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Back Catalogue: Soul

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  1. Phillip Mitchell - "I'll See You In Hell First" (3:12)
  2. Ray Godfrey - "I Ain't Givin' Up" (2:34)
 in stock $10.40
  1. Cleveland Parker aka Lee McDonald - "How Long" (3:21)
  2. Ronfo & Kindred Spirits Orchestra - "Don't Let Him Get The Best Of You" (4:46)
 in stock $12.47
  1. I Need Your Love
  2. I'm Gonna Love You More
 in stock $9.89
  1. Never Did I Stop Loving You (The Man 2020 Re edit) (3:19)
  2. Never Did I Stop Dubbing You (The Man 2020 Re edit) (3:19)
 in stock $17.68
Cat: ST 011. Rel: 29 May 20
  1. 90 To Nothing (feat Brent Carter) (4:23)
  2. See I Made Up My Mind (4:27)
 in stock $15.59
Cat: DFL 001. Rel: 30 Oct 19
  1. This Is My Year (2:48)
  2. Keep This In Mind (3:26)
Review: First up on Discs Of Fun & Love - a fresh reissue label launched by London diggers Miche and Frederika - is a fresh 7" pressing of Rochelle Rabouin's sole single: a 1977 45 that has long been a sought-after "side" amongst crossover soul collectors. A-side "This Is My Year" is the one for dancefloor plays, offering as it does a celebratory vocal over what would then have been called a "modern soul" backing track (disco, basically, though the term was used in Northern Soul circles as a catch-all for anything that wasn't old and stomping). Side B's "Keep This In Mind" is a superb slow number smothered in strings and glassy-eyed orchestration that's probably always on rotation at the mythical "Heartbreak Hotel".
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 in stock $10.40
Cat: RSRLTD 007. Rel: 14 May 20
  1. I'll Call You Every Morning (2:54)
  2. I Can't Let Her Go (2:53)
Review: The latest missive from the must-check Rain & Shine label should appeal to serious soul collectors. It offers a new edition of a private press "45" by Illinois outfit Joel Ramirez Jr and Fantasy that's recently been changing hands for vast sums online. A-side "I'll Call You Every Morning" is a super-sweet modern soul number that combines a blue-eyed soul style lead vocal with a bright-and-breezy backing track rich in groovy bass, spacey synths, clipped guitars and seriously positive piano motifs. It's really rather good all told, and the kind of earworm that you'll be singing in the shower all week. Over on the flip you'll find the rhythm & blues/rock flex of "I Can't Let Her Go", which will probably appeal to AOR disco lovers.
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 in stock $11.19
Cat: EXUMG 02. Rel: 27 Jul 18
  1. Reason To Survive (3:40)
  2. Peace Of Mind (4:37)
 in stock $12.22
Get Involved (limited 7") (1 per customer)
Cat: JAM45 01. Rel: 08 Jan 20
  1. Raphael Saadiq & Q TIP - "Get Involved" (3:17)
  2. Q TIP - "Vivrant Thing" (3:16)
Review: First released way back in 1999, Raphael Saadiq's Q-Tip-sporting "Get Involved" is a warm and woozy, retro-futurist chunk of soul/hip-hop fusion that harked back to an earlier musical age. It remains an arguably underappreciated dancefloor bomb and here gets the reissue treatment courtesy of the freshly lauched 45 Jams imprint. It comes backed by another stone cold classic from Q-Tip, "Vivrant Thing" - a cut first featured on the flipside of the Tribe Called Quest member's much more celebrated "Breathe Don't Stop" single. It's a little more stripped back than the A-side, with Q-Tip delivering his distinctive flows over a crunchy and fuzzy, Jay Dee produced backing track crafted from samples from an old funk record.
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 in stock $11.44
Cat: SDE 38. Rel: 22 Oct 18
  1. Let Me Put It In Your Ear (previously unreleased) (2:49)
  2. In My Life (previously unreleased) (3:56)
Review: Two never-before-released cuts from ill-fated Indianapolis troupe who looked set for the big time but moved to LA and consequently got shelved. 1978's loss is 2018's gain, however, as we're treated to two of their shelved gems right here. "Let Me Put It In Your Ear" is a belting falsetto soul slammer articulated with real urgency while "In My Life" is much more of a smouldering affair that builds up into an emphatic soul crescendo. Put it in your collection.
