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Lost & Found 2012-2023
Lost & Found 2012-2023 (6xLP box set in spot-varnished box)
Cat: LFBOX 001. Rel: 19 Feb 24
Guy J - "Seven" (8:56)
Pedro Aguiar - "Ego Tripping" (Guy J remix) (7:53)
Sahar Z & Guy Mantzur - "Our Foggy Trips" (10:19)
Kevin Di Serna & Ditan - "Crystal Forest" (6:48)
Sahar Z & Guy Mantzur - "Temporary Sanity" (Cornucopia remix) (9:20)
Moshic - "Feed My Soul" (feat Joe Elbaz - Guy J remix) (8:21)
Khen & Guy Mantzur - "Children With No Name" (feat Kamila) (10:05)
1979 - "Where Are You" (6:28)
Khen - "Land Of Goshen" (Patrice Baumel remix) (7:18)
Matteo Bruscagin & Visnadi - "Drps Classic" (Guy J remix) (9:31)
Chicola - "Yoav" (7:46)
Khen - "Authentica" (7:58)
BP - "Inspirado Por Usted" (11:31)
Budakid - "Memories" (6:25)
Sahar Z & Navar - "When We Face Reality" (Khen Bronzed re-edit) (7:24)
Hermanez - "Gate Of Falganda" (9:32)
Stereo Underground - "Northern Lights" (6:55)
Eitan Reiter - "All That I Know" (Guy J remix) (8:20)
Roy Rosenfeld - "Helena" (7:21)
Kevin Yost - "Persistence" (7:50)
Kasper Koman - "Hi" (8:05)
Marino Canal - "All The Right Endings" (6:58)
Eli Nissan - "Arpu" (7:49)
Navar - "The Liquid Escape" (7:37)
Review: Lost & Found might quite a mark on the progressive scene after 100 releases over the 11 years it was in operation. Having closed down mid-way through last year, fans of the label were still clamouring for a best of compilation. The label heard these requests and decided to make one last going away present in the fantastic form of a box set! Six records in total! Some of these tracks were only available on digital prior to this release makes this package extra special. Inside are big label hits like Kevin Yost's 'Persistence', Guy J - 'Seven' & Khen's 'Authentica'. To pick 24 tracks to represent the history of the label must have been a daunting task. Progressive heads are celebrating with this amazing retrospective from Lost & Found
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 in stock $97.86
Eastside EP
Cat: AR 019. Rel: 19 Feb 24
You Always Hank Bank One Time (7:32)
Another Spring Lover (6:30)
I'm Gonna Be The Everything (6:20)
Slick Nickle Pladium Investment (4:19)
Review: Adeen Records is on a roll right now and this time out they welcome the Detroit hero that is Marcellus Pittman for a new and beguiling four-track 12". Known for his work with The 3 Chairs collective as well as his solo jams, this Motor City mainstay opens up with 'You Always Hank Bank One Time' which is a real mental maze of rickety loops and blurts of degraded synth. 'Another Spring Lover' is another rusty and lo-fi piece of archetypal Detroit house that is very clearly machine music but with a unique sense of human soul. 'I'm Gonna Be The Everything' is a raw drum track with sparse, heartwarming chords and 'Slick Nickle Pladium Investment' is a knackered downbeat hip-hop closer. Magnificent.
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 in stock $14.51
The Greatest Thing Alive
Cat: TOOL 1213. Rel: 13 Feb 24
Greatest Thing Alive (6:08)
Lady (Hear Me Tonight) (6:29)
Review: Toolroom head honcho Mark Knight has pulled out all the stops here and joined forces with some of house music's biggest names. His ow-slung new tune 'The Greatest Thing Alive' is a collab with the one and only Chicago don Green velvet plus James Hurr and it has already made an impact on global dancefloors since its digital release in October last year. Between these talents they all dig deep and cook up something perfectly chunky and detailed with fresh percussion. It's the sort of tune that will blow up in Miami and has the addition of Green Velvet's take on the classic 'Mannish Boy' from Muddy Waters.
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 in stock $15.56
Night Fall
Cat: PRTR 29. Rel: 19 Feb 24
Service Chamber (7:15)
Deep Tech (6:58)
Acid Matrix (7:21)
Review: The first part of a two-part release for Sushitech's sub label Pariter, with Chicago second generation house hero Boo Williams joining the likes of Delano Smith and Norm Talley on the roster for 'Night Fall', the partner 12" to the simultaneously released 'Day Rise'. It features three tracks, all of which fit the mold of early evening classics. 'Acid Matrix' has an early Detroit feel to its raw machine handclap snares and panther-like, stalking bassline, while 'Deep Tech' might be geographically closer to late 80s, early 90s Yorkshire, a compulsive funkiness emerging from its bleepcentric soundscape. 'Service Chamber' is sleeker and more mellow, telephone dial tones spiralling off into the ether while tinkling, xylophone-sounded keys play hypnotically. Choice, quality material that will help any DJ to subtly pick the pace up as the sun falls.
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 in stock $12.13
LL 003
LL 003 (12")
Cat: LL 003. Rel: 12 Feb 24
Approaching The Peak (7:16)
My Machine Walks (6:31)
Return To The Summit (6:35)
Over Cloud (5:59)
Review: Lion & Lamb is the pub turned cult club in London that hosts special sessions from some of London's key electronic tastemakers such as Craig Richards, Radioactive Man, Butter Side Up and plenty more. In 2020 it launched a label that is as just as essential and Henry Hyde is next up complete the one release a year schedule it has favoured so far. He offers four tracks of froward thinking tech house starting with the full throttle funk of 'Approaching The Peak' then much more dubby and stripped back 'My Machine Walks'. 'Return To The Summit' takes off into the cosmos on fluttering synth leads and 'Over Cloud' is the trippiest of the lot with watery droplets and crispy percussion.
