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Back Catalogue: Soul

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Dialogue (CD)
Cat: 190394 827021. Rel: 24 Oct 17
  1. Daily Prayer
  2. Children Of The City
  3. Restrictions
  4. Generation
  5. Am I Good Enough To Love?
  6. Human Action Matters (Leviticus)
  7. Now A Days
  8. Forecast
  9. The Villain In Me
 in stock $12.29
Cat: CAROLR 075CD. Rel: 08 May 18
  1. Rhythm Of Life
  2. Get Here
  3. Circle Of One
  4. You've Got To Give Me Room
  5. I've Got To Sing My Song
  6. I've Got A Right
  7. Will We Ever Learn
  8. Everything Must Change
  9. Don't Look Too Closely
  10. I've Got To Sing My Song (live B-side - bonus track)
  11. Birdland (B-side - bonus track)
  12. Think Again (B-side - bonus track)
  13. Watch What Happens (B-side - bonus track)
  14. Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me (single mix - bonus track)
  15. Rhythm Of Life (Rhythm & Prophet - bonus track)
  16. Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me (edit - bonus track)
  17. Rhythm Of Life (Gospella - bonus track)
  18. Circle Of One (Full Cycle 12" - bonus track)
  19. Circle Of One (Hot mix 12" - bonus track)
  20. Circle Of One (T remix - bonus track)
  21. Circle Of One (Yvonne Circle mix - bonus track)
  22. Rhythm Of Life (Full Mega - bonus track)
  23. Rhythm Of Life (Rhythm dub - bonus track)
  24. Rhythm Of Life (Syncopated Urban mix 7" version - bonus track)
  25. Rhythm Of Life (Syncopated Urban mix 12" version - bonus track)
  26. Rhythm Of Life (Heavenly edit - bonus track)
  27. Rhythm Of Life (Reverend Jefferson Choo Choo dub - bonus track)
  28. Rhythm Of Life (Reverend Jefferson Deeper Rhythm mix - bonus track)
  29. Rhythm Of Life (Jules & Skin Rhythm mix - bonus track)
out of stock $10.79
The Good Book (2xCDbox)