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Intérprete: Juno Recommends Soul
 in stock $11.44
Cat: CAT 2010. Rel: 14 Apr 20
  1. The Way We Live (3:39)
  2. This Thing Called Music (3:54)
Review: When copies of Raw Soul Express's The Way We Live crop up online, they regular fetch eye-watering sums of money. Originally released back in 1977 on T.K Records' soul/funk offshoot Cat, it remains the greatest single work by the short-lived Miami band. "The Way We Live" is a superb example of sun-kissed, feel good, conscious disco/soul/funk fusion, built around a killer, horn-toting groove and emotion-rich vocal. The jazzy, low-slung flipside "This Thing Called Music" is less in demand, but almost as good. As a result, this is a surprise reissue that all funk, soul and disco diggers should crave.
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 in stock $7.28
Let Go (7")
Cat: ATH 053. Rel: 24 Aug 17
  1. Let Go (5:42)
  2. Will You Be There (4:33)
Review: Following the excellent excavation of the Miami band's unreleased album Best Kept Secret, AOTN's Fryer treats us to his two favourite cuts on a 500-only never-to-be-repressed 45. Seeped in powerful vocal harmonies, "Let Go" is rare groove gold with smooth sax and a dynamic that keeps on surprising while "Will You Be There" is an end of night soul shakedown with a tenderness that's tangible in every element. Don't sleep on this... Or the album. One of AOTN's most exciting releases this year.
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 in stock $10.92
 in stock $6.77
Cat: 008122 7932206. Rel: 12 Jan 18
  1. (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay (2:39)
  2. Sweet Lorene (2:29)
Intérprete: I Love 45's!
 in stock $10.66
Cat: FLIP 008. Rel: 20 Sep 19
  1. Otis Redding - "(Your Love Lifted Me ) Higher & Higher" (Soul Flip edit) (4:03)
  2. Gerri Granger - "I Go To Pieces" (Soul Flip edit) (3:33)
Review: Sometimes you just can't beat the golden oldies and so it is that Soul Flip turns his attention to a couple of raw soul bangers. Up first is Otis Redding's classic "(Your Love Lifted Me ) Higher & Higher" with a rousing bass section which drives along the original version.The hits hit hard, the vocal is given room to breathe and the swing in the drums is infectious. The flipside houses a soaring tweak of Gerri Granger's "I Go To Pieces", with its clattering keys and rolling soul all quickly finding a way into your affections.
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 in stock $8.84
Cat: EK 720021. Rel: 27 Apr 12
  1. The Time Is Right For Love (2:07)
  2. If I Don't Love You (2:31)
 in stock $8.31
Raggedy Bag (7") (1 per customer)
Cat: TR 261. Rel: 30 May 19
  1. Raggedy Bag (feat Ritchie Shade) (2:50)
  2. Love Is Just Like A Baseball Game (2:30)
Review: Tramp Records' latest vital reissue delves into the back catalogue of the Reggie Saddler Revue, a largely little known funk combo that released a handful of 45s at the start of the 1970s. This double A-side brings together two killer cuts that originally appeared on different 7" singles, both of which are now near impossible to find. A-side "Raggedy Bag" is raw, weighty and impassioned - a scorching slab of deep funk that more than lives up to its high reputation amongst collectors. Over on the flip you'll find "Love Is Just Like A Baseball Game", a sweeter and more loved-up affair blessed with superb vocal harmonies that's nevertheless impressively fuzzy.
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 in stock $8.84
In My Groove (orange vinyl 7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: ZP 49. Rel: 09 Jun 20
  1. In My Groove (5:21)
  2. In My Groove (Nigel Lowis remix) (4:49)
Review: For their latest missive, British neo-soul duo Hil Street Soul have enlisted the production talents of New Jersey-based rising star Regi Myrix. The resultant collaboration, "In My Groove", is absolutely delicious: a deliciously sweet - and occasionally sleazy - late night love letter that sits somewhere between contemporary R&B and classic, horn-heavy '80s soul/jazz-funk fusion, all topped off with an inspired lead vocal. Nigel Lewis provides the flipside remix, cannily playing on the classic elements featured in the A-side original mix whilst adding some simmering strings and turn-of-the '80s musical touches of his own.