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 in stock $12.93
It Just Happened EP
Cat: NG 148. Rel: 20 Feb 24
It Just Happened (6:36)
Crew Thing (6:14)
House Music Transcends (6:27)
Review: Steve Bug is going on 30+ years of writing electronic music and travelling the world as a top DJ with no signs of letting up. It Just Happened is his latest and finds its way to the legendary and iconic Nu Groove records. It must be daunting to release music on such an amazing label. 'It Just Happened' has all the makings of a classic worthy enough for the Nu Groove logo. Veteran Cle who has worked on many projects with Steve is featured here as well. For those that really know Steve Bug's background, they know he is equally involved in house music as he is with techno. Tracks like 'Crew Thing' show his ability to make a standout house track while 'House Music Transcends' closes things out with your hands in the air. We respect Steve Bug so much for his work over the years. When he is old skool mode like he is on this EP, you just have to say respect to the man. Respect!
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Tags: Acid House
 in stock $15.29
Chicago At Midnight (feat Delano Smith mix)
Cat: PRTR 28. Rel: 19 Feb 24
Cagomi (Delano Smith remix) (7:01)
Cagomi (Reshape) (6:47)
Fenders (6:04)
Review: Goettingen's long standing dub techno servant XDB takes us to Chicago At Midnight with this new 12" on Pariter. 'Fenders' is one and is a deliciously elastic rhythm with rolling kick drums setting a hypnotic groove as the bubbly synths rise up through the mix. 'Cagomi', more edgy and amped up with gritty hits and swaying bass, gets a new lease of life after first surfacing on XDB's Metrolux Music back in 2009. The same cut gets a remix from Delano Smith that's more rooted to the floor in the Detroit man's usual textbook style. A classy outing from all, then.
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 in stock $11.60
Make Me Feel
Cat: COB 19. Rel: 29 Jan 24
Make Me Feel (7:13)
Tribute To Kerri (6:41)
Those Nights (8:11)
Review: Courtesy of Balance is a stamp of deep house authenticity no matter who is behind the beats. In this case, we have a debut appearance from Cordoba-based Argentinian Castoldi. He kicks off with 'Make Me Feel' with lashings of Detroit house stylings and bouncy chord sequences getting you in the groove. 'Tribute To Kerri' has kicks the New Jersey house don would be proud of with plenty of smooth synth additions and then 'Those Nights' is an eight-minute odyssey with crisp percussion and rattling dub chords. A timeless 12" for sure.
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 in stock $14.24
Breaks Away
Cat: PILOT 14. Rel: 12 Feb 24
North Phase - "Breaks Away" (5:06)
North Phase - "Sound Connection" (6:10)
ADR - "Ned Flanders Hot Chocolate" (5:52)
ADR - "Comet Relief" (6:26)
Review: North Phase and ADR share duties on this four track split EP, each dropping two tracks, although all four of them are firm dancefloor-filling candidates. North Face's 'Breaks Away' adds a few retro rave flourishes to a beat that's a distant cousin of Zinc's '138 Trek' and a bouncy, bumping bass holding the whole thing together. 'Sound Connection' has a hypnotic charm that nods to Fluke and early Underworld, although choppier and less linear in rhythmic approach. Aside from being probably the best named track we've come across in 2023 so far, ADR's 'Ned Flanders Hot Chocolate' is skippy enough to be 4x4 garage but with its scratched asides and cheeky, funky b-line has a unique personality, while 'Comet Relief' nods to the progressive house of the early 90s with an unexpected xylophone-like twist. It's all good, as they used to say.
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 in stock $13.46
Deep Inside
Deep Inside (180 gram vinyl 12" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: BOND 12073. Rel: 20 Feb 24
Dub Chronicles #6 (7:08)
International Sun Earth Explorer (6:09)
Deep Inside (feat Robert Owens) (6:27)
Promise Street (6:09)
Review: Veteran German producer Sascha Dive is a household name in electronic music. His latest EP 'Deep Inside', is a versatile record that is sure to find a home into many DJ's hands. Kicking things off with the meaty heaviness that is "Dub Chronicles #6". A powerhouse dub related techno track that will push your speakers to the maximum. "International Sun-Earth Explorer" is a deep lush track that gives off a touch of progressive vibes within. Turn the record over for some beautiful house vibes that feature house vocal legend Robert Owens, while closing things out is the tasty offering 'Promise Street'. A seductive B-side option that we feel will be a great alternate choice that really fills out the EP nicely. Sascha Dive is always a name you can trust to bring the quality.
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! low stock $14.51
Rulers Of This World
Rulers Of This World (limited 180 gram fern green vinyl 12")
Cat: LPY 15. Rel: 12 Feb 24
Scapegoat (feat Milly James) (5:54)
Scapegoat (Pole rework) (5:13)
Deceivers (6:14)
Believers (5:00)
Review: Lempuyang makes it to release number 15 with a devastatingly deep new EP from Deepchord Records co-founder Mike Schommer. He kicks off with 'Scapegoat' featuring the alluring vocals of Milly James which echo out over super slow-motion dub rhythms and icy pads. The Pole rework brings more crisp hits and distant eerie drones over a more pronounced rhythm but one that remains devilishly sparse. On the flip, 'Deceivers' has more hypotonic drive - a fleshy dub stepper to lock in any 'floor and then 'Believers' slows it down to a crawl once more. An essential dub EP that promises no represses.
