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Am I The Same Girl
  1. Barbara Aclin - "Am I The Same Girl" (3:00)
  2. Young-Holt Unlimited - "Soulful Strut" (2:59)
Intérprete: Juno Recommends Funk
 in stock $12.58
You're The Best
Cat: TSL 014. Rel: 06 Oct 21
  1. You're The Best (4:17)
  2. I Love You (3:43)
 in stock $22.88
Heart Of The Groove
  1. Heart Of The Groove (Ecstatic B-Boy remix) (4:27)
  2. This Ain't No Game (Go! Go! Go!) (3:43)
Review: Heat Rock Records' latest double-dose of cut and paste madness is as incendiary as you'd expect, with both tracks adding elements of classic dancefloor workouts to fat beats and plenty of added percussion. Chicago's Altered Tapes handles side A, thrillingly re-imagining Dee-Lite classic 'Groove is In The Heart' by utilising more percussive elements (including a killer, cowbell-driven drum-break) from some of the tunes that the New York band originally sampled on their chart-topping house classic. B-Boys and B-Girls the world over will love it! On the flip, Bay Area native King Most combines the vocals from a Salsoul disco classic to a backing track that cleverly combines elements from a Ramsay Lewis style jazz number and a JB's-esuqe funk bomb.
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 in stock $15.74
Don't Be Ashamed Of Love
Cat: FLTR 007DLX. Rel: 13 Sep 21
  1. Don't Be Ashamed Of Love (3:56)
  2. In My Bed (3:37)
 in stock $20.32
Sweet Words
Cat: 105. Rel: 08 Oct 21
  1. Sweet Words (2:54)
  2. Leave Me Alone (2:21)
Intérprete: I Love 45's!
 in stock $8.30
Rising Above
Cat: FBLUC 001. Rel: 18 Oct 21
  1. Rising Above (4:05)
  2. Beers At Samir's (3:28)
 in stock $10.01
Cosmic Lines
Cat: FCQQL 001. Rel: 27 Aug 21
  1. Boy Dude - "Cosmic Lines" (4:08)
  2. Mickey De Grand IV - "Geraldine" (3:47)
 in stock $12.58
Slow Dance
Cat: AOTN 12014. Rel: 23 Sep 21
  1. Slow Dance (4:34)
  2. Slow Dance (Axes) (4:23)
  3. Leave It All Behind (3:32)
  4. Punch (4:35)
Review: It's hard to keep up with the number of releases that Athens Of The North are putting out this month, but you really must try. This one is a gooey and loved up disco 12" from the dream team pairing of Tom Findlay from Groove Armada and James Alexander Bright. They hook up via mutual appreciation over Twitter and worked up a load of new material in the studio as Bright & Findlay. Their first offering 'Slow Dance' is perfection - lush 80s synths, slow-motion boogie beats and drum machines marbled with little guitar riffs and soulful vocals that ate you to a better place. Two further heart melters come on the flip side and we are already in love with this project.
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 in stock $11.44
Don't You Love It/Real
  1. Don't You Love It (4:11)
  2. Real (4:29)
Review: Lovers of heart aching soul are well attuned to the output of the Izipho Soul label. Each and every 7" they serve up is impossibly emotive and the new one is no different from Cornell CC Carter. It features singles taken from the artist's hugely anticipated new album, Next Life, and suggests it's going to be an absolute cracker. It will feature 13 carefully constructed songs with rich 70s and 80s soul influences throughout. Here the two chosen singles offer mid tempo, deep cut funk backed with a big ballad that will melt anyone's heart.
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Intérprete: I Love 45's!
 in stock $12.58
So Sad
So Sad (7")
Cat: ATH 107. Rel: 26 Aug 21
  1. So Sad (4:35)
  2. Maybe What You Do Comes Back On You (3:46)
Review: Crystal Winds is best known for a supreme and sophisticated funk and soul album that was released in 1982 on the Cash Ear label. The tunes from it have never reportedly been on 7" before, so the Athens of the North label boss made it his mission to right that wrong. This one offers up some hugely classy soul sounds for more tender DJ sets or lazy Sunday listening sessions. 'So Sad' is awash with golden chords and intimate, spoken word exchanges between lovers, and on the flip 'Maybe What You Do Comes Back On You' slows down even further, sinking you deep into the richness of the arrangement.