Cat: BAU 002CD. Rel: 07 Nov 14
  1. Joyful Noise Intro
  2. The Spirit Of God
  3. Lord Pity Us All
  4. I Make My Own Decisions
  5. Holy Ghost Broom
  6. The G Code (feat Action Bronson, Domo Genesis & Blu)
  7. Ball Of Clay
  8. Thru The Eyes Of Christ
  9. Lucifer
  10. Praise Him
  11. Telling Folk
  12. In Heaven's Home (feat Prodigy & Roc Marciano)
  13. We Expect You
  14. The Good Deacon
  15. Who Is He? (I Believe)
  16. Little Guy, Not A Midget
  17. Everything My God Is
  18. My God Is
  19. Judgement Day
  20. To Me
  21. Beyond The Years
  22. Going Home
  23. Thank Jesus
  24. Bonus Beats (part 1)
  25. Bonus Beats (part 2)
  26. The New Messiah
  27. The Baddest
  28. Brother Elijah
  29. Heavenly Spirit
  30. Church On Shrooms
  31. Higher Than Before
  32. With My Soul (feat Action Bronson, A$ton Matthews & J Rocc)
  33. The Trees & The Sky (feat Mick Luter)
  34. Forgive Me
  35. Came To Praise
  36. This Is Your Life, Or Is It?
  37. A Thief In The Night
  38. Don't Need No Doctor
  39. What You Want Me To Be
  40. An Un-Holy Truth
  41. Soul On Fire
  42. So Good To Me
  43. The Breakthrough
  44. Party At The Tabernacle
  45. Going Away
  46. The Word Is $
  47. Do Me Like Jesus
  48. Sweet Sweet Spirit
Intérprete: Fat dog
out of stock $42.19
Recovery (CD)
Cat: BBE 258ACD. Rel: 10 Jan 14
  1. Exordium To Recovery (Give My Heart A Chance)
  2. Recovery
  3. Right Next To You
  4. Nobody But You
  5. Struggle To Be (feat Q Parker)
  6. Augement To Recovery (Give My Heart A Chance)
  7. Forever
  8. Writer's Block
  9. Paper Heart
  10. Danger Zone
  11. Mystery
  12. Another Heartache
  13. Better For Me
  14. I'll Be OK
out of stock $7.92
out of stock $0.00
Cat: JAL 280CD. Rel: 18 Oct 18
  1. Fade Away (feat Andy Cooper)
  2. Can't Keep Working This Hard
  3. When The Heat Comes Down (feat ASM)
  4. Dance Now
  5. Big Bad Woman
  6. Steal The Show (feat Andy Cooper)
  7. Let's Drive (feat Izo FitzRoy)
  8. Keep It Moving (feat Skunkadelic)
  9. No Look Pass Bop (feat Uncle Frank)
  10. I Don't Know (feat Andy Cooper)
  11. Countdown (feat Dr Syntax)
  12. Run It Back (feat Andy Cooper)
  13. Samba Fox
Review: Boom: three years, three albums. No biggie for Bristol duo The Allergies, Jalapeno's biggest success story since Kraak & Smaak. Each album shows them getting deeper into the groove, creeping away from the cheeky samples and sculpting their own pedigree funk originals. With Ugly Ducking Andy Cooper onside through the mix from the wild ride vibing "Fade Away" to the white knuckle lyrical fire of "Run It Back", there's a real band feeling to the whole album as familiar voices thread throughout the jams... including that of UK hip hop legend Dr Syntax.
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Intérprete: The Allergies
out of stock $8.93
Push On (CD)
Cat: JAL 248CD. Rel: 27 Jul 17
  1. Intro
  2. Love That I'm In (feat Andy Cooper)
  3. Since You've Been Gone
  4. Entitled To That
  5. Get Down On You
  6. Push On
  7. Main Event (feat Andy Cooper)
  8. Hold You Close
  9. Buzzsaw (feat Andy Cooper)
  10. Allergic Interlude
  11. It Won't Be Me (feat Andy Cooper)
  12. Funky Feeling
  13. Remedy (feat Dr Syntax)
  14. Get On The Floor
Review: Don't be fooled by the smoky jazzy horns on the intro: The Allergies are still at the front of the party queue! They were just lulling us into a false sense of security before hitting us with a precision range of big soul swingers and dynamite party killers; both "Hold You Close" and "Since You've Been Gone" pop with big beat bangs, "Entitled To That" stamps and sweats like Wigan Pier is still holding the best dances in the country, "Main Event" parps and pumps while long-standing affiliate Andy Cooper reminds us who's boss while "It Won't Be Me" (also with Cooper) is coded with so much horn and guitar powered gusto you could be fooled into thinking Ugly Duckling are back. Yet another triumphant album from one of Jalapeno's most exciting acts.
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Roadhouse (CD)
Cat: JHR 170.
out of stock $18.12
Cat: EXP2CD 04. Rel: 27 Nov 09
  1. AWOL (feat Teena Marie)
  2. Going Out Again
  3. Amour
  4. Fooled Myself Again
  5. Buttercup
  6. C'Est La Vie
  7. Got To Find A Way To Get To You
  8. Lose That Girl
  9. Don't Make Me Wait
  10. Magic
  11. It's The Love (feat Vaneese Thomas)
  12. Try
  13. Keep It Alive
  14. On & On
  15. Time To Win
  16. Lately
out of stock $15.42
  1. The Prelude
  2. The Trilogy Of Wade In The Water & At The Cross
  3. Upwards From The Ground
  4. Before Me
  5. Your Heart Will Know
  6. Cage Street Memorial
  7. Deliverance
  8. All That Glitters
  9. Pond Crossing
  10. Be No Puppet
  11. Chapter Then Chapter Next En-Suite
  12. Begin Again
Intérprete: Freestyle Records
out of stock $7.26
Cat: EVERLAND 041CD. Rel: 17 Dec 18
  1. Everybody Saw You
  2. Help Yourself Lover
  3. I Guess That Don't Make Me A Loser
  4. Gotta Break Away
  5. You Made A Believer Out Of Me
  6. Casanova 70
  7. Can You Get Away
  8. You Can Run But You Can't Hide
  9. Uh! Uh! Boy That's A No No
  10. Since I Found Out
  11. Tit For Tat
 in stock $15.69
  1. Gonna Make You Mine
  2. Straighten It Out
  3. Asb Theme
  4. The Grizzly
  5. Disco Music
  6. The Man I Love
  7. Call On Me
  8. I'll Keep Lovin' You
  9. Straighten It Out (US Atlantic single edit - bonus track)
out of stock $7.56
Skin (CD)
Cat: BC 306.
