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Progressive House

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Neptune Sunrise EP
Cat: BSU 006. Rel: 14 Oct 21
  1. Cosmonaut (6:11)
  2. Domino (5:35)
  3. Equilibrium (7:14)
  4. Neptune Sunrise (7:10)
Review: Butter Side Up started as a party in Leeds, then made a successful move to London, then also became a label which has so far proved to be just as popular with the real heads of the underground scene. Every EP gets lapped up and this sixth one is not about to spoil that track record. It's a fresh four tracker from Basement Space that opens with the rugged electro-techno sounds of 'Cosmonaut.' Things get more silky smooth on 'Domino' which is a perfect bit of 90s tinged tech house with cosmic references and sci-fi motifs. 'Equilibrium' opens up the flip with more well crafted breakbeats and balmy pad work before the most spaced out breaks of them all take 'Neptune Sunrise' off into some future world. Lovely stuff.
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Abstrack Future
Cat: AF 003. Rel: 25 Aug 21
  1. 4 Dias (Cape edit) (8:05)
  2. Ciel (6:50)
  3. 3,14G (6:35)
  4. Sasi (7:27)
 in stock $12.31
KNTNT 004 (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: KNTNT 004. Rel: 17 Sep 21
  1. Chrivu - "The Heyday Of Youth" (7:38)
  2. Hippex - "Drowning By The Light" (8:15)
  3. Kivva - "1st Century" (7:41)
  4. Sonohat - "Modelar" (7:34)
 in stock $12.88
Highly Conductive Rhythms EP
Highly Conductive Rhythms EP (limited 180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: HEIST 056. Rel: 14 Oct 21
  1. Highly Smooth Tone (feat Julio Rigal & Equilibrium) (5:56)
  2. Highly Deep & Conductive (7:19)
  3. Highly Corrosive Acid (5:32)
  4. Highly Rhythmic Pace (6:21)
 in stock $11.44
Hypolation EP
Hypolation EP (12" + insert)
Cat: TAU 027. Rel: 13 Oct 21
  1. Returning Spaces (3:14)
  2. Hypolation (6:00)
  3. Pathological Passion (4:55)
  4. The Arrival (4:22)
Review: Next up on Adana Twins' TAU label is Michael Miethig aka Innellea, a German electronic music DJ and producer from Munich with previous releases on Afterlife, Diynamic and Atomnation that have seen him rapidly moving up the ranks in recent years. The Hypolation EP features the off-kilter futurism of opening cut "Returning Spaces" while the dub techno influence on the advanced house of the title track is emotive as much as it is glacial. Over on the flip, be mesmerised by the melodies displayed on the dancefloor drama epic "Pathological Passion" while closing cut "The Arrival" would make even Toto Chiavetta stand up and notice.
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Little Princess EP
Cat: DKMNTL 089. Rel: 15 Oct 21
  1. Dunkelziffer I (feat Maxwell Sterling) (2:52)
  2. Dunkelziffer II (feat Maxwell Sterling) (4:00)
  3. Whowhuwho (feat DJ Plead) (4:56)
  4. Whowhuwho (feat DJ Plead - Moa Pillar remix) (4:43)
 in stock $11.44
Presence (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: MTRZ 014. Rel: 25 Aug 21
  1. Presence (9:06)
  2. Cruising (7:22)
  3. Exoplanet (7:33)
Review: Romanian artist Iuly.B makes a great label debut here on Metereze out of his home country. He serves up three of his painstaking produced and sublimely arranged minimal tech house rollers. 'Presence' goes first with its sci-fi motifs and wispy neon synths. 'Cruising' is a more crunchy and textured tune for the late night hours and then he strips things right back to a taught, pinging kick drum and sonorous bass on 'Exoplanet.' It's a climatic track is constantly, subtle evolving and rich in detail.
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U Can't Stop Me: The Remixes
U Can't Stop Me: The Remixes (translucent red vinyl 12")
Cat: RJKT 024. Rel: 24 Aug 21
  1. U Can't Stop Me (Barem remix) (7:31)
  2. U Can't Stop Me (Iain Taylor remix) (7:15)
  3. U Can't Stop Me (Simon Baker remix) (6:47)
  4. Ultra (original reworked) (7:28)
 in stock $12.31
Inner Song Remixes Part 1
Cat: STS 38912. Rel: 08 Oct 21
  1. Wake Up (Loraine James remix) (3:29)
  2. Re-Wild (Breaka remix) (5:20)
  3. Corner Of My Sky (feat John Cale - Coby Sey remix) (8:44)
Review: The righty much venerated Kelly Lee Owens has tracks from her recent Inner Song album remixed on Smalltown Supersound here. Loraine James opens up with a take on 'Wake Up' that is all broken beats and abstract electronic sounds. 'Re-Wild' then gets a Breaka remix which layers in plenty of UK continuum vibes, skittish perc and bass heavy drums. Last of all is 'Corner Of My Sky' as reworked by Coby Sey, and it is a busy drum workout for tribal dance floors that will pin you to the ground.