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Intérprete: Soul Music
 in stock $11.44
Cat: SR 701. Rel: 09 Jan 20
  1. Price Of Love (3:08)
  2. It's Hard To Live In This Old World (3:02)
 in stock $16.64
Cat: S4R 09. Rel: 28 Feb 20
  1. I'll Take Her (3:48)
  2. Looks Like (You've Been Crying) (4:49)
 in stock $16.90
Cat: JIH 1001BLACK. Rel: 03 Mar 14
  1. Ain't No Stoppin Us Now
  2. Ain't No Stoppin Us Now (version)
 in stock $13.78
Cat: CORD 7009. Rel: 09 Jul 18
  1. Stand Up For What You Want (unreleased mix) (4:25)
  2. Stand Up For What You Want (with Les Brown - 7" mix) (4:26)
Review: TMS-released 1984 modern soul cut "Stand Up For What You Want" enjoys its first reissue courtesy of Cordial. The original, loaded with an urgent Les Brown leading the charge, is known across rare groove and funk circles but the unreleased A-side is a lesser spotted animal... Produced by Miami studio genius Willie Clarke, this version fixes our focus plainly on the raw honesty of Kat Roberts solo and sounds all the better for it. Leaner and more emotive, it adds a whole new chapter to a cult classic.
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 in stock $11.71
Should Have Been Over (double 7" limited to 300 copies) (1 per customer)
Cat: ZP 27/ZP28. Rel: 23 May 19
  1. Roy Roberts - "Should Have Been Over" (3:58)
  2. Roy Roberts - "Baby" (4:38)
  3. Floyd Miles - "It's Been A Long Time" (3:56)
  4. Tommy Thomas - "Sweet Lady Love" (4:12)
 in stock $12.47
Cat: ZP 36. Rel: 20 Apr 20
  1. Can't Say Goodbye (4:18)
  2. Ego (4:04)
Intérprete: I Love 45's!, Soul Music
! low stock $12.47
Cat: SJ 1012. Rel: 01 Jun 18
  1. Roscoe & Friends - "Broadway Sissy" (2:21)
  2. Tojo - "Broken Hearted Lover" (2:26)
 in stock $10.40
He's Coming: 45's Collection (gatefold double 7")
Cat: DYNAM 7027/28. Rel: 11 Jan 19
  1. He's A Superstar (part 1) (3:42)
  2. We Live In Brooklyn Baby (3:46)
  3. Ain't Got Time (2:42)
  4. Fire Weaver (3:35)
 in stock $16.64
Cat: DYNAM 7029/30. Rel: 11 Jan 19
  1. Brother Green (The Disco King) (3:43)
  2. The Black Five (3:57)
  3. Life Is Just A Moment (part 1) (3:57)
  4. Life Is Just A Moment (part 2) (2:28)
 in stock $16.64
Go (7")
Cat: F TSR 014. Rel: 16 Apr 19
  1. Go (2:36)
  2. I Know (2:58)
Review: Alanna Royale has been active in the funk and soul scene for quite a few years now, though her releases have previously been limited to a handful of self-released EPs and a sole album (recorded live and thrown out to raise funds for Puerto Rico hurricane survivors). Here she debuts on Transistor Sound, with Kelly Finnigan of label owners Monophonics handling production duties. "Go" is a great chunk of fuzzy, retro-futurist soul, with Royale's superb Alice Russell style vocal simply soaring above a bustling backing track rich in parping horns, skittish drum breaks and razor-sharp funk guitars. Royale remains in fine form on flipside "I Know", another distorted stomper of the sort that should excite both Northern Soul diehards and modern soul aficionados.
