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Tuff Cut #001
Cat: TUFF 001. Rel: 07 Mar 13
Bless The Rains
My Body's On Fire
Not In Love Anymore
Review: If you want hugs on the dancefloor deep into the night, Late Night Tough Guy's (formally DJ HMC) "Bless The Rains" is the perfect drug. The Adelaide based luminary rehashes Toto's "Africa" in a heavily pitched down and simple edit fit for any fromage-laced discotheque. Skirting around the throbbing bassline and triangle hits of "My Body On Fire" is a vocal that will have some train-spotters pulling their hair out in frustration, while "Not In Love Anymore" will have both Warren G/Nate Dogg and Michael McDonald fans bumping and grinding to excess.
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Afrodesia Episode One
Afrodesia Episode One (limited 12")
Cat: BSTX 067. Rel: 23 Jul 21
Deep Down In Zanzibar (6:42)
Desert Storm (6:32)
Meet In Tunis (5:28)
Orion Beat (6:17)
Review: REPRESS ALERT!: Afrodesia may come on like another dusted down gem from those dedicated detectives at Best, but it is in fact a modern construction from the talented studio trysts of Mystic Jungle and Whodamanny from the Periodica camp. These Italian producers have more than proved their knack for crafting sublime, honey-smooth jams with a nod to the golden studio era of the 70s and 80s, and they're more than up to the task on this killer 12" of heavy funking jams with a dose of boogie and a nod to Ivory Coast disco. It's quite simply perfection, rendered with love and attention to detail, but utterly natural in its feel and flavour.
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 in stock $18.67
Magic Dance
Magic Dance (limited 12")
Cat: BST X058. Rel: 04 Feb 21
Magic Dance (Disco mix) (8:29)
Pink Footpath (Disco mix) (6:13)
Review: REPRESS ALERT: Compared to some of the ultra-obscure releases buffed up and reissued on Best, Loui$' "Magic Dance" is something of a perennial classic, but that doesn't diminish its value in getting another airing. Loui$ released a modest wedge of killer party anthems in his 80s peak, but this debut 12" in 1985 was the glittering prize. Of all the versions of this release, the rare Blow Up Records edition is the one that gets a look in here, and it's all about that special disco mix of "Pink Footpath". From gutsy analogue bass to shimmering lead pads, it's a dreamy dancefloor jam in every way.
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 in stock $18.67
Mysteries Of The East
Cat: ERC 029. Rel: 13 Mar 23
Mysteries Of The East (5:38)
Mysteries Of The East ('88 Mecca mix) (5:17)
Review: Emotional Rescue has had this reissue in the works for a while, but it was delayed by the sad passing of Steve Coe after the rerelease of The Ganges Orchestra's The Dream. Finally, though, the right time has come for this one to be bacon the racks and it is a much-loved reminder of Coe's wizardry in the studio. It comes with plenty of Eastern flavours to bring something new to the dance floor, not least thanks to tabla disciple turned teacher, Jhalib (Millar), who helped Coe on this one back in 1982. The likes of Danielle Baldelli and chug dons like Andrew Weatherall long favoured it, and if it's good enough for them...

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The Dream
The Dream (12")
Cat: ERC 010. Rel: 05 Dec 22
The Dream (7:08)
The Calling (long) (4:03)
Meditasian (short) (4:16)
Review: Said to be discovered and championed by a young Daniele Baldelli, this track from 1983 has been defined as a cosmic classic. The work of producer Steve Coe and his partner Sheila Chandra as Monsoon, they combined elements of dub, dance and ethnic music, mainly released through their Indipop label. Their mesmerising and majestic track 'The Dream' is featured on this reissue by Emotional Rescue, as well as an edit of original B-side cut 'Meditasian' featuring a sublime sitar solo which will hypnotise you into submission, but cut down by a good 20 minutes compared to the original.
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 in stock $10.38
Late Night Tales Presents After Dark: Nightshift
Late Night Tales Presents After Dark: Nightshift (limited 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: ALNLP 36. Rel: 04 Jul 14
Typesun - "Last Home" (original mix)
The Gino Fontaine - "Revnorev"
Salsoul Invention - "Soul Machine"
General - "Magic"
Day Outside - "Faraway Sensation"
Mugwump - "Boutade" (Miseridub)
Hubbabubbaklubb - "Mopedbart"
Crowdpleaser & St Plomb - "Not Yet Not Yet"
The Grid & Robert Fripp - "A Cabala Sky"
Daniele Patucchi - "People Come In"
Mang Dynasty - "After Dark" (dub)
Detachments - "The Flowers That Fel"
Review: The first installment of Late Night Tales' After Dark was that rarest of things: a DJ mix that retained a smoky sense of early morning, home listening atmosphere while retaining an open-minded focus on the dancefloor. This follow-up - once again compiled and mixed by Bill Brewster - offers more of the same. Musically it's pleasingly varied, moving from the string-drenched downtempo beauty of Typesun's "Last One Home", to the heady Balearic rock of General Lee, via Justus Kohnke, the soulful post-bruk smoothness of As One, and the sprightly analogue electronics of Emperor Machine's remix of Paqua's "Late Train". There's also a bunch of previously unreleased tunes to enjoy, including killer contributions from the Mang Dynasty (AKA Ray Mang), The Gino Fontaine (Chicken Lips man Andrew Meecham) and - most surprising of all - The Grid and Robert Fripp.
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 in stock $24.90
Join The Fookin Party/Hold On Castro
Cat: DB 08. Rel: 18 Jan 16
Join The Fookin Party ! (6:08)
Hold On Castro (8:56)
Review: REPRESS ALERT: Bastedos returns hosting two disco objects lovingly versioned by Nad. One side features the vocal talents of a mystery man with low riding balls imploring those gathered to hear him to 'join his party'...if you look at his backside, so to speak, you will head off down to sunny rainbow filled Castro for a happy sing along and dancing tune versioned from vaults of Moby Dick.
