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Sources: The Streetwise Records Anthology

Formato: unmixed 3xCD
Nº catál.: HURTXCD 136
Editado: 11 Dec 15
Género: Disco/Reediciones
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Agotado $12.68
Cara 1
1. Rockers Revenge - "Walking On Sunshine" (original 12" mix)
2. Dr John - "Jet Set" (original 12" mix)
3. Loleatta Holloway - "Crash Goes Love" (original 12" mix)
4. Pushe - "Don't Take Your Love Away" (original 12" mix)
5. Colonel Abrams - "Music Is The Answer" (original 12" mix)
6. Paul Simpson Conneciton - "Use Me Lose Me" (original 12" mix)
7. Cuba Gooding - "Happiness Is Just Around The Bend" (original 12" mix)
8. Cuba Gooding - "Got The Hots" (original 12" mix)
9. Citispeak - "Rock To Rock" (original 12" mix)
10. Touchdown - "Ease Your Mind" (original 12" US mix)
11. Eartha Kitt - "Where Is My Man" (original 12" remix)
Cara 2
1. Freeez - "IOU" (original 12" mix)
2. New Edition - "Candy Girl" (original 12" mix)
3. New Order - "Confusion" (original 12" mix)
4. New Edition - "Pass The Beat" (original album version)
5. Pee Wee - "Be My Girl" (original 12" mix)
6. Nyhtjar - "All In Fun" (original 12" mix)
7. Dominatrix - "The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight" (original 12" Dominant mix)
8. Zenobia - "In The Night" (original 12" dub mix)
9. Ladies Choice - "Girls Night Out" (original 12" mix)
10. Al Baby Green - "Coldblooded" (original 12" dub mix)
Cara 3
1. Makossa Nairobi & The Awesome Foursome - "Funky Soul Makossa" (original 12" mix)
2. Dimples D - "Sucker DJs (I Will Survive)" (original 12" mix)
3. Awesome Foursome - "Funky Breakdown" (original 12" mix)
4. Larrice - "Bop Till I Drop" (original 12" bop mix)
5. Air Force 1 - "See The Light/Feel The Heat" (original 12" mix)
6. Moja Nya - "Rise Up" (original 12" dub rise mix)
7. Citispeak - "I Don't Need Your Handouts" (feat Jeanne Harris - original 12" instrumental mix)
8. Guru - "Who You Stealin' From" (original 12" mix)
9. Ultimate 3 MCs - "What Are We Gonna Do?" (original 12" mix)
10. Ralph Rolle - "Roxanne's A Man (The Untold Story)" (original 12" mix)
11. Freeez - "Scratch Goes My Dub" (original 12" dub mix)
12. T La Rock & Jazzy Jay - "It's Yours" (original radio mix)
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Agotado $12.68
Shop more: Disco/Reediciones | Bill BREWSTER/VARIOUS | Harmless

Harmless has certainly kept Bill Brewster busy this year. This is the umpteenth label Anthology he's compiled over the last 12 months, and tells the story Arthur Baker's Streetwise Records (and, sneakily, its' lesser-known offshoots Partytime and Warlock) during the early-to-mid 1980s. While there are plenty of well-known club hits from the period included - think "Walking On Sunshine", "Confusion", "Music Is The Answer", and so on - it's the lesser-known or forgotten gems that standout. These include a clutch of killer proto-house and early "garage-house" jams (Pushe, Citispeak), some post-boogie electrofunk (Cuba Gooding Junior's forgotten "Got The Hots", a touch of Eartha Kitt), and a swathe of electro, hip-hop and freestyle cuts from the likes of Awesome Foursome, Air Force 1 and Dimples D.

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