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record store day 2024
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New releases last two weeks: Reggae

Reggae vinyl released in the last two weeks
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Dubbing At King Tubbys Vol 1 (Record Store Day RSD 2024)
Cat: VP 4250. Rel: 09 May 24
Bag A Wire (dub) (3:28)
Dub Of Rights (3:32)
Guidance (dub) (3:19)
Hold Them In (dub) (3:18)
Dub Ites Green & Gold (3:34)
A Heavy (dub) (3:04)
Stealing (version) (2:46)
The Poor Barber (3:20)
Real Gone Crazy (dub) (3:31)
King Tubby's In Fine Style (3:15)
No Love (version) (3:13)
A Living (version) (3:10)
Six Million Dollar (version) (3:13)
African Sounds (3:29)
A Stalawatt (version) (3:03)
How Long (dub) (3:27)
Brueaking Up Dubwise (4:10)
Horn For I (2:50)
Drums Of Africa (3:38)
Dub To The Rescue (4:19)
Jam Love Rockers (dub) (3:29)
Fatter (dub) (4:11)
Review: This is an essential drop for dub lovers this Record Store Day. 'Dubbing At King Tubby's Vol. 1 comes on nice red vinyl and has been fully remastered as well as being resequenced for this release. It is packed with 22 jams that made it one of the bestselling compilations of the 1990s. It showcases the already well-revered talents of King Tubby, Prince Jammy, Scientist, Phillip Smart, and Pat Kelly, all of whom work their magic at the mixing desk on a series of iconic dubs. Each one is rooted in the works of Bunny Lee and they all bring the drum and bass to the fore and show why the studio has such an impact on Jamaican music history.
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 in stock $38.12
Dubbing At King Tubby's Vol 2 (Record Store Day RSD 2024)
Cat: VP 4251. Rel: 09 May 24
Satta Dread Dub
Exalted Dub
Tubby Get Smart
Wreck Up A Version
Beat Them In Dub
Channel Is A Joker
Channel One Under Heavy Manners
Channel Get Knockout
Everybody Needs Dub
Dub With A View
Dub Is My Occupation
Dub Fi Gwaan
Dub Investigation
Thunder Rockv
Version Of Class
The Champion Version
Sly Want Dub
Higher Ranking
Dreada Version
Peace & Love In The Dub
Step It Up In Dub
Chapter Of Money
 in stock $38.12
Dub Pirate (Record Store Day RSD 2024)
Dub Pirate (Record Store Day RSD 2024) (limited numbered 180 gram white & orange splattered vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: EVLP 055WOS. Rel: 09 May 24
Kingston Dub Town (2:52)
Still Dubbing (4:19)
Rasta Dub Anthem (3:04)
Precious Dub (3:05)
Guess Who's Dubbing (3:33)
Natural Mystic Dub (4:01)
Nuh Betta Than Me Dub (3:10)
Herbal Hub (3:13)
Diversity Hub (3:44)
Slam Dub Blam (3:30)
Dub Police (3:31)
Tribal Dub (3:41)
 in stock $41.04
One Day
One Day (gatefold heavyweight vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: OGR 002. Rel: 17 May 24
Humanity Bawlin' (4:32)
Even Man Cry (5:47)
Gunsmoke (5:47)
Pass It (4:36)
Man In Exile (5:42)
Fya! (5:22)
Eyes Of Men (6:04)
Interlude (0:59)
How I Feel (5:19)
Move On (6:03)
My Actions (4:36)
Amadou Diallo (5:33)
One Day (5:55)
 in stock $39.72
In This Time
Cat: IICD 27. Rel: 09 May 24
Dem Gone
In This Time
Acting Like That (feat Joe Yorke)
My Youth
Money & Ting
Pass Them
Don't It (feat Spectacular)
Don't Dub
In This Dub
Acting Like Dub
Dem Gone Dub
 in stock $12.18
Wha'ppen? (Expanded Edition) (Record Store Day RSD 2024)
Wha'ppen? (Expanded Edition) (Record Store Day RSD 2024) (limited gatefold translucent yellow & green vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: RSD24 08. Rel: 15 May 24
