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New releases last two weeks: Post Rock/Experimental

Post Rock/Experimental vinyl released in the last two weeks
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Does The Cosmic Shepherd Dream Of Electric Tapirs?
Cat: ORBIT 041LPG. Rel: 13 Jun 24
Daddy's Bare Meat (8:18)
Suzie Sixteen (4:38)
Hello Good Child (7:56)
The Assassins' Beautiful Daughter (9:05)
Dark Star Blues (25:05)
The Transmigration Of Hop Heads (18:13)
Review: Does The Cosmic Shepherd Dream Of Electric Tapirs? is not just a great - and amusing - question but also the title of Acid Mothers Temple's debut release on Space Age Recordings. This Japanese soul collective, known as Acid Mothers Temple and The Melting Paraiso UFO, remains an enigma to both the Western and Eastern worlds. Their music spans acid-rock, experimental, and psychedelic genres, varying with the listener's mood. After being out of stock for some time, the long-anticipated repress of this wild offering is now available on two solid green vinyl records and complete with the original seductive artwork.
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 in stock $27.71
Les Chants De L'Aurore
Les Chants De L'Aurore (gatefold translucent yellow & black marbled vinyl 2xLP (side 4 etched) + poster)
Cat: 406562 9692278. Rel: 20 Jun 24
Komorebi (6:22)
L'Envol (7:54)
Amethyste (8:23)
Flamme Jumelle (5:12)
Reminiscence (2:47)
L'Enfant De La Lune (7:25)
L'Adieu (4:51)
Review: This is a limited edition black and yellow marbled vinyl version of Alcest's Les Chants de L'Aurore". In the midst of a bewildering world, the album emerged as a beacon of transformative power. Hailing from Bagnols-sur-Ceze, and led by Neige, the group defy heavy music norms as they famously blend darkness with radiant light. Since their groundbreaking debut in 2007, they've reshaped the metal scene, infusing beauty and melody with extreme metal's intensity and their latest release again offers hope and renewal. Recorded intimately yet expansively, it reinvents their sound with newfound depth and sophistication. Neige's ethereal melodies counteract darkness with positivity, offering a sanctuary of blissful beauty. All in all, this record marks a poignant evolution in Alcest's journey as it resonates with both charm and conviction.
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! low stock $47.76
Les Chants De L'aurore
Les Chants De L'aurore (limited picture disc LP)
Cat: 406562 9692285. Rel: 20 Jun 24
Komorebi (6:22)
L'Envol (7:54)
Amethyste (8:23)
Flamme Jumelle (5:12)
Reminiscence (2:47)
L'Enfant De La Lune (7:25)
L'Adieu (4:51)
Review: This is a special picture disc version of Alcest's album Les Chants de L'Aurore courtesy of Nuclear Blast. The record emerges as a beacon amidst modern chaos from the band which originates in Bagnols-sur-Ceze and is led by Neige. These cult favourites transcend heavy music norms, melding darkness with brilliance and are synonymous with a sound known as "blackgaze." Their latest release offers hope in these tumultuous times and revives their sound for a new era, as Neige's melodies counter darkness with light. Amidst existential reflections, Neige crafts euphoric melodies that offer great solace.
