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Cat: 738613 Rel: 09 Jul 19 • View all Synth modules
Quad voltage-controlled mixer with 4 individual VCA's - 18HP
Notes: Module A-135-1 is a quad voltage controlled mixer. It is made of 4 independent linear VCA's. The VCA outputs are mixed to a common output. For each VCA the following inputs and controls are available: audio input with attenuator, control voltage input with attenuator, gain (pre-amplification). The VCA's are realized with high-quality CEM VCA's (CEM3381 for version 1 and SSM2164 for version 2).

Applications: voltage controlled mixing of up to 4 audio signals with separate control voltages (e.g. delivered by LFO's, ADSR's, Random, Shepard generator, MIDI-to-CV interface or other control voltage sources). In connection with the Morphing-Controller A-144 the soft fade-over of 4 audio signals with only one control voltage is possible.

Inputs: 4 x Signal in, 4 x CV In
Output: Signal Out, Version 2 in addition: 4 x Single Out
Controls: 4 x Signal In Attenuator, 4 x CV Attenuator, 4 x Initial Gain
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Cat: 738636 Rel: 09 Jul 19 • View all Synth modules
Simplistic quad LFO module with intuitive front panel - 14HP
Notes: Module A-143-3 is a low-cost four-fold modulation oscillator, often called LFO (low frequency oscillator). Like the other modules of the A-143 series (A-143-1 and A-143-2) not a very "exciting" module, just a bread-and-butter device and a simple demon for work. The module contains four simple LFOs. Each LFO is equipped with three waveform outputs: triangle, rectangle and rising sawtooth. The frequency of the sawtooth output is twice the frequency of the other outputs. A three-way switch is used to select one of three frequency ranges mid-low-high, spanning from about two cycles per minute at the lowest, to moderate audio frequency at the highest (about 5 kHz).

If other waveforms or additional LFO features are required (e.g. reset input, adjustable waveform, voltage controlled frequency) the LFO modules A-145, A-146 and A-147 are available.
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Cat: 742581 Rel: 09 Jul 19 • View all Synth modules
B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working order
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working order***

Module A-135-1 is a quad voltage controlled mixer. It is made of 4 independent linear VCA's. The VCA outputs are mixed to a common output. For each VCA the following inputs and controls are available: audio input with attenuator, control voltage input with attenuator, gain (pre-amplification). The VCA's are realized with high-quality CEM VCA's (CEM3381 for version 1 and SSM2164 for version 2).

Applications: voltage controlled mixing of up to 4 audio signals with separate control voltages (e.g. delivered by LFO's, ADSR's, Random, Shepard generator, MIDI-to-CV interface or other control voltage sources). In connection with the Morphing-Controller A-144 the soft fade-over of 4 audio signals with only one control voltage is possible.

Inputs: 4 x Signal in, 4 x CV In
Output: Signal Out, Version 2 in addition: 4 x Single Out
Controls: 4 x Signal In Attenuator, 4 x CV Attenuator, 4 x Initial Gain
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Cat: 738558 Rel: 16 Jul 19 • View all Effects pedals
3-way FX pedal switcher & mixer
Notes: EHX's Tri Parallel Mixer is a powerful effects creation and mixing hub. Three separate FX loops with flexible controls allow for multiple configurations, as follows:

- Run up to three FX Loops in parallel and create sounds that are not possible by connecting effects in series.
- Switch seamlessly between FX Loops in XOR mode
- Send one instrument out to three separate amplifiers
- Mix three instruments into a single output.

The Tri Parallel Mixer is surprisingly compact considering the level of functionality it provides, while its intuitive controls and I/O make it easy to operate. The Tri-Parallel Mixer comes with an EHX 9.6DC power supply.
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Cat: 725949 Rel: 15 Apr 19 • View all Synth module accessories
3U 40HP compact skiff case including PSU
Notes: The Mini Case offers 40 HP for mounting modules. A power supply is built-in.

208 mm long x 45mm deep.