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 in stock $12.98
Liquid Deep
Cat: PPU 083. Rel: 01 Mar 17
Liquid Deep (3:49)
Summer Love (3:09)
Review: More quality grooves from Washington DC label specializing in reissuing obscure and unknown 70s and 80s dance music. This time around is Dreamcast who are Davon Bryant in conjunction with Swedish guy Sasac aka King Al. "Liquid Deep" is sexy late night deep funk the way it was always intended and Bryant's smooth as silk vocals are just like... Wow! So with Dreamcast on the vocals and Sasac on the beat, we are hoping there's more things on the way from this trans coastal duo in 2017.
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 in stock $11.68
Ritmo Fantasia: Balearic Spanish Synth Pop Boogie & House 1982-1992
Cat: SNDWLP 137. Rel: 17 Dec 21
Marengo - "Puente De Esperanza" (4:33)
Beni Life - "Amor En El Cielo" (5:14)
Silvia - "Me Vas Cantidad" (2:18)
Zas - "I Love My Body" (4:16)
Fernando Girao - "Divorcio" (4:57)
Magia Blanca - "Dejate Llevar" (3:58)
Jaume Escala - "Ciutat" (4:39)
Mogambo - "Dando Vueltas" (3:54)
Tango? - "Tango?" (4:19)
Free Tax - "Paris Babylone" (5:46)
Busy Code - "Bianco" (4:06)
Ma Ritter - "Flamenco Rap (In The Land Of My Dreams)" (3:21)
Scan Man - "Arabian" (5:53)
Madrid Groove - "Suave" (5:00)
Nsue - "Rebelde Silueta" (4:34)
Isamar & Compania - "No Estas" (12" version) (5:43)
Bianca - "Tabu" (Caribbean dub) (5:15)
Poly-C - "Soy Pijo" (Boite-Pijo instrumental) (4:21)
Cuelebre - "Costa Verde" (4:43)
La Guinda - "Jamas Me Casaria Con Un Pirata" (4:03)
Blaumari - "Memories" (4:06)
Review: Ritmo Fantasia is the name of this superb 21 track selection, and it has been curated by Berlin-based, Venezuelan-born producer, DJ and record obsessor Trujillo. As the name suggests, this is music plucked from the outer fringes of the Spanish electronic scene from the 80s and 90 with plenty of proto sounds from the worlds of bleep, hip house, electro, boogie, Iberian pop and plenty more. It is a treasure trove of obscure but essential grooves for Balearic heads and music lovers alike. The artwork alone is worth the cover price, so big up Soundway for this one.
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 in stock $24.39
Let's Ride
Let's Ride (12'')
Cat: PPU 072. Rel: 17 Jul 15
Let's Ride (4:07)
You Must Go On (4:00)
Review: It's well known that People's Potential Unlimited boss Andrew Morgan has some serious crate digging skills. Even so, he continues to amaze with the obscurity and quality of the releases he chooses to reissue. Serious collectors have long sought out "Let's Ride" by guitarist Willie Lee Jnr under his occasional Junei alias. Originally released on 7" back in 1987, it's a killer chunk of synthesizer-heavy electrofunk blessed with some serious eyes-closed guitar solo action. Flipside "You Must Go On" - originally the A-side of the '87 release - is fantastic, too, offering a near perfect blend of sun-kissed Balearic attitude and smooth '80s soul grooves.
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 in stock $13.75
Fire In My Heart
Cat: ISLE 001. Rel: 28 Nov 22
Fire In My Heart (original mix) (5:14)
Won't Be Your Fool (original mix) (5:23)
Fire In My Heart (instrumental dub) (5:15)
Review: Escape From New York's 1984 cut "Fire In My Heart" has long been considered something of a Balearic classic. Original copies of the Rollerball Records release 12" are hard to come by, though, so this reissue is more than welcome. The original version - all slo-mo electro drums, rubbery dub bass, exotic melodies and intoxicating vocals - is joined by the now infamous Instrumental Dub version, which has been a staple in Balearic DJs' sets for more than 30 years. If that wasn't enough, there's also a chance to savour to woozy, dub-influenced synth-pop of original bonus cut "Won't Be Your Fool".
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 in stock $14.52
Genius Of Love
Cat: PROA 996. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Genius Of Love (long version)
Lorelei (instrumental)
Review: In 1980 Tina Weymouth was playing bass for the Talking Heads while her husband Chris Frantz played drums. The couple were vacationing in the Bahamas when they met Monty Brown and Stephen Stanley. Together the four set out to make the kind of music that David Byrne and the Talking Heads stayed clear of: romantic, sunny, dance-able pop music. Their debut single, "Genius Of Love" is that classic early 80s cross between synth-pop and hip-hop, and went right to the top of the dance charts, securing them an identity separate from that of Talking Heads. It found a home in the samples of several hip-hop aficionados and was even nicked by Mariah Carey for her 90s hit, "Heartbreaker".
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 in stock $14.01
What Do The Stars Say To You
What Do The Stars Say To You (gatefold LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: ALNLP 68. Rel: 24 Jun 22
Deep House
Cool Water (feat Ivan Conti (Azymuth) & Lars Bartkuhn) (4:28)
Cycle Of Many (4:17)
Admira (feat Gigi Masin) (5:10)
Flowers (feat Venecia) (5:12)
Melt Into You (feat Alex Malheiros (Azymuth)) (5:16)
Flos Potentia (Sugar, Cotton, Tabacco) (feat Khruangbin) (5:35)
Sphere (feat Jean-Luc Ponty) (5:30)
WARM (4:38)
On My Way Home (3:46)
What Do The Stars Say To You (2:42)
Review: Over the years, Ron Trent has released some fine albums, all of which have subtly expanded on his trademark soul-flecked, percussion-rich deep house sound. On What Do The Stars Say To You, his first new full-length excursion in 11 years, the Chicago native has taken a different approach, utilising his occasional WARM alias on a stunning set that abandons dancefloor-pleasing in favour of immersive, evocative and ultra-deep blends of ambient, downtempo, jazz-funk and electronica. It's a genuinely brilliant album all told, with a string of impressive guest musicians - including Ivan Conti and Alex Malheiros of Azymuth, electric jazz pioneer Jean-Luc Ponty, psychedelic Balearic specialists Khrungbin and Italian ambient maestro Gigi Masin - all making brilliant contributions. In a word: exceptional!