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Inner Song Remixes Part 2
Cat: STS 39012. Rel: 08 Oct 21
  1. Jeanette (Haider remix) (5:13)
  2. On (Elkka remix) (8:36)
  3. LINE (Yazzus remix) (4:31)
  4. Night (Roza Terenzi remix) (6:05)
Review: Kelly Lee Owens' sophomore album, Inner Song, rightly received plenty of praise when it hit stores earlier in the years, with critics warming to its attractive blend of celestial electronica, drowsy pop and experimental techno. These remixes - the second of, we think, two EPs of revisions - do a great job in pulling Owens' tracks in ace new directions. Haider brilliantly re-imagines 'Jeanette' as a moody '90s jungle freak out, while Elkka re-imagines 'On' as a melodious techno number rich in bubbly melodies and glistening electronics. Over on the flip, YAZZUS' version of 'LINE' sits somewhere between footwork and clanking industrial techno, and Roza Terenzi's revision of 'Night' joins the dots between vintage ambient techno and mid-90s Orbital.
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Tomorrow's Where I'm At
Cat: WF 002. Rel: 08 Oct 21
  1. On (2:29)
  2. Found It (3:15)
  3. Comfort Me (feat Emma Jean Thackray) (3:53)
  4. Red Lorry (I'm Sorry) (4:00)
  5. Another Lost Soul (3:56)
  6. Off (3:51)
 in stock $13.45
REZ5five (limited 12")
Cat: REZ 5FIVE. Rel: 26 Aug 21
  1. Slim - "SpeedGarage" (instrumental) (6:50)
  2. Slim - "SpeedGarage" (dub mix) (4:57)
  3. Eric H & DJ Joseph - "Upstate" (7:20)
  4. Eric H & DJ Joseph - "The Task" (6:51)
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Expansions In The NYC
Expansions In The NYC (neon pink vinyl 12")
Cat: NER 25437. Rel: 13 Oct 21
  1. Another Day In My Life (8:45)
  2. Deep Burnt (feat Axel Tosca) (10:51)
Review: Louie Vega and the legendary Nervous Records linked up for an epic new album project last year and teamed it with various singles. Expansion in the NYC is yet another landmark project in a career littered with them for Vega, and these two tunes, like all he ones before, prove why is still at the top of his game. Obviously, the production is high class. It exudes warmth and musicality, but the ideas too are fresh. 'Another Day In My Life' is a rolling, soulful house track with chunky drums and an aching vocal sample. On the flipside is 'Deep Burnt (feat Axel Tosca)', another US garage tinged groove with noodling jazz keys, heart-melting chords and a feeling of joy that Vega does so well.
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Cat: SPACETOURS 003. Rel: 14 Oct 21
  1. Playing Our Game (7:19)
  2. Playing Our Game (Youandewan remix) (5:10)
  3. Dubby Proggy Spacey Thing (8:00)
  4. Plan B (4:59)
Review: Space Tours heads off on its third trip round the cosmos with Mitch Wellings your more than able pilot. It's 90s tinged, warm and balmy, spaced out tech all the way with 'Playing Our Game' kicking off in sublime and seductive fashion. The neon chords, the popping daubs of synth, the melodic bass all neatly wrap around each other to bubbly effect. YOuandewan is a master of this style and shows it with his remix which is a little more pace-y. He bends space and time with his liquid synths and the crisp tech drums never fail to hit home then 'Dubby Proggy Spacey Thing' is exactly that. No further words needed. The final transmission 'Plan B' is pure cyborg funk.