out of stock $16.22
  1. You're Absolutely Right
  2. Who Would Want Me Now
  3. Just Can't Get Enough Of You
  4. I've Got So Used To Loving You (feat Leola Jiles)
  5. He Ain't No Angel (feat The Lovejoys)
  6. Mr Creator
  7. You'll Always Have Me
  8. Open The Door Fool
  9. Payin' (For The Wrong I've Done) (feat The Lovejoys)
  10. Jive Cat
  11. Sorry Mama
  12. Keep It Coming (feat Leola Jiles)
  13. Seven Days
  14. See The Silver Moon
  15. All Sold Out
  16. Wait Round The Corner (feat The Lovejoys)
  17. Pretty Red Ballons
  18. Nobody's Baby (Am I)
  19. I'm Under The Influece Of Love
  20. Lock Me In Your Heart
  21. Insult To Injury (feat Leola Jiles)
  22. Baby I'll Come
  23. It's Mighty Nice (feat The Lovejoys)
  24. My Soul Concerto
  25. Why Was I Born (feat Leola Jiles)
out of stock $12.97
Cat: EXP2CD 37. Rel: 13 Jun 14
  1. You're A Star
  2. Friends
  3. It Ain't Watcha Say
  4. Yesterday (Was So Nice Today)
  5. Play It For Me (One More Time)
  6. Fantasy
  7. Gentle Thoughts
  8. Do You Realise
  9. Disco Juice
  10. Are You Ready For Love
  11. Gettum Up & Dance
  12. Big Boy
  13. Why Can't We Do It Like We Used To
  14. Dirty Trick
  15. Love Slave
  16. Chance To Dance
Intérprete: Expansion Records
out of stock $12.17
Worthy (CD)
Cat: 405053 8469608. Rel: 15 Feb 19
  1. Worthy (intro)
  2. What If
  3. Steady Love
  4. Rollercoaster
  5. In Good Trouble
  6. Crazy
  7. Hour Of Love
  8. Worthy (interlude)
  9. That Magic
  10. Follow The Sun
  11. We Are
  12. Coulda Shoulda Woulda
  13. Prayer For Humanity
  14. Worthy
  15. Sacred Space
  16. Worthy (intro)
out of stock $10.39
Cat: BWOOD 207CD. Rel: 20 Sep 19
  1. Try Walk With Me (feat Asheber)
  2. Yellow Dandelion (feat Georgia Anne Muldrow)
  3. Gnawa Sweet
  4. Icy Roads (Stacked)
  5. (To) Know Where You're Coming From
  6. The Leo & Aquarius (feat Jehst)
  7. You Didn't Care (feat Nubya Garcia)
  8. Self:love (feat Obongjayar)
Review: Joe Armon-Jones has been a driving force in the resurgence of contemporary jazz and now makes something of a victory lap with this new album on the always essential Brownswood. It's a very modern mix of bass and dub, du jour club culture and his own jazz styles featuring peers like Moses Boyd and Nubya Garcia. Frankly, the whole record is silky, starry-eyed and sublime and the excellent artwork also hist at the cosmic subtleties of this album, but our picks of the bunch are the neo-soul, summery stroll through the park vibes of "Yellow Dandelion", "Gnawa Sweet" which glows with mellifluous Rhodes chords and the uncompromising yet accessible sax and big brass action of album highlight "You Didn't Care".