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 in stock $11.44
Lovers Holiday
Cat: ATH 108. Rel: 26 Aug 21
  1. Lovers Holiday (4:28)
  2. Love Ain't Easy (4:01)
Review: The tireless Athens of the North label boss has many ongoing musical missions but one right now is putting out the first-ever 7" singles from a famous 1970s soul album by Crystal Winds. The band is made up of keyboardist Paul Coleman and saxophonist M.C. Morris Brown, and guitarist Martin Dumas co-wrote the a-side here, 'Lover's Holiday' with Brown. It's a gorgeous number with smooth but funky bass licks and soft backing vocals fleshing out the sumptuous sounds. The energy levels pick up on 'Love Ain't Easy' with its swirling, skyward strings, sapling cymbals and more lovely bass playing.
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 in stock $12.02
Watcha Wanna Do
Watcha Wanna Do (translucent green vinyl 7" limited to 250 copies)
Cat: ZP 68GREEN. Rel: 04 Oct 21
  1. Watcha Wanna Do (4:03)
  2. In My Life (3:37)
Review: Dallas based singer-songwriter Derek Damian recorded the gloriously life-affirming soul nugget 'Watcha Wanna Do' a decade ago. It has lost none of its charm or magic all these years later as this new pressing attests. The rolling grooves, the effortlessly epic vocals and the serene string all ooze class. On the flip, he gets more romantic with the perfectly tender and intimate 'Never Felt So Good.' It's beefed up by bold baritone vocals, contemporary R&B production and gooey bass. A killer 45 for sure.
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Intérprete: I Love 45's!
 in stock $14.88
Watcha Wanna Do
Watcha Wanna Do (7" limited to 250 copies)
Cat: ZP 68BLACK. Rel: 04 Oct 21
  1. Watcha Wanna Do (4:03)
  2. In My Life (3:37)
Review: Dallas based singer-songwriter Derek Damian recorded the gloriously life-affirming soul nugget 'Watcha Wanna Do' a decade ago. It has lost none of its charm or magic all these years later as this new pressing attests. The rolling grooves, the effortlessly epic vocals and the serene string all ooze class. On the flip, he gets more romantic with the perfectly tender and intimate 'Never Felt So Good.' It's beefed up by bold baritone vocals, contemporary R&B production and gooey bass. A killer 45 for sure.
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 in stock $13.72
Band & Revue :  Please Be Truthful / I'm Always Dancin' To The Music
  1. Please Be Truthful (4:08)
  2. I'm Always Dancin' To The Music (4:58)
 in stock $17.16
Edits Vol 15 (reissue)
Edits Vol 15 (reissue) (7" limited to 200 copies reeditado)
Cat: SSR 215RE. Rel: 06 Oct 21
  1. We Are Edits (4:37)
  2. We Are Edits (Cosmo On The Groove) (3:58)
Review: As the title sneakily suggests, the latest volume in DJ Soopasoul's essential "Soopastole Edits" series sees the prolific re-editor and mash-up merchant take his scalpel to all time disco classic "We Are Family". We could be wrong, but it sounds like it was created using the multi-track parts, focusing as it does for much of the duration on a stripped-back, DJ-friendly groove, selected vocal snippets and delay-laden musical elements not always audible on the original version. Over on the flipside "Cosmo On The Groove" version, he takes a slightly different approach, adding a classic old school hip-hop acappella to an expertly cut-up version of the track that utilizes a little more of the sing-along chorus.