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 in stock $23.36
Do It Again
Do It Again (12" limited to 250 copies)
Cat: BST X028. Rel: 23 Jul 21
Do It Again
Don't Stop
Review: REPRESS ALERT: This is just the sort of jam that Best Records Italy love. Asso originally released his slick cover of "Do It Again" by Steely Dan back in 1983, and it's a faithful version that simply injects a little disco magic into the impeccably composed bones of the track. It received plenty of play back in the day, and it's highly worthy of its own side of wax now. Meanwhile on the flip, "Don't Stop" is an even more essential a slab of club heat, tapping into the heady atmosphere of the Paradise Garage at the time that disco merged with boogie.
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 in stock $18.67
Napoli Segreta Vol 2
Cat: NG 03. Rel: 30 Mar 23
Antonio Sorrentino - "Luna Lu" (4:34)
Tonica & Dominante - "Babilonia" (3:19)
Gibo & Pummarola Band - "Sexy Pummarola" (3:32)
Ara Macao - "Reflection" (4:34)
Tony Verde - "Calypso" (3:17)
Maria Kelly - "Dimme" (4:41)
Bernardino - "Sciummo" (unreleased mix) (4:01)
Armando Cusopoli - "Non C'e Sole" (3:43)
Tony Iglio - "Luci Di New York" (3:29)
Review: Two years ago New Guinea joined forces with Early Sounds Recordings to offer up a killer compilation of rare 1970s and early 80s disco, jazz-funk and electrofunk recordings from Napoli, the Italian city they call home. Such was the success of the set that they've decided to offer up this equally impressive sequel. Amongst the mostly ultra-obscure, little-known cuts you'll find a wealth of highlights, from the high-octane disco stomp of Tonica & Dominante's "Babilonia", the spacey boogie business that is Ara Macao's super-sweet "Reflection", the languid AOR-funk of Maria Kelly's "Dimme" and the low-slung jazz-funk brilliance of Tony Iglio's "Luci Di New York".
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 in stock $23.62
I'm Dreaming (Any Moment I May Wake Up Screaming)
Cat: BST X055. Rel: 08 Apr 19
I'm Dreaming (original vocal version)
I'm Dreaming (instrumental version)
Review: South African musician John Kongos has an illustrious career that has tripped through chart topping material and soundtracks alike. In 1981 he released "I'm Dreaming" as a limited 7", and now Best have dug out this curious gem and given it a proper 12" reissue treatment. The track is a real head turner, leaping from expressive string chops to Italo thrum to create a dynamic, distinctive disco burner that will have switched on heads clamouring for an ID. The vocal version is on point, but the track has enough riches in its composition to make the instrumental take on the flip just as powerful for your record bag.
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 in stock $16.61
Turn Me Loose
Turn Me Loose (limited 12")
Cat: BST X061. Rel: 08 Jul 19
Turn Me Loose/My Design (extended version) (13:58)
Turn Me Loose (Sirs cut) (10:32)
Review: Best Records present another deep cover jam Balearic diggers will rejoice at being able to lay their hands on. Blue Night was the brainchild of Peter Miconi, who created "Turn Me Loose" in 1983. All the elements are present here, from the aching blue-eyed soul vocals to rich guitar solos and an irrepressible funk bedded down in the groove, here stretching out for a full 14 minutes of pure sunkissed bliss. On the flip, SIRS takes a careful run at the original that simply reframes the elements with a more pronounced rhythm section - this is someone who knows exactly what the track needs and declines to change anything for the sake of it. Classy stuff, as you would expect from a reissue on Best Records.
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 in stock $18.42
Discotecas 002
Cat: DISCOT 002. Rel: 17 Jan 23
Give You The World (9:17)
Resistors Dream (4:40)
Got You Moovin' (4:22)
Review: Mysterious edits pushers Discotecas worship a mysterious figure known as 'Gwen', the artist supposedly responsible for making these EPs. Their second instalment here comes in the form of a laid-back, electro-balearic affair replete with several layers of bass guitar, lolling synth and acoustic-mimicking percs. A remix of Sade's 'Paradise' leads the charge, centring her harmonious vocals at the core of the mix, while two further unknown re-edits cement the overall nine minute disco vibe.
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 in stock $15.05
Coyote Special Editions Vol 2
Cat: MWSE 008. Rel: 06 Nov 23
Lonely (8:22)
Western Revolution (6:26)
Love Home (5:22)
Luca (6:31)
Review: It is time to succumb to the sounds of the Magic Wand label once more and this eighth sonic spell is another one that will leave you happily helpless. It finds the Coyote lads step away from their fine work on Is It Balearic? to cook up two top edits. First up they offer 'Lonely' - a broody, steamy and shimmering tropical Balearic workout and then comes the organic and lazy drums of 'Western Revolution' with an iconic gravelly vocal. There are folk-tinged Americana sounds on 'Love Home' and laid-back disco licks on the seductive 'Luca' to make this a summer party essential.
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 in stock $12.44
I Remember Mama (feat NAD remix)
Cat: ERC 118. Rel: 20 Sep 22
I Remember Mama (5:16)
Sound Design (5:30)
I Remember Mama (NAD Discomix) (11:00)
Review: "Emotional Rescue presents the first ever reissue of Sugar Minott's rare 12" of I Remember Mama. Recorded in Soho in mid-80s London, the Boogie meets Reggae song comes in vocal and instrumental mixes, as well as a wonderfully teasing long Discomix by NAD aka Dan Tyler (Idjut Boys).

Having grown up and become a star out of Kingston, JA, with over 50 albums and hundreds of singles for the likes of Studio One and Black Roots labels, the legendary vocalist was a pioneer of the Dancehall and then later Lovers Rock sounds.

Based in London for much of the 1980s, a chance meeting in the Wackies offices he met producer Steve Parr, who had recently opened the Sound Design Studio next door.

Hatching the idea to create a label to showcase their capabilities, Parr played all the instruments except the distinctive sax by friend Andy MacDonald, while Minott's delivery is at his prime, storytelling in the Jamaica tradition of hardship and praise.