Doors Of Your Heart (LP 1: original album) (3:39)
All Out To Get You (2:40)
Monkey Murders (3:09)
I Am Your Flag (2:53)
French Toast (Soleil Trop Chaud) (3:30)
Drowning (3:41)
Dream Home In NZ (3:12)
Walk Away (3:07)
Over & Over (2:38)
Cheated (3:22)
Get-a-job (3:11)
The Limits We Set (4:05)
Too Nice To Talk To (LP 2: bonus tracks) (3:07)
Psychedelic Rockers (3:43)
Hit It (3:02)
Which Side Of The Bed? (4:09)
Drowning (dub) (5:16)
Too Nice To Talk To (Dubweiser) (4:56)
Psychedelic Rockers (Dubweiser) (5:27)
Doors Of Your Heart (extended) (5:50)
Hit It (extended) (6:32)
 in stock $55.08
Free Indeed
Cat: TRSHBLP 2. Rel: 15 May 24
Is His (4:17)
Don't Be So (4:18)
For His Speech (3:59)
Hemp Scroll (3:48)
Envision (3:29)
Perceptual Vortex (3:54)
The Battle (3:54)
Free Indeed (5:15)
High Order (4:06)
Mock Off (3:13)
 in stock $27.01
Freedom Street
Cat: BLP 010. Rel: 10 May 24
Freedom Street
Why Baby Why
Mr Wind
Its Gonna Take A Miracle
Love & Unity
Drums Of Freedom
Now I Know (2:28)
In The Summertime (2:33)
Get Close To You (2:23)
Satisfaction (1:53)
I Wish I Could Be Peaceful (bonus track) (3:48)
Your Feeling & Mine (bonus track) (2:29)
 in stock $29.13
Mother Bang Bang
Cat: TWT 4. Rel: 20 May 24
Boss Capone & George Dekker - "Mother Bang Bang" (2:38)
Boss Capone - "Take It Easythe Return Of Te Pang" (3:01)
 in stock $22.51
Rocker (7")
Cat: AS 01. Rel: 14 May 24
Rockers (4:55)
Rockers (Ashigaru dub) (4:16)
Review: While Craig Bratley might be better known for his housier, disco-tinged output on labels like Tsuba, Instruments of Rapture and Futureboogie, on this release for new label Ashigaru he's indulging his love of digi-dub and dancehall by laying down the tuffest of riddims. 'Rocker' is a beast all by itself on the B-side 'Ashigaru Dub', but the deejay turn from Brother Culture on the mic for the full-fat version is what you want for a proper dose of dancehall swagger. True to the culture but also giving it a modern lick, it's a soundsystem heavyweight with one eye on carnival season.
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 in stock $14.57
Gold Connection
Gold Connection (unmixed 2xCD)
Cat: DB2CD 140. Rel: 16 May 24
The Harold Butler Connection - "Darling I Like It" (CD1: Gold Connection)
The Harold Butler Connection - "I Love Music"
The Harold Butler Connection - "Latin Hustle Reggae"
The Harold Butler Connection - "Do It Anyday"
The Harold Butler Connection - "Gold Connection" (Disco version)
The Harold Butler Connection - "That's The Way I Like It"
The Harold Butler Connection - "Love's Theme"
The Harold Butler Connection - "Ire Rocker"
The Harold Butler Connection - "Fly Robin Reggae"
CHARM - "Skin Tight" (instrumental - bonus track)
Richard Ace - "Supernatural" (7" mix - bonus track)
Dobby Dobson - "Just A Dream" (7" mix - bonus track)
Lloyd Charmers - "L Sucks" (bonus track)
Sister Stern - "My Last Date" (bonus track)
The Africans - "Gathering" (bonus track)
Lloyd Charmers - "Sing La La" (bonus track)
Richard Ace - "Julie (I Love Truly)" (bonus track)
Dobby Dobson - "Sweeter Than Honey" (7" mix - bonus track)
Sister Stern - "Devoted To You" (bonus track)
Richard Ace - "Stand Up & Be Counted" (bonus track)
Delroy Wilson - "Imagination" (7" mix - bonus track)
Lloyd Charmers - "Tootsie Wootsie Lollipop (La La La)" (bonus track)