PLEASE NOTE: Comes with EU 2 pin plug only - UK adapter may be required.
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Cat: 741821 Rel: 05 Aug 19 • View all Synth modules
Compact gate sequencer with eight steps - 4HP
Notes: Bin Seq is an eight-step switchable gate sequencer. Besides individual signals, it is also possible to notate tied events. In addition to clock and reset inputs, there are manual control options for both functions. A great utility module, which can not only be used to create simple beats, but to manipulate other sequencers or trigger modulators rhythmically as well.
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Cat: 729407 Rel: 30 Apr 19 • View all Synth modules
Two transistor sub-oscillators & lowpass filter - 10HP
Notes: Erica Synths Black Double Bass is unique module that combines two transistor suboscillators (-1 and -2 octaves) and lowpass filter. It does not make sound on its own, but it will turn any VCO or beeper into massive bass sound with CV control over octave mix and cutoff frequency. Sync input that resets suboscillators on incoming pulse, provides even more versatility in sound design. The module can be also provide aggressive distortion, when used with percussive sounds like bassdrums.
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Cat: 745109 Rel: 06 Sep 19 • View all Synth modules
Compact yet flexible mix module - 6HP
Notes: Even with small patches with only a few modules, you usually have to combine individual signals into a single sum: You need one mixer, maybe two, and preferably as small as possible.

With Sum 42, Vermona present a compact yet versatile Eurorack mixer. You can use it as two 4-in-1 or one 8-in-1 mixers. It can process both audio signals and control voltages.

Sum 42 is an indispensable tool with a perfect size/benefit ratio.
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Cat: 743527 Rel: 01 Jan 90 • View all Studio & speaker controllers
***B-STOCK: Box opened, product unused***
Notes: The ART SCC is the ideal compact solution allowing you to take complete control of your studio space. Three selectable stereo sources can be quickly and easily routed to any or all of three sets of stereo balanced outputs from the front panel. Sources can be individually selected or blended from the front panel. Separate trim pots ensure proper levels between sources can be preset. A large single volume knob controls the overall output level of the system.

A separate cue source input with its own outputs and level control allows a separate headphone mix to run in parallel to the main mix. The headphone output can easily switch between the cue source and the main input source with the touch of a single button on the front panel.

Additional controls on the SCC include a master mute switch, and a mono switch allowing you to sum the stereo inputs to mono to check phase in any mix.

In a typical studio setup, one set of inputs on the SCC would connect to the main output of your DAW workstation or computer audio card. Secondary outputs or headphone output would be connected to the SCC's Cue Mix input allowing for a second, completely separate headphone mix. Other sources (keyboard, iPod, analog sub mixer etc) can connect to the additional stereo inputs.

Outputs would be connected to nearfield and midfield monitors or monitors and subwoofer. Multiple inputs and outputs can be used at the same time.
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Cat: 743523 Rel: 01 Jan 90 • View all Compressors limiters & gates
***B-STOCK: Box opened, product unused***
Notes: The DUAL LIMITER has a unique design that will enhance the sonic textures of your audio system for years to come. Developed in partnership with studio and live-sound engineers, the DUAL LIMITER is very musical.

The heart of the Dual Limiter is a unique PWM gain control circuit. Combined with its intelligent detector, the result is a Classic sounding compressor/limiter without the traditional nose and distortion artefacts.

The DUAL LIMITER may be used as either a compressor or a limiter with all of the following:

- Multitrack or analogue recording device
- In a mixer's channel insert points
- Between a microphone preamp and signal processors
- Between pre-amplified electronic musical instruments (synthesizers, guitars, bass, samplers, acoustic instruments with pickups) and other line-level equipment
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Cat: 739904 Rel: 29 Jul 19 • View all Studio headphones
Foldable over-ear headphones featuring superior isolation & extended bass response
Notes: Whether you're an artist, engineer, podcaster or beat maker, you're always in creative mode. AKG K361 Professional Studio Headphones strike the perfect balance between studio-quality sound, plush comfort, and a sleek, sturdy design that stands up to your mobile lifestyle.