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Intérprete: Dave Lee / Joey Negro
 in stock $11.41
Cat: TUCH 2085CD. Rel: 25 Sep 14
  1. Way Out
  2. Weak At Knees
  3. Speak With Your Body
  4. Sugar Mama Baby
  5. Beddie-Biey
  6. Nobody Can Be You
  7. Mello As A Cello
  8. HUmp To The Bump
  9. What Do You Want From Me
  10. Last Nite Nite Before
  11. Positive Power
  12. You Meet My Approval
  13. Without Your Love
  14. Funk & Roll Junky
  15. Summertime Lovin'
  16. Tribute To John Coltrane
  17. Special FX From Mars
  18. Hyperspace
  19. Crazy About You
  20. Why
  21. Mysterious Woman
  22. The Message
Intérprete: Juno Recommends Soul
out of stock $12.17
Cat: NV 831211. Rel: 02 May 15
  1. Dead Again
  2. Eyo
  3. Satan Be Gone
  4. Bed Of Stone
  5. Moving On
  6. Grateful
  7. Society
  8. How Did Love Find Me
  9. Ife
  10. Situation
  11. New Year
  12. The One That Never Comes
out of stock $11.36
  1. (I'd Know You) Anywhere
  2. Bend Me
  3. Gimme Something Real
  4. Have You Tried It
  5. Main Line
  6. Everybody's Got To Give It Up
  7. Ain't Nothin' But Maybe
  8. Somebody Told A Lie
  9. It'll Come, It'll Come, It'll Come
  10. Sell The House
  11. One More Try
  12. Tried, Tested & Found True (single version)
  13. Over & Over (single version)
  14. So So Satisfied (single version)
  15. Send It
  16. Don't Cost You Nothing (single remix)
  17. By Way Of Love's Express
  18. Top Of The Stairs
  19. Bourgie Bourgie (instrumental)
  20. It Seems To Hang On
  21. Is It Still Good To Ya
  22. Ain't It A Shame (long version)
  23. The Debt Is Settled
  24. Get Up & Do Something
  25. Flashback (single remix)
  26. Found A Cure
  27. Nobody Knows
  28. Crazy
  29. Stay Free
  30. Love Don't Always Make It Right (single remix)
  31. I Ain't Asking For Your Love
  32. Happy Endings (single version)
  33. Get Out Your Handkerchief
  34. It Shows In Your Eyes
  35. It's The Long Run (single version)
  36. Live Medley: You're All I Need To Get By/Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing/Ain't No Mountain High Enough
  37. Found A Cure (A Tom Moulton mix)
  38. Love Don't Make It Right (John Morales M&M Disco mix)
  39. Stay Free (Groove Line Disco mix)
  40. It Seems To Hang On (12" Disco mix)
  41. Don't Cost You Nothing (12" Disco mix)
  42. Tried, Tested & Found True (12" Disco mix)
  43. Over & Over (12" Disco mix)
  44. One More Try (12" Disco mix)
  45. Flashback (12" Disco mix)
  46. Bourgie Bourgie (Joe Claussell Classic mix)
  47. Tried, Tested & Found True (Mike Maurro instrumental reprise - bonus track)
 in stock $12.84
Send It (CD)
Cat: CDBBRX 0315. Rel: 26 Aug 15
  1. By Way Of Love's Express
  2. Let Love Use Me
  3. Don't Cost You Nothing
  4. Send It
  5. Top Of The Stairs
  6. Too Bad
  7. Bourgie Bourgie (instrumental)
  8. I Waited Too Long
  9. Don't Cost You Nothing (12" disco mix - bonus track)
  10. Bourgie Bourgie (Joe Claussell's classic remix - bonus track)
  11. Send It (single version - bonus track)
  12. Don't Cost You Nothing (single version - bonus track)
Intérprete: I Love Disco!
