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Back catalogue: Psy/Goa Trance

Juno's full catalogue of Psy/Goa Trance
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Cat: BLUEHOURMXSPL 003. Rel: 07 Sep 23
100th Monkey & Tristan - "Gobi Desert" (Parallax Deep edit) (7:51)
Four Carry Nuts - "Bunker" (Parallax Deep edit) (9:08)
Review: There is a great backstory to this new one on Blue Hour: when Stockholm producer, DJ and promoter Maya Lourenco aka Parallax Deep was digging for music in the local Snickers Record store, she found two classic goa and psy trance tracks that particularly interested her. As such she snapped them up, took them home and began to work on her own distinctive edits of them, rearranging sections, cutting up bits and adding extra details while never getting too far away from the essence of the originals. Her edits of those two originals - 'Gobi Desert' by 100th Monkey & Tristan from 1995 - and 2000's 'Bunker' by Four Carry Nuts - are pressed up here and both sound brilliant.
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 in stock $16.09
Zen '23
Zen '23 (12")
Cat: EES 043. Rel: 11 Sep 23
Solitude (6:05)
Zen '23 (6:44)
Crow Dub (5:22)
Earth Flight (6:08)
Review: The always adventurous Especial label is back on its world travels once more for another cultured EP, this time from Jonne Lyden aka 53X. This is a widescreen bass exploration with trance-tinged steppas looking firmly to the future from the Finnish-born artist. He has a background in punk bands but a trip to Berlin turned his ear and now he makes experimental fusions that draw on everything from industrial to Berghain to Detroit for inspiration. His tunes are mostly started out as live jams and then edited into what we have here - club-ready sounds, rich atmospherics, acid, breaks and hypnotic rhythms.

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 in stock $13.75
Rhythm Of Life
Rhythm Of Life (limited hand-stamped 12")
Cat: P303 04. Rel: 24 May 23
Rhythm Of Life (7:02)
Hypnotik (6:31)
Eternal (6:16)
End Of Transmission (5:40)
 in stock $16.61
Back To Planet Lost Legion (remastered)
Cat: DSND 009. Rel: 22 Sep 23
B9 D Vine - "Digitaria" (10:04)
Z Tron - "Aciddartha" (6:25)
VALIS - "Zenbaba" (4:57)
VALIS - "Amniotica" (6:23)
 in stock $19.47
U Is For U & Me
Cat: PNCT 001. Rel: 11 Apr 24
AM PM (5:36)
Whirlwind Mindsets (4:50)
Magnetized Your Soul (4:44)
Pixelated Pleasure Dome (5:25)
High In Cloud City (4:57)
Review: Blu:sh incarnates the new Punctuality label with a fresh EP that packs a proper techno punch. First out of the block is 'Am Pm' which mixes up nice spangled synths and linear drums into something deep and driving. 'Whirlwind Mindsets' pairs more supple and dubbed low ends with some nice spoken words that bring a cinematic feel while 'Magnetized Your Soul' gets bouncy and retro in its psychedelic tribalism. 'Pixelated Pleasure Dome' is another warped and warm techno experiment and 'High In Cloud City' is a frictionless deep techno roller. This one came with a mantra 'Spray retires the eponymously, to instead seek Punctuality' from the label itself but we're still trying to work out what it means.
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 in stock $14.01
Chiral Centres EP
Chiral Centres EP (limited 12")
Cat: HDNZ 002. Rel: 20 Jul 23
Swordbox (5:36)
Eneric (5:58)
Phygelium Slip (7:15)
Last Apparition (4:53)
Last Apparition (Atikka remix) (6:13)
Swordbox (Omformer remix) (8:07)
 in stock $14.80
Mysterious Research For Freedom
Cat: MS 01. Rel: 05 Apr 24
Rainbow Nation (12:22)
Chasing Invisible Man (12" edit) (9:55)
Review: The French label Metallic States' first EP sees fellow countryman Joking Sphinx aka Christophe Marcourt take the helm. A veteran of the Goa and psy scenes of the 90s, he infuses those original sounds with different a new level of understanding for this timeless sound. Take 'Rainbow Nation' for example that chugs along at a more reasonable 124 beats per minute, showing a new maturity, while side two, 'Chasing Invisible Man', sticks to a more classic trance meets progressive house sound and finds a great balance. A label to watch, for sure.