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 in stock $29.29
Les Chants De L'aurore
Cat: 406562 9692209. Rel: 20 Jun 24
Flamme Jumelle
L'Enfant De La Lune
 in stock $13.46
Almost Home If I'm Still Alive
Almost Home If I'm Still Alive (handnumbered translucent green vinyl LP limited to 150 copies)
Cat: LAAPS 036LP. Rel: 14 Jun 24
President Of Student Council (2:51)
Guess What? (1:39)
Spring Doesn't Remember Me (2:51)
Scholastic Book Fair (2:22)
We Used To Live Here (1:36)
From The Front Porch (To God Knows Where) (0:26)
Rabbit's Tune (1:33)
Nico, Le Petit Chat Noir (0:19)
See The Happy Days (0:53)
Modry (Reprise) (2:55)
Before Time Runs Out (1:22)
Summit Park Tennis Courts (2:11)
Meet Behind Mr Woolridge's House (2:51)
October 11th, 1993: Dusk (4:58)
Crickets (4:14)
Reuni De Toutes Parts (4:27)
 in stock $27.43
Keep The Outside Open
Keep The Outside Open (LP + insert in embossed sleeve)
Cat: STH 2487LP. Rel: 20 Jun 24
Iris Is Neil (4:49)
Oh Me Brotha (2:45)
Theodor Marmalade (3:44)
SandBox Galore (2:55)
Ortogonelya (3:48)
Down The Silverlake (1:00)
Lucky Zoe (2:34)
I Love ECM (2:44)
The Curious Wild (5:06)
Mr Pullman (2:33)
Bazooka Zoo (2:49)
Orange Encounter (0:54)
Evergreen Meadows (3:18)
Sera Sam (feat Avishai Cohen) (4:09)
Review: Stones Throw has tapped up the brilliant psychedelic jazz group Apifera for a second album to follow on from the greatness of their debut. That once came back in 2021 in the form of Overstand, which was a widescreen and cultural mix of all manner of weird and wonderful sounds. Now, Keep Teh Outside Open builds on that and finds keyboardist Yuval Havkin and Nitai Hershkovits, drummer Amir Bresler and bassist Yonatan Albalak all colliding Israeli folk, Afrobeat, post-rock and jazz into richly colourful and absorbing sound worlds full of lush broken beat grooves.
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 in stock $26.13
La Fin De L'Economie
Cat: CRAM 321LP. Rel: 20 Jun 24
Le Saut Du Tigre (3:11)
Sommets (4:18)
Soline (3:19)
Copychat (1:20)
Je Suis Galaxie (3:43)
A Plus (3:02)
Incendies (3:23)
Miso (2:50)
LPT (1:54)
Shoot De Love (4:41)
Amerikaine (5:40)
La Fin De L'Economie (3:27)
 in stock $23.75
Sixty Nine (reissue)
Sixty Nine (reissue) (LP in embossed sleeve)
Cat: RGIRL 135. Rel: 17 Jun 24
Crazy Blue (3:21)
Suicide Kiss (3:36)
Baby Milk Snatcher (3:05)
Scab (3:32)
Sulliday (6:12)
Dizzy (3:43)
Spermwhale Trip Over (4:22)
The Sun Falls Into The Sun (5:21)
The Madonna Is With Child (3:45)
Spanish Quay (3) (1:17)
 in stock $22.96
Up Home! (reissue)
Cat: RGIRL 134. Rel: 17 Jun 24
Baby Milk Snatcher (5:55)
WOGS (4:15)
One Way Mirror (4:19)
Up (6:07)
 in stock $14.25
>>>> (CD)
Cat: INV 319CD. Rel: 06 Jun 24
Strawberry Line
The Seal
Windmill Hill
Hungry Are We
Ah Yeh
Bloody Miles
Review: Bristol trio Beak>, like their co-founder Geoff Barrow, have always had a tendency towards the obtuse, choosing to go where they please musically with an air of disenchanted veterans whose faith in the world is waning all the time. This dystopian streak was evident on their 2009 full-length debut, where they consciously avoided overdubs and studio trickery, and it has returned to the fore on their widely acclaimed fourth studio set - a collection of 'head music' that they insist should only be listened to in its entirety. If you do that - and you should - you'll be treated to a delightfully cosmic, psychedelic and otherworldly journey through organ-heavy dream pop ('Strawberry Line'), wide-eyed krautrock-influenced funkiness ('The Seal'), acid-fried soundtrack weirdness ('Windmill Hill'), gentler and more intergalactic excursions ('Bloody Miles') and much more besides.