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 in stock $12.58
Don't Get Caught (reissue)
Cat: CLMN 123C1. Rel: 03 Sep 21
  1. Don't Get Caught (4:24)
  2. Young Blood (3:23)
Intérprete: Juno Recommends Soul
 in stock $8.01
We're Two Fools In Love
Cat: MA 009. Rel: 19 Oct 21
  1. We're Two Fools In Love
  2. Don't Worry About The Jones
Review: Dom Williams is doing a great job of showcasing overlooked soul, funk and disco gems on his Acid Jazz Records offshoot Miles Away Records. These two tracks from obscure act Dyson's Faces - an ever-changing collective of studio musicians helmed by Ronnie Dyson's younger brother, Clifton - are a fantastic example. Both were recorded and first released in 1975 on the band's self-titled debut album and are superb examples of what would have once been called "modern soul". 'We're Two Fools In Love' is a soaring, Philadelphia Soul style dancefloor anthem in the making, while 'Don't Worry About The Jones' is a wonderfully syrupy-sweet slow jam whose lyrics will resonate with many.
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 in stock $10.59
69 Cents
  1. 69 Cents (4:24)
  2. That Is Why (3:15)
Review: You can always rely on Super Disco Edits for exactly that. The long-running label's 68th such serving is from the Ebony Rhythm Funk Campaign and features a couple of their previously unreleased joints. Opener '69 Cents' brings slick and sleek afro drumming with some splendid horn sections powering things along. A smooth and soulful vocal ride in amongst the drum grooves and takes you on a fine trip. On the reverse is 'That Is Why,' which slows things down a little and gets more loved up. The backing vocals lend the whole thing an air of class as the lining trumpets soar and the mellifluous chords sink you in deep.
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 in stock $12.02
Get Up Get Up
Cat: CORD 7025. Rel: 20 Sep 21
  1. Get Up, Get Up (4:12)
  2. Get Out On The Dancefloor (3:20)
Review: Chuck Edwards (real surname Edwins) is the man behind his family band The Edwards Generation. He formed it after moving his family to the San Francisco Bay area, where they all lived in a motel to start with. By the time of the mid-70s, they had started realising and even put out a full length as well as appearing on TV. Here, Cordial serves up two of their best on a tidy 7". 'Get Up, Get Up' is the funk fuelled and soul-drenched opener with nice lo-fi production and deep drums. 'Get Out On The Dancefloor' is another lo-fi beauty with stomping kicks married to big horn stabs and a characterful vocal.
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 in stock $12.58
Takin' Over
Takin' Over (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: SL 45 024. Rel: 05 Oct 21
  1. Takin' Over (3:41)
  2. Takin' Over (instrumental) (2:50)
Review: It's a while since we last heard from Malachi Trout and Ed Morris's Flying Fish outfit, whose party-starting, retro-futurist bombs were once a mainstay of breakbeat-powered funk dancefloors. In fact, 'Takin' Over' appears to be the outfit's first single for almost eight years. Featured in both vocal and instrumental mix forms, the track is a rolling and unflinchingly groovy affair that adds a little 1960s spy-funk flavour to a weighty bassline and heavyweight drums. It's the vocal version that really gets our juices flowing, not least because the lead vocal from former Basement jazz chanteuse Elliot May's is smoky, sultry and classic sounding in the best possible way. Excellent stuff all told.
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 in stock $10.88
Aliens (7")
Cat: HR 7S226. Rel: 01 Oct 21
  1. Aliens (with Kim Feel) (4:22)
  2. Hold Me Like It's Forever (with Car, The Garden) (3:03)
 in stock $22.88
Bird Of Paradise
Cat: RK 45084. Rel: 23 Sep 21
  1. Bird Of Paradise (4:22)
  2. More & More (& More) (4:45)
Review: Despite a live performance career stretching back to the early 2000s, American deep funk and soul combo The Grease Traps have yet to release a debut album. That will change later this month when they finally unleash their first full-length excursion, Solid Ground. First though they've treated us to this teaser single featuring two of the album's many highlights. A-side 'Bird of Paradise' is the one for dancefloor plays: an unashamedly heavy funk outing laden with rasping, James Brown style vocals, punchy horns, flanged guitar licks, Hammond B3 organ licks and some seriously crunchy, snare-heavy drum-breaks. Over on side B, 'More and More (and More)' is described by the label as 'low rider soul'; in reality, it's a dewy-eyed, slightly psychedelic, slow-motion excursion that's as loved-up as they come.
