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Inicio  Reggae clásico/Viejos éxitos/Ska  

Doctor Bird




Reggae Power

VARIOUS - Reggae Power


Reggae Power

Formato: unmixed 2xCD
Nº catál.: DBCDD 062
Editado: 04 Aug 20
Género: Clásico/Ska
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Cara 1
1. Roy Shirley - "Dance Up The Reggae"
2. The Kingstonians - "Mix It Up"
3. V Vinstrick - "Love Is Not Your Game"
4. The JJ All Stars - "One Dollar Of Music"
5. Carl Dawkins - "I'll Make It Up"
6. Roy Shirley - "Musical Priest"
7. Cool Sticky & Ansel Collins - "Bigger Boss"
8. The Vibrators - "Live Life"
9. The Kingstonians - "I'll Be Around"
10. Winston Wright - "Five Miles High"
11. Stranger Cole - "Glad You're Living"
12. Roy Shirley - "Bright Life"
13. The JJ All Stars - "RFK"
14. The Ethiopians - "Israel Must Win"
15. The Rulers - "Got To Be Free"
16. Winston Wright - "Neck Tie"
17. Carl Dawkins - "The Only Girl"
18. Roy Shirley - "I Like Your Smile"
19. The JJ All Stars - "Memphis Underground"
20. The Scorchers - "Here Yah"
21. Stranger Cole - "Help Wanted"
22. Ansel Collins - "Mango Tree"
23. The Ethiopians - "Here I Come"
24. Carl Dawkins - "Satisfaction"
25. Winston Wright - "Poppy Cock"
26. The Rulers - "What A Situation"
27. The Ethiopians - "Rook Ma Dine"
28. Ansel Collins - "The Removers"
29. Val Bennett - "Cabbage Leaf"
Cara 2
1. Carl Dawkins - "This Land"
2. The Clarendonians - "Try To Be Happy"
3. The Ethiopians - "Drop Him"
4. The JJ All Stars - "Version Drop"
5. The Cambodians - "Coolie Man"
6. Carl Dawkins - "Get Together"
7. Family Man - "Instalment No.3"
8. Tony - "Number One Version"
9. The JJ All Stars - "Wreck It Up Version"
10. The Clarendonians - "Come Along"
11. Carl Dawkins - "I'll Never Be Blue"
12. The JJ All Stars - "I'll Never Be Blue" (instrumental)
13. The Ethiopians - "Don't Go" (alternate version)
14. Stranger & Gladdy - "Make Good"
15. The Bleechers - "Put It Good"
16. Carl Dawkins - "Perseverance"
17. The Ethiopians - "He's Not A Rebel"
18. The Linkers - "Nyah Man Story"
19. The Kingstonians - "Lion's Den"
20. Carl Dawkins - "I Feel Good"
21. The Ethiopians - "Selah"
22. The JJ All Stars - "Selah"
23. Dennis Alcapone - "Rocking To Ethiopia"
24. Carl Dawkins - "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart"
25. The Kingstonians - "Slim Girl"
26. The Ethiopians - "I'm A Believer"
27. Carl Dawkins - "My Whole World Has Ended"
28. Lloyd Young - "Soup"
29. The JJ All Stars - "Collecting Coins"
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! low stock $15.23
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