K361s are precision-engineered to reproduce natural, balanced audio in exceptional detail, so you can make more confident decisions when you're mixing and editing. They deliver deeper bass and higher highs than any other model in their class, with a stunning frequency response of 15 Hz to 28 kHz. Plush, ergonomic earcups cradle your ears in supreme comfort - because once you hear how amazing your K361s sound, you won't ever want to take them off.
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quote 739904
Heaven & Earth (limited 18xCD box set + 4xBlu-ray + 2xDVD + book + inserts)
Cat: KCCBX 14. Rel: 04 Jun 19
Progressive Rock
  1. PorzaKc Blues (CD1: The Reconsrukction Of Light)
  2. The Construction Of Light (part 1)
  3. The Construction Of Light (part 2)
  4. Into The Frying Pan (intro)
  5. Into The Frying Pan
  6. FraKctured
  7. The World's My Oyster Soup Kitchen Floor Wax Museum
  8. Lark's Tongues In Aspic: Part IV (part 1)
  9. Lark's Tongues In Aspic: Part IV (part 2)
  10. Lark's Tongues In Aspic: Part IV (part 3)
  11. Coda: I Have A Dream
  12. Heaven & Earth (ProjeKct X)
  13. Bude (CD2: Happy with What You Have To Be Happy with/Level Five)
  14. Happy With What You Have To Be Happy With
  15. Mie Gakure
  16. She Shudders
  17. Eyes Wide Open (acoustic version)
  18. ShoGaNai
  19. I Ran
  20. Potato Pie
  21. Lark's Tongues In Aspic: Part IV
  22. Clouds
  23. Einstein's Relatives
  24. Dangerous Curves
  25. Level Five
  26. Virtuous Circle
  27. The ConstruKction Of Light
  28. The Deception Of The Thrush
  29. Improv: ProjeKct X
  30. The Power To Believe I: A Cappella (CD3: The Power To Believe)
  31. Level Five
  32. Eyes Wide Open
  33. EleKtriK
  34. Facts Of Life (intro)
  35. Facts Of Life
  36. The Power Of Believe II
  37. Dangerous Curves
  38. Happy To What You Have To Be Happy With
  39. The Power To Believe III
  40. The Power To Believe IV (Coda)
  41. Sus-Tayn-Z I
  42. Superslow
  43. Sus-Tayn-Z II
  44. 4 I 1 (Projekct One - London)
  45. 4 I 2
  46. 4 I 3
  47. 4 I 4
  48. 4 I 6
  49. 4 II 1
  50. 4 II 2
  51. 4 II 4
  52. 4 II 5
  53. 4 II 6
  54. Introductory Soundscape (Projeckt Two - Baltimore)
  55. House I
  56. Heavy ConstruKction
  57. Vector Drift
  58. Light ConstruKction
  59. Live Groove
  60. X-chayn-jiZ
  61. Sector Patrol
  62. Vector Shift To Planet Belewbeloid
  63. Contrary ConstruKction
  64. The Deception Of The Thrush
  65. VROOOM
  66. Heavy ConstruKction (Projekct Four - San Fransisco)
  67. Improv I
  68. ProjeKction
  69. The Deception Of The Thrush
  70. Hindu Fizz
  71. Improv II
  72. Seizure
  73. Masque 3 (Project Three - Austin)
  74. X=-chayn-jiZ
  75. CCCCCCs
  76. Heavy ConstruKction
  77. Masque 8
  78. Masque 11
  79. ProjeKction
  80. The Deception Of The Thrush
  81. Improv: Principio Mastelottico (Madrid) (live Construkction 1)
  82. ProzaKc Blues
  83. Improv: Blasticus SS Blastica
  84. The ConstruKction Of Light
  85. Improv: Tomorrow Never Knew Thela (Incl Tomorrow Never Knows - Warsaw)
  86. Into The Frying Pan
  87. Improc: Heaven C Blasticum (Legnano)
  88. Improv: Crim Chill Thrill (San Sebastian)
  89. One Time
  90. Improv: Mastelotto Maximatamus Est (Conegliano)
  91. Three Of A Prefect Pair
  92. Improv: El Groovistico SS Blastivus (Barcelona)
  93. Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream
  94. Improv: C Chill Unchill (Rome)
  95. Cage
  96. Improv: Heaven Groovistica (Copenhagen) (live Construkction 3)
  97. The World's My Oyster Soup Kitchen Floor Wax Museum
  98. Improv: C Blasticum