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 in stock $17.39
Oxygen Plus
Cat: RIV 001. Rel: 08 Dec 23
Blu (dub) (7:33)
Oxygen Wub (short version) (5:14)
Oxygen Wub (11:07)
Intérprete: Alexis Le-Tan, Gumshoe
 in stock $17.39
Back From The Woodshed EP
Cat: DNZT 015. Rel: 17 Nov 23
The Best Yet (feat Crystal Boyd & Sadie LaPierre Ernst)
The Best Yet (feat Crystal Boyd & Sadie LaPierre Ernst - Adiel remix)
The Marsh Flower, A Sad Human Head
Back From The Woodshed
The Best Yet (feat Crystal Boyd - Penalune version)
 in stock $16.61
Lost & Found Vol 1
Lost & Found Vol 1 (hand-numbered lathe cut clear vinyl 10" in hand-stamped sleeve limited to 50 copies)
Cat: KK 015. Rel: 30 Dec 22
New Hope
The Outpost
 in stock $16.36
Asteroids (hand-numbered lathe cut clear vinyl 10" in hand-stamped sleeve limited to 50 copies)
Cat: KK 004. Rel: 30 Dec 22
Volterra Lotka
 in stock $16.36
Bits & Pieces Vol 1
Bits & Pieces Vol 1 (numbered lathe cut 10" in hand-stamped sleeve limited to 50 copies)
Cat: KK 033. Rel: 17 Feb 23
On The Spot (6:34)
108 MhZ (5:15)
Get Out (6:17)
Gratis (5:09)
 in stock $20.24
Ancient Subatomic Voyage
Ancient Subatomic Voyage (clear vinyl 12")
Cat: UFC 06. Rel: 16 Feb 24
Ancient Subatomic Voyage (Trance mix) (6:20)
Sub Quantum Levitation (6:19)
Ancient Subatomic Voyage (Henry Saiz Goa remix) (7:43)
 in stock $14.01
Kept In Reality
Cat: SEISMIC 001. Rel: 24 Nov 23
III9 (7:58)
Neurobender (6:52)
Kept In Reality (5:53)
Vessel (5:39)
 in stock $14.80
OT Rails
OT Rails (12")
Cat: SPRAY 005. Rel: 24 Nov 23
OT Rails (6:18)
Ceathair (5:33)
Spray & Baraka - "Think Of Me" (6:33)
Review: Spray is an alias for Berlin-based Irish producer Tiarnan McMorrow. In the past couple of years he's been building up his own Spray label with releases from Dimensions 23, Drua, Anoesis and Marijn S. In the meantime, his own productions have been carried by Craigie Knowes and Kalahari Oyster Cult, so you should be clear on where his sonic interests lie. This is trancey tech house which tips more heavily towards trance than the average dabbler, not least on the piano soaked bombast of 'OT Rails' which should have you reaching skywards before there's even whiff of the first drop.
