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Two Weeks: Rock (All)

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Rock (All)

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Blood Bank (10th Anniversary Edition) (CD in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: JAG 343CD. Rel: 27 Mar 20
  1. Blood Bank
  2. Beach Baby
  3. Babys
  4. Woods
  5. Blood Bank (live From Ericsson Globe, Stockholm SE, Oct 21 2018)
  6. Beach Baby (live From The Bomb Factory, Dallas TX, Jan 23 2018)
  7. Babys (live From Eventim Apollo Hammersmith, London UK, Mar 4 2018)
  8. Woods (live From Pitchfork Paris Presented By La Blogothèque, Nov 3 2018)
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Cat: VCD 2047. Rel: 28 Mar 20
  1. Quiet Talks & Summer Walks
  2. Tragic Magic
  3. You Done My Brain In
  4. Excerpt From Brain Opera (part 2)
  5. Busted
  6. What Do You Do
  7. Mr Slater's Parrot
  8. We Were Wrong
  9. Joke Shop Man
  10. Blue Suede Shoes (live)
  11. Quiet Talks & Summer Walks (live)
  12. Canyons Of Your Mind (live)
  13. Trouser Press (live)
  14. I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles (live)
 in stock $10.85
Juice (CD)
Cat: CDYEP 2705. Rel: 02 Apr 20
  1. I Fall In Love Every Night
  2. Breathe
  3. Dedication
  4. The Poet (Can't Jam)
  5. I'm Fine
  6. Hey You
  7. Squeaky
  8. Hazy Wave
  9. Wavy Haze
Review: Album number six from the Ruffians certainly means business. Honest and painfully on-point in terms of overarching themes, its sonically highly polished and - while not a concept record - incredibly well conceived as a coherent whole. A rock 'n' roll offering that grabs your body to make it move while boring into your mind and soul to make you think and feel. Word on the street is this was some three years in the making, and it certainly feels like an un-rushed process will have led to this package. Tracks kick and punch in all the right places, but they never forget the need for balance, peaks and troughs. It's more than likely that you'll walk away from this with the scale of the anthems cemented to the mind, though, rather than the more tender moments. After all, it's a masterclass in major key melodies, and a striking example of the powerful effect those have on listeners.
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Cat: HVNLP 177CD. Rel: 03 Apr 20
  1. Can't Sleep
  2. Party's Over
  3. Jacket
  4. So I Can See
  5. Ask Me To
  6. Keep It Warm
  7. Go It Alone
  8. Tell Me What's True
  9. Not So Bad
  10. Picture Show
  11. Every Feeling
  12. Here With You
Review: It's not often you can legitimately call a record brave. Most of the time, when we use that word it's to describe wildly experimental sonics, cutting edge arrangements and never-heard-before noises. Anna Burch doesn't quite fit those descriptions, not that her unarguably 90s-influenced, Gen X survivalist rock tones don't impress. Nevertheless, she's taking the biggest risk of all on 'If You're Dreaming'; turning to face herself head on, and analyse what she sees. There's catchiness, and a stoner-ish, downtrodden or at least lackadaisical air to the way in which she approaches guitar scuzz and this immediately jumps out and grabs the ears. However, that slightly retro leaning approach to arrangements is contrasted by a very 21st Century take on life's great lessons, losses and triumphs - guiding themes behind much of the songwriting.