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Tags: Dub Techno
 in stock $14.76
A Winter Sampler VI
Cat: ADID 104. Rel: 14 Feb 24
St Germain - "So Flute" (Simon Vuarambon remix) (7:43)
Limara & Dimitri Nakov - "Nocturne" (feat Natacha Atlas - Curol remix) (7:17)
Tombish - "Around We Go" (4:59)
Wassu & Bona Fide - "Threshold" (6:39)
Ramiro Drisdale - "Feel & Move" (9:23)
Somelee - "Quicksilver" (7:56)
Facundo Mohrr & Maxi Degrassi - "Betimed" (6:32)
Sinca - "Printemps" (5:17)
BAI - "The Purpose" (7:30)
Lauren Ritter & Tenesha The Wordsmith - "I Surrender" (6:48)
Nathan Katz - "For You" (7:46)
Seth Schwarz & Solidmind - "Create The Universe" (feat Lydgen & Artemides) (6:20)
Review: All Day I Dream's Lee Burridge is a man who has walks managed to reinvent himself. Right now he is in his dreamy deep house phase and his label is the best out there for these sort of organic day time grooves. Now well past the 100 releases mark it is back with a new winter sampler full of heartwarming sounds from key label associates like Simon Vuarambon. Homeless, Facundo Mohrr, Maxi Degrassi and more. Each one layers up zoned out pads, soft rhythms and gently persuasive sounds that will have you in a trance in no time.
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 in stock $31.39
Giant Steps EP
Cat: DMT 015. Rel: 15 Jan 24
Naminus (5:21)
Buzz Cracked (5:57)
Switch The B (7:04)
Review: Brawther and Tristan Da Cunha's Dungeon Meat label is back with another massive platter of heavyweight house, this time from Dutchman Dennis Quin. He wastes no time in getting down to business with 'Naimus' layering up rock-solid kicks and steel-sharpened hi-hats with yelping vocal stabs for an energetic rave-up. After that comes the equally high octane and sweat-inducing 'Buzz Cracked' before 'Switch The B' brings a raw and naughty hint of garage swing to its monstrous drums. These tunes have already been road tested at places like NYC Downlow and Houghton Festival to great effect, so there is no doubting their ability to make an indelible mark.
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Tags: UK Garage
 in stock $16.88
Day Rise
Day Rise (12")
Cat: PRTR 30. Rel: 19 Feb 24
Talley Up (6:52)
The Take Over (6:32)
Teleport (6:46)
Review: Boo Williams is in good company appearing here on Sushitech's sub label Pariter where he joins the illustrious likes of Delano Smith and Norm Talley in its ranks. You wait for a Boo Williams record and then, of course, two come along, 'Day Rise' being accompanied by the simultaneously released 'Night Fall', each with their own corresponding vibe. 'Day Rise' is definitely more upbeat of the two but it's a subtle distinction - it's certainly not full of 4AM bangers designed to keep you awake until the busses start running again. 'Talley Up' is a very straight forward affair, circling around a two note synth riff and gradually building percussion. 'The Take Over' is similarly spritely, another builder with crashing cymbals, jazzy chords and drum machine tumbles steadily building an insurmountable wall of funkiness. Breezy, bumping closer 'Teleport' completes the set, meaning three ultra-handy, raw but sophisticated tunes that house and techno DJs alike will find slipping into their sets with a natural ease.
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 in stock $12.13
Cat: PILOT 12. Rel: 20 Nov 23
Freekazoid (Electro 'XXX' mix) (6:12)
Freekazoid (Ruff mix) (5:49)
Rumpshaker (5:02)
Review: REPRESS ALERT!: Locklead has previously endeared himself to the underground house world with nice classy cuts on labels like Hot Haus and Rawax. On Pilot, though he sets his sights on breakbeat and cooks up a tense, thumping and throwback rave sound. 'Freekazoid (Electro 'XXX' mix)' has stiff drums and sci-fi synths with spoken word vocals making for a fun atmosphere. The Ruff Mix is paired back, a driving groove with fresh drum sounds and withering chords. 'Rumpshaker' closes out with a rasping bassline skewing about the mix over more jacked-up and electro-fried drums.
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Intérprete: DJ Mau Mau
Tags: Minimal
 in stock $13.46
Goodbye (Erol Alkan rework)
Cat: PH 133. Rel: 01 Feb 24
Goodbye (Erol Alkan rework) (9:28)
Goodbye (Erol Alkan instrumental rework) (9:29)
Review: A genuinely magical meeting of musical minds, here, as Erol Alkan delivers his interpretations of Chemical Brothers' 'Goodbye', a bleep-speckled slab of soul-seeped electro-breaks first featured on the long-serving duo's 2023 album For That beautiful Feeling. Available in vocal and instrumental mixes, Alkan's revision replaces the pair's electro breaks with a new wave synth-pop-meets-analogue techno groove. Bubbly and melancholic - even more so than the Chems' original version - Alkan's takes also throw in additional lo-fi synth lines, counter melodies and raw, electroclash influenced sounds. It's tasteful and surprisingly poignant whilst still having all the ingredients of a fully fledged peak-time workout.