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 in stock $14.28
Negative Time
Cat: SUNEP 03. Rel: 25 Jan 24
Negative Time (8:16)
Danger On The High Seas (8:26)
Lost In An Old Junkyard (Tow Hook mix) (8:06)
 in stock $16.61
Fabric Presents Sama' Abdulhadi
Cat: FABRIC 218. Rel: 23 Nov 23
Khainz - "The Drift"
Vazik - "Clouds & Stars"
Pan Pot - "Confronted"
XZYKO - "Kangoa"
Lampe - "Where To Start"
Karim Alkhayat & Nuria - "Legend"
Carbon & Peter Groskreutz - "Discharge"
Sama Abdulhadi - "Well Fee" (feat Walaa Sbai)
Flug - "Phase One"
Kos:mo - "Flashback"
Lutgens - "ASMR"
Coyu - "Snow In"
Mython - "Sexual Deviant"
Bruce Zalcer - "The Wizard"
TimiR & Unlighted - "System"
Psycrain & CAT - "Goosebombs"
HngT - "Artificial Awareness"
Michael Klein - "Contact"
Sylvie Miles - "Man In The Woods"
Dyzen - "Tesseract"
Acid Arab - "Laba Staifia" (Ammar 808 remix)
 in stock $12.20
Fabric Presents Sama' Abdulhadi
Fabric Presents Sama' Abdulhadi (2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: FABRIC 218LP. Rel: 23 Nov 23
Acid Arab - "Laba Staifia" (Ammar 808 remix) (6:19)
XZYKO - "Kangoa" (7:52)
Sama' Abdulhadi - "Well Fee" (feat Walaa Sbait) (6:15)
Carbon/Peter Groskreutz - "Discharge" (6:53)
Michael Klein - "Contact" (6:54)
Sylvie Miles - "Man In The Woods" (6:31)
Lutgens - "ASMR" (6:12)
Psycrain/CAT - "Goosebombs" (5:40)
Review: Sama' Abdulhadi is a DJ who very proudly represents her Palestinian roots and is the first artist from her homeland to break out onto the international stage. She has a passion for sound design and has famously been arrested and jailed for eight days for desecrating a religious site when she played a set, with permission, at Nabi Musa. Her entry into the legendary fabric series is a doozy with emotive techno and cavernous deep house from the likes of Michael Klein, Carbon & Peter Groskreutz and Acid Arab as well as her own cut 'Well Fee' (feat Walaa Sbait).
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 in stock $25.70
I Skog og Mark
I Skog og Mark (mixed CD)
Cat: UTECD 003. Rel: 23 May 22
Track 1
Review: With their full-throttle approach, rave-igniting attitude and strong psy-trance and psychedelic influences, UTE.REC founders Accelerationism don't fit the usual profile of dance music creators from Norway. What they do is well worth checking, though, as this non-stop mix of cuts from artists associated with their labels proves. As atmospheric as a spring trudge through Norwegian forests and many times more energy-packed, the 13-track excursion is full to bursting with undulating acid lines, hypnotic beats, throbbing basslines, angular electronics, spacey melodies and throbbing bass. If you want another reason to pick up a copy, all proceeds from sales are being donated to charitable organisations in Ukraine.
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 in stock $14.52
Respect (CD)
Cat: IMECD 04. Rel: 05 Jun 04
El Bepi
 in stock $12.44
Elation Station
Cat: CKNOWLP 4. Rel: 16 Nov 23
Schponglen (11:05)
Yeah [16x] (6:42)
Hands In The Air (6:45)
Ned Kelly Trance (6:17)
Full Moon Party (6:29)
Bleeps & Bloops (6:43)
Immaculate Vibes (7:24)
 in stock $28.02
Transmissions (30th Anniversary Edition) (Record Store Day RSD 2023)
Cat: DEMREC 1097. Rel: 17 May 23
High Energy Protons (6:49)
The Heavens (6:17)
Luna-tic (8:52)
Contact (5:52)
Acid Moon (8:31)
10,000 Miles (5:55)
Laughing Gas (8:09)
Man To Ray (6:47)
 in stock $30.37
Bible Of Dreams (reissue)
Bible Of Dreams (reissue) (2xLP in spot-varnished debossed sleeve)
Cat: DEMREC 1173. Rel: 15 Mar 24
Komit (8:13)
Jaron De Cecile (7:01)
Kaguya Hime (6:56)
Children Of The Night (8:04)
Comga Fury (8:11)
God Is God (6:49)
Swamp Thing (5:15)
Shark (9:41)
Review: Reissued on vinyl for the first time, here comes Juno Reactor's 1997 LP Bible of Dreams, also newly remastered and available on double black vinyl. Juno Reactor's fourth album, Bible Of Dreams came with a staunchly different sound compared to the group's previous albums, and moved away from the traditional dance beats by implementing tribal influences. The band collaborated with Amampondo, a traditional South African percussion act, on the single 'Conga Fury'. Watkins and Amampondo went on a five-week tour of the US, opening for Moby. With many of its tracks appearing in acclaimed pop culture soundtracks - the likes of The Matrix Reloaded, Animatrix, Mortal Kombat Annihilation and Beowulf - its composer, producer, musician and performer Ben Watkins has gone on to become an essential innovator of modern electronic music and a pioneer of trance.