Released on 7" and 12", they have striking differences. The "Sound Design" instrumental / version sees the studio team craft a disco meets reggae in a cod-style to wonderful, almost Balearic effect.

The collaboration with Dan Tyler continues, as he again works his desk dubbing magic. Extending and editing between the two mixes, teasing the instrumental before finally bringing the sax and vocals together for a 'discodub' finale. "

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 in stock $12.44
Dschung Tek
Dschung Tek (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: MFM 038. Rel: 19 Mar 19
Dschung Tek (long version) (6:12)
Dschung Tek (No live Drums) (6:20)
Sundance (5:09)
Power Vein (4:54)
Flying High (4:05)
Review: Don't let the "Coldwave" tag fool you: this EP from Dutch archival imprint Music From Memory is every bit as glassy-eyed and loved-up as the rest of their left-of-centre, Balearic-minded catalogue. German drummer and composer Curt Cress first released "Dschung Tek" in 1992, layering his own dense tribal drums across a tropical, ambient house and dream house influenced backing track on the brilliant "Long Version", before stripping it back to a loved-up, Ibiza-friendly house cut on the "No Live Drums" version. Both mixes can be found on this reissue, alongside a trio of similarly percussive, tropical-minded cuts from the artist's 1983 LP, "Avanti". All three are ace and almost as good as the more floor-focused title track.
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 in stock $15.05
AOR Global Sounds Vol 4: 1977-1986
Cat: FVR 145LP. Rel: 22 Jan 19
Arlana - "When You Call My Name" (3:24)
Omega Sunrise - "Too Hip" (4:35)
Jonathan Jr - "Hangin' On To You" (12" version) (5:33)
Isabelle Mayereau - "Orange Bleue" (2:27)
Oro - "Sasa" (3:42)
Fernando Toussaint - "Recuerdos Del Abuelo" (3:04)
Todd Mcclenathan - "High From Our Love" (5:08)
Mario Acquaviva - "Notturno Italiano" (4:22)
Special Occasion - "Flyin' To Santa Barbara" (12" version) (6:36)
Parenthese - "Come Back" (4:03)
Russ Long - "Never Was Love" (4:35)
Pacific Dreams - "Mellow Out" (4:19)
Miller Miller Miller & Sloan - "Key To My Heart" (2:39)
Scott Cunningham - "Blues Take You Over" (3:31)
Review: On his fourth exploration of the world of global "Adult Oriented Rock", French crate-digger Charles Maurice focuses on the period between 1977 and '86. That means a greater emphasis on synthesizers, dusty drum machines and the kind of sparkling melodies that would once have drifted from daytime radio at an alarming rate. There's much to enjoy throughout, from the dewy-eyed synth-soul of Arlana's "When You Call My Name" and the breezy boogie of Omega Sunrise's "Too Hip", to the sparse Balearic bliss of Isabelle Mayereau's "Orange Bleue", the flute-laden easy listening hum of Fernando Toussaint, the sax-happy '80s sleaze of Special Occasion's brilliant "Flyin' To Santa Barbara" and the jaunty Latino jazz-funk of "Mellow Out" by Pacific Dreams.
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 in stock $27.77
13 (limited 12")
Cat: JWTWN 013. Rel: 23 Oct 23
Track 1 (10:03)
Track 2 (6:27)
Track 3 (12:24)
Review: If you have had your ear to the Balearic underground over the summer you might well have heard some high-profile selectors dropping cuts off this latest missive from US label Just What The World Needs. It is another sublime three-tracker that kicks off with the string-laced and upbeat disco delights of the A1. Second up is a much more slow and sensuous sound that sinks you in deep to a beach lounger as the sun fades into the sea and the sky turns flame red and orange. Things pick up again with the third and final cut - a percussive jumble of organic hits and drums overlaid with a heart-melting vocal sample and deft melodic details that drift by like wispy clouds.
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 in stock $17.39
Belpaese 07
Belpaese 07 (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: BELP 007. Rel: 21 Apr 20
Vento Di Amor (8:15)
II Carnevale In Me (3:03)
Mai Mai Mai (5:37)
Vado O Non Vado? (4:39)
 in stock $12.98
Slow Dance
Cat: AOTN 12014. Rel: 23 Sep 21
Slow Dance (4:34)
Slow Dance (Axes) (4:23)
Leave It All Behind (3:32)
Punch (4:35)
Review: It's hard to keep up with the number of releases that Athens Of The North are putting out this month, but you really must try. This one is a gooey and loved up disco 12" from the dream team pairing of Tom Findlay from Groove Armada and James Alexander Bright. They hook up via mutual appreciation over Twitter and worked up a load of new material in the studio as Bright & Findlay. Their first offering 'Slow Dance' is perfection - lush 80s synths, slow-motion boogie beats and drum machines marbled with little guitar riffs and soulful vocals that ate you to a better place. Two further heart melters come on the flip side and we are already in love with this project.
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 in stock $5.97
Bob Stanley & Pete Wiggs Present Fell From The Sun: Downtempo &  After Hours 1990-91
Cat: XXQLP2 089. Rel: 05 Jul 22
Primal Scream - "Higher Than The Sun (Higher Than The Orb)" (extended mix) (4:57)
Critical Rhythm - "It Could Not Happen" (feat Jango Thriller & Vandal - Essential Trance Hall mix) (5:36)
Sheer Taft - "Cascades" (Hypnotone mix) (4:29)
History - "Afrika" (feat Q-Tee - Love & Laughter remix) (5:02)
The Grid - "Floatation" (5:08)
Saint Etienne - "Speedwell" (6:31)
One Dove - "Fallen" (album version) (7:13)
Transglobal Underground - "Temple Head" (Pacific mix - Airwaves) (4:53)
Massonix - "Just A Little Bit More" (Electro instrumental mix) (4:45)
Elsi Curry - "U Make Me Feel" (Running Water aka Workhouse mix) (5:02)
Family Sensation - "I Don't Even Know If I Should Call You Baby" (Marshall Jefferson Symphony mix) (6:05)
BBG - "Snappiness" (7" edit) (3:53)
The Aloof - "Never Get Out The Boat" (The Flying mix) (7:53)
Moodswings - "Spiritual High" (The Moodfood Megamix) (9:11)
Review: House music exploded in the UK in 1987 and continued to blow up in the ensuing summers. But with all the high energy parties and ever more visceral rave sounds, people needed a break, and so it was that in February of 1990 the KLF invented new slowed down after-sounds on their Chill Out mix. This collection gathers best sub 100bpm cuts form that time, as assembled by Saint Etienne's Bob Stanley. Fun fact - the artwork for the LP is a picture from the new book on acid house by photographer Dave Swindells which is well worth copping if you can.
