Rel: 28 Mar 17
  1. Miroslav 1
  2. Miroslav 2
  3. Miroslav 3
  4. Miroslav 4
  5. Miroslav 5
  6. Miroslav 6
  7. Miroslav 7
Review: Back in 2015, Petre Inspirescu popped up on Mule Musiq with Vin Pholie, an album considered a significant departure from his previous work. While he made his name with club-ready, heavily textured takes on tech-house and minimal techno, Vin Pholie saw him work with piano, strings and woodwind instruments for the first time, resulting in a set that sat somewhere between ambient and neo-classical. Vintul Prin Salcii, his belated follow-up, explores similar sonic territory, adding in vintage synthesizers and occasional nods to dub techno - see the becalmed pulse of "Miroslav 3" - to slightly broaden the approach. The result is a melodious sequence of musical movements that also doffs a sly wink to krautrock synthesizer pioneers as well as classical composers, American minimalists and ambient legends.
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