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2hp VCO Voltage Controlled Oscillator Module (silver faceplate) (B-STOCK)
Cat: 718582 Rel: 12 Mar 18
B-STOCK: Box damaged, but product unopened & in perfect working order
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Box damaged, but product unopened & in perfect working order***

VCO is an analog voltage controlled oscillator based on the reissue of the legendary Curtis CEM3340 IC.

Many believe this chip to be the greatest sounding analog oscillator of all time. VCO features simultaneous triangle, sawtooth, and square wave outputs with linear FM, hard sync, and PWM capabilities. Accurate 1V/Oct tracking across 10+ octaves provides a huge frequency range for melodies or dramatic sweeps.

Add some analog warmth to your patches with VCO.
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Auralex Sub Dude II Subwoofer Isolation Platform (single)
Cat: 507573 Rel: 08 Oct 13
Foam/MDF isolation pad for subwoofer
Notes: The Auralex SubDude II is a lower profile version of our classic SubDude and is perfect for small subwoofers in home theaters and hi-fi systems. This patented isolation platform features a stylish velour covering over an inert structural layer that floats on a cushion of acclaimed Auralex Platfoam. This carefully engineered solution allows the true sound of your sub to come through by negating resonance artifacts.

Based on the same Auralex technology that famous recording artists use on-stage and in the studio, this carefully chosen combination of specialized materials instantly diminishes structural vibrations, resulting in cleaner and tighter bass, reduced coloration and a more accurate low-frequency response.

The SubDude-II is an incredibly effective isolation platform that instantly improves your subwoofer's performance.
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Flame Chord Machine 2 Chord Generator Arpeggiator Quantizer Module
Cat: 650235 Rel: 12 May 17
Chord generator, arpeggiator & quantizer module in Eurorack format - 12HP
Notes: The Chord Machine 2 is composed of a chord generator, an arpeggiator and a quantizer. The module creates up to five voices out of one incoming CV signal. They can be spread over a range of eight octaves. 42 preset plus 16 user chords with up to four voices are available for musical experiments. Additionally, they can be switched between first, second and third inversion. All in all, users get access to 232 chords, which are playable within 54 preset and 15 user scales. Transpositions can be done via a CV input.

The fifth voice of the Chord Machine 2 is meant for arpeggios, which can run in several directions and octave ranges. Alternatively, this channel is usable as a quantizer. Setups can be saved in extensive song lists.

Current consumption: ca. + 140mA / - 20mA
Size: Euro rack format 3U / 12HP 60,2x128,5mm
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LEP Arpopone Analogue Melody & Bass Line Generator Module
Cat: 707885 Rel: 02 Jan 19
Bass line generator with a rhythmic chord section
Notes: The Arpopone from LepLoop is a little synthesizer for generating a melody or bass line and a chord section at the same time. It is based on analog ramp dividers of which each one generates a voltage ramp starting from a master clock that can be internal or external.

Trig1 and Trig2 potentiometers set the number of clock pulses.

With the Trig Mix switch it is possible to select between a single trigger (1 or 2) or both (1+2) to advance the scales.

The Scale Step potentiometer sets the number of steps for the two scale generators.
In the mixer section, the two scales are summed together to obtain a more complex pattern. The amount of each scale can be set by two controls and can be positive (ascending scale) or negative (descending scale).

With the VCO Pitch knob, the melody can be transposed while maintaining the same interval between notes.

The note generated by the VCO is fed to a chain of dividers to obtain four sub harmonics of the original note. One of these is the bass section with its own filter and envelope, the other three form the chord section with their envelope.

The two envelope sections are identical, both have a selector for different trigger sources:

Trig1 & Trig2: The envelope starts at the flash of the green LED (bass) or yellow LED (chord)
SB1 & SB2: The envelope starts at the first step of Scale1 (bass) or Scale2 (chord)
White & Blue: The envelope follows the intensity of the white LED (bass) or the blue LED (chord). Except for this setting the envelope length is set by the two controls Bass ENV and Chord ENV. Additionally, an EXT CV input allows to provide an external envelope.
The bass channel is passed through a resonant low-pass filter with Cutoff and Resonance control.

Finally the Bass and Chord channels are mixed together. The output level is set by the Bass LEV and Chord LEV controls.

Two outputs jacks are available: the mono OUT jack on the back panel and the STEREO jack on the front panel, useful for listening with headphones and for separate channel output.
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Miditech MIDI Thru 4 / Filter Thru Box & MIDI Filter
Cat: 784425 Rel: 31 Jul 20
MIDI THRU/filter box
Notes: MIDI THRU and Filter Box shares 1 MIDI IN signal to 4 MIDI THRU ports.