  99. Larks' Tongues In Aspic: Part IV
  100. Improv: Mastelotticus SS Blasticus
  101. The Deception Of The Thrush
  102. The ConstruKction Of Light (San Diego - August 15, 2001)
  103. Into The Frying Pan
  104. Level Five
  105. The Deception Of The Thrush
  106. Dangerous Curves
  107. Larks' Tongues In Aspic: Part IV
  108. Thela Hun Ginjeet
  109. Adrian Announcement
  110. Red
  111. Introductory Soundscape (New Haven - December 9, 2001)
  112. Dangerous Curves
  113. Into The Frying Pan
  114. Adrian Announcement
  115. EleKtriK
  116. The ConstruKction Of Light
  117. Dinosaur
  118. Thela Hun Ginjeet
  119. Virtuous Circle (New Haven - December 9, 2001)
  120. Larks' Tongues In Aspic: Part IV
  121. The Deception Of The Thrush
  122. Level Five
  123. Red
  124. Introductory Soundscape (live In Japan, 2003)
  125. The Power To Believe I: A Cappella
  126. Level Five
  127. ProzaKc Blues
  128. EleKtrik
  129. Happy With What You Have To Be Happy With
  130. One Time
  131. Facts Of Life
  132. The Power Of Believe II: Power Circle
  133. Dangerous Curves
  134. Larks' Tongues In Aspic: Part IV
  135. The World's My Oyster Soup Kitchen Floor Wax Museum
  136. The Power To Believe I (New Haven - November 16, 2003)
  137. Level Five
  138. The ConstruKction Of Light
  139. Facts Of Life
  140. EleKtriK
  141. The Power To Believe II
  142. Dinosaur
  143. One Time
  144. Happy With What You Have To Be Happy With
  145. Dangerous Curves
  146. Larks' Tongues In Aspic: Part IV
  147. The Power To Believe III
  148. Elephant Talk
  149. RF Announcement
  150. Adrian Announcement
  151. Red
  152. Introductory Soundscape (New Haven - November 16, 2003)
  153. Drum Diet
  154. The ConstruKction Of Light
  155. Red
  156. Frame By Frame
  157. Neurotica
  158. Three Of A Perfect Pair
  159. Sleepless
  160. VROOOM
  161. Coda: Marine 475
  162. One Time
  163. B'Boom
  164. Dinosaur
  165. Level Five
  166. The Talking Drum
  167. Larks' Tongues In Aspic (part 2)
  168. Drum Duet
  169. Thela Hun Ginjeet
  170. Elephant Talk
  171. Indiscipline
  172. The ReconstrKction Of Light (DVD)
  173. The Power To Believe (DVD)
  174. The ProjeKcts Vol 1 (Blu-Ray)
  175. The ProjeKcts Vol 2 (Blu-Ray)
  176. The ReconstruKction Of Light/The Power To Believe (Blu-Ray)
  177. Bootleg TV - Europe 2000 (Blu-Ray)
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Complete Studio Recordings (180 gram vinyl 5xLP box set in slipcase)
Cat: VSD 00020. Rel: 17 Jun 19
  1. She's Not There (LP 1: She's Not There Tell Her No) (2:27)
  2. Summertime (2:16)
  3. It's Alright With Me (1:53)
  4. You've Really Got A Hold On Me/Bring It On Home To Me (3:42)
  5. Sometimes (2:08)
  6. Woman (2:25)
  7. Tell Her No (2:08)
  8. I Don't Want To Know (2:07)
  9. Work 'N' Play (2:07)
  10. Can't Nobody Love You (2:17)
  11. What More Can I Do (1:41)
  12. Got My Mojo Working (3:36)
  13. The Way I Feel Inside (LP 2: I Love You) (1:35)
  14. How We Were Before (2:06)
  15. Is This The Dream (2:42)
  16. Whenever You're Ready (2:43)
  17. Woman (2:26)
  18. You Make Me Feel Good (2:39)
  19. Gotta Get A Hold Of Myself (2:30)
  20. Indication (3:00)
  21. Don't Go Away (2:35)
  22. I Love You (3:22)
  23. Leave Me Be (2:08)
  24. She's Not There (2:26)
  25. Care Of Cell 44 (LP 3: Odessey & Oracle) (3:54)
  26. A Rose For Emily (2:18)
  27. Maybe After He's Gone (2:33)
  28. Beechwood Park (2:43)
  29. Brief Candles (3:29)
  30. Hung Up On A Dream (3:02)
  31. Changes (3:17)
  32. I Want Her She Wants Me (2:52)