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 in stock $10.08
Cat: MRG 723CD. Rel: 27 Mar 20
  1. Hope
  2. Tell Them Where To Go
  3. Sandcastles
  4. Lani
  5. Not My Story
  6. Self Made Man
  7. Anger's Not Enough
  8. Pillow
 in stock $11.63
  1. Arrival
  2. Too Many Gods
  3. Stop
  4. Last Man Standing
  5. Mr Heartache
  6. Unfinished Symphony
  7. Schoolyard Fantasy
  8. Greatest Story Never Told
  9. Only In Vegas
  10. Man In The Moon
  11. Five Minute Celebrity
  12. Velvet Horizon
  13. Scandalous
  14. How Does It Feel (feat Danny Bowes)
  15. Greatest Story Never Told (orchestral mix)
  16. Too Many Gods (Recorded live At Newcastle City Hall December 2017)
  17. Greatest Story Never Told (Recorded live At Newcastle City Hall December 2017)
  18. Five Minute Celebrity (Recorded live At Newcastle City Hall December 2017)
  19. Schoolyard Fantasy (instrumental)
  20. Mr Heartache (original Mick Wilson demo)
  21. No Regrets
 in stock $13.43
  1. Babyman
  2. You Gotta Start Somewhere
  3. Leaving (Rogue Lemon)
  4. Detroit Dos
  5. Landline Memories
  6. Pete Jive
  7. Money's No Option
 in stock $19.38
Cat: OVER 172CD. Rel: 26 Mar 20
  1. Goody Goody Gum Drops
  2. Shy
  3. Same Day
  4. Now The Magic Has Gone (with Jello Biafra)
  5. Good For You
  6. Oh How We Laughed
  7. There Is No God
  8. March Of The Business Acumen
  9. Trees & Birds & Flowers & Sky
  10. Jam Rabbits
  11. Morris Marina
  12. Hoorahland
 in stock $10.08
Strength (CD)
Cat: MOCCD 13852. Rel: 02 Apr 20
  1. Heaven Or Hell
  2. Missing You
  3. Strength
  4. In Crowd
  5. Hollywood Ya
  6. The World Is A Gutter
  7. Goodbye
  8. Long Way To Go
  9. Mother's Eyes
  10. Baby Loves You
  11. Blue Island
  12. The Way Home/Coming Home
  13. Something For Free
 in stock $8.01
Cat: NE 012CD. Rel: 25 Mar 20
  1. Gingerbread House Explosion #1
  2. I Love Hippy
  3. Bits Of Me (Falling Off)
  4. Whippet Heart
  5. Screw It Up
  6. Wishing
  7. Gingerbread House Explosion #2
  8. Virgin Moon
  9. Cuddle Up To The Bomb
  10. Bin Night
  11. Dips
  12. Lay-by
 in stock $9.56
Cat: FTH 356CD. Rel: 26 Mar 20
  1. One By One
  2. Catch
  3. What We Had
  4. Good Instead Of Bad
  5. Trouble
  6. Yesterday Is Gone
  7. Small Favours
  8. Everything That Bleeds
  9. Other Than
  10. Memories Of Winter
 in stock $12.92
Cat: RSH 1CD. Rel: 27 Mar 20
  1. Dead Radio
  2. Breakdown (&Then)
  3. She Cried
  4. I Burnt Your Clothes
  5. Exit Everything
  6. Silver Chain
  7. White Wedding
  8. Undone
  9. Autoluminescent
  10. Sleep Alone
 in stock $10.85
Cat: RSH 2CD. Rel: 27 Mar 20
  1. (I Know) A Girl Called Jonny
  2. Shut Me Down
  3. Life's What You Make It
  4. Pop Crimes
  5. Nothin'
  6. Wayward Man
  7. Ave Maria
  8. The Golden Age Of Bloodshed
 in stock $10.85
Cat: 156902. Rel: 26 Mar 20
  1. Downgrade Desert
  2. Nervous Waltz
  3. Very Noise
  4. Hollow Tree
  5. Camel Dancefloor
  6. Parpaing
  7. Musette Maximum
  8. Himalaya Massive Ritual
  9. Lost In Introspection
  10. Overweight Poesy
  11. Paranoid Bulldozer Italiano
  12. Barocco Satani
  13. Polyphonic Rust
  14. Kung-Fu Chevre
 in stock $12.14
  1. Long John Silver
  2. Aerie (Gang Of Eagles)
  3. Twilight Double Leader
  4. Milk Train
  5. The Son Of Jesus
  6. Easter?
  7. Trial By Fire
  8. Alexander The Medium
  9. Eat Starch Mom
  10. Have You Seen The Saucers
  11. Feel So Good
  12. Crown Of Creation
  13. When The Earth Moves Again
  14. Milk Train
  15. Trial By Fire
  16. Twilight Double Leader
 in stock $11.11
Cat: EGG 013CD. Rel: 03 Apr 20
  1. Long Stem Carnations
  2. You Can Go Now
  3. This Decision
  4. You've Got The Ball
  5. Bear Pit
  6. I Wanna
  7. 24 Eyes
  8. The Mothership
  9. Insect Repellent
  10. The Digital Hair
  11. Still Second Rate
  12. New Dawn
Review: The follow up to 2017's critically-acclaimed long form outing, 'This Is Eggland', has certainly had fans chomping at the bit since its release was announced. The Eggs continue to beguile, mystify, entertain and impress in equal measure, and have been unveiling some truly captivating singles - complete with equally captivating sleeve design - in the run up to this grand unveiling, whetting appetites no end. So here it is, then, the promise and the proof. 'I Am Moron' cements the British band's position as fiercely independent in attitude and irreverent in style, calling on experimental, psyche, indie and punk to deliver a devastating commentary on the country the outfit calls home - from the plight of working classes to the beastly hypocrisy of those higher up the salary and food chain. Not to be missed, not that you needed us to tell you that.