out of stock $12.71
Cat: CDBBRX 0330 . Rel: 25 Sep 15
  1. It'll Come It'll Come
  2. One More Try
  3. Believe In Me
  4. Caretaker
  5. Somebody Told A Lie
  6. Tell It All
  7. Sell The House
  8. It Came To Me
  9. One More Try (12" disco mix - bonus track)
  10. Somebody Told A Lie (single version - bonus track)
  11. One More Try (Dimitri From Paris re-edit - bonus track)
out of stock $12.71
Cat: CDBBRX 0345. Rel: 02 Feb 16
  1. Spoiled
  2. Everybody's Got To Give It Up
  3. I Wanna Be Selfish
  4. I Had A Love
  5. Main Line
  6. Ain't That Somethin'
  7. Don't Fight It
  8. Ain't Nothin' But A Maybe
  9. Over To Where You Are
  10. Take All The Time You Need
  11. Main Line (bonus track - long version)
out of stock $12.71
Just Productions (unmixed CD)
Cat: CDKEND 447. Rel: 01 Apr 16
  1. Eddie Parker - "I'm Gone"
  2. Al Gardner - "Sweet Baby"
  3. Johnny Griffith - "Do It" (instrumental)
  4. Billy Sha-Rae - "Let's Do It Again"
  5. The Four Sonics - "Where Are You"
  6. Eddie Parker - "Love You Baby"
  7. Sandra Richardson - "Stay Here With Me"
  8. The Smith Brothers - "Payback's A Drag"
  9. Eddie Parker - "Body Chains" (vocal version)
  10. Jack Ashford - "I'll Fly To Your Open Arms"
  11. Softouch - "After You Give Your All (What Else Is There To Give)"
  12. The Smith Brothers - "There Can Be A Better Way"
  13. Billy Sha-Rae - "Crying Clown"
  14. The Magnificents - "Don't Take Your Love"
  15. Eddie Parker - "But If You Must Go"
  16. Ray Gant & Arabian Knights - "Don't Leave Me Baby"
  17. Al Gardner - "I Can't Stand It"
  18. The Four Sonics Plus One - "Tell Me You're Mine"
  19. Lee Rogers - "I Need Your Love (To Satisfy My Soul)"
  20. Jack Ashford & The Sound Of New Detroit - "Do The Choo-Choo" (vocal version)
  21. Ray Gant & Unknown Female - "Did She Do It To You"
  22. Sandra Richardson - "The Ring"
  23. The Smith Brothers - "Don't Worry"
  24. Sandra Richardson - "Deserted Garden"
out of stock $10.42
Cat: SJCD 5008. Rel: 23 May 14
  1. Playing The Field
  2. For The Ladies Only
  3. Past Love
  4. Club Hangin'
  5. Distant Lover
  6. True Love
  7. Change Of Heart
  8. Want To Be Your Man
  9. Teaser
Intérprete: Soul Junction
out of stock $12.97
Cat: SMCR 5115. Rel: 18 Mar 14
  1. Love Me Down
  2. Sexy Dancer
  3. Love Moves
  4. Your Love Finally Ran Out
  5. Circles
  6. Let's Get Closer
  7. Perfect Love
  8. You're The One
out of stock $10.77
Cat: FSRCD 115. Rel: 28 Jul 16
  1. Sensational
  2. Family Tree
  3. Too Easy
  4. Saturday Night
  5. No Change
  6. Warming Up The Sun
  7. Waste Of Time
  8. Good Time Girl
  9. Look Away
  10. Rewards
  11. Super Lucky
out of stock $8.52
Gold (3xCD)
