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Global Underground




Global Underground #43: Rotterdam

VOORN, Joris/VARIOUS - Global Underground #43: Rotterdam


Global Underground #43: Rotterdam

Formato: unmixed 2xCD in hard-back book case
Nº catál.: 019029 6819155
Editado: 06 Nov 20
Género: Minimal House/Tech House
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Cara 1
1. Kettel/Innere Tueren/Joris Voorn - "Hongkong/Eden/Alpha 7"
2. Zenzizenz/Cyspe/Microglobe/Joris Voorn/Nathan Fake - "Umi/Void/Trust/Midi Sans Frontieres/Pentiamonds"
3. NEAT/Pepe/Shade Of Drums/S Channel - "Them Gs/Recollection/Path/Distamt Shores"
4. President Bongo & Ottar Saemundsen/Swoose/Andu Simion/Fredo Guerre & Francisco Ruiz-tagle - "1° Quadrante/Lotus/Olymp/Little Helper 361-6"
5. Biosphere - "Black Mesa" (feat Joan Lorring & Leslie Howard - Joris Voorn remix)
6. Disarmed - "Disarmed" (Lovestruckk remix)
7. D-Leria - "Landed In Another Place"
8. Marino Canal - "White Atlas"
9. HyperSOUL-X/Floppy Sounds/Joris Voorn - "The Eastern Nations/Entertainment/GU43 Ambient Fill"
10. Raxon/Aisha Devi/Joris Voorn - "Introspect/OMA/Bow Of Perception"
11. Plastikman/Kaap - "Disconnect/Overtoom"
12. Joris Voorn/Die Wilde Jagd - "Ultron/Morgenrot"
13. Julien Chaptal - "Amazone"
14. Linn Elisabet/Genius Of Time/GHEIST - "Uncommitting/Peace Bird/Der Blaue Reiter"
15. Marino Canal - "Curious Eyes"
16. Joris Voorn/Reeko - "Sonder/Blue Tool#1/Street Tool#4"
17. Feral/Atom & Tobias - "Polar Sun/Aux I"
18. Pulso/States Of Flux/Pepe/Joakuim/Ohm & Kvadrant/Tibi Dabo - "Dentro Del Pimpollo Est La Nuez/Road/Recollection/View/Skagerak/Hire The Birds"
19. Joris Voorn - "Float"
20. Kaufmann/Joris Voorn - "Black Horsey/Auto Drone 1"
21. Grindvik/Martin Landsky - "The Act/Triage"
22. Secret Cinema & Joris Voorn - "Syrinx"
23. Willaris K - "Cobaki Sky" (Prequel)
24. Blue Veil/Reeko/States Of Flux - "Jaguar Eyes/Control Tool#2/Pro12Arp"
25. Joris Voorn - "The Matrix"
26. Sky Civilian - "Open Door" (Joris Voorn edit)
27. Artefakt - "The Blue Hour" (Valentino Mora Cosmic Trans Rephase)
28. Joris Voorn - "God"
Cara 2
1. Mario Hammer & The Lonely Robot/Fennesz /Nthng/Luigi Tozzi/Landside - "Razljubit/In My Room/Shine/A New Hope/Signs Of Change"
2. Joris Voorn/Crump/Deadbeat & Paul St Hilaire - "Kassandria/Bones/Check What Time It Is"
3. Reggy Van Oers & Joachim Spieth/Joris Voorn/Bode Frequency - "Mammatus/Acid Flow/Time Machine"
4. Raimond Ford - "Astral Angel"
5. Human Space Machine/RAAM - "Rebirth/64"
6. Linn Elisabet/Markus Suckut - "Charioteers/F-0710 To Frankfurt"
7. Joris Voorn/PAN-AL/Christian Bloch - "Nea Skioni/It’s Nice To Miss You Too/Construct"
8. Bxentric - "Envelope"
9. Joris Voorn - "Echo"
10. Joris Voorn - "Fever Dreams" (feat Sky Civilian)
11. Conforce/Fadi Mohem/Primal Code - "Atrum/Life Cycle/Caimano Tribe"
12. Rone - "Esperanza" (Joris Voorn remix)
13. Joris Voor/Colyn - "The Navigator/Khazad Dum"
14. Joris Voorn & Speedy J - "35mm"
15. Natural/Electronic System/Marincu/Metric System/Perko/Ohm & Kvadrant/UBX127 - "Libeccio/S;ip Lside/Studio 440-3/Rounded/Oresund/Kopat"
16. AD & The Persuader - "Construct 1621"
17. Qindek - "Come Closer" (Edit Select Remake)
18. Yamaneko/Joris Voorn/Bakground & Sangam - "Fall Control/The Tower Of Naphtali/Carousel"
19. Kolsch - "Shoulder Of Giants" (Joris Voorn remix)
20. Luigi Gori & Frankye Lova/Blue Veil/Bode Frequency/Brian Cid - "Narrow/Return To Forever/Time Machine/Be One"
21. Ness - "Bionic Harp"
22. LSG - "The Train Of Thought Remix" (Joris Voorn Remake)
23. Joris Voorn/CJ Bolland/Einmusik - "Psyche/There Can Only Be One/Dread"
24. Lie2You/Dicabor - "Obsession/I"
25. Monarke & Soul Button/Noun/Jonathan Kaspar - "Passage/Meeting Of The Minds/Kali"
26. John Beltran/Monotronique - "It’s Because Of Her/First Touch"
27. Paraphex - "What We Leave Behind"
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in stock $15.34

It's heartening to see that the long-running (and once ridiculously popular) Global Underground mix series is still serving up new volumes. Their latest comes courtesy of Dutch star Joris Voorn and is being marketed as a wholehearted, full-throated tribute to the city where he came of age, Rotterdam. Musically, it's something of a thrill-a-minute ride, with the Dutchman somehow managing to squeeze almost 120 tracks into his two-disc set, in part by layering up elements of numerous cuts to create new compositions (or, as he calls them, 'Chapters'). The result is a non-stop journey through three decades of dance music culture that variously touches on a wide range of house and techno sub-genres whilst remaining rhythmically interesting and action-packed.

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