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 in stock $12.13
There Is A Garden
Cat: NOQ 089CD. Rel: 13 Jun 24
Small Vows
Flowers That Talk
God Dances In Your Eyes
In The Garden
Face Of Silence
Sun Greeted
Happy To Be
Morning Sea
Do Come Again
! low stock $13.20
There Is A Garden
There Is A Garden (LP in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: NOQ 089LP. Rel: 06 Jun 24
Small Vows (3:31)
Flowers That Talk (3:37)
God Dances In Your Eyes (6:37)
In The Garden (1:03)
Face Of Silence (4:06)
Sun Greeted (2:38)
Happy To Be (6:27)
Morning Star (1:53)
Do Come Again (6:31)
Review: Beings' debut album There Is a Garden, features the collaborative prowess of Steve Gunn, Shahzad Ismaily, Zoh Amba, and Jim White. With a fusion of spiritually resonant sounds, each track blooms with distinct environmental and evocative qualities. The quartet's fusion of talents, evident in their first two tracks 'Flowers That Talk' and 'Happy to Be,' shows a spiritually resonant and environmentally evocative sound. Formed after a transformative performance at Germany's Monheim Triennale, the band found a unique synergy, each member contributing distinct qualities to their collective sound. With its tracklist spanning from 'Small Vows' to 'Morning Sea,' the album hints at a diverse sonic landscape ripe for exploration. Beings mark their arrival as a dynamic force in the music scene.
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! low stock $24.80
St Ann's
St Ann's (limited purple vinyl LP)
Cat: PIPE 039LP. Rel: 06 Jun 24
Plantagenet Street In The Morning (5:04)
Cobbles & Slate (1:18)
Blue Bell Hill (3:17)
Donkey Hill (3:01)
Grafton Terrace (0:42)
Plantagenet Street In The Afternoon (3:54)
Corporation Oaks (3:46)
The Arboretum (3:25)
Ford Street St Mary's (2:36)
A New St Ann's (4:36)
Along The St Ann's Road (4:38)
Abbotsford & Hunger Hill (4:04)
Pebble Dash & Green Grass (2:44)
Review: Since his Yarmouth LP in 2020, and the spoken word-based Lovers Walk the following year, Boulter has concentrated on his soundtrack work. He has produced various scores and has also released a series of lathe-cuts featuring his soundtrack work among a few other projects. St Ann's, is a tribute to the council estate, on the edge of Nottingham city centre that defined Boulter's formative years. By the late 1960s, St. Ann's, like many other city centre areas, had become run down and was earmarked by the council for slum clearance. 340 acres were bulldozed and 30,000 people including David's family were compulsorily uprooted. In 1970 the Victorian streets were replaced with a Radburn-style estate. The soundtrack inspiration was set from his youth. Subtle use of guitar, double bass, vibraphone, tenor recorder and field recordings conjure up the old streets of cobble and slate, damp brickwork and grey skies, juxtaposing the newer post-1960s world of pebble dash and green grass, fresh air and a brighter future. This is a record full of personal memories, but it also tells the tale of Britain's inner cities and their renewal in the 60s and 70. As Boulter said: "It is a celebration of a community, streets that still hold a special place in my heart. I will always be from St Ann's and St Ann's will always be a part of me."
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 in stock $30.08
Atalanta Fugiens
Atalanta Fugiens (purple vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: PPCY 8802381. Rel: 14 Jun 24
Embryo Ventosa (3:41)
Rosetum (4:37)
Rupe Cava (4:35)
Corallus (3:58)
Hermaphroditus (4:04)
Victor Quadrupedum (1:02)
Mercurious (3:43)
Arpie (5:05)
Draco (Pomum Morens) (7:21)
Alta Venenoso (Atalanta Fugiens) (2:13)
 in stock $41.15
Atalanta Fugiens
Cat: PPCY 8802212. Rel: 13 Jun 24
Embryo Ventosa
Rupe Cava
Victor Quadrupedum
Draco (Pomum Morens)
