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Studio Equipment

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Notes: IK Multimedia has added a white colour option for its iLoudr MTM, a compact reference monitor designed to deliver pristine sound and unprecedented accuracy for the modern professional and home studio. It provides innovative features not found elsewhere, and sound quality that rivals monitors several times the price.

iLoud MTM delivers unsurpassed accuracy, power and bass, 100W RMS power, and a class-defying 40 Hz to 24 kHz frequency response for a "firm", balanced and defined low end, to surpass the sound of speakers twice its size.

IK's advanced DSP expertise was leveraged to offer an ultra-flat frequency response, but more importantly, a truly linear phase response - a premiere feature in this price segment available only on a handful of products costing considerably more. This provides a natural, true-to-life sound made possible by IK's advanced DSP expertise.

The symmetrical MTM (midrange-tweeter-midrange) design provides point-source performance for superior imaging, even at close distances, so users can create mixes that will translate across multiple playback systems, with no ear fatigue. The design's exceptional, controlled sound dispersion enhances the transparency and neutrality by minimizing the impact of room acoustics, for truer monitoring.

iLoud MTM also offers one-touch, acoustic self-calibration derived from IK's award-winning ARC System, with an included reference microphone to easily adjust to any room's acoustics.

Additional features include: 103dB SPL maximum sound pressure; Audiophile-grade, high resolution algorithms and top-of-the line A/D converters; Off-axis response management to minimize the effects of room reverberation; and IK's patent-pending Physical Response Linearization (PRL™) system that corrects the system's performance in real time.

iLoud MTM also comes with a tilting isolation mount that adjusts from 0- to 20- for a wide range of setups, a rubber base for horizontal shelf-placement, and a bottom thread for mic stand mounting.

Incredible accuracy and transparency, deep and defined bass, precise stereo imaging at any distance, and automatic room calibration - all in a monitor that's small enough to fit on any desktop - make iLoud MTM deal for nearfield work or as a workhorse monitor in a home or project studio.
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Notes: Teenage Engineering go DIY with this kit-build CV/MIDI keyboard, designed to play nicely with Eurorack gear, Pocket Operators and the brand's own modular range.

Supplier's notes:
The POM-16 is a home-build stand-alone keyboard with individual tuneable keys and a programmable step sequencer.

Each kit comes with all of the parts needed to build the project. Included in these flat packed synthesizers are everything from a powder coated aluminium chassis to an illustrated build guide with instructions and bend angles. When bending is complete, snap the wire connectors and finalise your build with knobs and rubber feet. Remember, think twice and double-check the angles before bending.

Note: The unit is designed to send CV, Gate, MIDI, and PO Sync to control the POM-400 or other synthesizers. These signals do not make sounds.

Powder-coated Aluminium Chassis
Keyboard and Sequencer
Stores up to 64 patterns
Battery power option
Power supply sold separately
Note: There is no power supply included. If you want to run the units on wall power you need an adapter with the following specifications (sold separately):
AC/DC adapter
12V, min 1A (12 watt)
Polarity: center negative
Plug: 4.75/1.7mm
Warning: Make sure to remove the batteries from the battery holder before connecting the DC-plug to the external AC/DC adapter.

Use separate battery charger to charge re-chargeable batteries.

1 x POM-16 chassis
1 x Keyboard
16 x Trim Knob
1 x Value Knob
4 x Rubber Foot
4 x Chassis Screw
1 x Screwdriver
1 x User's Manual
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Notes: 20 pack of purple 6", white 12", blue 12", and black 24" patch cables for modular synths. 3.5mm mono jack connectors.
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Cat: 776579 Rel: 20 May 20 • View all Wireless microphones
handheld microphone with reciever
Notes: This wireless microphone offers the user great freedom of movement for mobile and energetic performances. It's ideal for presentations, weddings, private functions, education and corporate events. The UHF wireless capability works up to a range of 100m providing a stronger, clearer signal and crisp quality. This helps to reduce the possibility of interference and dropouts. The product is extremely easy to use. Simply plug the receiver into a musical equipment source such as an amplifier, karaoke system or computer and it's ready to go. The microphone is powered by 4x AA batteries (not supplied).

UHF Frequency 864.7 mHZ
Handheld with receiver
Powered by 4 x AA Batteries (not supplied)
Easy to use
Product Dimensions (mm): 260x60x60
Net weight (kg): 0
Colour: Black
Connector: 6.35mm Jack
Frequency Response (Hz): 60-13000
Lead Length (m): Wireless
Lead Style: Wireless
Operating Range: 60-100m
Plug Type: 6.35mm Jack
Sensitivity (dBV/Pa): >12
Type: UHF
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This Week: Studio Equipment