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 in stock $11.63
Cat: 277352. Rel: 02 Apr 20
  1. Migration Of Souls
  2. Heaven’s Nail & Hammer
  3. Coyote Mary’s Traveling Show
  4. Independent Man
  5. Stevens’ Snow Man
  6. Unreal City
  7. Real Silence
  8. Along The Santa Fe Trail
  9. Chamber Music
  10. Torch
  11. Rio Drone
Review: Ten albums in and still going strong, it's hard not to use words like 'timeless' when discussing the work of M Ward. It has been said that his output sits somewhere between post-military Elvis and the Beatles hitting top gear in terms of consistent quality, and we'd be rather partial to agree. Basically, those with a penchant for the kind of songs that were made to soundtrack overnight journeys through the Badlands, road trips across the 50 states and the very notion of Big Country will do very well here. Ward is a master of Americana and a dab hand at making the familiar sound engaging rather than boring. An immediately recognisable character who refuses to divert from his chosen route, when all is said and done nobody would really want him to.
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 in stock $10.08
Cat: NPR 938JC. Rel: 27 Mar 20
  1. Run With The Devil
  2. Coming Home
  3. Burning Churches
  4. By The River
  5. Mestwo
  6. Surrender
  7. Deep Down South
  8. Man Of The Cross
  9. You Will Be Mine
  10. How Come?
  11. Confession
 in stock $13.18
Cat: 194397 06102. Rel: 27 Mar 20
  1. Given Up
  2. Flowers
  3. Dilute
  4. Better
  5. Transparent
  6. Sharks
  7. Medicine
  8. Destroyer
  9. Smoke
  10. Circles
  11. Wanna Be
 in stock $12.14
Cat: P18R 161. Rel: 27 Mar 20
  1. Weltschmerz
  2. Sink Fast Let Go
  3. Fatalist
  4. Puritanical Punishment Beating
  5. When All Is Said & Done
  6. Freedom Is The Wage Of Sin
  7. In Deference
  8. Short Lived
  9. Identity Crisis
  10. Shattered Existence
  11. Eyes Right Out
  12. Warped Beyond Logic
  13. Rabid Wolves (For Christ)
  14. Deaf & Dumbstruck (Intelligent Design)
  15. Persona Non Grata
  16. Smear Campaign
 in stock $11.36
Cat: 721651 0. Rel: 03 Apr 20
  1. Entirely Different Stars
  2. Civilised Hell (alternate version)
  3. Back When I Cared
  4. Movie In My Mind
  5. Focus On The Music
  6. My Own Wave
  7. Fade To Black
  8. Out In LA (extended version)
  9. Couldn't Break Your Heart
  10. Speak The Truth (alternate mix)
  11. Civilised Hell (acoustic version)
  12. Bad Case (alternate version)
  13. Stars Made Of You (alternate mix)
  14. Where Does Love Go (alternate mix)
  15. The Way You Say Goodbye
 in stock $12.14
Cat: MOCCD 13925. Rel: 27 Mar 20
  1. Time Of The Preacher
  2. I Couldn't Believe It Was True
  3. Time Of The Preacher Theme
  4. Medley: Blue Rock Montana/Red Headed Stranger
  5. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
  6. Red Headed Stranger
  7. Time Of The Preacher Theme
  8. Just As I Am
  9. Denver
  10. O'er The Waves
  11. Down Yonder
  12. Can I Sleep In Your Arms
  13. Remember Me
  14. Hands On The Wheel
  15. Bandera
  16. Bach Minuet In G (bonus track)
  17. I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You) (bonus track)
  18. A Maiden's Prayer (bonus track)
  19. Bonaparte's Retreat (bonus track)
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Gigaton (CD in 40 page hard-back book sleeve)
Cat: 863022. Rel: 28 Mar 20
  1. Who Ever Said
  2. Superblood Wolfmoon
  3. Dance Of The Clairvoyants
  4. Quick Escape
  5. Alright
  6. Seven O'Clock
  7. Never Destination
  8. Take The Long Way
  9. Buckle Up
  10. Comes Then Goes
  11. Retrograde
  12. River Cross
 in stock $13.18
Cat: TLV 127CD. Rel: 06 Apr 20
  1. Pill
  2. Emotional Devotion Creator
  3. It's My Body
  4. Escalator Ism
  5. Brief Inner Mission
  6. NYC Illuminati
  7. Wood Paneling Pt 2
  8. Too Sumb
  9. The Bertolt
  10. Permanent Moral Crisis
  11. Do It
  12. Eyeballs
  13. Up & Up