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 in stock $16.09
Acid Sampler 1.5
Cat: RBACIDEP 15. Rel: 12 Feb 24
Kosmische Conga (5:15)
Echopet (6:30)
Minehead (5:39)
Carinacid (6:04)
Review: Astral techno cosmonaut Space Dimension Controller serves up his vision of acid on this new sampler via Gerd Jansen's Running Back. The storied producer kicks off with 'Kosmische Conga' which has twitchy and sinewy lines lashing about over mid-tempo drums. 'Echopet' has a dubby feel and nice undulating grocers that are coloured with a prickly 303 that gently weaves its way in and out. 'Minehead' gets more manic as the 303s are louder, brighter, and more manic in their approach and 'Carinacid' then slows down to heavy drums and a mutant acid house and techno vibe that is full of late night menace.
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 in stock $13.71
T Total
T Total (12")
Cat: PILOT 13. Rel: 15 Jan 24
T Total (6:19)
Aphrodite Curse (6:49)
With Me (6:26)
Keep It (7:06)
Review: REPRESS ALERT!: The rather naughty Pilot label is back and ready to take you on a trip to the heart of the dancefloor here as Wodda steps up with more fresh garage, minimal and tech fusions. 'T Total' is a perfectly infectious swinger with rasping bass notes and crisp percussion that will get faces screwed up and floors pumping. 'Aphrodite Curse' picks up with more damn sexy sound designs and super silky grooves that will take any crowd for a cruise. There is some bright and old school piano action to 'With Me' while 'Keep It' then offers a turbocharged future house excursion that is all about the good times.
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Tags: Minimal | UK Garage
 in stock $12.89
Fires (12")
Cat: CRM 305. Rel: 14 Feb 24
Fires (7:39)
Fires (Bushwacka's Magic mix) (7:03)
Fires (Victor Calderone & Mykol remix) (6:16)
Fires (dub mix) (7:42)
Review: Damian Lazarus's Crosstown Rebels label has ridden out many different waves of popular sounds and always remained relevant. Right now it looks to Made By Pete for a new 12" that has a gritty, low slung and sleazy tech house vibe. 'Fires' has menacing basslines and steamy vocalisations that make for an unsettling mood. UK tech house titan Bushwacka! then remixes with his signature sense of drive thou with slithy more deep and pensive pads than usual. A dub mix is also included as is a rework from Victor Calderone & Mykol that is full of late night mischief.
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Intérprete: Superbreak
Tags: Tech House
 in stock $13.46
Sundials EP
Sundials EP (12" reeditado)
Cat: B2R 011. Rel: 12 Jan 24
Sundials (feat Nathan Haines) (6:29)
Second Nature (5:59)
Gotta Let It Go (5:49)
Review: REPRESS ALERT!: Lisbon-based Frenchman Brawther, who is also one-half of Dungeon Meat for more raw grooves, shows off his mastery of deep house on this fresh new EP for B2 Recordings. 'Sundials' (feat Nathan Haines) immediately soothes the soul with its lunging chords and seductive sax lines. Occasional female coos add further lushness to this most heartwarming of tunes. 'Second Nature' has a little more height and drive to it but again the drums are warm and fuzzy, the chords smeared in artful ways and the overall vibe utterly heady. Last of all is the bubbly and dubby 'Gotta Let It Go' with its bottomless depths and chords that melt off into an infinite horizon. Gorgeous stuff from this always quality artist.

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 in stock $12.93
Distant Phase EP
Cat: CEC 053. Rel: 19 Feb 24
Look At That (6:11)
From A Distance (6:40)
Flower Phase (6:04)
Past Cognitions (6:14)
Tags: Tech House | Minimal
! low stock $16.36
Fresh!!! EP
Fresh!!! EP (hand-stamped 12" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: DREP 2058. Rel: 14 Feb 24
ND Fresh (7:18)
As You
I Smoke
Review: Texas based producer Ben Hixon has been garnering a wide following with his clever old-skool influenced house tracks. The feature track 'ND Fresh', spreads its' wings over the entire A-side. This house builder has the ability to tear the roof of the party. A strong, tribal and urban builder that creates a scene on the dancefloor. With his background as a multi-instrumentalist and recording engineer, you get an interesting and unique approach on rhythm within the house genre. The two B-sides offer up some great material as well. 'As You' is a soulful stunner that gives off strong deep Chicago vibes. 'I Smoke!!' is the banger of the bunch that will send any party into overdrive. It's great to see and hear someone is making such strong house music from the south there in America. Top Notch!
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 in stock $21.62
The Wind
The Wind (gold vinyl 12")
Cat: SYNCRO 43. Rel: 15 Feb 24
Wander (5:39)
Hidden Location (5:36)
The Wind (6:15)
Review: Elias Landberg continues to press ahead with the instantly identifiable Skudge sound, where the best of contemporary techno locks in for tight but funky grooves of the highest calibre. It's not often we see the project break away from the self-titled label, but here it's gracing Syncrophone with some of the finest uptempo, deep-diving gear you'll hear all year. 'Wander' has a snappy strut to the beat and lead riff alike, with the drums coming on like uptempo house as much as techno. 'Hidden Location' locks in harder thanks to the enduring creep of the background pads, while 'The Wind' takes on the dubbiest duties as it stretches out across the B-side.
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Intérprete: Fog
 in stock $16.36
Triumph EP
Cat: PERLON 136. Rel: 20 Feb 24
Triumph (6:16)
Waiting For My Love (5:37)
Close The Door (5:05)
Fear & Madness In The Desert (5:59)
Review: This is the thirrd release by the amazing Italian producer Ivan Iacobucci for the Perlon label. The previous two were so well received, this next one was destined to come out sooner than later. Perlon fans know what to expect from their label of choice and Ivan delivers the goods. Those addictively quirky and fonky jackin' minimal techno jams. The title track is that and then some! We especially like the sexy jam 'Waiting For My Love'. Expect the unexpected when you flip over the record as 'Close the Door' is a full-on acid banger that combines high energy techno into what sounds like a video game soundtrack theme song! Closing things out is the wild sounding 'Fear & Madness in the Desert'. We are smiling at the thought of someone playing out these corkers to audience. Expect to see WTF typefaces everywhere!