Alta Venenoso (Atalanta Fugiens)
 in stock $13.20
Atalanta Fugiens (Collector's Edition)
Cat: PPCY 8802452. Rel: 13 Jun 24
Embryo Ventosa (CD1: Atalanta Fugiens)
Rupe Cava
Victor Quadrupedum
Draco (Pomum Morens)
Alta Venenoso (Atalanta Fugiens)
Follia Del Mondo (CD2: Hippomenes Sequens)
Hic Leo (Victor Quadrupendum versione)
Ripresa Hermaphroditus
Alta Venenoso II (Hippomenes Sequens)
 in stock $49.87
Live In Aston 1977
Live In Aston 1977 (LP + insert)
Cat: FDSPOON 68. Rel: 13 Jun 24
Aston 77 Eins (13:52)
Aston 77 Zwei (8:23)
Aston 77 Drei (16:27)
Aston 77 Vier (7:56)
 in stock $30.88
Conditions II
Cat: NSWN 80. Rel: 06 Jun 24
The Gate (2:55)
Claw (3:15)
Kevlar (3:42)
Bliss (Fear Fears) (3:56)
 in stock $20.85
Ridiculous & Full Of Blood
Cat: SVN 016LP. Rel: 14 Jun 24
Not Enough (4:01)
Supernatural (3:35)
The Ash (4:33)
Thin Skin (2:57)
End Of The World (5:41)
Silver Dollars (5:31)
Kids (2:48)
The Lighthouse (5:46)
Blast (2:00)
Seven Days (5:21)
 in stock $36.41
Ridiculous & Full Of Blood
Cat: SVN 016CD. Rel: 14 Jun 24
Not Enough
The Ash
Thin Skin
End Of The World
Silver Dollars
The Lighthouse
Seven Days
 in stock $16.36
Zuckerzeit (50th Anniversary Edition)
Zuckerzeit (50th Anniversary Edition) (limited hand-numbered 180 gram vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: BB 447LTD. Rel: 10 Jun 24
Hollywood (4:26)
Caramel (3:12)
Rote Riki (5:37)
Rosa (4:04)
Caramba (3:54)
Fotschi Tong (4:14)
James (3:20)
Marzipan (3:08)
Rotor (2:39)
Heisse Lippen (2:23)
Review: Cluster's Zuckerzeit stands as a landmark in electronic music, showing the duo's innovative approach to ambient electronic soundscapes. Unlike their self-aware avant-garde contemporaries, Cluster's music emerges as a pure expression of their passion for electronic gadgetry and songwriting. The album's subtle shift in sound from their previous work heralds a more intriguing style characterized by bubbling ideas and electronic manipulation. Tracks like 'Hollywood' and 'Caramel' paint vivid pictures with gloriously chunky synthesizers and jerky drumbeats, evoking reflective and playful tones respectively. 'Rote Riki' ventures into experimental territory with alien-like synths and throbbing bass, while 'Rosa,' "Fotschi Tong,' and 'Marzipan' conjure images of ambient space exploration with colorful synthesizers and relaxed drumbeats. 'Caramba' and 'James' delve deeper into experimentation, showcasing Cluster's versatility. Closing with 'Rotor' and 'HeiBe Lippen,' the album maintains its pace, with motorik beats and droning sounds adding to the overall spacey atmosphere. Clocking in at under 40 minutes, Zuckerzeit is a dynamic journey through Cluster's boundless creativity, setting a new standard for electronic music.
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 in stock $29.03
Darning Woman
Cat: JAG 456CD. Rel: 20 Jun 24
He Is On His Way Home, We Don't Live Together
Women's Role In War
What Doesn't Work What Does
Darning Woman
Sounds Of A Giddy Woman
Woke Up & No Feet
Newbin Time
Return To Room
 in stock $12.13
Astral Crimes At The Dark House
Astral Crimes At The Dark House (limited luminous vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: DOAR XXIII. Rel: 06 Jun 24
Astral Crimes At The Dark House (19:06)
Astral Crimes At The Dark House (18:59)
Review: In May 2024, 500 copies of each of David Tibet's long-running experimental music outfit Current 93's albums were released to celebrate the London and Hastings Channellings. Each title includes a Risographed insert featuring artwork by Tibet on the front and the title and catalogue number in his handwriting on the reverse side. He started this project four decades ago back in the 80s and it is still going strong today. For fans of outlier music and experimental atmospheres, there are few finer acts out there.
