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Inicio  50s/60s/Rock'n'Roll/Rhythm & Blues  

Reel To Reel




Two Classic Albums Plus Singles & Session Tracks

COCHRAN, Eddie - Two Classic Albums Plus Singles & Session Tracks

Two Classic Albums Plus Singles & Session Tracks

Formato: 4xCD
Nº catál.: RTRCD 115
Editado: 28 Jul 20
Género: 50s/60s
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Cara 1
1. "Sittin In The Balcony"
2. "Completely Sweet"
3. "Undying Love"
4. "I'm Alone Because I Love You"
5. "Lovin' Time"
6. "Proud Of You"
7. "Mean When I'm Mad"
8. "Stockin's & Shoes"
9. "Tell Me Why"
10. "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You"
11. "Cradle Baby"
12. "One Kiss"
13. "C'mon Everybody"
14. "Three Steps To Heaven"
15. "Cut Across Shorty"
16. "Hallelujah I Love Her So"
17. "Summertime Blues"
18. "Somethin' Else"
19. "Teenage Heaven"
20. "Drive In Show"
21. The Cochran Brothers - "Two Blue Singin' Stars"
22. The Cochran Brothers - "Mr Fiddle"
23. The Cochran Brothers - "Your Tomorrow's Never Come"
24. The Cochran Brothers - "Guilty Conscience"
Cara 2
1. Jerry Capehart - "Walkin' Stick Boogie" (feat The Cochran Brothers)
2. Jerry Capehart - "Rollin'" (feat The Cochran Brothers)
3. The Cochran Brothers - "Tired & Sleepy"
4. The Cochran Brothers - "Fool's Paradise"
5. The Cochran Brothers - "Skinny Jim"
6. The Cochran Brothers - "Half Loved"
7. "Dark Lonely Street"
8. "Am I Blue"
9. "Twenty Flight Rock"
10. "Jeanie Jeanie Jeanie"
11. "Pocketful Of Hearts"
12. "Teresa"
13. "Pretty Girl"
14. "Love Again"
15. "Don't Ever Let Me Go"
16. "I Remember"
17. "Boll Weevil Song"
18. "Little Angel"
19. "Lonely"
20. "Sweetie Pie"
21. "Weekend"
22. "Cherished Memories"
Cara 3
1. Ray Stanley - "Over A Coke"
2. Wayne Walker - "You've Got Me (Where I Wanna Be)"
3. Skeets McDonald - "You Oughta See Grandma Rock"
4. Gene Bo Davis - "Let's Coast Awhile"
5. Lynn Marshall - "Borrowed Love"
6. Glen Garrison & The Note Kings - "Lovin' Lorene"
7. Tommy Law - "Cool Juice"
8. Bob Denton - "Pretty Little Devil"
9. Buddy Lowe - "Ummm Kiss Me Goodnight"
10. Jody Reynolds - "Beaulah Lee"
11. Ronnie McBee - "I'll Be Waiting For You"
12. Gene Brown - "Big Door"
13. Jerry Neal - "I Hates Rabbits"
14. Mamie Van Doren - "The Beat Generation"
15. The Georgettes - "Love Like A Fool"
16. Jess Willard - "Every Dog Has His Day"
17. The Tigers - "Jelly Bean"
18. Bob Denton - "On My Mind Again"
19. The Four Dots - "Don't Wake Up The Kids"
20. Jay Johnston - "Walk A Dog"
21. Barry Martin - "The Willies"
22. Larry O'Keefe - "Ain't A That Something"
23. Buddy Lowe - "It Happened To Me"
24. Bob Denton - "24 Hour Nigh"
25. Del Reeves - "Because You Love Me"
26. The Playthings - "Lipstick"
Cara 4
1. Al Casey - "Willa Mae"
2. Margie Rayburn - "Smoochin'"
3. Mike Clifford - "Should I"
4. Skeets McDonald - "Heart Breakin' Mama"
5. The Playthings - "Sittin'"
6. Bob Denton - "Love Me So I'll Know"
7. Mamie Van Doren - "Salamander"
8. Gene Bo Davis - "Drownin' All My Sorrows"
9. Tom Forse - "I'm Gonna Tell My Conscience On You"
10. Bob Orrison - "Sarah Lee"
11. Jack Lewis - "IOU"
12. Jewel & Eddie - "Opportunity"
13. Glen Garrison & The Note Kings - "You're My Darlin'"
14. The Georgettes - "Oh Tonight"
15. Darla Daret - "Honey Honey"
16. The Tigers - "Don't Bye Bye Baby Me"
17. Elroy Peace & The Bow Ribbons - "Quick Like"
18. Bob Denton - "I'm Sending You This Record"
19. Mamie Van Doren - "Rollin' Stone"
20. The Four Dots - "Pleading For Your Love"
21. Lee Denson - "New Shoes"
22. Barry Martin - "Minnie The Moocher"
23. Ray Stanley - "Market Place"
24. Tom Forse - "They Call You A Small Fry"
25. Bob Denton - "Thinkin' About You"
26. Jewel & Eddie - "Hully Gully"
27. Ray Stanley - "Love Charms"
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in stock $5.93
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