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 in stock $13.19
Groove Magician
Groove Magician (limited 12")
Cat: TODDSONIC 33. Rel: 15 Feb 24
Groove Magician (5:26)
That Track (5:20)
Enki (4:01)
Popcorn (5:14)
Review: Newcastle label Hot Biscuit kicks off its 2024 with a new EP from TODDSONIC33. It is the first time we have come across this artist but colour us impressed. There is a fine grasp of delicate moody yet heavy drum work to the opener 'Groove Magician' that speaks of the signature Motor City sound, while 'That Track' is a mix of blistering synth modulation, hip swig claps and kick and plenty of bleeps and squeaks that will cause terror at any party. 'Enki' is another unhinged and leftfield house collision and 'Popcorn' layers sheet metal snares with a cacophony of drums.
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Intérprete: Mike O'Mara
 in stock $18.73
Mesmerizing Fields EP
Cat: HPR 014. Rel: 15 Feb 24
Spinning (7:36)
Mesmerizing Fields (8:29)
Itsmyb (8:17)
Your Coldness (7:09)
Review: Romania has been hotbed of techno producers in the last handful of years. One of the important figures that is leading the charge is Sublee. Mesmerizing Fields is the newest original work for the producer and it finds a home at the Italian label Hashplant. The upbeat 'Spinning' starts the program off with a club stomper that is full of tension and tech. Then the title track completes the A-side with a broken electro workout that ultra-futuristic and funky. On the second side, we really like the ability 'Itsmyb' has to keep the peak time going along with some really cool electronic sounds. 'Your Coldness' just might be our favorite of the bunch. We love the anticipation, beauty and spacey style. Goosebump material. When you take into account the entire EP, you realise you have a lot of great varied techno here!
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Tags: Tech House | Minimal
 in stock $13.98
Ya Dig
Ya Dig (limited 12")
Cat: TD 01. Rel: 15 Feb 24
Ya Dig (Kaytronik Revision) (5:29)
Feeling Rite (8:17)
Review: For his latest trick, Karizma has decided to revisit 'Ya Dig', a killer cut from his 2013 album Wall Of Sound. Donning his Kaytronik guise, an alias often used for more tech-tinged (but no less soulful) productions, he delivers a remake rich in woozy, staccato synth sounds, lo-fi electronics, looped vocal snippets, flashes of soulfulness and beats as rubbery and righteous as you'd expect from the master of infectious rhythms. Over on the flip we get the previously unheard 'Feelin' Rite', where pal Osunlade's delay-laden vocals ride a crunchy, loose-limbed Afro-house beat and woozy, warming chords. It's the kind of track that you can get lost in, sonically, but is infectious and dancefloor-friendly enough to encourage proper heads-down dancing.
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 in stock $20.84
DFTD 704
DFTD 704 (red vinyl 12")
Cat: DFTD 704. Rel: 09 Feb 24
Breach - "Jack" (Jonathan Kaspar remix) (6:17)
Mason Collective X Bipolar Sunshine - "People In Love" (6:53)
Arielle Free - "Feels So Good" (5:35)
Bob Sinclar X A-Trak X Mele - "Deep Inside Of Me" (5:08)
Review: Defected's vinyl series continues to commit the label's biggest digital releases to wax for the first time, and this special twentieth edition has been created in partnership with Shelter, the housing and homeless charity. Together, in July 2023, the label and charity launched 'From House To Home', which pioneers an ingenious idea; taking 'house music' to its utmost logical conclusion, deploying reworks classic house tracks as fundraisers for helping secure actual housing for the homeless. On this latest edition to the series, Germany's Jonathan Kaspar remixes Breach's revered deep house anthem, 'Jack'. Then comes the bubbling Mason Collective and Bipolar Sunshine collab 'People In Love', shortly followed by the recent pop hit by Arielle Free, 'Feels So Good', before a round-off in the form of a generational collaboration between production pioneers Bob Sinclar, A-Trak, and Mele with 'Deep Inside Of Me'.
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 in stock $16.88
Ceerial Port (reissue)
Cat: WEME 084. Rel: 16 Feb 24
Acid Highway (1:29)
Red DX Acid (4:51)
Acid Whorl (3:28)
Acid Causeway 1 (5:31)
Tough Grugoy Acid (3:35)
Acid Surf Dream (7:40)
Woodlice Acid (4:31)
Review: First released in 2006, 'Ceerial Port' is the ultimate wildcard in the electro profligate Ceephax's towering discography. The seven-or-eight track album does things with the electro form that few of Mr. Jenkinson's contemporaries would dare ever indulge, were it not for this initial fatherly stamp of approval. lead reissue cut 'Acid Whorl' is the foremost case in point, hard-limiting and soft-clipping a cyclonic 'whorlwind' of pitch-whacked acid effluence. Further 8-bit playtimes come in the form of 'Acid Highway' and 'Acid Causeway', recalling the feeling of scouring the outer edges of an Atari Kart game and encountering nothing but rolling, pixelated skies; 'Tough Grugoy Acid' and 'Woodlice Acid' make up the longer wavelengths on the spectrum, stomping and echo-rimshotting to ever-weighty, yet jolly ends.