  33. This Will Be Our Year (2:09)
  34. Butchers Tale (Western Front 1914) (2:47)
  35. Friends Of Mine (2:17)
  36. Time Of The Season (3:35)
  37. She Loves The Way They Love Her (LP 4: RIP) (3:00)
  38. Imagine The Swan (3:11)
  39. Smokey Day (2:24)
  40. Girl Help Me (2:21)
  41. I Could Spend The Day (2:31)
  42. Conversation Off Floral Street (2:41)
  43. If It Don't Work Out (2:29)
  44. I'll Call You Mine (2:38)
  45. I'll Keep Trying (2:28)
  46. I Know She Will (2:33)
  47. Don't Cry For Me (2:16)
  48. Walking In The Sun (2:37)
  49. Kind Of Girl (LP 5: Oddities & Extras) (2:11)
  50. She's Coming Home (2:37)
  51. I Must Move (1:56)
  52. I Want You Back Again (2:14)
  53. I Can't Make Up My Mind (2:31)
  54. I Remember When I Loved Her (2:01)
  55. I'm Going Home (1:51)
  56. Remember You (1:59)
  57. Just Out Of Reach (2:08)
  58. Nothing's Changed (2:31)
  59. Goin' Out Of My Head (3:00)
  60. She Does Everything For Me (2:16)
  61. A Love That Never Was (2:16)
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Eras: Vinyl Collection Part IV (limited gatefold 180 gram 9xLP box (sides 4 & 12 etched) + booklet in slipcase)
Cat: 190758 68221. Rel: 20 Aug 19
  1. ZTO (1:16)
  2. By Your Command (8:13)
  3. Ziltoidia Attaxx!!! (3:42)
  4. Solar Winds (9:52)
  5. Hyperdrive (3:49)
  6. N9 (5:32)
  7. Planet Smasher (5:49)
  8. Omnidimensional Creator (0:45)
  9. Color Your World (9:58)
  10. The Greys (4:19)
  11. Tall Latte (1:00)
  12. Don't Know Why (7:32)
  13. Travelling Salesman (6:44)
  14. Z2 (4:01)
  15. From Sleep Awake (3:00)
  16. Ziltoidian Empire (6:30)
  17. War Princess (8:17)
  18. Deathray (4:55)
  19. March Of The Poozers (6:27)
  20. Wandering Eye (3:53)
  21. Earth (7:26)
  22. Ziltoid Goes Home (6:23)
  23. Through The Wormhole (3:40)
  24. Dimension Z (6:19)
  25. Z2 (live) (3:47)
  26. From Sleep Awake (live) (3:49)
  27. Ziltoidian Empire (live) (5:59)
  28. War Princess (live) (8:28)
  29. Deathray (live) (4:43)
  30. March Of The Poozers (live) (6:30)
  31. Wandering Eye (live) (3:41)
  32. Earth (live) (8:03)
  33. Ziltoid Goes Home (live) (6:52)
  34. Through The Wormhole (live) (3:43)
  35. Dimension Z (live) (8:10)
  36. Effervescent!/True North (live) (6:08)
  37. Lucky Animals (live) (3:45)
  38. Planet Of The Apes (live) (11:12)
  39. Truth (live) (4:08)
  40. War (live) (6:08)
  41. Soul Driven (live) (1:26)
  42. Planet Smasher (live) (5:51)
  43. Baby Song (live) (5:35)
  44. Vampolka (live) (1:32)
  45. Vampira (live) (4:01)
  46. Addicted! (live) (5:31)
  47. Colour Your World (live) (9:52)
  48. The Greys (live) (4:54)
  49. Hyperdrive (live) (4:44)
  50. Ih-ah! (live) (3:56)
  51. Where We Belong (live) (4:19)
  52. Detox (live) (6:08)
  53. Bend It Like Bender! (live) (3:44)
  54. Live (live) (4:40)
  55. Kingdom (live) (5:14)
  56. Juular (live) (4:06)
  57. Love? (live) (5:23)
  58. Colonial Boy (live) (2:59)
  59. Grace (live) (6:47)
  60. Little Pig (live) (7:38)
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Cat: 717624 Rel: 21 Mar 19 • View all Guitar amplifiers
Digital modelling guitar combo amp with 11 amp models & 8 effect types
Notes: An update to the popular VXI, the VX15 GT was born from a desire to open up new possibilities for guitar amps. A design that's almost unreasonably lightweight, an internal structure carefully calculated for the optimal sound, realistic and stage-ready sounds driven by modelling technology. Overturning existing ideas of guitar amps, the VX15 GT will allow you to enjoy playing guitar in any musical scene.