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 in stock $32.19
Emblems (limited cloudy clear & red vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: DOAR XX. Rel: 06 Jun 24
Suzanne: She & I In Darkness We Lay & Lie (4:23)
Maldoror Is Ded Ded Ded Ded (12:04)
Silence As Christine (2:28)
Hooves (4:19)
Our Lady Of Horsies (6:45)
The Signs & Sighs Of Emptiness (2:21)
The Sadness Of Things (6:20)
In Sadness Sang (4:07)
Review: David Tibet is the man behind Current 93. He started the project back in the 80s and four decades on it still keeps on turning out some brilliantly haunting drone, ambient, synth and experimental fusions that are full of ghostly sounds and unsettling moods. Much of his material is hard to find and/or out of print but a couple of them have been reissued in limited numbers to celebrate the London and Hastings Channellings. This is one of them and it comes with his own artwork on the front and a Risographed insert.
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 in stock $32.19
The Astral Crimes Of Stephen Hawke
The Astral Crimes Of Stephen Hawke (limited luminous vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: DOAR XXIV. Rel: 06 Jun 24
The Astral Crimes Of Stephen Hawke (19:00)
The Astral Crimes Of Stephen Hawke (18:55)
Review: To celebrate Current 93's London and Hastings Channellings, a number of the experimental artist's albums are being repressed having long since become hard-to-find, expensive yet sought-after classics. The Astral Crimes Of Stephen Hawk is actually a new one that comes in the form of two side-long pieces that tap into his signature noisy soundscapes and apocalyptic folk with acoustic guitars and atonal vocals always evolving and making for unsettling listening. This one comes on glow-in-the-dark vinyl with a Risographed insert featuring special artwork by Tibet himself.
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 in stock $25.32
Damn Imperium
Damn Imperium (limited black & white vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: DOAR XXV. Rel: 06 Jun 24
Damn Imperium (19:05)
Grim Imperium (18:55)
Review: Current 93, led by David Tibet, has often featured a rotating lineup of musicians (with Bjork and Nick Cave among the contributors), with Michael Cashmore and Steven Stapleton as more permanent members and appearing on several releases. Formed in 1982, the group released their ritualistic debut single, LAShTAL, in 1984 and were initially known for their noisy soundscapes but transitioned to an "apocalyptic folk" sound in 1986. This month they have pressed up 500 copies of a series of new albums that layer up acoustic guitars and atonal vocals into alluring and ghostly soundtracks of highly evocative drone, ambient and experimental sounds.
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 in stock $25.32
Live At The Teatro Iberico 8 II 2003
Live At The Teatro Iberico 8 II 2003 (limited translucent yellow & orange vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: DOAR XXII. Rel: 06 Jun 24
Dreams Of Elysia (1:56)
Judas As Black Moth (3:36)
Larkspur & Lazarus (5:57)
A Gothic Love Song (3:57)
Whilst The Night Rejoices Profound & Still (4:54)
A Sadness Song (5:33)
All The World Makes Great Blood (7:49)
Alone (4:49)
Review: Live at the Teatro Iberico by English experimental - or apocalyptic folk, as they are sometimes wonderfully dubbed - group Current 93 capture a transcendent performance that resonates deeply with themes of death, loss, and hope. David Tibet's emotive delivery, alongside his talented ensemble, crafts an experience that transcends dimensions. The first five tracks, predominantly from Soft Black Stars, are hauntingly beautiful, with 'Whilst the Night Rejoices Profound and Still' featuring Antony on vocals, standing out as a pinnacle moment alongside breathtaking closing moments marked by feedback-laden guitars and sublime piano.