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Work (hand-stamped 7" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: DR 7003. Rel: 14 Feb 24
Work (4:50)
Movedat (4:49)
Review: Ben Hixon has steadily released house gem after house gem on his Dolfin imprint. The label in just a little over eight years has created quite a robust discography with no signs of letting up. The newest 'Work', almost goes without saying that it reminds of us classic Chi-Town tracks from the heyday. But as the track moves on, you quickly forget the comparison as those beautiful keys play and the atmosphere sets in. Both 'Work' and 'Movedat' feature vocals from Rami who is co-credited on this wax. 'Movedat' is a bit more a minimal house banger but still is full of soul. Both tracks are strong winners and are sure to get a big response from patrons of the dancefloor. This 7" is limited to only 200 copies so grab one quickly!
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Tags: Minimal
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Gone Insane
Cat: EIT 006. Rel: 16 Feb 24
Gone Insane (6:35)
Workhorse (7:22)
Still A Raver (8:21)
Review: We're big fans of Canadian artist Jay Tripwire's leftfield take on tech and here he is back with more of it on Jamie Clarke's Either imprint. Tripwire brings his murky atmospheric style to the forefront on the title track which soon locks you in, then 'Workhorse' delves into haunting minimal realms with lush synth textures and glitchy bass, while 'Still A Raver' ups the energy with bigger synths and more driving drums. It's a track with killer subs and an ever-evolving sense of fluid rhythm that will have you shaking every limb in your body.
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Tags: Tech House | Minimal
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The Rapture Pt III
The Rapture Pt III (12" reeditado)
Cat: KM 066. Rel: 12 Feb 24
&ME & Black Coffee - "The Rapture Pt III" (8:06)
&ME - "LIFE" (7:35)
Review: &Me and Black Coffee make for something of an Afro house dream team here. The latter has long been this sound's pin-up and has gone from playing in South African townships to producing with Beyonce and winning Grammy Awards over the last decade. Now deep in his latest Ibiza season, he unveils collaborative track 'The Rapture' (Pt III), a deep rolling cut with spine-tingling chords and a rich atmosphere. &ME then goes solo for 'LIFE', a shuffling percussive groove with spoken words and enchanting chords to make for a classy two-tracker.
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Aesthetic Solutions EP
Cat: HB 023. Rel: 22 Jan 24
Aesthetic Solutions (6:44)
California Cruise Control (7:16)
Underexposure (6:44)
Areola 51 (6:39)
Review: Fresh off the back of his superb new album, Voigtmann is back with an equally juicy new 12" on Half Baked, a party crew with which he has a long association. His intricate minimal style is laid bare here from the off with 'Aesthetic Solutions' offering up a colourful mix of trippy sound designs and sci-fi moods over slick tech drum programming. 'California Cruise Control' gets deeper, with a more prominent squelchy bassline taking centre stage. 'Underexposure' then ups the ante with a more cosmic and driving techno sound and last of all is 'Areola 51', another one built from silky loops and futuristic synths over crisp tech house beats.
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Intérprete: DJ Mau Mau
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Cat Groove
Cat: RMCE 022. Rel: 13 Feb 24
Cat Groove
Floating Around
Hook Up (6:42)
Warehouse Blues (6:27)
Review: There's seemingly no end to the mind-blowing vaults of UK tech house titan Mark Ambrose. Even after the extensive three-volume run of reissues on Repeats, Rawax have found more of the South Coast legend's late 90s material that hasn't been reissued yet. Sharks be damned, the Cat Groove 12" is back within reach and remastered to bring the best out of the tracks. The title track is one of those artfully squashed, funk loop-riding jams that turns the heat up without any need for studio showboating - just the right ingredients. 'Floating Around' is a heady tripper crying out for the morning, while 'Hook Up' finds another soulful lick to place at the centre of a groove so crunchy it just has to come from an MPC. Hold tight for 'Warehouse Blues', which injects some nasty, pumping techno energy into the mix with a metallic bassline that comes on like Mr Fingers dipped in chrome.
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Vibrations EP
Cat: FUSE 056. Rel: 20 Feb 24
Vibrations (6:55)
Infinite Function (7:25)
Original Sin (8:12)
Vibrations (Malin Genie remix) (5:06)
Review: Fuse is one of those labels and parties that has a very distinctive sound and hardcore following for it. Spearheaded by Enzo Siracusa and now a real institution of the underground, here it looks to Admnti for three fresh new sounds. 'Vibrations' is kinetic future music that twists together wiry synths and tight tech drums into something irresistible. 'Infinite Function' is another brilliantly infectious mix of tech and dub that makes for high-speed groove-thrills and 'Original Sin' then takes a more spaced-out approach with warped acid lines. Malin Genie remixes the opener with a cool sense of deep house smoothness.
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Tags: Tech House
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Sometimes Cap
Cat: CB 030. Rel: 04 Dec 23
Sometimes Cap
Some Of That
Repeat Business (6:05)
Chesire Badger (5:58)
Review: Constant Black and Josh Baker are two key parts of the current underground conversation and here they come together in perfect harmony here as the UK's hit maker Baker gets down and dirty with his signature blend of minimal and tech. 'Sometimes Cap' opens up with rolling, fleshy bass and light footed drums that get you hopping. 'Some Of That' brings muted acid lines and curious bell hits while the squelchy bass rolls deep. 'Repeat Business' keeps the pressure up with a bristling mix of snares and hits over slick drums that have plenty of drive. 'Cheshire Badger' shuts down with real urgency and dark tech funk that is perfect for strobe lit backrooms.
