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Two Weeks: Pop

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Colour Vision
Cat: 194397 280227. Rel: 18 Sep 20
  1. Colour Vision
  2. Working For The Weekend
  3. Love Me Less (feat Quinn XCII)
  4. Acid Dreams
  5. Circles
  6. Blueberry Eyes (feat Suga Of BTS)
  7. Where Am I At
  8. New Life
  9. Checklist (feat Chromeo)
  10. Missed Calls (feat Hayley Kiyoko)
  11. SOS
  12. There Is A God
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How I'm Feeling Now
Cat: 019029 5207229. Rel: 18 Sep 20
  1. Pink Diamond
  2. Forever
  3. Claws
  4. 7 Years
  5. Detonate
  6. Enemy
  7. I Finally Understand
  8. C2.0
  9. Party 4 U
  10. Anthems
  11. Visions
Review: The fourth album from English pop experimentalist XCX was made over just six week in a "do-it-yourself" collaborative process with her fans. It is inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown and was executively produced by A. G. Cook and BJ Burton. Fans and critics alike fell immediately in love with the record which was also shortlisted for the 2020 Mercury Prize. Edgy experimental production and hooky pop songwriting have rarely collided as successfully as they do here, with plenty of hyper-energetic sounds and shimmering synths, bubblegum bass and mechanical motifs all making this as much an impromptu mixtape as a studio album. Truly, this is a work of its time.
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Melanie C
Melanie C (CD)
Cat: RGM 12CD. Rel: 28 Sep 20
  1. Who I Am
  2. Blame It On Me
  3. Good Enough
  4. Escape
  5. Overload
  6. Fearless (feat Nadia Rose)
  7. Here I Am
  8. Nowhere To Run
  9. In & Out Of Love
  10. End Of Everything
 in stock $10.45
Gold (3xCD)
Cat: CRIMCD 670. Rel: 28 Sep 20
  1. Manic Monday
  2. Walk Like An Egyptian
  3. In Your Room
  4. Going Down To Liverpool
  5. Walking Down Your Street
  6. Watching The Sky
  7. I'll Set You Free
  8. I Got Nothing
  9. What I Meant To Say
  10. Complicated Girl
  11. Live
  12. More Than Meets The Eye
  13. In A Different Light
  14. Let It Go
  15. Not Like You
  16. Eternal Flame
  17. Hazy Shade Of Winter
  18. If She Knew What She Wants
  19. Following
  20. Hero Takes A Fall
  21. Be With You
  22. Everything I Wanted
  23. Waiting For You
  24. Make A Play For Her Now
  25. September Gurls
  26. Dover Beach
  27. Something To Believe In
  28. Standing In The Hallway
  29. Some Dreams Come True
  30. Crash & Burn
  31. Manic Monday (extended remix)
  32. Walk Like An Egyptian (extended dance mix)
  33. If She Knew What She Wants (extended remix)
  34. Walking Down Your Street (extended remix)
  35. Walk Like An Egyptian (A Cappella mix)
  36. Hazy Shade Of Winter (Purple Haze mix)
  37. Walking Down Your Street/James (live Medley)
  38. In Your Room (12" remix)
  39. Walk Like An Egyptian (dub mix)
  40. Bangles Hits Mix
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Two Weeks: Pop