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Tags: Bassline

Products tagged as Bassline
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Blackbird (12")
Cat: VIVID 10. Rel: 16 May 22
Oldboy - "Blackbird" (3:55)
Oldboy - "Walrus Party" (4:50)
Xander - "If I Tell EM" (4:58)
Xander - "Get To The Point" (4:52)
Longeez - "Evermore" (4:47)
Longeez - "Wheel Up" (5:09)
Review: The latest from Burnski's Vivid label is a three way split, six track affair with Oldboy, Xander and Longeez each dispatching a pair of tunes in the label's trademark roughneck breakbeat style. - Oldboy kicks off proceedings with the speedy junglisms of 'Blackbird' before the chunkier, funkier and a little more traditionally paced breaks heft of 'Walrus Party'. Xander's 'If I Tell EM' and 'Get To The Point' both plays off two step rhythmic twists and menacing bass against dreamy synths and more breakbeaty flourishes, before Longeez closes proceedings with the slightly sparser 'Evermore' - super sharp hi hats and echoing rasta dialogue - and the appropriately spinback-peppered 'Wheel Up'.
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 in stock $7.45
GO (12")
Cat: INSTINCT 27. Rel: 26 Jan 24
UK Garage
GO (5:31)
Bassline Track (5:47)
Review: REPRESS ALERT!: James 'Bursnki' Burnham aka Constant Sound label boss and garage head Instinct is showing no signs of running out of ideas despite having put out such a high amount of high-class club weaponry in the last few years. He goes big once more with this latest 12" which subtly features the iconic vocal cries from Moby's 'Go' but repackaged in a shuffling and banging garage groove with dark synths and wonky bass. On the flip is pure grade bassline track, 'Bassline Track.' It'll take you back to the days when this northern take on garage was all the rage, and why not?
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 in stock $13.24
Phenomenal EP (reissue)
Cat: RNV 03R. Rel: 19 Jun 23
UK Garage
Reverse (4:22)
Flyby (feat Opus) (4:31)
Loose Ends (7:44)
Gonna Make You (4:27)
Review: Here comes a welcome reissue of a rather in demand classic by the widely revered - and rightfully so - DJ Perception. Opener 'Reverse' taps into a US garage vibe - dusty low slung drums with a four to the floor pattern, plenty of swing and a well treated vocals all finished off with a melodic bassline. 'Flyby' (feat Opus) bumps along to a crips broken beat and sub bass that needs to be heard on a loud system. 'Loose Ends' is raw warehouse music with irresistible bounce and then the soulful vocal smoothness of 'Gonna Make You' might just steal the show at the end. Timeless tackle.
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Intérprete: Paul Starey
 in stock $12.98
Wicked & Wild
Cat: VIVID 13. Rel: 20 Mar 23
Wicked & Wild (feat Riko Dan) (4:25)
Push Past It (4:20)
Ronin (4:27)
Review: Bang on trend grooves from the Vivid camp, exploring the current fascination for all things that intersect both the garage and breaks genres. Lead track 'Wicked & Wild' is the one that leans furthest into UKG territory, its bumpy bassline and MC-style vocal giving it heaps of energy and attitude. Flip side instrumentals 'Push Past It' and 'Ronin' meanwhile, evoke the early 2000s spirit of breaksteppers such as Horsepower Productions, the latter especially maintaining the bassline pressure and adding it to the more hardcore vibe of rawer, sampled percussion. Maximum respect!
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 in stock $11.68
In My Arms EP
Cat: TIN 017. Rel: 02 Apr 21
UK Garage
In My Arms (5:01)
Momofuku (4:47)
Opulence (5:16)
Let Loose (5:47)
In My Arms (Coco Bryce remix) (5:58)
 in stock $13.75
Day Dream/Perpetual Motion
Day Dream/Perpetual Motion (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: GSD 001. Rel: 15 May 23
UK Garage
Day Dream (4:54)
Perpetual Motion (5:23)
Review: Tuff Culture displaying a love of original UKG, back from the Sunday session days of the genre's infancy. 'Day Dream' has masterfully dry drums and hits and a classic vocal sample that packs in the soul. Smart filters and effects build tension before the big drop, gun fingers and pinging bass all explode to life. Irresistible. On the flip, 'Perpetual Motion' is another stripped-back, scuffed-up, low-key but high-impact garage shuffler with plenty of pent-up energy and a wicked Erykah Badu sample.