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Tags: Tech House | Minimal
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The Son Of Chicago EP
The Son Of Chicago EP (limited 12")
Cat: TOYT 153. Rel: 30 Jan 24
So Damn Electrik (5:59)
Elektrik Deep (7:18)
Ass Is Gonna Work (6:10)
West Side Radio (6:24)
Review: DJ Sneak is in a great run of form right now, which is all the more impressive given that he has been turning out his signature house sounds for more than 30 years now. The self-declared House Gangster recently impressed on Dam Swindle's Heist Recordings label and now makes this way to the always-assured Toy Toncis outlet. He offers up four cuts that veer away from his loop, filter-heavy house into more edgy and late-night minimal and techno but with the robust sound design and compelling sense of underlying groove that you always expect from the man.
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Continental EP
Cat: NTFL 008. Rel: 15 Feb 24
Continental (7:11)
East End Bull (7:01)
That's What XI Said (6:25)
That's What XI Said (Arapu remix) (7:08)
Review: Sunwaves superstar DJ and Romanian minimal king Kozo is next up on the No Time For Love label with more of his signature sounds. He has worked with the likes of a:rpia:r and RORA before now and in solo mode is just as accomplished. 'Continental ' is a silky and perfectly reduced brew of bass and drums that surges on endlessly, while 'East End Bull' kicks a little more with thudding drums and shimmering snares up top. 'That's What XI Said' brings a slower approach to tech house with lazy toms sprinkled over a smooth beat and last of all an Arapu remix ups the ante with a little more driven but no less warmth and soul.
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Tags: Tech House
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SLABS 001 (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: SLABS 001. Rel: 04 Dec 23
Up Next (5:39)
Beat My Shit (7:05)
Review: REPRESS ALERT!: Admirably no-nonsense house duo Dungeon Meat kick off a new label here, Slabs, which aims to serve up only the chunkiest hulks of wax aimed squarely at the club. Borren takes charge of the first platter and is the latest fast-rising talent to emerge from the ever-fertile Dutch scene. He has come up on a diet of Bret and Slapfunk parties and that shows in the tunes he presents here. 'Up Next' is heavy but silky, with gliding grooves and splashy cymbals next to cut-up vocals that will amp up any party. 'Beat My Shit' is another no-frills hardcore house assault with drums that have just the right amount of swing under old school chords and busy melodies that never rest. A fine first release.

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Showtime EP
Cat: REKIDS 235. Rel: 20 Feb 24
Klashjamz (4:44)
Showtime (4:32)
HighNRG (5:04)
Jazz Ting (4:57)
Review: Mark Broom is one of the mainstays of the global underground. The UK titan has a recognisable take on house and techno genre that is underpinned by slamming kick and that comes to bare once more now as he lands on fellow legend Radio Slave's Rekids label. These four cuts bring a more house feel to start with as 'Klashjamz' layers up disco strings and vocals into something joyous. 'Showtime' has a garage slip to the loopy, silky drum rotations and 'HighNRG' throws it back with big stabs, percussive drums and chopped up vocal shards. 'Jazz Ting' is an aptly named closer with plenty of steamy sax notes of raw, loopy grooves.
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Intérprete: Fog
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Cat: MINDHELMET 13. Rel: 02 Feb 24
Kolter - "New Generation" (6:28)
Agustin Barbei - "Altare" (5:20)
Henry Hyde - "Covered In Purple" (7:25)
Wink - "Cod, Chips N Curry Sauce" (5:46)
Review: The next release from Mindhelmet features another stellar cast of operators in the more playful end of the minimal tech house sphere. Kolter leads the charge with the full-fat, punchy 90s stylings of 'New Generation' before Agustin Barbei brings some sassy energy to the table on the shoulder-shaking 'Altare'. Henry Hyde shifts the focus to broken beat rhythms without losing the upfront melodies on his cut 'Covered In Purple', and Wink drops some cheeky organ chords and boxy drums aplenty on 'Cod, Chips N Curry Sauce'. If you like your 4/4 up for it and more than a little bit naughty, this record is a must-check.
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Tags: Tech House
 in stock $14.76
Up At Dawn
Cat: CC 04. Rel: 08 Jan 24
Eli Verveine - "Morning Dub" (7:27)
Two Metromaniac Guys - "Execution Error" (6:59)
Tim Jackiw - "Empty Theater" (10:26)
Review: Chateau Chepere's fourth outing is another blissed-out bit of sunrise material that carefully accompanies dancers from a darkened dancefloor out into the light. Zurich's underground mainstay Eli Verveine kicks off with the zoned-out tones and dusty deep house drums of 'Morning Dub' before Andu Simion & Dragos Roban aka Two Metromaniac Guys then comfort with the dubby, lo-fi deep house of 'Execution Error' with its hazy melodies and leggy bass. Australian underground talent Tim Jackiw then brings things back into sharper focus with the crisp dub tech of his classy closer 'Empty Theater'.
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 in stock $13.71
Roughness (12" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: TFGC 024. Rel: 23 Jan 24
Echology (4:04)
Humble (3:36)
Eightyone (3:40)
Roughness (4:07)
! low stock $17.93
Round & Round
Cat: AESTHETIC 22. Rel: 22 Jan 24
Round & Round (7:08)
Profiterole (6:58)
The Rippers (6:52)
Talkie Walkie (6:59)
Review: Aussie minimal house man Litmus turned heads with his outing on Up The Stuss last year and now is likely to do so again with another fresh offering, this time via the Aesthetic label. His sound taps right into what is hot right now - spaced out breaks, tech and minimal. 'Round & Round' is a vocal laced broken beat tech cut with slamming drums. 'Profiterole' keeps it tightly coiled with infectious and bouncy drum funk and 'The Rippers' then slips and slides with all the evasive skills of a master boxer. 'Talkie Walkie' closes out with a more busy and trippy mix of synths and percussion.