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 in stock $30.10
Mystery Man (reissue)
Cat: DRIVE 003. Rel: 28 Apr 23
Mystery Man (1984 12" mix) (5:13)
Mystery Man (Velvet Season & The Hearts Of God - The Ever Transforming mix) (9:05)
 in stock $13.49
Beach Diggin Volume 5
Beach Diggin Volume 5 (gatefold 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: HS 168VL. Rel: 04 Aug 17
Yasuko Agawa - "LA Nights" (5:19)
Stephen Colebrooke - "Stay Away From Music" (4:28)
Andre Marie Tala - "Sweet Dole" (4:32)
Tyna Onwudiwe - "Lite Low" (4:04)
Rebles - "Sweetest Taboo" (Soca version) (3:26)
Ricardo Marrero & The Group - "And We'll Make Love" (2:31)
Koko Ateba - "Si T'es Mal Dans Ta Peau" (4:03)
Sookie - "Tonight" (feat Jeannine Otis) (4:58)
Raphael Toine - "Femmes Pays Douces" (5:40)
Eboni Band - "Desire" (5:09)
Robert J Riggins - "I Need You Now" (4:06)
Salero - "Teardrops & Wine" (3:07)
Momo Joseph - "War For Ground" (4:13)
Claude Genteuil - "Dreams Of Love" (3:00)
Gatot Soedarto - "Sayangilah Daku Kasih" (1:46)
Synchro Rhythmic Eclectic Language - "Pasto" (5:51)
Review: Since the Beach Diggin' compilation series launched a few years back, a number of its obscure, Balearic-minded selections have been given full length reissues of their own. We can probably expect a number of the tracks from this brilliant fifth volume to get the same treatment. As usual, the wide-ranging track list is thick with highlights, from the synth-heavy, French language reggae of Raphael Toine's 1986 bubbler "Femmes Pays Douces" (taken from the artist's frustratingly hard to find Ce Ta Ou album) and vibraphone-laden jazz-funk smoothness of Yasuko Agwa's sought-after "L.A Night", to the barely-known brilliance of Andre Maria Tole's Cameroonian gem "Sweet Dole". In other words, it's another essential selection.
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 in stock $23.10
Back From The Future EP
Cat: WOLFEP 004. Rel: 17 Feb 10
Llija Rudman - "Who's Crying Now"
Cottam - "Down Low"
Greymatter - "Seventh Disco"
KRL - "Time"
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Tigre (reissue)
Cat: AR 020. Rel: 17 Nov 21
Tigre (3:36)
Tigre (Leo Mas & Fabrice vocal dub mix) (6:30)
Gennarino 'O Sioux (3:20)
Gennarino 'O Sioux (Leo Mas & Fabrice vocal dub mix) (7:13)
Review: Archeo know how to hunt down a rare jam and give it the kind of reissue it deserves, so who better to handle this job? Tonica & Dominante was a studio project conceived by Antonio Iglio and Antonio Moxedano, which yielded a couple of singles and an album at the end of the 70s. It's a warm, organic sound before Italo disco swerved hard towards synthesisers and drum machines, and you can see why anyone digging for the rarest grooves would go crazy for the two tracks on this previously rare-as-hell 7". This new Archeo version ports the original tracks onto 12" and folds in two tasteful, clubbed-up dub mixes from Leo Mas & Fabrice.
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Elado Edits Part 2
Elado Edits Part 2 (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: RNT 056. Rel: 13 Dec 22
Baila (4:55)
Disco Hummus (5:58)
Sun (5:39)
Simba (7:12)
Review: Israeli DJ and collector Elado is back on New York City's Razor N Tape with some more rare edit action. On the A-side of Elado Edits Part 2 we have the sweltering Latin vibes of 'Big Baba' followed by the low slung affair that is 'Disco Hummus'. Over on the flip, there's an awesome disco cover of The Beatles on 'Sun' and one more late night dancefloor heater in the form of 'Simba'.
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Riviera Drive
Cat: FVR 180. Rel: 28 Feb 22
Riviera Drive (extended 12" version) (7:17)
Genius Of Love (3:34)
Riviera Drive (radio edit) (7:17)
Review: Bars on the French Riviera, beaches in Cannes, hot sunny weather, mesmerising deep-blue seas and lovely leafy palm trees all come to mind once you drouth need on this latest 12" slice heat from Favourite France. Magic Source do a great job of musical transportation here particularly with 'Genius of Love' which is a riff on the Tam Tam girls classic. The tropical island beats and funky bass riffs all douse you in good vibes while a lead flute takes your mind up, up and away into a cloudless sky. 'Riviera Drive' is slight more dance effort ready with its rump-wiggling trumpets, exotic synths and Balearic disco vibes.
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Crystal Dragonfly EP
Crystal Dragonfly EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: FAR 045. Rel: 19 Jul 21
Dyane (4:44)
La Rochelle (5:19)
Shy Smile (5:47)
Crystal Dragonfly (3:00)
Pre De Minuit (4:16)
Review: The latest one on Faze Action's label comes from Robin Lee in his Rudy's Midnight Machine guise. This is where Lee's disco funk fantasies run amok, with 'Dyane' in particular coming on strong with the sound of the early 80s. This is blissfully melodic, good time stuff throughout, steeped in classic motifs but delivered with a fresh, modern panache. There are downtempo Balearic moments like 'Crystal Dragonfly' to get lost it as much as there are plenty of invigorated calls to the dancefloor, making this a five track EP to really get your teeth into.