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 in stock $25.32
Accept When
Cat: AS 235. Rel: 04 Jun 24
Attention (4:25)
Sequins (3:31)
Flounced (4:20)
Slynx (3:08)
Concrete (3:27)
How Sensitive (3:27)
Accept When (4:58)
Shall We Dance (4:09)
All The Glory (4:35)
Ultra Detached (3:49)
 in stock $25.32
Resonant Trees
Cat: BLACKTRUFFLE 119. Rel: 13 Jun 24
Resonant Tree I
Resonant Tree II
 in stock $24.80
Plafond 8
Plafond 8 (LP in screen-printed sleeve with obi-strip)
Cat: BAKKPLAFOND 8. Rel: 10 Jun 24
Ekolali - "Totem Mollusca" (14:10)
Tala Drum Corps - "Tokyo Subway" (15:55)
 in stock $17.41
From Inside The House
From Inside The House (LP in screen-printed sleeve)
Cat: BRD 44. Rel: 06 Jun 24
Rubber Slacks (4:02)
Port Of Indiana (3:27)
Belmont Hand Wash/ The Ever-Widening Hat (3:45)
Late Night AI (4:30)
From Inside The House (7:17)
Paper Sink (6:43)
Swords Against The Ritz (4:02)
 in stock $22.96
Year Of The Hare
Year Of The Hare (gold & black galaxy vinyl LP + poster + insert)
Cat: DW 172V. Rel: 20 Jun 24
Year Of The Hare
California Cold
 in stock $22.96
Atoms (LP)
Cat: STOFFE 005. Rel: 20 Jun 24
Atom I
Atom V
Atom IX
Atom VII
Atom VI
 in stock $28.76
Cat: IARC 78CD. Rel: 13 Jun 24
Below My Skin
Reach Down Into The Deepest White
Of Snowhere
Next Time I Keep My Hands Down
All The Light I Have, I Hand To You
She Was My Own She Was Myself
How To Be Free From It
From Breaks To Shreds It's A Short Path
Don't Follow Me
I Have For You - Simple Truth
 in stock $13.20
Dancing In The Dust
Dancing In The Dust (blue & red mix vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: CRR 215V. Rel: 18 Jun 24
Falling Apart (4:16)
Blur Into One (3:52)
Dark Spell (4:26)
Undone (4:02)
Cycle (4:34)
Dancing In The Dust (4:10)
! low stock $34.82
Magnificent Little Dudes Volume 1
Magnificent Little Dudes Volume 1 (2xLP with obi-strip)
Cat: GB 1594. Rel: 21 Jun 24
M0 (15:25)
M1.1 (15:07)
M1.2 (14:00)
M4 (12:39)
M7 (8:00)
Review: The collaboration between Chihei Hatakeyama and Shun Ishiwaka on their latest ambient release represents a convergence of diverse musical backgrounds. With over 70 albums under his belt since his debut in 2006, Hatakeyama brings a wealth of experience in ambient and experimental music, while Ishiwaka, known for his prolificacy in modern jazz, adds a dynamic rhythmic dimension. Their encounter, sparked by a radio appearance and cemented through live gigs, led to the creation of this two-volume epic recorded in March 2023. Drawing inspiration from a spectrum of genres including ambient, experimental, jazz and metal, the duo's sonic exploration is enriched by references ranging from My Bloody Valentine to Alice Coltrane. The album reflects their shared love for free jazz and spiritual jazz, evoking the improvisational spirit of Sun Ra and Coltrane's later works. Guided by psycho-acoustic considerations and embracing spontaneity, the musicians engage in a dialogue of sound where responses unfold in the heat of the moment. The result is a remarkable project brimming with creativity and mutual understanding.
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 in stock $72.81
I (amber smokey vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: SVART 481LPB3. Rel: 20 Jun 24
Reverse Engineer (9:01)
Machines Like Us (7:13)
Spectral Embrace (5:24)
Echoes (5:46)
Haunted Plasma (12:53)
Review: Haunted Plasma's debut album, I, is an entrancing trip through a psychedelic blend of Krautrock, techno, and electronica. Comprising members from Oranssi Pazuzu, K-X-P, and Aavikko, the album features guest vocalists and explores genre-defying soundscapes. Each of its five tracks offers unique moods from the moody electro-rock of 'Reverse Engineer' to the ethereal ambience of 'Echoes.' The album's dreamlike quality is both discomfiting and pleasantly hypnotic, drawing listeners into a surreal soundscape. Standout tracks like 'Machines Like Us' deliver spiraling synths, while 'Haunted Plasma' concludes the album with an epic, undulating instrumental journey. With its subtle evolution and immersive atmosphere, I leaves a lasting impression, promising a compelling future for this avant-garde trio. Looking for something unique and different? Look no further.
