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Great Jah Jah (6 track CD single)
Cat: W 0790CD. Rel: 29 Jun 06
  1. Love Of My Life
  2. Sun Will Shine
  3. Great Jah Jah
  4. Roman Soidiers
  5. Living In The Gettho
  6. Where Is That Love
Review: Taking its name from Jezreel, the Biblical city founded by the tribe of Issachar, where God is said to have cursed Ahab for his greed, this singing duo's debut Wackies album is steeped in rasta spirituality. Clive Davis and Christopher Harvey step forward from the backing line on innumerable Sugar Minott sessions for example and into the company of the great JA vocal combos of the late seventies. As at home with Viceroys-style harmonies as with traditional impressions and doowop-derived flourishes; as comfortable riding Channel One-style steppers as with more laid-back, lovers grooves. Dug in behind them is drummer Jah Scotty's New Breed Band - also known as the Reckless Breed - falling between the Sylvester Brothers and Itopia as Wackies in-house crew. Included in the line-up this time are two of Lloyd Barnes' sons, Bob and Shaan. Appearing as Reggae Jerry, guitarist Jerry Harris is on top form, and as Jerry Hitster he contributes some startling keyboards (alongside Sylvesters' old-boy Roy Robertson), not least in the opening bars. Most of the rhythms are one-offs, though Roman Soldiers is the militant first outing of Natures Dub, and Living In The Ghetto is Kicking Scott from the same album. (On top, the sleeve features vintage reggae typesetting by Leslie A Moore, LAM Graphics Int.) This is a showcase LP, with all tracks extending into inventive dubs. Arrangements are by Lloyd Barnes and Jah Hamma, aka Prince Douglas, who also work the mixing desk.
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Cat: XRPCD 1903. Rel: 14 Jun 19
  1. Good Old Days (feat Lasai)
  2. Upright (feat Lasai)
  3. Bun My Weed (feat Lasai)
  4. War In The Street (feat Sr Wilson)
  5. I Was Like
  6. Heart Attack (feat Lasai)
  7. Bad Like This (feat Shanty B)
  8. Humble (feat Lasai, Daddy Freddy, Carey James)
  9. Militant (feat Lasai)
  10. Everything Bless (feat Maddy)
  11. Likkle More
  12. 1312
  13. Revolution Time
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Cat: 005464 5264228. Rel: 30 Aug 19
  1. On The Move
  2. Brighter Day
  3. Marijuana (feat Damian 'Jr Gong' Marley)
  4. Telephone Love
  5. Magic (feat Tory Lanez)
  6. Risk It All (feat Phyllisia Ross)
  7. Pretty Face
  8. Work It Out (feat Melanie Fiona)
  9. Eyes On Your Body (feat Dru, Sketch Carey & Alx)
  10. Only You (feat Mya)
  11. Don't Walk Away
  12. Royal Soldier
  13. Life Is Real (feat Popcaan & Padrino)
  14. Street Kings (feat Yami Bolo, Junior Reid & Capleton)
Review: Jamaica's Royal Soldier is the king of contemporary lovers rock and his new album Jah Cure deals with, as the title suggests, modern life as a soldier, as well as issues of love and consciousness. Across the 14 tracks, his forlorn croonings are complimented by guest spots from heavyweights like Damian Marley on the ganga ode that is "Marijuana", Tory Lanez on dancehall cut "Magic" and Popcaan & Padrino on "Life Is Real", a crisp bit of Caribbean trap. Elsewhere, classic roots bleeds into modern day r&b to make for a genre-crossing work that will earn the man behind it plenty of plaudits, as well as new fans.
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In Dub (2xCD)
Cat: 30HZCD 43D. Rel: 25 Oct 19
  1. Jah Wobble & Temple Of Sound - "Cleopatra King Size"
  2. I'd Love To Take You Away
  3. I'd Love To Take You Away (dub version)
  4. Jah Wobble & Bill Laslow - "Orion"
  5. Jah Wobble & The Invaders Of The Heart - "Metamorphosis" (Burnt Umber Youth dub)
  6. Jah Wobble & The Invaders Of The Heart - "Blacksmith"
  7. Jah Wobble & The Invaders Of The Heart - "Blacksmith" (dub)
  8. Club Scene (dub)
  9. Kojak (dub)
  10. On The Right Road
  11. On The Right Road (dub)
  12. Jah Wobble & Temple Of Sound - "Symphony Of Palms"
  13. Jah Wobble & The Invaders Of The Heart - "Forest Funk" (dub)
  14. Jah Wobble & The Chinese Dub Orchestra - "Dragon & Phoenix"
  15. Jah Wobble & The Chinese Dub Orchestra - "Dragon & Phoenix" (dub)
