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EarPeace Eskimo Recordings Edition HD Ear Plugs

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The best ear plugs for loud entertainment. Guaranteed.

Live music, nightclubs, bars, even the movies are loud. Even uncomfortably loud. No more! Ear Peace turns down the volume without distorting the sound. The sound is clear and crisp. Ear Peace is very comfortable and virtually invisible. Ear Peace are the best ear plugs for your entertainment experience.

What do you get? A sleek aluminum carrying case with three Ear Peace ear plugs. The ear plugs are made of soft, strong, hypoallergenic silicone. They are reusable. Comfortable, discrete and the multiple skin tones make it personal. The durable carabiner will keep the cool case securely clipped to your go bag.

Why use Ear Peace? It's too loud! Maybe you use foam ear plugs right now. They are LoFi. grab Ear Peace and go HiFi. As mono is to foam ear plugs, stereo is to Ear Peace. The music will be crisp and clear. You will even be able to have conversations with your friends.

How to use them? Ear Peace is engineered to deliver the superior sound-quality and ultra low profile of custom ear plugs, at a fraction of the cost. The attenuation filters allow a small, precise amount of unobstructed sound to enter the ear. You get great sound at a lower volume and the background noise is filtered out.

Where to use them? Concerts, nightclubs, bars, parties, car races, arena games, the movies, and anywhere you need to protect your ears while still having a great time.

Who are they suitable for? Anyone who wants to hear clearly and leave a loud event without their ears ringing will love Ear Peace. Also perfect for DJs, musicians, bartenders, and bouncers.

  • 3 ear plugs
  • High and medium protection filter sets
  • Premium aluminum case with two chambers

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Some items are excluded from our money back guarantee, including:
• Computer software that has been unsealed or registered
• Any item that comes directly into contact with the nose, ears or mouth

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