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 in stock $24.80
I (LP + insert)
Cat: SVART 481LP. Rel: 20 Jun 24
Reverse Engineer (9:01)
Machines Like Us (7:14)
Spectral Embrace (5:25)
Echoes (5:45)
Haunted Plasma (12:53)
 in stock $22.96
Voids (reissue)
Voids (reissue) (limited beer & burgundy cornetto vinyl LP)
Cat: FR 145LPXBEER. Rel: 13 Jun 24
The Big Gloom (LP1: Powers Of Ten) (7:22)
Waiting For Black Metal Records To Come In The Mail (8:36)
The Future (3:34)
Earthmover (7:56)
Who Would Leave Their Son Out In The Sun? (5:01)
Human Error Trespassers W (LP2: What Happened Next Was Worse) (4:06)
Defenestration Song (5:45)
I'm Dr House (5:34)
Sisyphus (7:11)
Destinos (8:06)
 in stock $44.31
Chaos Emeralds
Cat: EHLP 02. Rel: 20 Jun 24
Legend (3:30)
Unimaginable Pain (3:52)
Avery Albino (2:30)
Citrinitas (4:59)
Heartful Complex (2:56)
For My Confusion (2:32)
The Realms (5:11)
Let Them In (3:00)
Violet Rest (3:15)
Reliquary (1:04)
Wash The Sea (2:42)
Anahata (2:52)
Review: We're told that Chaos Emeralds began as an experimental beat collection crafted from natural sounds, synths, and vocals, and that it evolved over three transformative years. Sparse drums and subtle percussive layers blend with found sounds throughout to create vibrant soundscapes. The album delves into themes of emotional healing and introspection, with vocals emerging as poems rich in metaphor and sensory imagery. Elsa Hewitt's creative journey spans from urban settings to the serene landscapes of north England, where nature and everyday sounds shape the album's essence. Tracks like 'Unimaginable Pain,' 'Citrinitas,' and 'Wash The Sea' blend wordless improvisations with synths, field recordings, and ethereal vocals, culminating in the meditative finale 'Anahata.'
Read more
 in stock $22.15
Sun Blonde
Sun Blonde (LP + insert)
Cat: LPEL 585. Rel: 06 Jun 24
Enrosadira (3:31)
August (4:36)
Bazooka Joe (1:23)
Big Wave (2:51)
Lonely Lynx (2:03)
Maui Babe (2:49)
Elvis (4:23)
Hi Boy Dreams (2:41)
Perfect 10 (4:00)
Sun Blonde (5:24)
Almost There (5:07)
 in stock $25.32
Lashes (LP + insert)
Cat: MWR 001. Rel: 05 Jun 24
Miracle-Mouthed (3:09)
Boyracer (3:55)
Come 2 Me, My Baby (1:59)
Oil Slicks (Song For The Spirals) (3:23)
Heat Of A Bolting Horse (1:35)
Lavender (2:04)
Your Laugh As My Ringtone (2:27)
Sever/Strike (2:23)
See You At The (2:08)
Ionian Sea (3:53)
I Hope I See Some Of My Haters Out Tonight (4:36)
Cement (3:53)
Review: This superbly spaced-out album of guitar-shimmered downtempo odes from Hysterical Love Project is a wonderfully moody and dreamy listen. It rides on gentle 90s-inspired rhythms a la Kruder & Dorfmeister, with angelic vocals woven into the grainy pads. Some cuts are sunny firmly into the sofa while others tentatively raise their head above water. 'Oil Slicks (Song For The Spirals)' is a heartbroken late-night sound for lovelorn wallowing, 'I Hope I See Some Of My Haters Out Tonight' casts you adrift under a moon-lit sky and 'Your Laugh As My Ringtone' is laced with melancholic riffs that lodge deep in the brain.