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 in stock $12.58
Lovin You
Cat: SPFLY45 001. Rel: 19 Oct 21
  1. Lovin' You (radio edit)
  2. Lovin' You (Smoove Disco dub remix)
Review: The first 45 from the Belfast-based Superfly Funk & Soul label - an offshoot of a long-running club night helmed by DJ Pete Brady - is something of a doozy. It comes courtesy of the Honeyshotz, a studio band set up by Ian Stevens (bass player with The Getiup and The King Rooster) as a vehicle for his own compositions. In its A-side 'radio edit' form, 'Loving You' is a Clavinet-happy chunk of jazz-funk influenced, 1970s dancefloor soul revivalism. It naturally boasts superb musicianship but also some stellar lead vocals from Sabina Challenger. Scene heavyweight Smoove handles remix duties, delivering a heavyweight dub that adds extra percussion, beefs up the bass and showcases almost every instrument in turn. It's a weighty, effortlessly funky revision.
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 in stock $15.16
Why Would You Blow It
Cat: EXS 025. Rel: 27 Aug 21
  1. Why Would You Blow It (2:47)
  2. Why Did Our Love Go (2:30)
Intérprete: Marc Hype
 in stock $13.45
I'm Stuck On My Baby
  1. Irene & The Scotts - "I'm Stuck On My Baby" (2:11)
  2. The Chantels - "Indian Giver" (2:32)
! low stock $13.16
I Believe In Miracles
I Believe In Miracles (pink vinyl 7")
Cat: UNIJ 3144134. Rel: 28 Sep 21
  1. I Believe In Miracles (LP version) (2:50)
  2. I Believe In Miracles (7" version) (2:57)
Review: Detroit-based but Compton-raised The Jackson Sisters really came into their own when the rare groove scene exploded in the UK. They had written plenty of material before then but their upbeat sound best chimed across the pond in the 80s. Their one and only album from 1976 was packed with hits, the most famous of which now gets pressed up to this limited pink 7". The glorious 'I Believe In Miracles' has plenty of big band brass stabs, gorgeous vocal harmonies and edgy strings that make it an upbeat explosion of funky fuelled joy. It sounds as good now as ever and comes as both a 7" and LP version here.
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 in stock $35.77
Purple Haze
  1. Johnny Jones & The Casuals - "Purple Haze" (4:20)
  2. Gene Chandler - "There Was A Time" (4:44)
Review: The King Casuals and were founded in 1962 by the late great Jimi Hendrix and after the guitarist's death, he was in the late sixties replaced by Johnny Jones. He leads them in stomping and high energy fashion and here on the a-side is his interpretation of the Hendrix classic 'Purple Haze.' It's got all the things you need to get steamy on the dance floor and it always used to shake the floor at Wigan Casino. Gene Chandler is a bonafide Northern Soul legend who is well known to fans of the genre and his 'There Was a Time' is a real raw gem on the flip.
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Intérprete: Juno Recommends Soul
 in stock $13.45
Messin (limited 7" reeditado) (1 per customer)
Cat: 003 K. Rel: 30 Sep 21
  1. Messin (5:40)
  2. Stop (Rock The House) (4:57)
Review: Disco don, insatiable digger and edit wizard Kon aka King of Nothing takes care of the third release on Star Time with another special pair of tunes. Up first is the gloriously upbeat 'Messin,' a rolling and deep cut tune that lead by a mellifluous and seductive trumpet. On the flip is 'Stop (Rock The House)' which is packed with musicality and throwback disco grooves. Hip hop vocals bring the party while the kaleidoscopic groove, guitar licks, funk bass and melodies all freewheel. This is another red hot and limited 7" so do not sleep.
