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Birdkids The Bateleur VCO MKII Voltage Controlled Oscillator Module


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Birdkids' Bateleur series presents multi-functional modules which contain various components. The Bateleur VCO is more than just an oscillator - alone it's features like Thru-Zero FM and it's massive sound know how to please ears but the module also includes a beautiful four-pole low pass filter. And we all know that a self-oscillating filter produces a sine wave, being perfect for sweetest FM sounds. All components have a meaning and have been chosen wisely to cooperate with each other.


- Discrete, temperature stable and 100% analogue oscillator with a vintage sound so rich and direct that it almost jumps in your face!
- Waveform-wise we find the four classics: sine, triangle, saw-tooth and pulse. In addition there's a sub-oscillator output. Of course the pulse width can be modulated, both manually and via the scalable PWM CV input.
- The VCO's coarse frequency range is set with the range rotary switch whose action is soft yet very precise. The fine frequency is set +/-7 semitones with the FINE control.
- Glide does what you expect it to do; it adds a portamento.
- The white highlighted area is the frequency modulation department which of course is a must. It can be selected between normal and Thru-Zero FM. Especially the latter sounds very rich and beautiful!


- The filter's input has been placed directly below the waveform outputs for easy patching the VCO into the -24dB/octave steep low pass filter by using a short patch cord. Soundwise there is absolutely nothing to complain about - this is a fat classic LPF with a lush sound!
- It's not a must to use the filter together with the VCO as there are individual inputs and outputs, although you should be aware that the 1V/octave input is always normalized to the cut-off frequency.
- Idiosyncratic is the fact that the VCF has no resonance control but a switch only which either chooses 0% resonance or the full self-oscillation. In latter position the filter turns into a great sinewave generator which is perfect as Thru-Zero modulator - and suddenly the steady 1V/octave-to-cut-off normalization makes perfect sense in order to keep frequency ration constant! Brilliant thinking!

  • Frequency range swithc has six positions, including a LFO mode with improved fine tuning (+/-2 octaves)
  • Sync mode as thrid FM setting
  • Additional filter mode decoupling the self-oscillation from the 1V/octave input
  • The filter is stable over a range of seven octaves and closes entirely
  • Oscillator core is compensated over seven octaves and offers a new trimming function
  • VCA noise floor and bleedthru have been minimized
  • 10-pin header for connecting to the Birdsnest for polyphonic and internal activation
Module Type Oscillator Module

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