Review: It's not without good reason that people have been likening Peel Dream Magazine to My Bloody Valentine, Stereolab and Yo La Tengo. Helmed by Joe Stevens, one of New York's finest contemporary players, the outfit makes music that's tender but savage, powerful but delicate and packed with beautiful discordance hiding its sumptuous melodies. 'Agitprop Alterna' is their second full-length release and it certainly adds fuel to the argument that people need to take this lot very seriously. In addition to the aforementioned, here it nods to Velvet Underground (notice the tripped out, opiate-hazed interludes throughout the album) and krautrock-leaning art pop. The record drones, drives, grooves and perplexes on its course, but most of all it unarguably impresses. Or at least that's what we've got to say on the matter.
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 in stock $11.63
Viscerals (CD)
Cat: LAUNCH 184. Rel: 03 Apr 20
  1. Reducer
  2. Rubbernecker
  3. New Body
  4. Blood & Butter
  5. World Crust
  6. Crazy In Blood
  7. Halloween Bolson
  8. Hell's Teeth
Review: Whether you opt to use the abbreviation - Pigsx7 - or say the band name in full, one thing is certainly abundantly clear about the swine-inspired sludge-rockers from Newcastle, UK. They make very loud and very powerful 'proper' rock music, make no apologies about it, and have been pretty damn consistent since they first squealed onto the scene with riffs blazing. 'Viscerals' does not break from that remit. Having managed to simultaneously win over die hard heavy metal types and BBC 6 Music listeners alike, they deliver this as their latest offering to the music hungry populace, and it's pretty much business as usual. Exceptional guitar innovation, propulsive rhythms and commanding atmospheres, with the only real change being the track lengths - with these arguably their most succinct to date, but as overwhelming as anything that has come before.
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 in stock $9.82
Cat: DW 224. Rel: 26 Mar 20
  1. Dead End
  2. Half Empty Glass
  3. People To Take Care Of
  4. Love Is Home
  5. Ghosts
  6. Selfless
  7. Bad News Bearers
  8. Riddled
  9. Disappear
 in stock $10.08
Cat: MONO 143CD. Rel: 06 Apr 20
  1. Sonder
  2. Aloof
  3. Malibu (feat Elizabeth Heaton)
  4. My Head Hurts
  5. Lost To The World
  6. Tidepool
  7. Words Fail Me
  8. Supermodels
  9. White Moise Therapy
  10. Your Angel Was A Fake
  11. Disintergrate Together
 in stock $11.63
Cat: SA 060CD. Rel: 06 Apr 20
  1. Roomboe
  2. 78 Sutra
  3. Catalina Breeze
  4. Arrambe
 in stock $11.36
Cat: R 910032. Rel: 02 Apr 20
  1. Teethgrinder (CD1: Greatest Hits (The Abbey Road Session))
  2. Screamager
  3. Opal Mantra
  4. Turn
  5. Nowhere
  6. Trigger Inside
  7. Die Laughing (feat James Dean Bradfield)
  8. Stories
  9. Loose
  10. Diane
  11. Church Of Noise
  12. Lonely, Cryin' Only
  13. Loser Cop (CD2: official Bootleg (1990-2020))
  14. Skinning Pit
  15. Perversonality
  16. Brainsaw
  17. Jude The Obscene
  18. The Boys Asleep
  19. Big Cave In
  20. Body Bag Girl
  21. Nobody Here But Us
  22. Long Distance
  23. Dopamine, Seratonin, Adrenaline
  24. Bad Excuse For Daylight
  25. Before You With You After You
  26. Torment Sorrow Misery Strife
  27. Crutch
 in stock $11.63
Cat: TOP 002CD. Rel: 31 Mar 20
  1. Direct Sunlight
  2. I Feel Alive
  3. Pirouette
  4. Ballads & Sad Movies
  5. Colder & Closer
  6. Witching Hour
  7. Take Down
  8. Drowning In Paradise
  9. OK Fine Whatever
  10. Looking To Remember
  11. Too Much
Review: Say the words 'soft rock' to most people and they won't necessarily conjure images of cool bands making edgy statements with sophisticated sounds. And that's why most people are wrong, or have at least failed to strike up a relationship with Montreal outfit Tops. Since 2012 the troupe have been making music exactly like that, and with 'I Feel Alive' the recipe proves particularly potent. You could identify shades of Fleetwood Mac on more than one occasion here - the disco hues of 'Direct Sunlight' is one example, while 'Colder & Closer' makes light work of throwing some synth pop into the mix further down the line. Ultimately, though, it's as much about sharp lyricism as anything else, with tales of adultery, the relentless drag of casual sex and more making for quite the poignant take on modern life.