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 in stock $12.88
Pop Goes The Weasel
Cat: DFL 006. Rel: 01 Sep 21
  1. Pop Goes The Weasel (4:44)
  2. Pop Goes The Weasel (Admin edit) (4:57)
Review: This new 7" from Jimmy Mack is a delightful piece of sunny soul. The Wisconsin man's a€iPop Goes The Weasela€™ was originally released in 1983 and has become an incredibly hard to find tune, and expensive when you do. The original sets off on an airy groove, with gentle flute leads, trilling chords and the effortless vocal melting your heart. On the flip side is an edit from a friend of the label, Bristol's Admin, who is one of the hottest edit talents in the game right now. His version is cleaned up a little but is sympathetic to the original with plenty of feel good grooves.
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 in stock $11.44
Summer Madness (reissue)
Cat: STIX 054. Rel: 06 Sep 21
  1. Summer Madness (3:19)
  2. Use Me (3:39)
Review: Stix Records is the sub-label of superb French outlet Favorite Recordings, and it is reserved for heavy dub cuts. This one finds label regular Mato reworking a classic reggae roller first written by Kool & The Gang. His gorgeous version is perfect for hot summer nights with its languid Fender Rhodes leads and sun kissed beats. It's loved up and perfectly, frankly. On the flip is a reggae rework of Bill Withers', who is sadly no long with us, 'Use Me,' repackaged with a playful harmonica lead and more grinding chords over the gently tumbling beats.
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 in stock $12.88
What's On Your Mind
Cat: FCQQL 002. Rel: 13 Sep 21
  1. What's On Your Mind (4:25)
  2. What's On Your Mind (Late Night dub) (4:37)
Review:  Morris Mobley is an alter-ego who makes music that is designed to chill you to the bone while also blowing your mind. Words like suave, cosmopolitan, lustrous and precise all come to mind when listening to the two tracks that make up this tidy 7", the second on the US label CQQL. Opener 'What's On Your Mind' is a low slung, bumping groove with lo-fi production and an aching vocal and on the flip it gets stripped right back and made into a warm, romantic late night dub.
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 in stock $12.02
This Life
Cat: KCR 109. Rel: 24 Sep 21
  1. This Life (3:54)
  2. Who We Are (4:27)
 in stock $9.73
This Life
This Life (red vinyl 7")
Cat: KCR 109C1. Rel: 24 Sep 21
  1. This Life (3:53)
  2. Who We Are (4:31)
Intérprete: Juno Recommends Soul
 in stock $9.73
Mr K Edits Vol 5
Cat: MRKEDITS 005. Rel: 07 Sep 21
  1. Haven't Stop The Percussion Yet (8:13)
  2. The House Of The Rising Sun (6:58)
Review: When it comes to scalpel style re-edits, no producer has more experience, or is more capable of crafting dancefloor gold, than Danny Krivit AKA Mr K. He's proved that countless times over the last four decades and continues to deliver fresh batches of must-check reworks on a regular basis. His latest two-track missive doesn't disappoint either. On the A-side he goes drum crazy, delivering an eight-minute exercise in sweaty, ultra-energetic Batacuda-disco heaviness that's little more than disco beats and layered Latin percussion. He returns to disco pastures on 'The House of the Rising Sun', a suitably warm and soulful rearrangement of a sugary, orchestrated workout that may be capable of moistening a few eyes out on the dancefloor.
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 in stock $12.58
Soulgroove '66
  1. The New Cobras - "Soulgroove '66" (part I) (3:37)
  2. The Night Stalkers - "Soulgroove '66" (part II) (4:29)
Review: Melbourne's Soul Messin' Records serves up limited edition 7" of two jewels from Australian soul legend Renee Geyer. The tunes here pay homage to the departed legend Pierre Baroni and were played every week as the opening theme of his cult-radio program Soulgroove'66. The drums hit hard and the vocals are expressive as they vie for attention with the big horns. These tunes were Pierre's final studio work and serve as a great tribute to the huge contribution he made to the global soul community.