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Intérprete: Paul Starey
 in stock $12.19
FTC (remixes)
FTC (remixes) (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: SBB 005. Rel: 18 Jul 22
UK Garage
FTC (2:52)
FTC (Para remix) (3:08)
FTC (unreleased 4x4 mix) (4:18)
Review: A new spoken word track with Smokey him self on vocals featuring the talents of Smasher, reminiscing of late teen years going raving and the love of fashion, record shopping, and most importantly UKG culture! This is a smooth 2 step banger that will make you want to put your Moschino shirt & Gucci loafers and head to Camden Palace!
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 in stock $10.38
On My Way
On My Way (12")
Cat: INSTINCT 28. Rel: 27 Nov 23
UK Garage
On My Way (5:15)
Don't Stop Now (4:40)
Find Da Cure (5:46)
Extender (4:50)
Review: DJ Crisps is starting to make some handy garage moves after a couple of various artists' appearances and a fine EP on Time Is Now Germany in July. Now they link up with Oldboy who appeared on Burnski's other label Vivid back in 2022. As you should expect these are four hardcore and rudely garage cuts with plenty of swagger, naughty samples and bass-face potential. 'On My Way' is the standout with its shuffling one-two drum punch, distant police sirens and warped basslines underneath a timeless and irresistible female vocal full of soul. A summer scorcher for sure alongside three more very useful weapons.
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Tags: UK Garage | Bassline
 in stock $13.24
Ripgroove (25th Anniversary Edition)
Ripgroove (25th Anniversary Edition) (gatefold double 12" in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: DRLGH 009012. Rel: 06 Dec 22
UK Garage
Ripgroove (Reimagination - The Directors cut) (7:17)
Ripgroove (6:06)
Ripgroove (Double 99 vs 10 Below remix) (2:51)
Ripgroove (Ewan McVicar Drop For 34 Knots mix) (5:55)
Ripgroove (Fixate remix) (5:09)
Ripgroove (Reimagination - club mix) (5:21)
Ripgroove (Daffy remix) (4:26)
Review: 'Ripgroove' or 'RIP Groove' is inarguably the catalysing classic of speed garage. It's always a breath of fresh air when a relatively unknown act goes down in musical history, as it proves the music world hasn't been entirely subsumed into the industrial fame monster. Tim Deluxe and Omar Adimora were barely out of their teens when they made the beepy, jungle-voice-timestretchy hit, which, we'll have you know, reappropriated the melody of Soft Cell's 'Tainted Love' and turned it into a killer womping bassline. Now, as is much deserved, a slew of banging remixes of Ripgroove comes as part of an anniversary edition repress: it's got a 2-step version from 10 Below, two 'Reimaginations' in dub and breakbeat style, and even a jungle version from Fixate.
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 in stock $28.29
Panix Vs DJ Snowy Buffet
Cat: OHSCLASH 002. Rel: 30 Aug 22
UK Garage
Panix - "Premium Dubz" (4:20)
Panix - "Hefty" (5:44)
DJ Snowy Buffet - "Can I Tell" (4:32)
DJ Snowy Buffet - "Club Life" (4:22)
Review: Our second sound-clash instalment sees Panix lock heads with DJ Snowy Buffet. Based out of South London, Panix made a name for himself in the dubstep scene, before emerging as one of the most exciting producers of UKG and breaks. The A1, 'Premium Dubz' combines moody bass-lines with ravey stabs to make the ultimate 2-step dance floor killer. The A2, 'Hefty' does exactly what it says on the tin.. Hefty basslines and squeaky clean 4 to the floor drums. DJ Snowy Buffet is another veteran of the dubstep game, producing under the well known WZ. Surfacing as his new alias, the Czechoslovakian producer shows depth to his game with a bouncy UKG sound. The B1, 'Can I Tell' provides skippy garage drums and synths certain to light up any set. The B2, 'Club Life' showcases the darker side of UKG, with warping basslines and amen breaks.