Cat: CRIMCD 633. Rel: 31 May 19
  1. Pick Up The Pieces
  2. Cut The Cake
  3. Get It Up For Love (with Ben E King)
  4. Walk On By
  5. For You, For Love
  6. Soul Searching
  7. Atlantic Avenue
  8. Why
  9. Ace Of
  10. Love's A Heartache
  11. Kiss Me
  12. Catch Me (Before I Have To Testify)
  13. You Got It
  14. Shine
  15. Let's Go Round Again
  16. Whatcha Gonna Do For Me?
  17. If I Ever Lose This Heaven
  18. A Star In The Ghetto (with Ben E King)
  19. A Love Of Your Own
  20. Easier Said Than Done
  21. When Will You Be Mine
  22. Queen Of My Soul
  23. She's A Dream
  24. Keepin' It To Myself
  25. One Look Over My Shoulder (Is This Really Goodbye?)
  26. Miss Sun
  27. Cloudy (live)
  28. Same Feeling, Different Song
  29. Work To Do
  30. Put It Where You Want It
  31. Feel No Fret
  32. The Jugglers
  33. Person To Person
  34. School Boy Crush
  35. Stop The Rain
  36. Love Your Life
  37. The Message (with Ben E King)
  38. Big City Lights
  39. I'm The One
  40. Love Won't Get In The Way
  41. Got The Love
  42. This World Has Music
  43. Your Love Is A Miracle
  44. Goin' Home
  45. I Heard It Through The Grapevine (live)
out of stock $6.81
Cat: CDSBCS 59. Rel: 26 Sep 13
  1. Let's Do It
  2. Melody Maker
  3. When Is Real Real?
  4. Sweet Tears
  5. You Came Into My Life
  6. Freaky Deaky
  7. Kiss
out of stock $11.89
Fever (CD)
Cat: CDSBCS 60. Rel: 29 Aug 13
  1. Love Will Bring Us Back Together
  2. Simple & Sweet
  3. Take Me Out To The Ball Game
  4. I Wanna Feel It (I Wanna Dance)
  5. Fever
  6. Is It Too Late To Try
  7. If You Love Me
  8. Leo
out of stock $12.17
Cat: CDSBCS 62. Rel: 29 Aug 13
  1. Fire Up The Funk
  2. Let's Stay Together
  3. Ooh
  4. Our Time Is Coming
  5. Turn Me Loose
  6. Knock Knock
  7. Stairway To The Stars
  8. Feeling Good
out of stock $11.89
  1. Holiday
  2. I Am Your Mind (Part 2)
  3. Funk In The Hole
  4. Liquid Love
  5. Third Time
  6. Tarzan
  7. I Like The Way You Do It To Me
  8. Come To Me
  9. Kwajilori
  10. Release Yourself
  11. Touch Of Class
  12. Wide Open
  13. Sunshine (demo)
out of stock $11.63
Cat: RVCD 390. Rel: 15 Jul 15
  1. You Send Me
  2. I Wanna Touch You Baby
  3. Can't You See Me?
  4. Get On Up, Get On Down
  5. Everytime I See You
  6. Rhythm
  7. And Don't You Say No
  8. It Ain't Your Sign, It's Your Mind
  9. Love Will Bring Us Back Together
  10. Simple & Sweet
  11. Take Me Out To The Ball Game
  12. I Wanna Feel It ( I Wanna Dance)
  13. Fever
  14. Is It Too Late To Try?
  15. If You Love Me
  16. Leo
  17. Don't Stop The Feeling
  18. What You Won't Do For Love
  19. Shack Up, Pack Up, It's Up (When I'm Gone)
  20. Slyde
  21. No Stranger To Love/Want You
  22. Don't Let Our Love Slip Away
  23. Don't Hide Your Love
  24. Love From The Sun (bonus track)
  25. Vibrations (bonus track)
  26. Searching (bonus track)
  27. Everybody Loves The Sunshine (bonus track)
  28. Keep On Walking (bonus track)
  29. Running Away (bonus track)
  30. No Deposit, No Return (bonus track)
  31. Love Fantasy (bonus track)
Intérprete: I Love Disco!
out of stock $21.10
Cat: BBE 493ACD. Rel: 19 Mar 19
  1. Chicago
  2. Lots Of Love
  3. Keep On Movin'
  4. Silver Vibrations
  5. Smiling With Our Eyes
  6. DC City
  7. Good Good Music
Review: Massive reissue incoming! BBE have answered many of our prayers with this long awaited repress of Roy's 1983 disco funk excursion "Silver Vibrations". A record that's currently fetching triple figures, this is the first time it's been repressed since it was released. Opening with the iconic whispered message of "Chicago", Roy takes us on a trip through his funkiest of quarters; the salubrious slap bass of "Lots Of Love", the Afrobeat staccato vocals and glock rocking vibrancy of "Silver Vibrations" and the dreamy cosmic jazz trip of "DC City" are just some of the highlights, all shared across the 12"s with no more than two tracks per side. Vibes that can't be slept on.