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 in stock $11.11
Cat: 190758 01212. Rel: 03 Apr 20
  1. Alone
  2. Devil's Tower
  3. Fearful Heart
  4. Spanish Sea
  5. In A Little While
  6. Chelsea
  7. Chase The Rain
  8. Oh Why
  9. Struck By Lightening
  10. What So Not & Toto - "We'll Keep On Running" (feat Skrillex)
 in stock $12.14
Cat: FN 279CD. Rel: 27 Mar 20
  1. The Scavengers - "Mysterex"
  2. The Terrorways - "Never Been To Borstal"
  3. Proud Scum - "I Am A Rabbit"
  4. The Scavengers - "True Love"
  5. Proud Scum - "Suicide"
  6. The Terrorways - "She's A Mod"
  7. The Swingers - "Certain Sound"
  8. The Primmers - "Funny Stories"
  9. Toy Love - "Squeeze"
  10. The Swingers - "Baby"
  11. The Primmers - "You're Gonna Get Done"
  12. Toy Love - "Toy Love Song"
  13. Suburban Reptiles - "Megaton"
  14. Suburban Reptiles - "Coup D'Etat"
  15. The Scavengers - "Routine"
  16. Proud Scum - "Suicide 2"
  17. The Terrorways - "Short Haired Rock & Roll"
  18. Toy Love - "Frogs"
  19. Suburban Reptiles - "Saturday Night Stay At Home"
  20. Features - "City Scenes"
  21. The Spelling Mistakes - "Feel So Good"
  22. Marching Girls - "First In Line"
  23. The Spelling Mistakes - "Hate Me Hate Me"
  24. Features - "Victim"
  25. Marching Girls - "True Love"
 in stock $11.63
The Chain (CD)
Cat: CLE 163502. Rel: 06 Apr 20
  1. Dear Son
  2. The Robbery
  3. Mr Boogeyman
  4. Double Life
  5. We Don't Need Money
  6. You Stooge You
  7. Sucking Out Your Soul Like A Son Of A Bitch
  8. Have Mercy On Me
  9. Feel No Pain/You Hurt Me
  10. I'm Not Good Enough/Party Like We Used To
 in stock $18.08
Cat: MRG 704CD. Rel: 27 Mar 20
  1. Oxbow
  2. Can't Do Much
  3. Fire
  4. Lilacs
  5. The Eye
  6. Hell
  7. Witches
  8. War
  9. Arkadelphia
  10. Ruby Falls
  11. St Cloud
Review: Talk about being raised on stage. Katie Crutchfield is only 31, but already has spent 15 years of life in bands. Four to be exact, kicking off with the Ackeys in her high school days, with Bad Banana, P.S. Eliot and Great Thunder also accounting for chapters in that career. It's the Waxahatchee era that has brought her the level of credit truly deserved, though, while also bringing her closer to the brink than ever. The story behind 'Saint Cloud', or rather the story behind the story behind Saint Cloud, is proof enough - a desire to quit drinking turning into an urgent need amid a gruelling live tour, leading to moments when she was ready to jack it all in and start afresh. Heavy stuff, we're glad she didn't given this record is so good - songs about looking for security, hope, and an even footing, with indie rock arrangements taking on new minimalism.
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 in stock $11.63
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Two Weeks: Rock (All)