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Detends Toi
Detends Toi (LP reeditado)
Cat: CSMR 01. Rel: 03 Apr 24
Plus Vite (4:18)
Realite (5:31)
Pourquois (Why) (5:27)
Detends-toi (6:19)
Sentimentale (4:36)
Detends-toi (dub) (5:05)
Review: Four new originals from French Berlin-based singer and JD Stella Zekri, whose low-range, buzzing vocals are lent happily to a selection of cloudy electronic Latin beats. Produced and co-written by Ed Longo, it draws heavily on the post-zouk and disco styles endemic to the 80s French underground; our choice bit is the offbeat boogizm heard on the sonic ponderance: 'Pourquoi (Why)'.

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Tags: Balearic Disco | French | Zouk
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Cuts From The Vaults Vol 1
Cat: CFTV 001. Rel: 20 Dec 22
Roots/Lovers Rock
Shot (5:11)
Shot (Special dub) (4:19)
Bossarocker (Bossa edit) (6:05)
Bossarocker (Break On edit) (4:31)
Review: Cuts From The Vaults is the latest in a long line of "mystery" edit labels, with some of the material on show originally appearing on various obscure, now hard-to-find white labels at various points over the last two decades. The A-side features two tweaks of 'Shot' (AKA Eric Clapton's reggae-rock cover of Bob Marley's 'I Shot The Sheriff') - a slightly dubbed-out, reworked and extended full vocal version, and the arguably superior, groove-based 'Special Dub'. Over on the flip, 'Bossarocker' sees the Doors' 'Break On Through' get the rework treatment. The 'Bossa edit' is a bossanova beat-powered rework of a live recording, while the 'Break On edit' is a punchy, subtly breakbeat-driven revision of a bluesy studio recording. Superior edits of rock classics: don't sleep!
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Love EP
Love EP (12")
Cat: SIREE 01. Rel: 12 Feb 20
Love Me Right (version) (6:56)
SASA (6:59)
Never Was Love (6:48)
What Does It Take (7:15)
Review: Apparently DJ Harvey and Lovebirds have been hammering these "personal edits" from the Sirsounds crew in recent DJ sets. Listening to the clips, it's easy to work out why: they're a cut above the rest, edit-wise. There's a good variety of sounds and styles on show, from the stuttering drums, blissful guitars, dewy-eyed vocal snippets and rich boogie synths of "Love Me Right (Version)", to the eyes-closed synth solos and driving disco-funk grooves of quirky closing cut "What Does It Take". Our pick of the bunch though has to be the effortlessly eccentric Italian electro-funk insanity of "SASA", which sounds a little like it could be a lesser-known outing by Tullio De Piscopo (though don't quote us on that).
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Belpaese 03
Belpaese 03 (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: BELP 003. Rel: 23 Jan 19
Vai Di Samba (10:25)
Fonde E Confonde (7:02)
Electrosamba (4:43)
Review: Climb on board the Belpaese express for another scalpel-wielding excursion into the eccentric world of cosmic disco and long-forgotten Italian club cuts. It's a journey every bit as riveting as their previous 12-inch trips. On the A-side you can settle in and let the extended Latin piano solos, Balearic boogie grooves, sweaty percussion breaks and early '80s jazz-funk synths of "Vai Di Samba" carry you towards your destination. A trip to the B-side buffet car is encouraged, too, where both "Fonde E Confonde" and the jammed-out, off-kilter Brazilian style electrofunk madness of "Electrosamba" are far more appetizing than your average on-board snack. The latter track, which also contains some insanely heavy passages of layered samba beats, is probably the EP's most potent cut.
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Run Down World
Cat: HVY 001. Rel: 31 Mar 20
Run Down World (5:55)
Times Are Bad (8:00)
Review: Remarkably, almost a decade has passed since the first missive from re-edit crew Heavy Disco (AKA Ashley Beedle, Dave Jarvis and Darren House) landed in stores. Here the London collective returns for the first time in four years with two more tried-and-tested dancefloor rubs. "Run Down World" is particularly delicious, delivering a groovy revision of what sounds like one of the Police's hazier and more groove-based moments (IE there's less reggae influence and more of an AOR disco flex - think great grooves and flanged, spaced-out guitars). On side B it's all about "Times Are Bad", a fine extended revision of Tavares' deep disco/Steely Dan-goes-jazz-funk rub "Bad Times" that seems eerily fitting for the situation the world is in.
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Lovebeat (12")
Cat: 12ZTPS 02. Rel: 12 Jun 17
Moments In Love (beaten)
Heartbeat (Love is Where)
Beat Box Diversion Ten
Heartbeat (Love is Round)
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Laying On The Sofa (remastered)
Cat: DISCOMAT 007. Rel: 26 May 20
Laying On The Sofa (Mark Kamins remix) (6:08)
La Tete Contre Les Murs (Marc Moulin remix) (5:24)
Review: Some years back, Permanent Vacation dipped into the back catalogue of decidedly Balearic synth-pop trio Antenna before offering up a swathe of fresh remixes. Now Discomatin have decided to explore the solo discography of lead singer Isabelle Antena, serving up two rare contemporaneous remixes of 1987 singles by Mark Kamins and Marc Moulin respectively. The former's version of "Laying On The Sofa" is superb, with the Danceteria resident layering her fine lead vocals over delay laden electro beats, warm Rhodes chords, glistening guitars and elastic bass guitar. Moulin's body-popping, synth and drum-machine fired revision of "La Tete Contre Les Murs" is arguably even better and undeniably funkier. It goes without saying that both tracks are superb.