A total of 11 amp models, polished more than ever:
Thanks to their many years of developing modelling amps, VOX delivers the ultimate in sound. Proprietary VET (Virtual Element Technology) enables unprecedented realism, reproducing not only the audible result but rethinking the original circuit itself, painstakingly modelling even individual components that affect the sound. In addition to the classic AC30, this one unit covers a diverse multitude of sounds that include famous tube amps, modern high-gain amps, and rare boutique amps. Newly added is a LINE type which supports not only electric guitar but also acoustic guitar, further expanding this unit's usefulness.

A well-rounded selection of eight effect types:
Also included is a full selection of the effect types that are indispensable in shaping your sound. You can simultaneously use both types, modulation and delay/reverb, and choose from four types each, giving you a total of eight variations. This means that you have the ability to add the final touches to shape your overall guitar sound. There's also a tap button, so you can set parameters such as delay time in an intuitive manner.

Internal structure crafted for excellent acoustic response, with an ultra-lightweight sealed body made of ABS, and a bass-reflex design:
You'll be amazed the instant you lift this unit! The VX15 GT achieves an ultra-lightweight design that seems unreasonable for a guitar amp, but lightness is not its only advantage. A sealed body made of ABS for its excellent acoustical properties minimizes unneeded vibration, eliminating loss of sound and efficiently projecting your guitar sound. The bass-reflex structure ensures good coverage of the low-frequency range. Unlike the case with a typical small amp, you will feel no lack of power.

The supremely portable VX15 GT:
The 15W output VX15 GT is ready to perform anywhere. With the same number of amps and effects as the upper-level VX 50 GTV, it provides ample sound quality. It's the new standard for amps that make it easy to enjoy full-fledged guitar playing.

A cool design essence that befits its cutting-edge specifications:
The stylishness that you expect from VOX is definitely inherited by these models as well. In addition to the complex three-dimensional design that is enabled by ABS unibody construction, it fuses a stone-coloured body with black-toned diamond grill cloth, achieving a subtle balance.

Tuner and other support functions:
A tuner is just one of the many functions that provide overall-support for the guitarist. The AUX input lets you enjoy jamming along with an external audio source, the headphone/line-out jack with built-in cabinet simulator is a great feature for practicing at home, the preset mode allows you to instantly recall stage-ready sounds, and there's also a manual mode that makes the settings reflect the physical knob positions.

Add a foot switch for expanded functionality:
The separately sold foot switch lets you use your foot to change programs and turn effects on/off. When the VFS5 is connected, program memories are expanded to eight types. This provides perfect support for your on-stage performances.
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quote 717624
Cat: 735364 Rel: 04 Jun 19 • View all Effects pedals
Analogue acoustic preamp with digital effects & looper function
Notes: NUX Stageman Floor is an analogue acoustic preamp with digital effects and looper function. The preamp features a highly sensitive 3-band EQ with MID scoop toggle switch, adjustable notch filter and input gain control. It is equipped with multi-functional chorus & reverb effects. High headroom gain stage with 3-band EQ, mid-scoop and switchable response for piezo or magnetic pickups. A built-in looper can make use of both pedals for freeze and overdub effects. A complete stage or studio tool for acoustic players.
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quote 735364
Notes: Frequency Central's Whiteface is a new voltage controlled analogue filter for Eurorack based on the ARP 4023 filter, found in the "whiteface" Odyssey MK1 Synthesiser.