Dobby Dobson - "Whispering Bells" (Sweet Dreams - CD2)
Dobby Dobson - "You're Mine, All Mine"
Dobby Dobson - "Oh Gee"
Dobby Dobson - "Little Star"
Dobby Dobson - "Win Your Love For Me"
Dobby Dobson - "Sweet Dreams"
Dobby Dobson - "Muriel"
Dobby Dobson - "Cherie"
Dobby Dobson - "Don't Believe Him, Donna"
Dobby Dobson - "This Is My Story"
Dobby Dobson - "The Great Pretender"
Dobby Dobson - "Just A Dream" (12" mix - bonus track)
Dobby Dobson - "Sweeter Than Honey" (12" mix - bonus track)
Lloyd Charmers - "Stay" (12" mix - Supernatural Thing)
Richard Ace - "Wish You Were Mine"
Richard Ace - "Supernatural" (12" mix)
Richard Ace - "Stale Mate"
Richard Ace & Lloyd Charmers - "You'll Always Be On My Mind"
Richard Ace - "Love Can Make You Happy"
Richard Ace - "Stay" (instrumental)
Review: Doctor Bird's latest must-check double disc retrospective focuses on the work of influential Jamaican producer Lloyd Charmer during the 1970s. Each disc contains a significant, Chalmers produced album: keyboardist Harold Butler's reggae-soul/reggae-disco classic Gold Collection sits on disc one, with Debby Dobson's fine tribute to Jamaican music pre-ska, Sweet Dreams, following on CD2. In addition, each disc also features a wealth of Chalmers-produced singles and rarities, including a swathe of killer cuts from Richard Ace (the 12" version of 'Supernatural' on CD2 is particularly special), Sister Stern and Delroy Wilson. You also get a handful of surprise solo cuts from Chalmers, who of course started his music career as a vocalist-for-hire rather than a producer.
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 in stock $16.42
Cat: AY 01. Rel: 16 May 24
Margarita (4:09)
Nene Dub (Mixed By Ticklah) (4:11)
Review: Progressive quartet Combo Chimbita launches their own label with a psychedelic-infused track merging dub reggae's rootsiness with cumbia's guacharo and chicha-influenced guitar. 'Margarita' and its dub counterpart 'Nene' form a lush duo that marks a new phase in Combo Chimbita's evolving sound. After honing their act from an improvisational collective to a captivating ensemble, they entered a period of introspection and experimentation and sought guidance from producer Victor Axelrod, aka Ticklah. With a focus on their Colombian roots, they fused traditional elements with reggae nuances, exploring themes of displacement and identity. This release symbolises their journey.
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 in stock $17.74
Be My Baby
Be My Baby (limited 7")
Cat: OGR 872. Rel: 15 May 24
Donnoya Drake - "Be My Baby" (2:58)
Woodfield Rd Allstars - "Mash Down De Bamboo Bed" (3:00)
Review: Donnoya Drake's rendition of 'Be My Baby' beautifully captures the essence of the classic by Ronnie Spectre and The Ronettes, infusing it with soulful vocals and a pop sensibility that pays homage to the original while adding her own flair. Her rendition is a classy interpretation that showcases her great singing skills. On the flip side, the Woodfield Rd Allstars deliver a ska classic with 'Mash Down De Bamboo Bed.' Released under the UK label run by Neil Anderson, known for his love of various music genres including soul, funk, blues, r&b, Latin and ska, this track exudes authenticity and skillful musicianship. Anderson's dedication to recreating the sound and vibe of the original era shines through, making it a standout release on his label.