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 in stock $12.58
My Love Is Getting Stronger
  1. Cliff Nobles - "My Love Is Getting Stronger" (2:47)
  2. Russell Evans & The Nite Hawks - "The Bold" (2:21)
Review: Cliff Nobles's northern soul gem 'My Love Is Getting Stronger' is a vital part of the cannon that gets a welcome reissue here by the good folk at Matasuna. It is an empowering tune with some hugely impressive drumming, plenty of big horns and a big bongo bridge that builds the vibe. ON the flip side is an equally essential but rather different tune, 'The Bold.' It is a funky, jazz tinged workout with cosmic chords and more exceptional stick work. Both tracks were initially released in 1966 on Atlantic Records but have since become hard to source. Do not sleep.
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 in stock $12.58
Whats Good For The Goose
Cat: AOS 313. Rel: 15 Oct 21
  1. Whats Good For The Goose (2:26)
  2. Whats Good For The Goose (dub Out mix) (3:00)
Review: Proper future classic Omar S!
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 in stock $8.87
You Get What'cha Paid For
  1. You Get What'cha Paid For (4:26)
  2. Who's Gonna Save Me (From Myself) (4:20)
Intérprete: Soul Music
 in stock $13.16
Funky Funky Curfew
Funky Funky Curfew (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: RAMCO 2021. Rel: 05 Oct 21
  1. Al Reed & The Pipers - "Funky, Funky Curfew" (2:36)
  2. Soul Blenders - "Funky Night Club" (3:03)
 in stock $14.88
Strung Out (On Your Love)
Cat: ATH 111. Rel: 09 Sep 21
  1. Strung Out (On Your Love) (4:21)
  2. All My Love For You (4:18)
Review: Athens Of The North has never been shy in putting out music. The label is always working on a wealth of different projects it seems and this month drops a couple of very tasty - as per usual - 7"s. Rivage was a leading band in the 70s modern soul scene and one long loved by the Athens label head. He put out a first-ever reissue of their Sit-in On It LP last year and now serves up some of the singles from it, namely the flute-led joy of 'Strung Out On Your Love' and 'All My Love For You,' a comforting soul tune with swirling grooves and classic falsetto vocals. Lovely stuff.
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 in stock $11.17
I Need You Baby
Cat: ATH 112. Rel: 26 Aug 21
  1. I Need You Baby (4:19)
  2. Answer (4:20)
Review: A year after putting out the exceptional full-length Sittin On It by Rivage Athens of the North revisits the album to pluck some stellar singles from it. There are two such 7"s out this month, and this one opens on 'I Need You Baby.' The simple title is the mona vocal hook of this lush and lux disco swirling, with soul to dare. The flip side is 'Answer,' a more prickly beat with funky guitar and meandering synths that are all finished off in style by another of those heart-felt vocals up top. These are glorious tunes for grown-up dance floors.
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 in stock $12.02
The Other World
Cat: DYNAM 7079. Rel: 10 Sep 21
  1. The Other World (5:05)
  2. The River Must Flow (3:45)
Review: 80s soul jazz sensation and keyboardist Judy Roberts debut with her The Other World album and went on to out another nine full length. The first remained her best, though, and two tunes from it make up this hot new 7" on Dynamite. It's the title track that goes first and is an uplifting and life-affirming soul-jazz jam with busy drumming, hectic chord work and a fantastic lead guitar that brings the Balearic vibes. Things slow down on the flip with the more sentimental and noodling jazz-funk bass and laidback grooves of 'The River Must Flow.'
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 in stock $12.58
Quarantine Sampler 3 (Love Record Stores 2021)
  1. Nothing To Say (feat Georgia) (2:42)
  2. Pearl Elevator (feat Dewey) (3:36)
 in stock $15.16
Live Superfly Radio Vienna
Cat: GSH 001X. Rel: 26 Aug 21
  1. We Almost Lost Detroit (Session) (3:21)
  2. They're New Here (1:02)
  3. Your Daddy Loves You (2:13)
  4. Did You Hear What They Said (3:45)
Review: Based in Vienna 's trendy Mariahilf district, soulful radio station Superfly 98.3 is of course named after one of the greatest hits of soul - by the legend Curtis Mayfield. They regularly play music off the beaten track: soul, funk, jazz, disco, Latin and electronic of various genres. Back in 2010, the late great Gil Scott Heron appeared live in the studio. On the A side of their inaugural 7 inch, you can hear Heron performing 'We Almost Lost Detroit' and They're New Here', while on the flip we have some more poignant classics in the form of 'Your Daddy Loves You' and 'Did You Hear What They Said'.