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 in stock $35.81
Imagination Use It As A Weapon
Imagination Use It As A Weapon (limited 5xCD + autographed insert)
Cat: EDSL 0174. Rel: 08 Mar 24
High Energy Protons (CD1:Transmissions)
The Heavens
Acid Moon
10,000 Miles
Laughing Gas
Man To Ray
Luciana (CD2: Luciana)
Guardian Angel (CD3: Beyond The Infinite)
Ice Cube
Feel The Universe
Jardin De Cecile (CD4: Bible Of Dreams)
Congo Fury
God Is God
Kaguya Hime
Children Of The Night
Pistolero (CD5: Shango)
Masters Of The Universe
Nitrogen (part 1)
Nitrogen (part 2)
Song For Ancestors
Review: Juno Reactor are without much doubt, the most successful and important Goa and psy-trance related artist of the 90s. From 1993 to 2000, the band was in lock and step with the growing sound and scene across the world within trance music. This five-disc boxset gathers all five albums they made plus material they did for movies like Matrix and Mortal Kombat Annihilation. Composer, producer, musician and performer Ben Watkins is an essential innovator of modern electronic music. Over the course of nearly 30 years, Watkins has created a unique driving fusion of electronica, orchestral and global music executed on an epic & symphonic scale. Every trance and 90s electronic music fan should have this retrospect from this ground breaking act.
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 in stock $35.81
Skybox (LP)
Cat: TAR 015. Rel: 23 Dec 22
Ultranova (4:40)
Exoteric (3:58)
Hitherto (5:41)
Crater Edge (2:14)
Skybox (4:59)
Maziora (5:15)
Glazed (4:21)
Raytraced (2:47)
 in stock $22.83
Are You Shpongled? (remastered)
Are You Shpongled? (remastered) (heavyweight vinyl 3xLP)
Cat: TWSLP 4RM21. Rel: 23 Feb 23
Shpongle Falls (8:17)
Shpongle Spores (7:13)
Vapour Rumours (10:56)
Monster Hit (8:28)
Behind Closed Eyelids (12:29)
Divine Moments Of Truth (10:17)
And The Day Turned To Night (14:42)
Review: What goes around, comes around, at least when it comes to dance music culture. The rise in new productions informed by early psy-trance and hallucinatory ambient techno jams has led to a swathe of reissues of long-forgotten releases from the 1990s. Here's another, and a chance to cop London outfit Shpongle's 1998 debut album, Are You Shpongled. As an LP, it's very much of its time, with the pair brilliantly blurring the boundaries between spacey ambient, dub, chill out room-ready downtempo grooves, intergalactic-sounding drum & bass, flute-sporting soundscapes and the kind of bustling rhythms and shroom-fuelled electronics that were once the preserve of new age travellers in brightly coloured trousers and slightly damp woolly hats.
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 in stock $40.75
Tales Of The Inexpressible (remastered)
Cat: TWSLP 13RM21. Rel: 23 Feb 23
Dorset Perception (8:06)
Star Shpongled Banner (8:57)
A New Way To Say 'Hooray!' (8:41)
My Head Feels Like A Frisbee (8:55)
Shpongleyes (9:20)
Once Upon The Sea Of Blissful Awareness (8:08)
Room 23 (5:07)
Around The World In A Tea Daze (11:37)
Flute Fruit (2:18)
Review: 'Shpongloid' is a word we like to throw around in our reviews occasionally; it's traceable back to Shpongle, whose defining psychedelic electronic music style is truly like no other. This reissue of the beija flor influenced 'Tales Of The Inexpressible' sheds new light on one of their densest, long-form 'single-take' trip albums. Breakbeat, new age tabla, robotic Konnakol, gated trance leads; all collide on this incredible album.