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 in stock $9.86
For When We Haven't Slept
Cat: TIMEDANCE 028. Rel: 30 Aug 23
Crazy BBY
Review: Taking a break from his own Deaf Test label duties, Ploy casually drops a terse three-tracker for Timedance here, returning to ravier and bassier roots. Nominally a "mission statement for the party athlete", the EP aims to defend the all-nighterers, wayward party animals and/or the ten-hour-afters-lovers, sonically suggesting that the art of the night out - nightcraft - is a fine art indeed. Or perhaps it's a lost art, hence Ploy's implicit attempt to revive it through song. Case in point: 'Crazy BBY' is the leading star, a snake-charming of unhesitant percs and giant detuned saws. 'Rose' fleshes the latter element out further, making for a clappy-happy alarma; and 'Finally' seems to suggest a quieter coda in Hessle-ific tribal drums and low-level love moans. Perhaps it's an ode to a quieter, more connected moment enjoyed among friends, towards the end of the night.
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 in stock $14.27
Time Is Now White Vol 1
Time Is Now White Vol 1 (limited pink marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: TINWHITE 001RP. Rel: 13 May 22
UK Garage
Wicked Ya No (5:04)
Keep Coming (3:22)
Soundboy (4:29)
Truss We (4:29)
Haterz (4:19)
Dreams (Interplanetary Criminal remix) (4:01)
 in stock $14.01
Femme Fatale EP
Cat: BRKN 021. Rel: 11 Aug 22
UK Garage
Slippy Bxtch (5:43)
Femme Fatale (6:40)
Tongue Technician (5:53)
System Test (dub) (5:53)
 in stock $14.52
Practical Rhythms Vol 3
Cat: PRHYTHMS 003. Rel: 08 Jan 21
UK Garage
Sky Joose - "Skin Teeth" (5:26)
Sky Joose - "Skin Teeth" (Interplanetary Criminal SPZL remix) (4:35)
Perception - "Oh Yes" (6:23)
Perception - "Oh Yes" (D Jason remix) (6:38)
Review: The Practical Rhythm crew are back with a third vital new release here. It's another trip back to the old school days of 90s garage but with a sufficiently stylish modern update. Sky Joose & DJ Perception are two of the scene's finest players and both come through here with a new single each. Sky Joose's 'Skin Teeth' is a dry, stripped back and minimal cut with darkened bass that becomes even more naughty with the Interplanetary Criminal SPZL remix. Perception then brings some light to the EP with his 'Oh Yes', a soulful cut with a magic lead and loose, tumbling drums. DJ Jason then flips it with some smeared, reversed bass and skeletal perc.
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 in stock $15.05
Cat: BNG 006. Rel: 01 Sep 23
Hip Hop/R&B
Chidongo (3:26)
Bade (Charles Benjamin edit) (4:10)
Review: Swordman Kitala serves up a couple of red hot dancefloor fillers here. known as The Uganda Connect, he comes with these straight from Kampala's active underground hip hop and dance scene to a vinyl only and limited edition new 7" via Bump 'n Grind Wax. Both cuts find him at the point where dance music and sound systems meet. Opener 'Chidongo' has militant drums and off-kilter claps with industrial tones all topped off with potent, quickfire lyrics. Charles Benjamin steps up to the flip with a remix of Swordman Kitala's 'Bade' to make this a red hot pick up.