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Intérprete: Osmose, I Love 45's!
 in stock $12.02
You're So Far Away
Cat: ZP 67. Rel: 02 Sep 21
  1. You're So Far Away (4:36)
  2. You're So Far Away (The Nigel Lowis mix) (4:59)
Review: Izipho Soul and Rena Scott have had a long and fruitful relationship that continues with this new 7". It offers up two new takes on a classic tune from Scott which tells of 'the inevitable frustrations of a long distance love affair.' The original is a big soul number with plenty of golden synths and mid-tempo 80s drums that hark back to the heyday of r&b. On the flip is The Nigel Lowis mix of 'You're So Far Away' which strips away some of the noise and makes the track a deeper, smoother, more seductive soul jam with a rather familiar baseline.
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Intérprete: Juno Recommends Soul
! low stock $12.58
Koi Wa Meteor (Record Store Day RSD 2021)
  1. Koi Wa Meteor (4:42)
  2. Late Show (4:54)
 in stock $37.76
Nothing's Gonna Change
Cat: FTLOI 07810. Rel: 16 Sep 21
  1. Nothing's Gonna Change (feat Lee Fields & Nia Wyn) (3:06)
  2. Nothing's Gonna Change (instrumental) (3:09)
  3. Money (feat Ira May & Defari) (2:54)
  4. I Ain't Finished Yet! (feat Nia Wyn & Kinkai) (2:38)
  5. Roger Moore (instrumental - bonus track) (1:45)
 in stock $16.32
Soul Monsters Vol 2
Soul Monsters Vol 2 (7" reeditado)
Cat: SM 002. Rel: 13 Sep 21
  1. Supremes - "Uptight" (2:50)
  2. Supremes - "Money" (2:58)
Review: The Soul Monsters imprint has dipped into the back catalogue of premier Motown legends and chosen two killer covers of songs first made famous by other artists on the iconic soul label's roster. On the A-side you'll find their storming version of Stevie Wonder hit 'Uptight (Everything's All Right)', a take that's just as stomping and horn-heavy as the more familiar original, with the added bonus of smoother soul vocals from the ladies and first time on 7 inch vinyl. Turn to the flip for their interpretation of Barrett Strong hit 'Money (That's What I Want)', a more fuzzy and sax-laden affair of a song that was famously also covered by the Beatles on With The Beatles.
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 in stock $5.71
Soul Monsters Vol 1
Soul Monsters Vol 1 (7" reeditado)
Cat: SM 001. Rel: 01 Sep 21
  1. Soul Man (2:28)
  2. Hold On I'm Coming (3:17)
Review: US label coming with the ammo on with UK male Soul Legend with a masterpiece in dynamite & gritty vocal delivery & not one but two powerful renditions of funky soul classics first time on a 45. First up Toms gritty & powerful cover of Sam & Dave's ''Soul Man'' flipped by a tough version of ''Hold On I'm Coming''. Essential soul music with balls. Don't sleep !
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 in stock $5.71
The First Time
Cat: ATH 114. Rel: 16 Sep 21
  1. The First Time (4:27)
  2. The First Time (instrumental) (4:22)
Review: Earlier in the year Athens of the North put out a new edition of William Stuckey's sublime 1979 album Love of Mine, a gorgeously glassy-eyed affair that's known as one of the rarest southern soul albums of all time. 'The First Time', which opens that album, has now been issued as a single for the very first time. It's a smart move from AOTN, because it's one of Stuckey's finest moments -a smooth, heartfelt ballad in which his impeccable vocals and swirling strings rise above a warming, loved-up groove. The artist's instrumental take - all rubbery bass, fluttering flutes, cut-glass strings and shuffling drums - is also included on the flipside, which is something of a bonus given that it's never previously been released. Essential!
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