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 in stock $11.92
Cat: WHODEM 043. Rel: 17 May 24
Resurrection (3:54)
Resurrection (dub) (3:56)
Dahab (4:17)
Dahab (dub) (4:19)
 in stock $15.88
Black Land Cruiser
Cat: CRT 701. Rel: 15 May 24
Black Land Cruiser (3:46)
Black Land Cruiser (mix 2) (3:47)
 in stock $4.23
Digging The Vibes
Cat: DSI 003. Rel: 13 May 24
Digging The Vibes (4:30)
Vibes Dub (4:00)
Vibes Riddim (4:02)
Review: Dub & Sound International returns for a third time and this one welcomes legendary Jamaican trombonist Vin Gordon who is rightly 'Digging The Vibes.' The title track kicks off and pairs his playful patterns with a Dubsetters rhythm and some nice sunny and soothing melodies from Trommie aka Don Drummond Jr.. After the horn-led, organic and unhurried instrumental comes a dub that is fleshed out with a little more echo and is a sublime bit of roots. A second version adds another perspective to the original and we already look forward to hearing more from this project.

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 in stock $13.51
Smokin' (12")
Cat: FD 015. Rel: 08 May 24
Smokin' (4:09)
Smokin' (Lvcchesi dub) (4:11)
UFO (5:58)
UFO (Lvcchesi dub) (6:08)
 in stock $23.83
Captain Selassie I
Cat: TR 140777. Rel: 09 May 24
Icho Candy - "Captain Selassie I" (3:35)
Roots Radics Band - "Selassie I" (version) (3:45)
Review: Fresh new 7" action from Tad Jamaica here with a signature tune from Icho Candy. 'Captain Selassie I was first released on the Jwyanza label back in 1983 and ever since then its legacy and popularity have grown so that it is now a hugely sought-after cut. The deeply compelling original with its moody horns and odes to the Rasta legend invites you to sink right into the earth drums and bass. On the flip, the cult Roots Radics Band serves up their own dub version with some mad studio deck trickery, melon-melting reverb and more playful horns.
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 in stock $30.99
Rod Of Correction
Cat: PRTL 7085. Rel: 07 May 24
Rod Of Correction (4:19)
Dub Of Correction (4:12)
Review: On limited 7" comes the latest one from Jah Free, 'Rod Of Correction', a reissued version of the 7" deep cut first released on Deep Root in 1998. This time coming through with an entirely different dub version on the B, we're nonetheless still thrown straight back into Free's inimitable wall of sound, echoic toastings and phaseout snares, as we are smote by Free's sceptre of justice once again, almost 15 years later.
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 in stock $13.77
The Elephant
Cat: IDR 003. Rel: 15 May 24
The Elephant (3:50)
Tremble Dub (3:21)
 in stock $15.62
Dance On The Corner (reissue)
Cat: RROO 376. Rel: 10 May 24
Praise God
Mister Walker
Dance On The Corner
General 007
Natty Dread The Traveller
Cricket Lovely Cricker
Best Dress
Bad Man Entry
 in stock $14.30
Dub From The Heart Part 3
Cat: PRTLLP 025. Rel: 07 May 24
Post Truth Skank (4:13)
Burning Planet (3:58)
Too Late (3:59)
Inna Roots & Culture (3:36)
Uncertain Future (4:04)
Information War (3:42)
Nuclear Secrets (3:55)
The Consumerist Illusion (4:05)
Dub Mek Wi Run (4:09)
Unpromising Land (3:49)
 in stock $22.23
Cool Night
Cat: OTS 334. Rel: 08 May 24
The Jamaicans - "Cool Night"
Baba Brooks Recording Band - "Cocktails For Two" (with Sammy Ismay)
Tags: Rocksteady
 in stock $19.05
Dub Tapes Vol 1
Dub Tapes Vol 1 (limited double 12")
Cat: BID 007. Rel: 13 May 24
Garden Pond (4:54)
Lake Lounge (7:04)
Midnight Express (4:56)
Tabarca (4:37)
Evening Post (5:54)
Globulus (5:29)
Baund (7:41)
Review: Before I Die have been putting out some high-grade leftfield delights from respected operators like Bernardino Femminelli, Tungusku and most recently Sewell & The Gong. Now it's the turn of Klangkollektor, indulging a collection of hazy dub excursions which sit somewhere near Balearic splendour, piano-charged melancholy and isolation tank meditation. In the dub tradition the approach is consistent and evenly paced, but it's certainly not aiming for any kind of typical Jamaican sound. Instead, there's a gentle introspection to the melodic content which gels perfectly with the spacious approach to mixing, unfurling across four sides of wax for an album you can just melt into.