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Magic Feet Volume II
Cat: MF 020. Rel: 14 May 20
Femi Kuti vs KCRW - "Eh Oh" (Liza Richardson remix) (7:04)
Billy Cobham - "One More Day To Live" (Craig Bratley remix) (5:37)
Rich Lane - "Flesh" (6:34)
Craig Bratley - "Birdshell" (6TH Borough Project remix) (5:51)
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Arthur Baker Presents Dance Masters: Shep Pettibone The Classic 12 Inch Master Mixes Volume One Part One
Cat: DEMREC 870. Rel: 01 Oct 21
George Michael - "Hard Day" (The Shep Pettibone remix remastered) (9:05)
Duran Duran - "I Don't Want Your Love" (Big mix) (7:27)
Whitney Houston - "So Emotional" (Edited remix) (4:24)
Thompson Twins - "In The Name Of Love '88" (Railroad mix) (6:44)
Level 42 - "Lessons In Love" (Shep Pettibone remix) (7:50)
Belinda Carlisle - "Heaven Is A Place On Earth" (Heavenly version) (6:01)
Miami Sound Machine - "Bad Boy" (Shep Pettibone remix) (6:10)
Cyndi Lauper - "Change Of Heart" (12" extended club remix) (7:52)
Pet Shop Boys - "West End Girls" (The Shep Pettibone Mastermix) (8:23)
Alisha - "Baby Talk" (extended dance mix) (6:43)
The B-52's - "Summer Of Love" (Summer party mix) (6:07)
Huey Lewis & The News - "Hip To Be Square" (dance mix) (6:00)
New Order - "Bizarre Love Triangle" (Shep Pettibone 12" remix) (6:43)
Depeche Mode - "Behind The Wheel" (Shep Pettibone mix) (5:56)
Erasure - "Chains Of Love" (Unfettered mix 2009 Remaster) (8:25)
Elton John - "I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That" (The Shep Pettibone mix) (7:20)
Review: Arthur Baker is the perfect host for this new series from Demon Music which focuses on the famous extended remixes of the 80s. Each series will be a multi-disc, various artist collection that is united by one remixer, and there can be few better to kick it off than the legend that is Shep Pettibone. He was a hugely in demand studio hand who reworked multiple genres and everyone from Pet Shop Boys to Duran Duran, New Order to Level 42, George Michael to Erasure. This ambitious, widescreen collection takes in all manner of golden remixes from the world of soul, pop, synth and more.
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Pleasure Of Edits 6
Cat: POLR 006. Rel: 11 Dec 19
Made In France (edit) (7:25)
La Tortue (edit) (6:37)
Soca Danny (edit) (6:59)
Crossed Your Mind (edit) (7:24)
Review: Following a successful run of disco deviance on top labels such as GAMM, Basic Fingers, Barefoot Beats and Tugboat, Toronto's Patchouli Brothers are up next on the sixth edition of the "Pleasure of Love" edit series. The "Beam Me Up" hosts have a proven track record with the ol' razor and tape, distilling rare and underappreciated cuts and turning them into peak time dancefloor gems. These four cuts on volume six are no exception. Our picks: the joyous and sunkissed "Made In France" (tres bien!), followed by the carnival energy of "Soca Danny" with its powerhouse brass section and the classic Stateside vibe of "Crossed Your Mind" on the flip.
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Cat: REC 46LP. Rel: 21 Feb 08
Electro House
Une Heure
Sexual Sportswear
Fingers Of Steel
L'Amour Et La Violence
Review: The album that everybody is talking about. 'Sexuality' is produced by Sebastien Tellier, alongside Daft Punk's half Guy-Manuel De Homem-Christo.
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Do You Wanna Dance? (feat Felix Dickinson mix)
Cat: ERC 060R. Rel: 31 Oct 22
Do You Wanna Dance? (5:31)
Do You Wanna Dance? (instrumental) (5:27)
Do You Wanna Dance? (Felix Dickinson Discomix) (9:08)
Review: Emotional Rescue returns with the third (and final?) King Sporty & The Ex Tras releases with the first ever-official reissue of the highly sought after cult boogie jam Do You Wanna Dance? Coming as remastered vocal and instrumental, plus again featuring a special Discomix, this time courtesy of acid-disco slayer Felix Dickinson.

Appearing shortly after the success of the band's only album, Extra Funky, Do You Wanna Dance? pointed the way forward, moving further from Disco and closer to the rising electro-boogie sounds that were sweeping the dance floors. The confident up / jump electro drum programming, slap bass and trademark Sporty guitar chops are propelled by a monster swamp inducing synth arpeggio that sings the funk electric, while hip-hop-shout-outs ride the rhythm. If the vocals are too much for some, then the original Instrumental (dub) is also included for those just wanting that infectious groove.

As many will recall, Do You Wanna Dance? featured on Felix's "Originals" compilation for Claremont 56 back in 2011, so when the King Sporty reissue project was coming together there was only one name to be asked for the Discomix. With a long history of DJing and music production, as well the man behind the Recycled Records, Fools Gold, Urban Myth and Bastedos labels, as well many, many releases on the long running and aptly titled Cynic Recordings, his remix arrives on point.

Teasingly drawn out, his mix switches back / forth between versions, the interplay between vocals, guitar, bass and electro-glide synths hypnotically building, with Dickinson's deftly dubbing tripping it out, making the title's question irrelevant, as mind and feet involuntarily move.

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Pacific Standard Time (reissue)
Cat: PSR 003. Rel: 30 Oct 23
Next To You
Why You Wanna
Harvest Moon
Slow Down
Take Me There
Kiss You Forever
Do You Believe
Give It A Rest
Can't Get You Off My Mind
Just Fall In Love
California Sunset
Golden Hour
Between Dreams
Without You
Take Me Home
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Sunday In June (reissue)
Sunday In June (reissue) (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: C56LP 018RP. Rel: 02 Mar 22
Sunday In June (5:50)
Trinity Strut (3:46)
Walpole Days (7:48)
Aguila Negra (5:06)
For Daniel (5:33)
Hidden Port (album version) (6:31)
1939 Grand Ave (7:09)
Walpole Days (Joe Claussell Spiritual Healing mix) (7:03)
Review: Although the end is now finally in sight, we are still very much spending time at home, gazing off into the distance and dreaming of better times. Enter this sumptuous soundtrack from Hillside, whose Sunday In June album on the ever classy Claremont 56 is a perfect accompaniment to you lazy afternoons. The gorgeous record is utterly doused in sun, with sparkling keys, go-slow beats and lush strings all oozing cool yet bribing with warmth. It's the sound of perfect afternoon in the garden, or on the beach, with tropical grooves and Balearic bliss flowing freely from front to back.
