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Proguard Attenuating Customised Personal Earplugs (UK ONLY)

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ProGuard Custom Sound Attenuating Earplugs give your ears the protection needed to safeguard your hearing from excessive noise that can lead to tinnitus, deafness and other noise induced hearing loss symptoms. Fitted with calibrated acoustic filters, your ProGuards will reduce the sound reaching your eardrum without destroying the acoustics and dynamics of the sound; think of it as a volume control for your ear. Still allowing you to have conversations, hear a shouted warning or siren alert. Also included in this purchase is a detachable lanyard should you require it.

Our Attenuating earplugs are supplied with a choice of three pairs of acoustic filters. together with a fitting tool. Please choose which pair you feel applies to the noise environment you expect to spend most time in. The Blue filter has an SNR rating of 18 dB ideal for moderate noise levels, the green filter with an SNR rating of 23 dB is for noisy conditions and the red filter rated at 25dB is for high noise areas. Other filters available are 14 dB for low noise areas and 26dB for high, the choice can be made when sending back your impressions.

Your new ProGuards will be manufactured from non-allergenic medical grade soft translucent silicon, making them durable, hard wearing and comfortable to wear for long periods without causing any undue discomfort. Cleaning the earplugs occasionally in warm soapy water and drying thoroughly before re-using is their only requirement to give years of long use.

The attenuating earplugs are available as in-canal style, the earplug will fit deep into the ear canal and not cover the bowl(concha) of the ear making them discreet and inconspicious to wear, yet still offer excellent all round hearing protection.

  • Fitted with calibrated acoustic filters
  • Reduce the sound reaching your eardrum without destroying the acoustics, detail and dynamics of the music
  • Supplied with a choice of 2 attenuation filters: medium for regular musicians/clubbers and high for DJs/very loud bands and drummers

If you decide an equipment item is not suitable within 10 days of delivery, you can return it to us for a replacement or refund. Returns must be unused and in their original, undamaged packaging.

Some items are excluded from our money back guarantee, including:
• Computer software that has been unsealed or registered
• Any item that comes directly into contact with the nose, ears or mouth

To arrange a return, just contact our customer service department on 020 7424 2800 or email us at support@juno.co.uk

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