Read more
 in stock $28.87
Burn A Fire
Cat: I 509244B. Rel: 15 May 24
Burn A Fire (3:33)
Burn A Fire (instrumental) (3:31)
Burn A Fire (Imperial Sound Army remix) (3:04)
Burn A Fire (Imperial Sound Army remix instrumental) (3:03)
 in stock $15.62
Can't Touch Us Now (Expanded Edition)
Cat: 405053 8829495. Rel: 09 May 24
Can't Touch Us Now
Good Times
Mr Apples
I Believe
You Are My Everything
Another Version Of Me
Mumbo Jumbo
Don't Leave The Past Behind You
(Don't Let Them) Catch You Crying
Pam The Hawk
Given The Opportunity
Soul Denying
Whistle In The Dark
Mr Apples (alternate version)
Grandslam (instrumental demo)
Mumbo Jumbo (demo)
Good Times (demo)
You Are My Everything (demo)
Another Version Of Me (demo)
Blackbird (instrumental demo)
Herbert (demo)
I Believe (demo)
(Don't Let Them) Catch You Crying (demo)
Pam The Hawk (demo)
Soul Denying (demo)
Whistle In The Dark (demo)
Last Rag & Bone Man (demo)
 in stock $13.51
Oui Oui Si Si Ja Ja Da Da (Expanded Edition)
Cat: 4050538 829464. Rel: 09 May 24
My Girl 2
Never Knew Your Name
La Luna
How Can I Tell You
Kitchen Floor
Circus Freaks
So Alive
Small World
Death Of A Rude Boy
Powder Blue
Black & Blue
My Girl 2 (Clive Langer & Charlie Andrew mix)
My Obsession
Big Time Sister
Oh My Love
(You) Can't Keep A Good Thing Down
Never Knew Your Name (La Discotheque mix)
La Luna (mix 6)
Circus Freaks (Amy mix)
Powder Blue (Rehearsal Room mix)
 in stock $11.39
The Bob Marley Songbook
The Bob Marley Songbook (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: CHARLY 626LP. Rel: 10 May 24
Bob Marley & The Wailers - "Hypocrites" (2:37)
Bob Marley & The Wailers - "Kaya" (2:40)
Bob Marley & The Wailers - "Small Axe" (3:55)
Bob Marley & The Wailers - "Stand Alone" (2:12)
Bob Marley & The Wailers - "Who Is Mr Brown" (3:32)
Bob Marley & The Wailers - "Duppy Conqueror" (3:39)
Bob Marley & The Wailers - "Soul Rebel" (3:20)
Bob Marley & The Wailers - "Sun Is Shining" (2:06)
Bob Marley & The Wailers - "Corner Stone" (2:25)
Bob Marley & The Wailers - "Mellow Mood" (3:22)
Bob Marley & The Wailers - "Rainbow Country" (4:17)
Bob Marley & The Wailers - "African Herbsman" (2:17)
Bob Marley & The Wailers - "Caution" (2:44)
Bob Marley & The Wailers - "Lively Up Yourself" (2:50)
Bob Marley & The Wailers - "Back Out" (1:56)
Dillinger - "Modern Judas" (2:36)
Cornell Campbell - "Concrete Jungle" (3:12)
Peter Tosh - "Get Up, Stand Up" (3:26)
Johnny Clarke - "No Woman, No Cry" (3:13)
Delroy Wilson - "I’m Still Waiting" (3:28)
Jah Stitch - "Cherry Mood" (3:32)
Dennis Alcapone - "King Of Kings" (2:59)
Horace Andy - "Natural Mystic" (3:27)
Glen Ricks - "I Shot The Sheriff" (3:06)
Jackie Edwards - "Stir It Up" (3:33)
Lloyd Robinson - "Fire Fire" (3:05)
I-Threes - "Waiting In Vain" (3:45)
The Aggrovators - "Simmer Down" (feat Derrick Morgan) (3:31)
Phyllis Dillion - "Nice Time" (2:29)
 in stock $33.89
The Bob Marley Songbook