Programmable MIDI filters:
1. MIDI Channel mapping
2. MIDI Transpose
3. Velocity
4. Program switch ON/OFF
5. CC Controller ON/OFF
6. Pitch bend / After touch ON/OFF
7. System Exclusiv ON/OFF
8. Realtime Messages ON/OFF

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Miditech Midiface 4x4 USB MIDI Interface
Cat: 784397 Rel: 30 Jul 20
USB/MIDI interface
Notes: USB MIDI Interface with 4 x MIDI IN and 4 x MIDI OUT, works Class Compliant without drivers with MAC OSX, Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10.

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Synthesis Technology E102 Quad Temporal Shifter Module
Cat: 660460 Rel: 15 Mar 18
4-stage Analog Shift Register (ASR) module with built-in quantizer & digital noise generator - 14HP
Notes: The E102 is a 4-tap delay for control voltages (a digital implementation of the Serge ASR - Analog Shift Register). There is also a digital noise generator with 8 different types of noise spectra. With no CV patched into the INPUT jack, the digital noise is sampled. Each clock pulse (internally set by RATE or patched into CLOCK IN) samples the INPUT and stores it as a 14-bit value. Successive clocks then shift the sampled voltage to the next output. The sampled voltage is shifted in the delay line as OUT1 > OUT2 > OUT3 > OUT4. A quad 14-bit DAC drives the outputs with an accuracy of <1mv.

A unique addition to the traditional ASR is the voltage-controlled DELAY. Selectable in 3 ranges, this adds delay stages in-between each output. For example, if DELAY was 2, then it would take 6 additional clocks for the OUT1 to "travel" down the delay line to appear at OUT4. The INPUT is sampled once for each clock, no matter what the DELAY is. The outputs can be quantized to whole-note steps.

The most common use of the E102 is having each OUT drive a VCO. If you have a step sequencer, then use the sequencer's clock into CLOCK IN and the sequencer's CV out to INPUT. The 4 OUTs will then generate a musical canon (like "Row Row Row Your Boat") when driving 4 VCOs. Each VCO will play the same note as the prior clocked output. This is of course assuming DELAY = 1. DELAY is not the same as a 'clock divider': when DELAY is not 1 (say it is 12), then every sample clock, the INPUT is fed into the delay. In this case there are 12 clock-delay stages between each out. If 0.25V was sampled and appears at OUT1, then 12 clocks later that same 0.25V appears at OUT2. There is no delay from INPUT to OUT1. The delays are OUT1 to OUT2, OUT2 to OUT3, and OUT3 to OUT4. OUT1 is a 'traditional' sample/hold.
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Teenage Engineering Folding PVC Roll Up Travel Case For OPZ (signal yellow)
Cat: 725942 Rel: 21 Mar 19
Roll up bag with compact & extended two-in-one design
Notes: OP-Z is perfect to bring along when travelling. So much that Teenage Engineering felt the need to create a range of travel-cases to protect your OP-Z.

Ideal for when you head down to the park, take a road trip or go on tour. The softer PVC tarpaulin roll up protective case comes in asphalt grey and signal yellow.
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TouellSkouarn Strakal Brulu Germanium Fuzz Module
Cat: 642592 Rel: 24 Apr 17
Handmade distortion & fuzz module - 8HP
Notes: TouellSkouarn Strakal Brulu is a handmade distortion and fuzz module. The great sound is due to the new-old-stock east-German germanium transistors.

Very characteristic for the module's sound if the feedback that is coupled to the feedback. The more fuzz, the more feedback - the Strakal Brulu 2 can get pretty nasty and it screams a lot at high fuzz settings and low input level. The fuzz amount can be voltage controlled, with an inverse attenuator. Input and output levels can also be set separately.
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Vermona Fourmative Contours Quad Envelope Generator Module
Cat: 677523 Rel: 22 Oct 18
Quad envelope generator - 24HP
Notes: Quad Envelope Generator module. Each of its four channels can be triggered individually as Attack- Hold- or Decay-envelope, or be combined with the next channel to generate more complex shapes. Attack and Decay can run with linear or exponential characteristic and you can manually adjust them within a range of 500 microseconds up to 30 seconds. By using an external control-voltage, the time can dramatically be shortened or increased. If you want you can get a shape that needs more than two hours (per channel) to reach its end!
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WMD Metron 16 Channel Trigger & Gate Sequencer Module
Cat: 709199 Rel: 08 Mar 19
36HP Eurorack module featuring 16 channels of trigger & gate signals
Notes: WMD Metron is an advanced trigger and gate sequencer. It features 16 channels with up to 256 steps per pattern, which you can save to an SD card. Thanks to a random pattern generation function, you will never run out of ideas! Furthermore it offers a probability-function per step which will bring your patterns to life. If you have rhythm flowing through your veins, use the recording function and just tap in patterns with the corresponding buttons. With beat repeat, ratcheting and a fill function, it is meant to be a performance sequencer but makes just as much sense in the studio. Metron: so much sequencing power in 36 HP!
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