  16. Universal (dub)
  17. Jah Wobble & The Invaders Of The Heart - "Invaders Of The Heart" (Decadent disco mix)
  18. Jah Wobble & The Nippon Dub Ensemble - "Shinto" (dub)
  19. Last Days
  20. Last Days (dub)
  21. Jah Wobble & The Chinese Dub Orchestra - "L1" (dub)
  22. Nice Cop: Nasty Cop
  23. Jah Wobble & The Invaders Of The Heart - "Forest Gate" (dub)
  24. The Way I Feel (Alias The Sweetest Feeling) (new mix)
  25. Jah Wobble & The Invaders Of The Heart - "Lam Saravane"
  26. Jah Wobble & The Invaders Of The Heart - "Lam Saravane" (dub)
  27. Jah Wobble & Bill Laslow - "Alam" (dub)
  28. Night
  29. Appearance & Thing-In-Itself
  30. I Remember That Time
  31. I Remember That Time (dub version)
  32. Jah Wobble & The Invaders Of The Heart - "Inspector Out Of Space" (Youth Inner Space dub)
  33. Once Upon A Time In The East
  34. Tyger Tyger
 in stock $9.17
Cat: MOCCD 13648. Rel: 16 Oct 18
  1. Snake Charmer
  2. Hold On To Your Dreams
  3. It Was A Camel
  4. Sleazy
  5. Snake Charmer (reprise)
 in stock $8.22
Rastaman (CD)
Cat: MIG 02162CD. Rel: 03 Jul 19
  1. Model In A Studio
  2. Hell & Sorrow
  3. Rasta Good
  4. Jah Woosh At The Best
  5. Rastaman
  6. Pure Brutality
  7. Jah Bear Witness
  8. Jah Is The Ruler
  9. Special Request (Lovers Medley)
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Cat: ES 1063. Rel: 10 Oct 17
  1. 400 Years
  2. Generation (feat Jo Mersa Marley)
  3. Modern Day Judas
  4. Life's Sweet
  5. Real Love
  6. Always Be Around
  7. Stand Firm
  8. Roll Me Something
  9. Full Moon (feat Natty Rico)
  10. Rock It Tonight
  11. Finally
  12. Justice
  13. Waan Go Home (feat Patrice)
  14. Jah Will See Us Through
 in stock $10.80
Cat: ACKERCD 008. Rel: 31 May 18
  1. Rakoon Riddim
  2. Lucky Man
  3. Good Times (feat longfingah)
  4. Lake Life
  5. Like A Hobo (JPattersson version)
  6. Ho Nau
  7. Rakoon Riddim (Superpendejos remix)
  8. Ho Nau (Timboletti remix)
  9. Rakoon Riddim (Discoshaman remix)
  10. Ho Nau (Mollono.Bass remix)
  11. Lucky Man (Dreadsquad remix)
 in stock $12.87
Hebrews Volume 3 (unmixed CD)
Cat: SOLDCD 007. Rel: 12 Dec 19
  1. Donovan King Jay - "Perfect Balance"
  2. Donovan King Jay - "Perfect Balance" (dub)
  3. Amelia Harmony - "Relax & Unwind"
  4. Amelia Harmony - "Relax & Unwind" (dub)
  5. Sandeeno - "Leave Outta Babylon"
  6. Sandeeno - "Leave Outta Babylon" (dub)
  7. Junior Roy - "Winding Road"
  8. Junior Roy - "Winding Road" (dub)
  9. Benny Duhaney - "Wilderbeast"
  10. Benny Duhaney - "Wilderbeast" (dub)
  11. Tad Hunter - "Perilous Times"
  12. Tad Hunter - "Perilous Times" (dub)
 in stock $11.83
Cat: VPGS 7065. Rel: 15 Jan 20
  1. Roots Radics - "Young Banana Dub" (CD1: 12 Inches Of dub)
  2. Roots Radics - "Set Your Dub On Fire"
  3. Roots Radics - "Pum Pum Dub"
  4. Roots Radics - "Young Gal Dub"
  5. Roots Radics - "Tribulation Dub"
  6. Roots Radics - "Confessions Of A Dub Engineer"
  7. Roots Radics - "Carry On Dubbing"
  8. Roots Radics - "Love Bump Dub"
  9. Roots Radics - "Headlamp Dub"
  10. Roots Radics - "Dub In Flames"
  11. General Echo - "Lorna She Love Young Boy Banana" (CD2: 12" Of Pleasure)
  12. General Echo - "It's My Desire To Set Your Crutches On Fire"
  13. General Echo - "Me Know Everything About She Pum Pum"
  14. General Echo - "Old Man Love Young Gal Vegie"
  15. General Echo - "This Are The Cockie Tribulation"
  16. General Echo - "This A Lover's Corner"
  17. General Echo - "Love Me Waist Don't Bother Love Me Face"
  18. General Echo - "That's How You Get Your Love Bump"
  19. General Echo - "She Have A Pair Of Headlamp Breast"
  20. General Echo - "Bathroom Sex"
  21. General Echo - "Hotel Fee" (with Madoo)
 in stock $16.72
Cat: CADIZCD 183. Rel: 18 Mar 20
  1. Breaking Shells (feat Hollie Cook)
  2. Burnt Umber (feat Alex Paterson)
  3. Inspector Out Of Space (feat Rhiannon)
  4. Full Metal Dub
  5. Rhino (feat Vivien Goldman)
  6. Rise Me Up (feat Blue Pearl)
  7. Chariot Sky
  8. Keep On Moving (feat Aurora Dawn)
  9. Lunar Dawn
  10. Panzer Dub
  11. Blades (feat Lara Smiles)
 in stock $12.33
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Back Catalogue: Reggae
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