Cat: CHARLY 626CD. Rel: 13 May 24
Small Axe
Stand Alone
Who Is Mr Brown
Put It On
Duppy Conqueror
Soul Rebel
Run For Cover
Sun Is Shining
Corner Stone
Mellow Mood
Rainbow Country
African Herbsman
Lively Up Yourself
Back Out
Soul Shake Down Party
Dillinger - "Modern Judas"
Cornell Campbell - "Concrete Jungle"
Peter Tosh - "Get Up. Stand Up"
Johnny Clarke - "No Woman, No Cry"
Delroy Wilson - "I'm Still Waiting"
Jah Stitch - "Cherry Mood"
Dennis Alcapone - "King Of Kings"
Johnny Lover - "I Like It Like This" (feat Bob Marley & The Wailers)
Horace Andy - "Natural Mystic"
Glen Ricks - "I Shot The Sheriff"
The Heptones - "Thank You Lord"
Jackie Edwards - "Stir It Up"
Lloyd Robinson - "Fire Fire"
I-Threes - "Waiting In Vain"
The Aggrovators - "Simmer Down" (feat Derrick Morgan)
Phyllis Dillon - "Nice Time"
Ken Boothe - "Redemption Song"
 in stock $18.53
Little Judah
Cat: HS 7002. Rel: 15 May 24
Mexican Stepper & Ras Tinny - "Little Judah" (feat Don Fe) (3:46)
Mexican Stepper - "Little Dub" (3:45)
 in stock $14.30
In The Future
Cat: HOMLP 4. Rel: 13 May 24
In The Future (3:40)
What Is It? (4:33)
The Slayer (3:40)
Sillie Willie (4:02)
Subway Rider (3:47)
Ready Aim Fire (4:24)
Who? (3:28)
Reggae Warrior (3:10)
I & I Naw Bow (3:44)
Rhythm Track (3:06)
 in stock $31.51
Daniel In The Lion's Den
Daniel In The Lion's Den (clear vinyl 7")
Cat: BLX 7012. Rel: 13 May 24
Daniel In The Lion's Den (alternate mix) (2:50)
Daniel In The Lion's Den (Musical Intimidator version) (2:24)
 in stock $14.30
Uhuru In Dub (reissue)
Cat: CSLP 2. Rel: 17 May 24
Eden (dub) (4:03)
Mystic Mix (3:35)
His Imperial Majesty (3:43)
Weeping Willow (4:10)
Bad Girls (dub) (3:25)
Tonight Is The Night (3:56)
Firehouse Special (3:04)
African Culture (3:47)
Crisis (dub) (3:49)
Soundman Style (3:24)
 in stock $29.13
Cat: TRCD 14832. Rel: 07 May 24
Fish Fillet
Fish Man (dub)
Rope In Sister Jean
Rope In (dub)
Hold Fast
Hold (dub)
Spanish River
River Bank (dub)
Youth In A Posse
Mad Posse
Working Hero
Working (dub)
 in stock $27.28
Commandments Of Dub
Cat: SH 009. Rel: 15 May 24
Commandments Of Dub (4:10)
Dub Of Commandments (4:12)
 in stock $12.70
Walk In The Light
Cat: SD 7002. Rel: 15 May 24
Walk In The Light (4:01)
Walk In The Light (version) (4:04)
 in stock $10.59
Faith (reissue)
Cat: KYNX 004. Rel: 10 May 24
Faith (Vox mix) (8:50)
Faith (No Vox mix) (8:34)
Review: Just over two decades after its initial release, peerless dub don Paul St. Hilaire aka Tikiman & Rene Lowe's timeless masterpiece 'Faith' sees a first-ever reissue. It arrives on Richard Akingbehin's Kynant Records, which has also put out Tikiman's first solo album in over a decade and sounds as good as it ever did. 'Faith' (Vox mix) is bottomless dub with liquid chords rippling off to infinity as the dreamy vocals drift in and out and the original version is and even more edgeless and smeared and smudged deep dub delight.