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Intérprete: Juno Recommends Soul
 in stock $8.08
Black Sky (7")
Cat: AR 112VL. Rel: 07 Jun 18
  1. Black Sky (4:20)
  2. Black Sky (Amerigo Gazaway remix) (4:14)
$7.80 SAVE 25%
 in stock $5.86
Cat: EXUMG 09. Rel: 02 Jul 20
  1. I Can't Stop The Rain (4:21)
  2. Questions (4:16)
 in stock $11.71
Cat: BDSO 450027. Rel: 25 Apr 18
  1. Every Once In A While (4:12)
  2. Jesse James (4:27)
 in stock $12.75
  1. Cash Money - "Seeking" (3:56)
  2. Ricky Womack & The New Age Christian Ensemble - "New Day New Time" (4:40)
Review: If you have even the smallest interest in the worlds of gospel soul and gospel disco, there's a fair chance you've already picked up at least one volume in Tone B. Nimble's ongoing series of split 7" singles, "Soul Is My Salvation". If not, we'd recommend checking out this fourth volume. The A-side sports a superb slab of what sounds like late 1970s, disco-era jazz-funk/gospel soul fusion from obscure Michigan band Cash Money, which was previously featured on the B-side of an extremely rare, private press single. Arguably even better is B-side "New Day New Time", a 1990 chunk of synthesizer and slap-bass heavy gospel soul genius plucked from Ricky Womack and the New Age Christian Ensemble's similarly rare album "Something Within".
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 in stock $10.40
I'll Be Home For Christmas (red vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: B 002739911. Rel: 01 Oct 18
  1. Winter Wonderland (2:37)
  2. I'll Be Home For Christmas (3:00)
  3. I'm In Love (4:03)
  4. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (4:26)
  5. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (4:00)
  6. Isley Christmas Medley (5:42)
  7. What Can I Buy You? (4:20)
  8. The Christmas Song (feat Doc Powell) (4:27)
  9. White Christmas (3:33)
  10. Silent Night (4:03)
 in stock $23.15
Wallflower (gatefold 180 gram vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: ZEN 245. Rel: 22 Sep 17
  1. Eye To Eye (5:50)
  2. May (4:09)
  3. Sorceress (3:03)
  4. Nerve (3:55)
  5. Goodbyes (4:57)
  6. Clues Blues (4:07)
  7. Chemical Coincidence (3:30)
  8. Carnation (4:03)
  9. Lucid (4:52)
  10. Hiding Place (3:46)
  11. Wallflower (feat Kaya Thomas-Dyke) (3:28)
Review: Jordan Rakei's brilliant debut album, Cloak, made such an impact that the multi-talented New Zealander now finds himself signed to one of the world's most successful independent labels, Ninja Tune. The move into the big leagues seems to have inspired the multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer to up his game, because Wallflower is arguably even better than his debut. Rakei has taken a more widescreen approach, largely ditching the trusty MPC in favour of live drums, bass, guitars, pianos and, on a couple of stand-out cuts, what sounds like a string quartet. As a result, his usually woozy and sun-kissed songs sound even warmer and sunnier, with the Rakei's impeccable vocals coming gift-wrapped in classic musicality. In other words, it's a bit good.
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 in stock $22.11
Origin (180 gram vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: ZEN 256. Rel: 14 Jun 19
  1. Mad World (3:16)
  2. Say Something (2:42)
  3. Mind's Eye (4:06)
  4. Rolling Into One (4:20)
  5. Oasis (4:21)
  6. Wildfire (4:11)
  7. Signs (2:59)
  8. You & Me (4:15)
  9. Moda (2:54)
  10. Speak (4:48)
  11. Mantra (5:47)
Review: Two years on from the release of his critically acclaimed "Wallflower" album on Ninja Tune, Jordan Rakei returns with his most eagerly awaited set to date. Happily, it doesn't disappoint. Beginning with the electronic soul-pop brilliance of "Mad World", Rakei effortlessly flits between synth-laden hip-hop-soul ("Say Something"), slinky downtempo songs ("Mind's Eye"), 21st century disco-boogie anthems ("Rolling Into One"), slow-burn musical fusions (the military drums, Juju guitars and heartfelt vocals of "Oasis") and the kind of sumptuous, sun-kissed fare that defies easy categorization. With Rakei's sultry vocals taking centre stage throughout, "Origin" is a sparkling set that just gets better with every listen.