Besides the classic cut-off & resonance controls, it comes with two audio inputs as well as two CV inputs.

The rare parts have been engineered out (and the need for matched transistors for the CV input section) by using a Roland style circuit there instead - no change to the vibe though! The audio path remains pure ARP, with one exception. Built stock from the schematic, the resonance would clip above 3 o'clock, in a way which is neither musical or desirable. An inverting buffer has now been used, which adds a bit of gain to bring it up to modular levels. A nice side effect of the inverting buffer is that if you mix the input signal with the filter output, and find the sweet spot, you can do high-pass filtering too!
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Cat: 727397 Rel: 13 May 19 • View all Effects pedals
Vintage style boost/overdrive effects pedal
Notes: Rewind to 1968. Famous guitar god uses this pedal to record his first album. Entire planet goes nuts. Inexplicably, the pedal then disappears. Until now. Danelectro resurrects this awesome, incredibly organic sounding pedal. 6 position "Break Up" control takes your guitar signal and slams the front of your amp with increasing punch. Positions 1 through 3 are ear-friendly and have "leave on all the time" potential. Positions 4 through 6 grab you and knock you back against the nearest piece of concrete. But in the most pleasant way. Caution: Do not listen to this... unless you want it to be your life companion.
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Cat: 727399 Rel: 13 May 19 • View all Effects pedals
Vintage style fuzz effects pedal
Notes: This 50 year old is just hitting its stride. Over the top Fuzz with super hot Octave effect. A mint example will cost you plenty. But it still will not sound half as good as this. We amped the gain and added EQ. Delicious harmonics with super "out front" octave. Sculpt setting scoops mids and boosts bass for outrageous "in your face" tone. Such Fun!
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Peter Laughner (4xLP + white vinyl LP box set + 100 page hard-back book + MP3 download code)
Cat: SMOG 150. Rel: 07 Aug 19
  1. Hesitation Blues (2:19)
  2. The Sidewalks Of New York (3:54)
  3. Willin' (2:34)
  4. Solomon's Mines (3:30)
  5. Please Mrs Henry (2:57)
  6. Mean Ol' Frisco (3:39)
  7. Drunkard's Lament (3:30)
  8. T For Texas (3:08)
  9. Good Time Music (1:36)
  10. Love Minus Zero (No Limit) (2:48)
  11. I'm Waiting For The Man (5:08)
  12. Eyes Eyes (3:03)
  13. The Eyes Of A New York Woman (3:20)
  14. It's Saturday Night (Dance The Night Away) (2:53)
  15. These Days (2:45)
  16. Fat City Jive (1:46)
  17. That's The Story Of My Life (2:05)
  18. Rock & Roll (7:14)
  19. One Of The Boys (8:06)
  20. All Along The Watchtower (9:36)
  21. Heroin (12:36)
  22. I'm So Fucked Up (6:16)
  23. White Light White Heat/Call The Ambulance (7:40)
  24. Cinderella Backstreet (6:20)
  25. Down At The Bar (4:13)
  26. Baudelaire (6:07)
  27. 32-20 Blues (4:55)
  28. Rain On The City (3:52)
  29. "I Must Have Been Out Of My Mind" (3:29)
  30. Pledging My Time (3:59)
  31. (My Sister Sold Her Heart To) The Junk Man (6:32)
  32. First Taste Of Heartache (3:56)
  33. Sylvia Plath (3:41)
  34. Lullaby (3:06)
  35. What Goes On (6:41)
  36. Ain't It Fun (5:34)
  37. Amphetamine (10:50)
  38. Prove It (4:49)
  39. Dear Richard (5:46)
  40. Hideaway (3:07)
  41. It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry (3:12)
  42. Pablo Picasso (5:04)
  43. Rock It Down (3:49)
  44. See No Evil (4:56)
  45. Come On In (Whatcha' Doin' On Them Stairs?) (4:29)
  46. Everything I Say Just Goes Right Through Her Heart (3:51)
  47. The Next Room Of The Dream (5:34)
  48. Do It (1:42)
  49. Slim Slow Slider (6:13)
  50. Blank Generation (4:15)
  51. Wild Horses (5:35)
  52. Isn't That So? (3:58)
  53. Me & The Devil Blues (3:31)
  54. Pale Blue Eyes (4:47)
  55. (Going To) China (2:40)
  56. Summertime Blues (1:09)
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Cat: 738771 Rel: 11 Jul 19 • View all Keyboard stands
Ultra-lightweight aluminium two tier keyboard stand
Notes: The STAY Slim 2 tier keyboard stand is a lightweight (just 2.9kg) aluminium keyboard stand ideal for practice, studio and performance use. The stand is quick to put up and packs away quickly into the neat zip carry case that is included. Despite being so lightweight the keyboard can carry a 61 note keyboard of up to 10kg on each pair of arms. The tripod foot design raises the stand off the ground and provides a very stable base plus gives room to places sustain and other effects pedals exactly where you want them. In addition, the stand keyboard arms are height adjustable (top level max height is 1100mm) and the top deck arms are set at a 10 degree angle for ease of playing. Cables can be neatly run down the stand using the sketch clips.