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 in stock $33.21
Ineffable Mysteries From Shpongleland (remastered)
Cat: TWSLP 36RM21. Rel: 21 Mar 23
Electroplasm (10:07)
No Turn Un-stoned (8:18)
Shpongolese Spoken Here (6:53)
Ineffable Mysteries From Shpongleland (10:33)
Nothing Is Something Worth Doing (6:23)
I Am You (11:36)
Invisable Man In A Flourescent Suit (8:53)
Walking Backwards Through The Cosmic Mirror (8:10)
Ineffable Mysteries From Shpongleland (live At Red Rocks 2014) (9:49)
Nothing Is Something Worth Doing (live At Red Rocks 2014) (6:38)
I Am You (live In London 2013) (11:27)
Review: Twisted are continuing their solid reissue campaign for one of the true greats of psy-trance culture, the mighty Sphongle. Simon Ponsford and Raja Ram's project of course reached beyond the trappings of dancefloor formula to become a much broader concern drawing on global music traditions and new age spirituality as much as mind-tweaking electronica. On this, their fourth album, the electronics were positively subsumed by intricately woven layers of flute, guitar, sitar, cello, hang drum and much more besides. Released in 2009 and remaining a firm favourite amongst the group's devoted fanbase, this remastered repress spread Ineffable Mysteries across three discs for maximum fidelity.
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 in stock $40.75
Museum Of Consciousness (remastered)
Cat: TWSLP 45RM21. Rel: 21 Mar 23
Brain In A Fish Tank (7:52)
How The Jellyfish Jumped Up The Mountain (10:09)
The Aquatic Garden Of Extra-celestial Delights (11:40)
Juggling Molecules (9:16)
Further Adventures In Shpongleland (6:15)
The Epiphany Of Mrs Kugla (6:37)
Ticking The Amygdala (8:35)
Review: Sphongle continue to gift their fans with these exquisite reissues of their illustrious catalogue, catching up to more recent times with the richly dynamic sound of Museum Of Consciousness. This 2013 epic leant in on every dimension of Simon Ponsford and Raja Ram's sound, at once bristling with kinetic electronica energy while keeping their much-loved mysticism front and centre. It's a trip, like a Sphongle album should be, but it's also got a certain bite which more than stands up to the rigours of the modern dancefloor. One of the group's great skills has been in moving with the times while staying true to a certain deep-rooted, festival-friendly playfulness. Grab a slice of cosmic delight, freshly remastered for your brain to happily feast on.