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Tags: Bassline
 in stock $14.27
PBR 004
PBR 004 (limited hand-numbered hand-stamped 12" + insert)
Cat: PBR 004. Rel: 04 Aug 21
UK Garage
Eliza Rose & Peaky Beats - "Free Your Mind" (5:21)
Eliza Rose & Peaky Beats - "Zen Mode" (5:44)
Peaky Beats - "2001" (5:38)
Peaky Beats - "10 Rounds Of Dub" (5:41)
 in stock $16.09
Dat Dat Dat
Cat: GD4YA 14. Rel: 16 Mar 23
UK Garage
Dat Dat Dat (4:34)
Whip Tha 44 (5:34)
 in stock $11.93
Somethin You Dress Up
Cat: SAUDE 002. Rel: 27 Oct 23
Minimal House/Tech House
I Hope You Breathe
People Fucked Up
London Somethin
No Dress Code (feat Acheel)
 in stock $16.60
PBR 007
PBR 007 (12")
Cat: PBR 007. Rel: 05 Apr 23
UK Garage
Beggin (5:39)
I Need U (6:25)
Pancake Dubs (5:49)
Gledhow Forrest (5:47)
 in stock $16.09
Don't Hold Back
Don't Hold Back (limited red vinyl 12")
Cat: TIN 045. Rel: 29 Jun 23
UK Garage
Don't Hold Back (5:40)
Give It To Me (4:07)
Losing Control (4:27)
Losing Control (Groovy D remix) (5:00)
 in stock $15.31
Hillyfields Warrior EP
Cat: DHUTT 002. Rel: 14 Sep 22
UK Garage
JM Project - "Scruffy Airwaves" (6:53)
JM Project - "Meltdown" (7:02)
Keo Lab - "Rich Cascade" (7:39)
Keo Lab - "Swarm" (6:15)
Review: No digital, vinyl only. Save for these previews on Juno. Art Of Dark are one of just a handful of UK labels pushing 2-step garage in the best way they know how - 'keeping the tradition alive', if you will. Farty and strange as hell comes 'Hillyfields Warrior', referring to a lesser-known park in Hither Green known for its illegal parties and mystical properties. The A-side continues to be helmed up by proder JM Project, with 'Meltdown' serving harder and choppier flavours. Keo Lab handles the B and opts for nuskool electro and breakstep on 'Rich Cascade' and 'Swarm'.
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 in stock $13.49
Safe Planet EP
Cat: SWEETSENS 001. Rel: 21 Jun 22
Planet Of The Tapes (4:39)
Surprise Cat (4:52)
Central Control (5:20)
Doink 182 (4:11)
Tags: UK Garage | Bassline
 in stock $12.98
The Skyline
Cat: 506202 596911. Rel: 25 May 23
Deep House
Cascade (7:04)
Brass Tracks (5:18)
Thuder (6:03)
Driftin' (instrumental) (5:40)
The Dassy Slide (4:38)
Driftin' (feat Cleo Simone) (5:40)
Theme (Future Beat Alliance remix) (6:38)
Tears (5:25)
Intérprete: THE REFLEX
 in stock $17.28
Circuit Rumble
Circuit Rumble (12" in screen-printed sleeve)
Cat: 777 29. Rel: 23 Mar 23
UK Garage
Thanks Felix (2:36)
Fingerclut (5:38)
Final Bout (4:06)
Full Cycle (5:13)
Hisoka (3:57)
Zip Code (feat Matey) (3:26)
Review: A melting pot of UK garage, house and bass, DJ Swagger's latest release on Berlin-based label, 777, is a fascinating exploration in structure and chaos. Opening track, 'Thanks Felix', moves at lightspeed - a thrilling race through a gritty arrangement of blunted kicks, shifting in and out of focus, moving between order and disorder. 'Fingerclut' emerges with an instantly more house-facing feel - a satisfyingly hypnotic groove spirals in a circle motion, featuring a cyclonic gathering of subtle flecks of percussive variation over the course of the track. Offering a spliced, glitched-out take on contemporary bass, 'Final Bout' journeys through moments of airy weightlessness before being thrown back into the growling, driving bass section of the track. The perfect tension builder, 'Full Cycle', is an ingenious tease of a track, skillfully building up to, you guessed it, even more build.
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$16.60 SAVE 35%
 in stock $10.79
Imagine The Truth
Imagine The Truth (limited numbered hand-stamped 12" + insert)
Cat: COM 06. Rel: 29 Mar 23
Calistenics (5:08)
Zerostar (5:20)
Gadabout (5:22)
Airgrit (5:48)
 in stock $12.44
Cat: FD 003. Rel: 14 Dec 21
Palau Figment (7:27)
Rampage (5:58)
La Conga Di Corto (4:49)
La Conga Di Corto (Arif Woo Reduction) (4:55)
La Conga Di Corto (Monty DJ Transformation dub) (6:20)
$14.52 SAVE 45%
 in stock $7.98
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