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Intérprete: Soul Music
 in stock $10.15
Fenix (CD)
Cat: FARO 194CD. Rel: 06 Dec 16
  1. Villa Mariana (De Tarde)
  2. Orange Clouds
  3. Fenix
  4. Neptunians
  5. Papa Samba
  6. Igarape
  7. Batucada Em Marte
  8. Corumba
  9. Rio Doce
  10. O Matagal
  11. Villa Mariana (Pela Madrugada)
Review: It naturally took the remaining members of Azymuth a few years to come to terms with the passing of keyboard wizard and shining light Jose Roberto Bertrami. Fenix is their first album since his death in 2012, and sees original members Ivan Conti and Alex Malheiros being joined by guest keys-man Kiko Continentino. Happily, he's ever bit as capable on the electric piano as Bertrami, guaranteeing that Fenix sounds every bit as magical as the trio's original 1970s work. As usual, the music effortlessly blends jazz-funk, samba, disco, and synth-funk flavours, resulting in a sun-kissed set of tracks that sounds every bit as magical, summery and dancefloor friendly as their greatest material. We'd say it was a return to form, but they've been consistently good for 40-odd years.
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Intérprete: Kenneth bager
out of stock $8.47
Cat: EXCDP 74. Rel: 13 Sep 19
  1. Let's Dance
  2. Don't Kno' What Cha' Missing
  3. Hump That Butt
  4. Heat It Up
  5. We Won't Stop
  6. Hard To Walk Away
  7. Doin It Like This
  8. Old School Funk Tonite
  9. Steppin 4 Fun
  10. I Want Your Luv
  11. Wonder If She Knows
  12. What Am I Suppose To Do
  13. I'll Do Anything
  14. U Lied To My Mama
  15. Hold On To U
 in stock $10.83
  1. Introduction
  2. The Midnight Hour Theme
  3. Black Beacon
  4. Gate 54
  5. Redneph In B Minor
  6. Better Endeavor
  7. There Is No Greater Love (feat Loren Oden)
  8. Do It Together (feat Loren Oden)
  9. Mission
  10. Bitches Do Voodoo (feat Angela Munoz)
  11. Dans Un Moment D'errance (feat Loren Oden)
  12. Questions (feat Loren Oden)
  13. Ravens
  14. It's You (feat Loren Oden)
  15. Shout Outs
  16. Track 16
Review: Based around bassist/producer Ali Shaheed Muhammad and pianist/producer Adrian Younge, The Midnight Hour shot to prominence last year with a self-titled debut album that was rapturously received by critics and listeners alike. Since then they've been touring extensively, so it makes sense that their latest full-length effort captures the energy and improvisation of those headline-grabbing performances. Complete with whooping crowd noise, the set sees them effortlessly join the dots between jazz-funk, classic-sounding soul, library music and hip-hop soul with the assistance of guest vocalists Loren Oden and Angela Munoz. The former stars on the album's standout moment: a set closing extended version of slow-burn favourite "It's You".
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  1. Black Beacon
  2. Mare (feat Ladybug Mecca)
  3. It's You (feat Raphael Saadiq)
  4. Questions (feat CeeLo Green)
  5. So Amazing (feat Luther Vandross)
  6. Gate 54
  7. Do It Together (feat Bilal)
  8. Redneph In B-Minor
  9. Better Endeavor
  10. Smiling For Me (feat Karolina)
  11. Don't Keep Me Waiting (feat Marsha Ambrosius)
  12. Bitches Do Voodoo (feat Angela Munoz)
  13. Possibilities (feat Eryn Allen Kane)
  14. Mission
  15. Dans Us Moment D'errance (feat Laetitia Sadier, Questlove, Keyon Harrold)
  16. Together Again (feat No ID, James Poyser)
  17. Love Is Free (feat Eryn Allen Kane)
  18. Feel Alive (feat Karolina, Loren Oden)
  19. There Is No Greater Love (feat Loren Oden, Saudia Yasmein)
  20. Ravens
Review: As foretold on Kendrick's Untitled two years ago, composer Younge and Tribe Called Quest's Muhammad have been conjuring behind for many years (since 2014 to be precise, on Souls Of Mischief's album There Is Only Now) and Midnight Hour is the incredible result. 20 tracks of ageless Harlem wisdom; the warmth and fusion is rich throughout as we glide from each soulful moment to jazzy highlight with the help of vocalists such as Cee-Lo Green, Luther Vandross and Angela Munoz. Everything about this body of work smacks with class and authenticity; from the sweeping orchestral dynamics of "Gate 54" to the dreamy lo-fi jazz of "Smiling For Me" via the soul jazz vibrancy of "Dans Us Moment D'errance". The night is young...
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