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The Linval Thompson Trojan Roots Albums Collection: I Love Marijuana/African Princess/Rock In The Ghetto

Formato: 2xCD
Nº catál.: DBCDD 044
Editado: 08 Oct 19
Género: Roots/Lovers Rock
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in stock $12.78
Cara 1
1. Linval Thompson - "I Love Marijuana"
2. Linval Thompson - "Dread Are The Controller"
3. Linval Thompson - "The Children Of The Ghetto"
4. Linval Thompson - "Don't Push Your Brother"
5. Linval Thompson - "Begging For Apology"
6. Linval Thompson - "Not Follow Fashion"
7. Linval Thompson - "Roots Lady"
8. Linval Thompson - "Big Big Girl"
9. Linval Thompson - "Just Another Girl"
10. Linval Thompson - "Starlight"
11. Linval Thompson - "Jamaican Calley" (version)
12. Big Joe - "African Princess"
13. Big Joe - "Solomon Agunda"
14. Big Joe - "Don't Fuss & Fight"
15. Big Joe - "Smoke Marijuana"
16. Big Joe - "Merry Go Round"
17. Big Joe - "Tubby At The Controls"
18. Big Joe - "Judy"
19. Big Joe - "Big Disgrace"
20. Big Joe - "Love Can Conquer"
21. Big Joe - "Pauline Love The Natty"
22. Big Joe - "Follow My Heart"
23. Big Joe - "Pope Paul Dead & Gone"
Cara 2
1. Trinity - "Easy Does It"
2. Trinity - "Life Is Not Easy"
3. Trinity - "Tell It To Me Mother"
4. Trinity - "Have A Little Faith"
5. Trinity - "Dangerous Rockers & Ting"
6. Trinity - "Don't Lose Me"
7. Trinity - "Every Trick In The Book"
8. Trinity - "Rock In The Ghetto"
9. Trinity - "Pope Paul Dead & Gone"
10. Trinity - "Freedom Style"
11. Trinity - "Follow My Heart"
12. Barry Brown - "Mr CID" (bonus track)
13. Scientist & The Roots Radics - "King Tubby's Rockers" (bonus track)
14. Pat Kelly - "There's A Song" (bonus track)
15. The Roots Radics - "Lover's Style" (bonus track)
16. Linval Thompson - "Here With Me" (bonus track)
17. The Roots Radics - "Come On Baby, Dub Style" (bonus track)
18. Linval Thompson - "Pop No Style" (bonus track)
19. Scientist & The Roots Radics - "Second Hand Girl" (bonus track)
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in stock $12.78

This double CD set draws together some of the most lauded, late 1970s productions from Linval Thompson, a roots, dub and dancehall stalwart whose music - and the artists he worked for - was championed by Trojan Records. On CD one you'll find two key albums: fine 1977 solo set "I Love Marijuana", whose dub-wise roots rhythms were laid down by a backing band including Wailers member Aston "Family Man" Barrett and Sly & Robbie, and the much more dubbed-out and intoxicatingly heavy "African Princess" (1978) by leading Jamaican toaster Big Joe. Disc two boasts the dub/early dancehall fusion of Trinity's similarly inclined 1979 classic "Rock In The Ghetto" as well as eight rare (and exceptionally good) extended mixes plucked from various Thompson-produced releases.

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