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Tags: Tech House
 in stock $12.93
Engage (12")
Cat: YYK 111. Rel: 09 Feb 24
Daddy Beat (5:56)
Hold On (6:54)
Surprise I'm Logan (6:10)
Engage (6:26)
Review: Varhat continues to explore the potential of sleek minimal tech house attitude with a broad palette of input, serving up some cool and deadly tools on this latest YYK No Label 12" to inject some flair into the party. 'Daddy Beat' is a percussive beast leaning in on dexterous breaks from less-mined sources and keeping the pressure up around the 130 zone. 'Hold On' nods to Detroit techno in its swirling pads and machine soul bleeps, all the while trucking on a focused rhythmic trajectory. 'Surprise I'm Logan' returns to the drum funk sampling and 'Engage' locks into a distinctive strain of machine funk with plenty of hypnotic motifs and playful fills to turn heads in the midst of a marathon session.
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OMM 007
OMM 007 (limited 180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: OMM 007. Rel: 15 Jan 24
AAA001A (8:14)
BBB001B (8:15)
BBB002B (8:09)
Review: Anyone who has been out dancing recently might well have already heard some of the cuts off this seventh drop from the Only Music Matters crew because it has had early support by [a:rpia:r]. We don't know who is behind the beats but they sure do know their way around a studio: 'AAA001A' is super silky minimal with deft claps and hits scattered over a smooth tech house beat with swirling vocals up top. 'BBB001B' then layers up off-grid hits and tumbling synths, glitchy percussion and a loopy beat into something that is loose yet dynamic and last of all 'BBB002B' takes off on a crushing groove with warped and smeared vocal samples adding some late night trippiness.

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Tags: Tech House | Minimal
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Liquid Earth Presents Mr Liquid
Cat: SR 001. Rel: 18 Jan 24
Beat Girl Beat Boy (6:32)
Funk Patrol (5:51)
The Bug Collector (6:33)
The Wind Up (6:20)
Review: New US label Squid launches into the New Year with some effortlessly catchy and funky house sounds courtesy of Mr Liquid here. Liquid Earth Presents Mr Liquid is an EP that takes in breaks, tech and tripped out techno all at once. 'The Bug Collector' is a real standout with its phased basslines and puling drums overlaid with some nice prog chords. 'The Wind Up' is a lively and unbalanced rhythm with big hits and icy hi hats tied together by squelchy bass and elsewhere 'Funk Patrol' keeps it wild and loose and 'Beat Girl Beat Boy' is another off-kilter and unique house sound.
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Intérprete: DJ Mau Mau
Tags: Tech House
! low stock $16.09
In The Trees (remixes)
In The Trees (remixes) (6 track CD single)
Cat: JUNO 1CD. Rel: 20 Mar 07
In The Trees (Carl Craig C2 mix #1)
In The Trees (Jerome Sydenham & Tiger Stripes rendition)
In The Trees (Jerome Sydenham & Tiger Stripes Dark rub)
In The Trees (Jerome Sydenham & Tiger Stripes club mix)
In The Trees (original 1996 version)
In The Trees (Carl Craig C2 mix #2)
Review: In 2007 Juno Records is ten years old, and we've decided to celebrate by releasing 10 singles throughout the year. Each one is a classic dance track featuring new remixes from the some of the most exciting and established names in the business, including Julien Jabre, Spirit Catcher, Dimitri from Paris, Lindstrom, Troy Pierce, Cobblestone Jazz and many more. These releases will initially only be available from www.juno.co.uk and www.junodownload.com. To launch the series we have pulled out all the stops with the re-release of the timeless "In The Trees" by Faze Action, featuring remixes from the legendary Carl Craig and Jerome Sydenham & Tiger Stripes, as well as the brilliant 1996 original mix. A genuinely huge release, this could be the first of 10 future classics! ***Stop press 19/12/07: the Carl Craig mix has been voted #3 in residentadvisor.net's "Top 5 Remixes Of 2007".
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Joe's Garage
Joe's Garage (limited 12")
Cat: TSOL 010. Rel: 02 Feb 24
What We Got (6:28)
Joe's Garage (6:41)
Mi Menor (7:09)
Danger (6:17)
Review: Joe's Garage sounds like a super fun place to be going off this new EP from Gene on Earth's Limousine Dream label. It is Guile who is inviting us there and opener 'What We Got' has old school vocals and warm, rich tech drums. The title cut is a little more smooth and zoned out for late-night astral cruising and as should all good 12"s, the flip side offers something more freaky. 'Mi Menor' is nice rigid tech house with colour in the chords. 'Danger' is the sort of house cut to send you home happy with its heartfelt, smeared chords and feel-good drums.
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BKS 05
BKS 05 (clear vinyl 12")
Cat: BKS 05. Rel: 15 Feb 24
Vivian Wang & DeWinter - "What About Love?" (feat Kevin Williams) (7:59)
David Paglia - "Spellbound" (6:39)
DeWinter, Emma & Jay Prouty - "What We Do"
Charlie Soul Clap - "Gimmie A Break"
 in stock $13.46
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