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Lapse (CD)
Cat: ARCR 149957.2. Rel: 03 Jun 24
On Fire
Wesr Side
Heaven On Earth
Heat Seek
Across The Sky
Throw The Game
29 Palms
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Terzo (LP + insert)
Cat: IMP 108. Rel: 13 Jun 24
Song For Anima Mundi (5:34)
Max Roach 8 Ball (5:23)
Purple, Orange, Green + Yellow (5:30)
21st Marinaio Dream (4:26)
Grabbing Me By My Own Air (5:34)
Pedro Ten-Four (4:24)
The Fall (5:25)
None Dare Call It Conspiracy (5:05)
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Nanocluster Vol 2
Cat: WM 58CD. Rel: 13 Jun 24
I'm Barely Here
In The Universe
Other Ways
Not About Me
Neptune Immersion
As Long As
Just Close Your Eyes
The House Of Thor
In Snow
At The Wizard's House
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Nanocluster Vol 2
Nanocluster Vol 2 (gatefold 2x10" LP)
Cat: VWM 58LP. Rel: 13 Jun 24
Immersion & Thor Harris - "As Long As" (4:50)
Immersion & Thor Harris - "Just Close Your Eyes" (3:08)
Immersion & Thor Harris - "Rotations" (4:03)
Immersion & Thor Harris - "The House Of Thor" (2:35)
Immersion & Thor Harris - "In Snow" (4:16)
Immersion & Thor Harris - "At The Wizard's House" (5:39)
Immersion & Cubzoa - "I'm Barely Here" (5:14)
Immersion & Cubzoa - "In The Universe" (3:32)
Immersion & Cubzoa - "Other Ways" (5:14)
Immersion & Cubzoa - "Not About Me" (6:35)
Immersion & Cubzoa - "Neptune" (7:20)
Review: Immersion is the epitome of collaboration. Comprising Colin Newman, of legendary UK post punk outfit Wire, and his life partner Malka Spigel, the two first came together in 1985, former producing the latter's band, and have since fallen in love and combined creative forces countless times. Growing out of their Immersion project, a series of pop up gigs took place at the Rosehill, Brighton, with a cast of influential and cutting edge musicians getting involved. Songs were written and rehearsed before each show, and an album, Nanocluster Vol.1, soon materialised. Now we have the follow up. Disc one is centred on Thor Harris, percussion doyen of Swans, while the second half refocuses our attention on Cubzoa, AKA Jack Wolter of Penelope Isles, with Matt Schulz (Holy Fuck) also involved. The result is a psyche-tinged ride through swaggering indie, dream pop, chill, and surreal rock, nodding to names from Beta Band to King of Woolworths and beyond.
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Ocean Oublie
Cat: SPR 00005. Rel: 13 Jun 24
Valse 42
Die Sonne
Ville Est Deserte
Of Dreams
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Live In Dublin
Cat: RT 0449LP. Rel: 20 Jun 24
The Wild Rover (6:18)
The Rocky Road To Dublin (4:42)
The Pride Of Petravore (12:45)
Go Dig My Grave (10:59)
Fugue (5:44)
Bear Creek (5:53)
Review: Critics talk of 'timelessness' like it's going out of fashion, but when it comes to Irish folk the word carries more clout. Lankum, a four piece contemporary outfit born from the ever-thriving Dublin scene and a duo project, Lynched (named after the band's two founding brothers, Ian and Daragh Lych), are a perfect example of what we're talking about. Live In Dublin is a great reference point to understand this. If ever there were sounds made to be experienced IRL then it might be the noises these multi-instrumentalists evidently love to make. Simultaneously capable of transporting us to peaty moorlands of the past, while hitting nail on head as to where we are today, and presenting bold visions of how sounds might develop tomorrow, from rousing crescendos to pin-drop-quiet, this is relentlessly captivating stuff.
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When The Shape Of Things Turn Into Sound EP
Cat: LPBUSYBE 131. Rel: 06 Jun 24
Crater In My Life (2:36)
Anyone Who's Hard To Love (6:30)
When The Shape Of Things Turn Into Sound (2:30)
The Principle Of Initiation (7:09)
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White Of The Eye (Soundtrack)
Cat: 019029 5660154. Rel: 06 Jun 24
Goldwaters (2:50)
Remember Mike (1:18)
Where Are You Joany? (2:10)
Dry Junk (3:17)
Present (2:23)
Thrift Store (3:25)
Prelude & Ritual (4:32)
Globe (2:39)
Discovery & Recoil (3:23)
Anne Mason (4:05)
Mendoza (2:40)
World Of Appearances (3:23)
Sacrifice Dance (2:48)
White Of The Eye (3:28)
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