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Intérprete: Juno Recommends Soul
 in stock $17.17
Cloak (2xLP + insert)
Cat: SHNT 2LP. Rel: 03 Oct 16
  1. Midnight Mischief (5:21)
  2. Snitch (feat Remi) (3:25)
  3. Blame It On The Youth (2:36)
  4. The Light (3:56)
  5. Talk To Me (3:06)
  6. Still (interlude) (2:11)
  7. Rooftop (3:14)
  8. Lost Myself (3:25)
  9. Toko (feat Richard Spaven) (4:49)
  10. Cupid's Cheese (feat Ngaiire) (4:38)
  11. Theta State (3:08)
  12. Sworn Enemy (4:01)
  13. Tawo (5:03)
  14. Lost Myself (live at I'Klectik Art Lab) (3:48)
  15. Still (live at I'Klectik Art Lab) (3:52)
  16. Tawo (live at I'Klectik Art Lab) (4:56)
 in stock $21.07
Cat: AOTNLP 006. Rel: 05 May 16
  1. Love & Happiness (8:14)
  2. Get Down (3:32)
  3. Oo Girl (3:44)
  4. Dance With Me (3:30)
  5. Dark Moon (4:59)
  6. Everybody's A Masterpiece (2:31)
  7. Sweet Vibe (3:25)
  8. Party lights (3:08)
  9. Boogie (3:28)
  10. Confusion (4:57)
  11. Pick Up The Apple (4:01)
Review: Following BBE's release the Chicago troupe's Devil Made Me Do It earlier this year, Athens Of The North ensure the criminally over-looked/under-paid band continue to remain in the spotlight with an entire album of unreleased material. Recently excavated from a Chicago warehouse, complete with masters, the songs were written and recorded in the mid '70s not long before the band eventually split. If you know their material, you'll already know how funky the band are. If not, dig deep at the soonest opportunity. From the toxic-levels of cosmic funk on "Boogie" to the dreamier, space ballad "Dark Moon", this is the sound of a super-tight, incredibly talented funk band who really should have been up there with Cymande or Average White Band.
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 in stock $21.07
Bolerio (remastered) (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: BEWITH 039LP. Rel: 14 Dec 18
  1. Boiadeiro (4:22)
  2. Santa Clara (4:58)
  3. Que Pena (4:00)
  4. Que Maravilha (4:16)
  5. Dia De Indio (4:50)
  6. Taj Mahal (3:54)
  7. Zazuera (4:12)
  8. Ive Brussel (4:30)
 in stock $24.44
Old Love Will Rust (heavyweight vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: FER 005. Rel: 12 Dec 19
  1. Fool For Loving You (3:56)
  2. Losing It (6:16)
  3. Little Girl (4:31)
  4. Lover Man (4:01)
  5. How Much Can A Small Heart Take? (2:35)
  6. Disco Stu (4:09)
  7. Oh Honey (3:53)
  8. Old Love Won't Rust (3:36)
 in stock $18.99
Cat: SFR 097LP. Rel: 02 Nov 18
  1. Intervention Horizontale (2:41)
  2. If I Can't Dance (2:30)
  3. Lady Maddie (3:39)
  4. La Main Invisible (2:16)
  5. Pretty Like A Truck (2:49)
  6. Chatteau Lascar (2:13)
  7. (You'd Better) Watch Me (3:35)
  8. Sophia Antipolis (2:46)
  9. Meta-Cigare (3:07)
  10. Where Am I Right Now? (3:12)
  11. Bungalow (2:44)
  12. Ouagadougou Blues (4:08)
 in stock $21.07
Pain In My Heart (180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: MOVLP 803. Rel: 27 Jul 13
  1. Pain In My Heart
  2. The Dog
  3. Stand By Me
  4. Hey Hey Baby
  5. You Send Me
  6. I Need Your Lovin'
  7. These Arms Of Mine
  8. Louie Louie
  9. Something Is Worrying Me
  10. Security
  11. That's What My Heart Needs
  12. Lucille
Intérprete: Soul Music
 in stock $18.20
Otis Blue (180 gram blue vinyl LP)
Cat: 812279 7160. Rel: 16 Oct 12
  1. Ole Man Trouble
  2. Respect
  3. Change Gonna Come
  4. Down In The Valley
  5. I've Been Lovin You Too Long
  6. Shake
  7. My Girl
  8. Wonderful World
  9. Rock Me Baby