- Maximum load capacity: 20 kg (10kg per tier)
- Automotive paint
- Ultra fast assembling
- Product net weight: starting at 2.8 kg
- Tote Bag included
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Cat: 725924 Rel: 19 Mar 19 • View all Earphones
Wireless headphones featuring Klipsch patented ear tips & full bass driver
Notes: Klipsch redesigned the most comfortable headphones on the planet to create the ultimate listening experience for an unplugged, active lifestyle. Featuring Klipsch patented oval ear tips, signature sonic clarity, 8-hour battery and sweat-resistant design - the R5 Wireless headphones are made to take on any activity you choose.

Comply comfort Ts-100 tips included:

For a true custom fit and unparalleled security in your ear, a pair of Comply Ts-100 Comfort foam tips are included. The dramatic increase in ear retention ensures a comfortable hold for hours.

Bluetooth 4.2 wireless connectivity:

With aptX and AAC high quality codecs, the signal is as good as wired with no delay during video playback. The R5 Wireless headphones also support multi-point pairing, so you can pair two devices at once.

Find the perfect fit:

The R5 Wireless headphones include two cinch pieces to customize the cable to your desired length.

Clear calls + simple controls:

The integrated cVc microphone automatically enhances voice clarity and actively reduces environmental noise to ensure your calls are loud and clear.

The advanced three-button remote offers full control of most smartphones, including Android and Apple devices, for seamless control of music and phone calls. Double tap the multifunction button and use your phone's voice assistant on the fly.

8 hour battery life:

The R5 Wireless headphones use a single lithium ion battery to deliver over eight hours of listening to music and taking calls.
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Assorted Music Collection 01 (6xLP box + slipmat)
Cat: ASS 01. Rel: 28 May 19
  1. Jonas Saalbach - "Sapphire" (7:07)
  2. D-Chai - "Tayoe" (6:01)
  3. Cybordelics - "Adventures Of Dama 2017" (feat James Davis - Chris Maico Schmidt mix) (10:21)
  4. Cybordelics - "Adventures Of Dama 2017" (feat James Davis - Bodo Felusch mix) (13:05)
  5. Bodo Felusch - "Spacefunk" (Barbaros remix) (7:57)
  6. Max Cavalerra - "Eternity" (Axel Bartsch remix) (8:19)
  7. Ramon Zenker & Harada - "Xylopia" (Pierre Deutschmann remix) (7:13)
  8. Mikerobenics - "Julika 2018" (The Electronic Advance remix) (8:49)
  9. Bassface Sascha - "It's Killing Me" (4:26)
  10. Hans Solo & XPQ-21 - "Monolog" (5:53)
  11. Sam Junk - "Lost" (Heinrich & Heine remix) (6:53)
  12. Kindred Spirits - "Antartica" (Peer Kusiv remix) (7:15)
Intérprete: Vincent Inc
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