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Arthur Baker Presents Dance Masters: Shep Pettibone The Classic Master Mixes
Cat: EDSL 0081. Rel: 01 Oct 21
George Michael - "Hard Day" (CD 1- Shep Pettibone remix remastered)
Duran Duran - "I Don't Want Your Love" (Big mix)
Level 42 - "Lessons In Love" (Shep Pettibone remix)
Whitney Houston - "So Emotional" (Edited remix)
Belinda Carlisle - "Heaven Is A Place On Earth" (Heavenly version)
The B 52's - "Summer Of Love" (Summer party mix)
Huey Lewis & The News - "Hip To Be Square" (dance mix)
Miami Sound Machine - "Bad Boy" (Shep Pettibone remix)
Cyndi Lauper - "Change Of Heart" (12 Inch extended club remix)
Run DMC - "It's Tricky" (club remix)
Paula Abdul - "Knocked Out" (Pettibone 12 Inch)
Narada - "Divine Emotions" (Shep Pettibone single remix)
Pet Shop Boys - "West End Girls" (CD 2 - The Shep Pettibone Mastermix)
Alisha - "Baby Talk" (extended dance mix)
The Flirts - "You & Me" (12 Inch Shep Pettibone mix)
Phyllis Nelson - "I Like You" (12 Inch extended version)
New Order - "Bizzare Love Triangle" (Shep Pettibone 12 Inch remix)
Depeche Mode - "Behind The Wheel" (Shep Pettibone mix)
Erasure - "Chains Of Love" (Unfettered remix - 2009 Remaster)
Kim Wilde - "You Came" (Shep Pettibone US 7 Inch version)
The Psychedelic Furs - "Shock" (Shep Pettibone mix)
Elton John - "I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That" (The Shep Pettibone mix)
The Communards - "Never Can Say Goodbye" (single mix)
Gloria Gaynor - "I Am What I Am" (12 Inch extended version)
Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam With Full Force - "I Wonder If I Take You Home" (CD 3 - Shep Pettibone remix)
Sananda Maitreya - "If You Let Me Say" (The Shep Pettibone mix)
Five Star - "Are You Man Enough" (Shep Pettibone remix)
Pointer Sisters - "Goldmine" (12 Inch version)
Lionel Richie - "Love Will Conquer All" (12 Inch vocal version)
BB & Q - "(I'm A) Dreamer" (12 Inch Shep Pettibone vocal/long version)
Howard Hewett - "Stay" (After Midnight mix)
George Benson - "Twice The Love" (club Love remix)
Thompson Twins - "In The Name Of Love '88" (Railroad mix)
Lisa Stansfield - "This Is The Right Time" (Shep Pettibone mix)
Pia Zadora - "Dance Out Of My Head" (The Dressed-Down mix)
Leroy Burgess - "Heartbreaker" (CD 4 - 12 Inch Shep Pettibone mix)
Sinnamon - "Thanks To You" (12 Inch Shep Pettibone mix)
The Jammers - "Be Mine Tonight" (12 Inch Shep Pettibone mix)
Instant Funk - "(Just Because) You'll Be Mine" (12 Inch Shep Pettibone mix - 2017 Remaster)
Aurra - "Such A Feeling" (12 Inch mix)
Carol Williams - "No One Can Do It (Like You)" (12 Inch Special remix)
Steve Shelto - "Don't Give Your Love Away" (Shep Pettibone mix - short version)
Skyy - "Show Me The Way" (12 Inch Shep Pettibone mix)
Mike & Brenda Sutton - "Don't Let Go Of Me (Grip My Hips & Move Me)" (12 Inch Shep Pettibone mix)
Weeks & Co - "If You're Looking For Fun" (12 Inch Shep Pettibone Master dub mix)
The Salsoul Orchestra - "Ooh I Love It (Love Break)" (12 Inch Shep Pettibone mix)
First Choice - "Let No Man Put Asunder" (12 Inch Shep Pettibone mix)
Review: Until he quit the music industry in the mid-1990s, Shep Pettibone was the most in-demand remixer on the planet - a position he'd held since the late 1970s. This four-disc compilation does a great job of showcasing some of his greatest remixes, all of which are presented in full-length form. There's naturally plenty of versions of big pop singles of the '80s - see the epic 'Mastermix' of Pet Shop Boys' 'West End Girls', as well as rubs of Duran Duran, New Order, Whitney Houston and Belinda Carlisle - as well as a sprint through his celebrated disco and boogie reworks (see disc four). In addition, you'll find versions of some lesser-celebrated gems from the freestyle-era, including heavyweight revisions of Sinammon, Alisha, Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam and The Flirts.
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Intérprete: Luke Solomon
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Hello You Yeah
Cat: ART 004. Rel: 14 Sep 21
Hello You Yeah (9:32)
Just Be Yourself (8:54)
Review: We remain in the dark as to the identity of the shadowy artists behind the Gallery re-edit series, which is now on to its fourth release. Whoever is behind it clearly has re-editing skills and deep crates because the choice of tracks and the quality of the scalpel style rearrangements is always top-notch. For proof, check 'Hello You Yeah', a fine extension of a jazz-funk-tinged, near Balearic '80s disco oddity that includes some great solos, sun-kissed horn motifs, rubbery bass and occasional doses of joyous chorus vocals. Summer may already be over (here in the UK at least), but it sounds like a sunshine anthem in the making. Flipside 'Just Be Yourself' meanwhile is a heavier affair; a pleasingly pompous, synth-laden disco-rock excursion that's as camp as they come.
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Maswera (12")
Cat: FAR 051. Rel: 05 Dec 22
Maswera (6:10)
Rugare (Faze Action dub mix) (4:50)
Rugare (5:38)
Maswera (instrumental mix) (6:10)
Review: Faze Action's Afro series hits a fourth and final volume with Zeke Manyika and Faze Action themselves at the helm of two new singles. The vibes on this one take their cues from Afro Latin and Balearic worlds with opener 'Maswera' bringing nice open-air festival sounds, rich horn work and expressive drum funk. Manyika's chants are the icing on the cake for this one. Then comes a nice dubbed-out remix of 'Rugare' by Faze Action with lively disco drums and loose-limbed percussion. The original on the flip is a more straight-up and dazzling disco cut while a paired back instrumental of 'Maswera' closes things down in style. Timeless Afro bombs for sure.
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 in stock $8.30
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