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Inicio  Funk/Rare Groove/Reediciones  






Formato: 5xCD box set in hard-back book case
Nº catál.: EDSL 0065
Editado: 13 Jul 20
Género: Funk/Reediciones
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in stock $29.69
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Cara 1
1. "Pick Up The Pieces"
2. "Cut The Cake"
3. "Show Your Hand"
4. "Work To Do"
5. "Queen Of My Soul"
6. "A Star In The Ghetto" (with Ben E King)
7. "Atlantic Avenue"
8. "Keepin' It To Myself"
9. "Twilight Zone"
10. "Whatcha' Gonna Do For Me"
11. "Walk On By"
12. "Feel No Fret"
13. "School Boy Crush"
14. "Put It Where You Want It"
15. "Let's Go 'Round Again"
Cara 2
1. "The Jugglers"
2. "Got The Love"
3. "Groovin' The Night Away"
4. "Sweet & Sour"
5. "I'm The One"
6. "Reach Out"
7. "Your Love Is A Miracle"
8. "Person To Person"
9. "Daddy's All Gone"
10. "When Will You Be Mine"
11. "Big City Lights"
12. "TLC"
13. "Back '67"
14. "Stop The Rain"
Cara 3
1. "Overture"
2. "If I Ever Lose This Heaven"
3. "Get It Up For Love" (with Ben E King)
4. "I Just Can't Give You Up"
5. "How Sweet Can You Get"
6. "Nothing You Can Do"
7. "A Love Of Your Own"
8. "Love Your Life"
9. "Would You Stay"
10. "For You, For Love"
11. "Isn't It Strange"
12. "Just Want To Love You Tonight"
13. "Love Gives, Love Takes Away"
14. "Digging Deeper (Finale)"
Cara 4
1. "How Can You Go Home"
2. "Work To Do" (7" edit)
3. "Cut The Cake" (7" edit)
4. "Queen Of My Soul" (7" edit)
5. "Get It For You" (with Ben E King - 7" edit)
6. "A Star In The Ghetto" (with Ben E King - 7" edit)
7. "Your Love Is A Miracle" (7" edit)
8. "Feel No Fret" (7" edit)
9. "For You, For Love" (7" edit)
10. "Shine"
11. "Walk On By" (12" version)
12. "Let's Go 'Round Again" (12" version)
13. "The Jugglers" (first version)
14. "How Sweet Can You Get" (first version)
15. "Back In '67" (first version)
16. "Reach Out" (first version)
17. "Pick Up The Pieces" (early version)
Cara 5
1. "This World Has Music"
2. "McEwan's Export"
3. "In The Beginning"
4. "White Water Dreams"
5. "It Didn't Take Me A Minute"
6. "Wasn't I Your Friend"
7. "Miss Sun"
8. "Kiss Me"
9. "Love Won't Get In The Way"
10. "Growing Pains"
11. "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me" (live)
12. "Pick Up The Pieces" (live)
13. "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" (live)
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in stock $29.69

Despite being a bunch of white guys from Scotland, Average White Band released some of the heaviest and most authentic-sounding funk and soul of the 1970s, becoming big stars on both sides of America's racial divide. This deluxe, five-disc showcase showcases the best of their work during the '70s and early '80s. You'll find an opening disc of classics (think "Pick Up The Pieces", "Work To Do", "Let's Go Round Again" etc.), two discs packed with AWB tracks that were later sampled by hip-hop and R&B producers (the second of which features their awesome version of Ned Doheny's "Get It Up For Love", with Ben E King om vocals), a CD of alternate takes, 7" edits and 12" versions, and a collection of rarities and live recordings.

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