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Parsec (LP)
Cat: JAM 028. Rel: 01 Oct 21
  1. Balearic (3:30)
  2. Corpus (4:34)
  3. Suburbia (5:40)
  4. Desert (5:10)
  5. Rainbow (5:27)
  6. Aba (5:13)
  7. Tornado (5:58)
  8. Aurora (3:36)
  9. Lock Up (5:02)
  10. Outro (3:26)
 in stock $16.02
Global Underground: Adapt Vol 5
Cat: 019029 6532009. Rel: 24 Sep 21
  1. Robert Babicz - "Sympathy" (Ambient mix)
  2. Convolute - "Isn't Love Important"
  3. Tom Zeta - "Heist"
  4. Kolsch - "Closer" (feat Lunar June)
  5. Beacon - "Feel Something" (Lake Turner remix)
  6. Jonathan Kaspar - "Beton"
  7. APNOEA - "Moodivation" (Come Closer remix)
  8. Joal - "Polar" (feat Esgimo)
  9. Habischman - "Freefall" (dub mix)
  10. Stan Kolev - "Embodiment"
  11. Solee - "Reboot"
  12. Henry Saiz - "The Untold"
  13. Rodriguez Jr - "Pegasus"
  14. Xinobi - "Steady" (feat Vaarwell)
  15. Nicky Elisabeth - "Celeste"
  16. Gai Barone - "Suitcase"
  17. Christian Smith - "Stratosphere" (Ronnie Spiteri remix)
  18. Marsh - "Healer" (Guy J remix)
  19. Haddadi Von Engst - "Run" (Einmusik remix)
  20. Slow Crime - "Alone" (Just Her Break for the Sunrise mix)
  21. Monkey Safari & Borneo - "Beach"
  22. S ONE - "Innerspace"
  23. Stil & Bense - "Signal in the Noise" (feat Orbit Aeolian - Matchy remix)
  24. Nick Curly - "Mute Navigator" (Black Circle remix)
  25. Jimi Jules - "Don't Take It Personal"
  26. Agoria - "3 Letters" (feat Blase - Stereocalypse remix)
  27. SWIM - "Glory"
 in stock $13.45
Tectonic (coloured vinyl LP)
Cat: PRAH 36LP. Rel: 15 Oct 21
  1. Ode To Neneh (1:54)
  2. Shutters (4:20)
  3. Sth Ldn (4:03)
  4. SH2 (4:32)
  5. Afters (3:25)
  6. Midnight Horizon (3:29)
  7. Beams (4:22)
  8. Bustle (4:01)
  9. Silhouette Swarms (4:14)
  10. Tectonic (3:58)
  11. Raindrops (3:32)
  12. Atom Dancer (5:36)
 in stock $20.03
Electronic Music Anthology Vol 6
Cat: 339939 6. Rel: 15 Oct 21
  1. Thylacine - "Piano Piano" (4:32)
  2. Fakear - "La Lune Rousse" (feat Deva Premal) (3:46)
  3. Bicep - "Glue" (4:30)
  4. Marie Davidson - "Work It" (Soulwax remix) (4:48)
  5. Dj Cam - "Birds Also Sing For Anamaria" (4:15)
  6. Dj Gregory - "Tourment D'amour" (7:11)
  7. Afro Medusa - "Pasilda" (Knee Deep mix) (3:30)
  8. Gusto - "Disco's Revenge" (short dirty mix) (3:49)
  9. Bob Sinclair - "The Ghetto" (6:37)
  10. Martin Solveig - "Heartbeat" (main mix) (8:03)
  11. Phunky Data - "Fashion" (Ian Pooley's Stylish edit) (3:40)
  12. Black Legend - "You See The Trouble With Me" (3:19)
  13. Tom & Joy - "Queixume" (Masters At Work mix edit) (3:41)
  14. Dimitri From Paris - "Rock This Town" (7:36)
  15. I:cube - "Disco Cubism" (Daft Punk remix) (8:12)
  16. Zaabriskie - "Higher" (radio edit) (3:14)
Review: French label Wagram keep on documenting the history of electric music with their on going Anthology series. Now up to Volume 6 and still turning out plenty of essential tuned across four sides of wax, this one features the most diverse selection yet. There are blissed out stoner beats like DJ Cam's 'Birds Also Sing For Anamaria', electric house tracks from Martin Solveig in the form of 'Heartbeat' and shuffling, Latin tinged soulful house jams like 'Queixume' which is a superb Masters At Work mix edit. Also on the remix tip is the classic Daft Punk rework of I:cube's 'Disco Cubism' which is clipped, funky, brightly coloured filter house par excellence.
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 in stock $20.03
Join The Future: UK Bleep & Bass 1988-91
Join The Future: UK Bleep & Bass 1988-91 (limited yellow vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: C&D 001YELLOW. Rel: 07 Oct 21
  1. Unique 3 & The Mad Musician - "Only The Beginning" (7:49)
  2. Original Clique - "Come To Papa" (5:29)
  3. Demonik - "Labyrinthe" (6:14)
  4. Nexus 21 - "Self Hypnosis" (Mr Whippy remix) (6:45)
  5. Cabaret Voltaire - "Easy Life" (Jive Turkey mix) (6:06)
  6. Alfanso - "Dub Feels Nice" (previously unreleased) (5:07)
  7. Ital Rockers - "Dreams" (5:19)
  8. Man Machine - "Animal" (DJ Martin & DJ Holmes Primordial Jungle mix) (6:53)
  9. Nightmares On Wax - "21st Kong" (4:49)
  10. Tuff Little Unit - "Join The Future" (original instrumental mix - previously unreleased) (4:49)
 in stock $30.62
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