  10. Satisfaction
  11. You Don't Miss Your Water
Intérprete: Soul Music
 in stock $16.64
Dock Of The Bay: Sessions (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: 60349 7861583. Rel: 18 May 18
  1. (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay (2:39)
  2. Think About It (3:02)
  3. Hard To Handle (2:21)
  4. The Happy Song (Dum-Dum) (2:42)
  5. Love Man (2:19)
  6. Direct Me (2:19)
  7. I've Got Dreams To Remember (3:16)
  8. Champagne & Wine (2:58)
  9. Pounds & Hundreds (LBS + 100s) (2:19)
  10. I'm A Changed Man (2:20)
  11. Gone Again (2:23)
  12. Amen (3:08)
 in stock $14.56
Cat: SUZ 51721. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay
  2. I Love You More Than Words Can Say
  3. Let Me Come On Home
  4. Open The Door
  5. Don't Mess With Cupid
  6. The Glory Of Love
  7. I'm Coming Home
  8. Tramp
  9. The Huckle-Buck
  10. Nobody Knows You (When You're Down & Out)
  11. Ole Man Trouble
 in stock $27.04
What's That Sound? (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: 720327 2. Rel: 03 Nov 17
  1. Let's Start (3:39)
  2. Baby It's You (3:37)
  3. For What It's Worth (3:19)
  4. The Letter (2:17)
  5. Can't Find My Way Home (3:53)
  6. White Rabbit (2:42)
  7. Somewhere In Between (3:29)
  8. Oh! Darling (feat Scott Bradlee) (3:16)
  9. Sunny Afternoon (feat Scott Bradlee) (4:20)
  10. You Showed Me (2:57)
  11. Words Of Love (feat Scott Bradlee) (2:15)
  12. Bring The Love Back Home (feat Casey Abrams) (3:52)
  13. Time Of The Season (feat Casey Abrams) (3:19)
  14. These Boots Are Made For Walkin' (2:56)
 in stock $30.69
  1. Bar-B-Q
  2. Gone For Good
  3. Your Love Is All I Need
  4. After Laughter Comes Tears
  5. I Wish I Were That Girl
  6. What Will Tomorrow Bring
  7. Wondering (When My Love Is Coming Home)
  8. Deep In My Heart
  9. Give You What I Got
  10. Crying All By Myself
  11. Crowded Park
  12. Last Love
  13. Love At First Sight
  14. She's Moving Away
  15. He Hasn't Failed Me Yet
  16. Please Don't Leave Me
  17. The Same Guy
  18. Young Man
  19. Can't Stay Away
  20. First Kiss
  21. Reap What You Sow
  22. Young & Foolish
Intérprete: Jarred Rice
 in stock $31.20
Cat: WF 126LP. Rel: 10 Mar 17
  1. The Picture You Show Me (2:56)
  2. Empty Bottles (4:03)
  3. Water N Dust (feat Otty) (4:26)
  4. Wanna Get To Know Ya (feat Phat Kat) (4:35)
  5. Lay Down (feat Alba Plano) (3:29)
  6. Let Me Know (feat Yazmyn Hendrix) (3:53)
  7. Aliens In The Cave (5:23)
  8. Sweet Little Face (4:24)
  9. My Summertime (feat Laioung) (4:08)
  10. A Sky With No Clouds (5:25)
  11. In Retrospect... (2:50)
  12. Mothership (bonus track) (3:37)
Intérprete: Marco Febbraro
 in stock $18.71
  1. The Picture You Show Me
  2. Empty Bottles
  3. Water N Dust (feat Otty)
  4. Wanna Get To Know Ya (feat Phat Kat)
  5. Lay Down (feat Alba Plano)
  6. Let Me Know (feat Yazmyn Hendrix)
  7. Aliens In The Cave
  8. Sweet Little Face
  9. My Summertime (feat Laioung)
  10. A Sky With No Clouds
  11. In Retrospect...
  12. Mothership (bonus track)
 in stock $4.91
Cat: 775589 4. Rel: 19 Aug 19
  1. Easy/My Love (live Medley)
  2. Running With The Night (live)
  3. Penny Lover (live)
  4. Truly (live)
  5. Stuck On You (live)
  6. Dancing On The Ceiling (live)
  7. Three Times A Lady (live)
  8. Brick House/Skin Tight/Fire (live Medley)
  9. Hello (live)
  10. Say You, Say Me (live)
  11. We Are The World (live)
  12. All Night Long (All Night) (live)
 in stock $9.97
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