Read more
 in stock $13.51
Rockfort Rock
Cat: PRTL 7086. Rel: 20 May 24
Rockfort Rock
Rockfort Rock (version)
 in stock $13.77
Cry Of Yeshua
Cat: AGOBUN 1204. Rel: 15 May 24
Cry Of Yeshua (3:17)
Dub Conspiracy (3:24)
Digital World (3:12)
Future Generation Dub (3:08)
 in stock $19.60
Echoes (7" + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: 4BITP 011. Rel: 16 May 24
Echoes (part I) (4:36)
Echoes (part II) (4:37)
 in stock $10.59
Weather Baloon (reissue)
Cat: TRCD 14852. Rel: 07 May 24
Weather Balloon
Tie & Die
Step It Inna Freedom Street
Wicked Have To Run
Hiding Place (feat Al Campbell)
Step It Inna Greenwich Farm
Blow Brother Joe
Row Mr Fisherman
Can't Keep A Good Man Down
Trad Along Jah
 in stock $27.28
Pili Pili
Pili Pili (12")
Cat: NUNSFTV 002V. Rel: 09 May 24
Pili Pili (New 1995 edit) (15:29)
Pili Pili (Coyote Double Drop 2024 edit) (10:20)
Review: 'Pili Pili' by Jasper Van't Hof catapulted the fusion band into the limelight in 1984, with its infectious blend of African rhythms and jazz sensibilities. This 12" EP, featuring the iconic 15-minute original alongside a 2024 Coyote edit, offers a complete tribute to the songs history. Remastered and cut for maximum impact, both versions showcase the band's dynamic energy and innovative approach to fusion music. From the hypnotic groove of the original to the reimagined Coyote edit, each track exudes a timeless appeal that will undoubtedly wow listeners on the dancefloor. This release is a testament to Pili Pili's enduring influence and Van't Hof's pioneering vision in bridging musical cultures.
Read more
 in stock $16.42
Instrumental Dubs #1
Cat: ISLELP 0092024. Rel: 16 May 24
Glen Adams & Finesse - "Sexual Instrumental" (5:17)
Tippa Irie - "Panic Panic" (Express mix) (4:25)
Special Occasion - "Yes I Do" (12" instrumental mix) (6:30)
Carol Williams - "Can't Get Away (From Your Love)" (Special club "dub" mix) (5:32)
La Palace De Beaute - "Sin" (Jura Soundsystem dub) (6:52)
Review: Here comes a 2024 repress of this superb dub excursion on nice 140g vinyl with all-new sleeve art. The original compilation marked the debut of the series that delves into instrumental dub versions of elusive and out-of-print gems from reggae, disco, boogie, and house. Kicking off with Glen Adams & Finesse's Island Disco rendition of Marvin Gaye's timeless hit, the A2 spotlights a rare UK boogie and Brit-funk mix of Tippa Irie's 'Panic Panic', with Tippa's personal involvement securing the license. Belgium's Special Occasion brings the '80s vibe with 'Yes I Do' to close the A-side. On the B side, Carol Williams presents the Special Club Dub mix of 'Can't Get Away', originally a limited promo from 1983, while Jura Soundsystem offers a Dubby Edit of La Palace De Beaute's 'Sin', emphasising delay over vocals.
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Cat: WVR 1201. Rel: 15 May 24
Liberation (mix 1) (3:47)
Liberation (mix 2) (3:48)
Survivor (mix 1) (3:51)
Survivor (mix 2) (3:52)
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Reggae Vibration (reissue)
Cat: JD 001. Rel: 09 May 24
Rastafari (part 1)
Reggae Vibration
I'm A Stranger
As The Time Passes By
A New Day Is Rising Now
Caribbean Love Song
Shining Star
On Your Own
Travel On Again
Never Too Late
Rastafari (part 2)
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