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 in stock $35.29
Rehashed (unmixed CD)
Cat: BOOMCD 19. Rel: 09 Dec 04
Talpa - "Dragon Tale" (Nystagmus mix)
Etnica - "Triptonite" (Fractal Gllider remix)
Babba - "Summer Night Trippy" (Battle Of The Future Buddhas remix)
Fractal Glider - "Things That Go Bump In The Night" (Rastaliens remix)
Rastaliens - "Agahovey" (Quantum State remix)
Ground Zero - "Way To Go" (Rastaliens remix)
Rastaliens - "Machines & Robots" (Quantum State remix)
Rastaliens - "Agahovey" (Fractal Glider remix)
Rastaliens - "Gadget On Acid" (remix)
Fractal Glider - "Gremlin Chan" (remix)
 in stock $15.83
Tricky Grain
Tricky Grain (unmixed CD)
Cat: TG 002. Rel: 17 Aug 23
Ezy & Eru - "Mountains Of The Moon"
Item 8 - "Delirius" (Slane Sloane edit)
DJ Dogwalker - "Knifewielding Death Dwarf"
Ezy - "The Bag Or The Blueberry"
WHRIKK - "Amoeba Music"
Jidder - "Brassets Kraft"
Professor Trelawney - "Archaic Fairy Knowledge"
DJ Bondefar - "Crypt Swarm"
DT Jool - "Insanity Here"
 in stock $14.28
Gamma Draconis
Gamma Draconis (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: SUNCDLP 01RP. Rel: 08 Dec 23
Roy Sasson - "Mentalogue" (8:01)
Xenomorph - "Dying Sun" (8:39)
Battle Of The Future Buddhas - "Shinechaser" (6:12)
Shakta - "Expedition To Earth" (8:41)
Astral Projection - "Dominion" (8:14)
MFG - "Global Light" (Retro version) (8:02)
RA - "Eikon" (7:30)
Oforia - "Emotionally Charged Memories" (11:44)
 in stock $34.24
A Flock Of Bleeps (remastered)
A Flock Of Bleeps (remastered) (180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: TWSLP 24RM. Rel: 12 Apr 23
Weird On A Monday Night (8:50)
The Receptive (6:45)
Evil & Harm (6:01)
Crumblenaut (6:39)
Scanner (8:19)
Even Dwarves Start Small (6:53)
Magic Monkey Juice (7:05)
Finger (4:34)
Safety Zone (7:05)
Bedtime Story (2:54)
Review: Younger Brother are psychedelic electronic music's prodigal sons, and 'A Flock Of Bleeps' was their debut album. This being the first statement of intent by the collaborative duo that was Simon Posford (Shpongle) and Benji Vaughan (Prometheus), the album was in fact no less developed in sound than their later material. As is usually the case with 'psytrance' (in quotation marks because that term has lost quite a bit of meaning), the LP begins serenely before dropping into over a hours' worth of seamless IDM brain-warpery, with most of its rather timeless productions complemented by a string of vocal contributions from Michelle Adamson.
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 in stock $33.21
The Last Days Of Gravity (remastered)
Cat: TWSLP 32RM. Rel: 24 May 23
Happy Pills (8:43)
All I Want (9:32)
Elephant Machine (6:21)
Your Friends Are Scary (6:30)
I Am A Freak (8:58)
Ribbon On A Branch (7:45)
Sleepwalker (part one) (0:51)
Sleepwalker (part two) (11:25)
Psychic Gibbon (7:25)
 in stock $35.29
Vaccine (remastered)
Vaccine (remastered) (180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: TWSLPYB 1RM. Rel: 25 May 23
Crystalline (5:23)
Shine (4:42)
Pound A Rhythm (5:36)
Safety In Numbers (5:38)
Night Lead Me Astray (5:07)
Train (7:27)
Spinning Into Place (6:34)
SYS 700 (6:51)
Tetris (4:17)
 in stock $33.21
Vaccine Electronic (remastered)
Vaccine Electronic (remastered) (180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: TWSLPYB 2RM. Rel: 24 May 23
Train (Electronic mix) (7:17)
Pound A Rhythm (Electronic mix) (7:57)
Spinning Into Place (Electronic mix) (8:07)
Night Lead Me Astray (Electronic mix) (7:42)
Crystalline (Electronic mix) (5:50)
Shine (Electronic mix) (6:47)
Delina Did It (Electronic mix) (6:17)
Sonnambula (Electronic mix) (4:28)
Review: The twin 'electronic' album to the supposedly 'acoustic' album that came before, Vaccine Electronic is Younger Brother's eight-track compendium of electronic versions of the 2011 album 'Vaccine', released three years later. Packed with may a psytrance meltdown and crystalline glitch-freaks - as if our ears had just been injected with a new experimental psilocyboid - choice tracks such as 'Night Led Me Astray Electronic' lay especial claim to Posford and Vaughan's mammoth production skill, in contrast to their matchable songwriting ability as defined on the earlier album.
Read more
 in stock $25.95
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