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Getz/Gilberto (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: 535515 6. Rel: 16 Oct 14
The Girl From Ipanema
P'ra Muchucar
Meu Coracao
So Danco Samba
O Grande Amor
Vivo Sonhando
 in stock $19.57
World Psychedelic Classics 4: Nobody Can Live Forever The Existential Soul Of Tim Maia
Cat: 808990 0671. Rel: 11 Oct 12
Que Beleza (3:29)
Let's Have A Ball Tonight (5:11)
O Caminho Do Bem (6:06)
Ela Partiu (4:15)
Quer Queria, Quer Nao Queria (4:50)
Brother Father Mother Sister (3:19)
Do Leme Ao Pontal (3:13)
Nobody Can Live Forever (2:51)
I Don't Care (2:46)
Bom Senso (5:08)
Where Is My Other Half (3:59)
Over Again (3:23)
The Dance Is Over (2:29)
You Don't Know What I Know (0:33)
Rational Culture (12:18)
 in stock $22.27
Arthur Verocai
Arthur Verocai (gatefold LP)
Cat: MRBLP 133. Rel: 29 Jun 16
Caboclo (2:42)
Pelas Sombras (2:11)
Sylvia (2:58)
Presente Grego (2:29)
Dedicada A Ela (3:30)
Seriado (1:43)
Na Boca Do Sol (2:53)
Velho Parente (2:18)
O Mapa (2:39)
Karina (5:19)
Review: This official reissue of Arthur Verocai's classic self-titled album from 1972 sounds very much like the epitome of a labour of love for Mr Bongo. The press release states the Brighton-based jazz funk archivalists have had this album on top of their reissue hitlist and with the permission of Sir Arthur himself have come through with this official vinyl reissue in newly remastered form from the original Continental master tapes. Do we need to set the scene for this masterclass in long players from Verocai? The ten tracks bristle with sonic fusion, transcending genre to become something more than Brazilian jazz funk across its sublime 29 minutes. Alongside contributing musicians, Verocai invites the listener on a journey through Bossa nova, samba, jazz, MPB, psychedelics and funk. Tip!
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 in stock $22.27
Esperar Pra Ver
Cat: BRZ 45043. Rel: 12 Apr 16
Esperar Pra Ver (2:07)
Que Bandeira (2:21)
Review: Two outstanding Brazilian funk cuts straight out of 1971: "Esperar Pra Ver" is a laden with an immense orchestrated groove that's triggered by a lean, unforgettable bass guitar riff that matches Evinha's purring, slinky allure. "Que Bandeira" rolls with more of a poppy bossa flow with militant rim shots, swooning strings and a momentum that builds on every verse. Both tracks are taken from Cartao Postal, Evinha's third album that has been known to pass hands for as much as L500 in the past.
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 in stock $9.28
Maria Fumaca
Cat: BRZ45 056. Rel: 13 Oct 16
Maria Fumaca (2:27)
Mr Funky Samba (3:41)
Review: For the latest release on their on-point Brasil 45s sub-label, Mr Bongo takes a trip back to 1977, and the early days of legendary fusion outfit Banda Black Rio. Both the cuts here are taken from the band's brilliant debut album, Maria Fumaca, and see them fusing Brasilian samba and jazz sounds with the righteous, dancefloor-friendly grooves of funk and disco. "Maria Fumaca" itself is a deliciously sunny and sweaty affair, with punchy horns, eyes-closed guitar solos and jazz-funk electic piano lines rising above a carnival-ready samba-funk groove. The U.S funk influence comes to the fore more on flipside "Mr Funky Samba", which sounds like Azymuth jamming with members of the T.K Disco, Philadelphia International and Salsoul house bands. Yep, it's that good.
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Tags: Brazilian | Samba | Jazz Funk
 in stock $9.28
Mr Bongo Record Club Volume One (reissue)
Cat: MRBLP 141. Rel: 27 Apr 20
Neno Exporta Som - "Deixa A Tristeza" (3:28)
Alipio Martins - "Piranha" (2:51)
Lemos E Debetio - "Morro Do Barraco Sem Agua" (2:49)
Barbosa - "Seara De Oxala" (2:06)
Dave Pike Set - "Mathar" (3:43)
Lantei - "Fish & Funjee (Komi Ke Kenam)" (2:54)
Buari - "Karam Bani" (4:20)
The Rwenzori's - "Handsome Boy (E Wara)" (part 1 & 2) (6:46)
Mavas John - "Use My Bady" (4:28)
Big Youth - "Mammy Hot Daddy Cool" (3:09)
Tappa Zukie - "Freak" (7:11)
Connie Laverne - "Can't Live Without You" (2:39)
Alex Rodriguez - "El Mercado" (4:57)
Cortex - "Chanson D'un Jour D'Hiver" (5:27)
King James Version - "He's Forever (Amen)" (4:50)
Review: Brighton based record label, publishers, cinematographers and legendary former London record store Mr Bongo present the first installment in their new 'Mr Bongo Record Club' compilation series. It features, in their words "a selection of favourites, recent discoveries and sought after obscurities, which form the basis of our DJ sets and our radio show of the same name." There really is some great music on here that has been sourced from all corners of the globe and as much as they're oldies: they certainly are goodies. Our favourites weren't limited to: Brazilian duo Lemos E Debetio's charming "Morro Do Barraco Sem Agua", the African funk explosion of Lantei's "Fish & Funjee (Komi Ke Kenam)" and some truly hot reggae vibes in the form of Big Youth's 1977 unclassic "Mammy Hot Daddy Cool" among many others on this fine compilation.
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Tags: MPB | Brazilian
 in stock $21.21
Disco Club
Disco Club (LP + insert)
Cat: MRBLP 156. Rel: 15 Mar 18
A Fim De Voltar (4:06)
Acenda O Farol (3:12)
Sossego (3:42)
Vitoria Regia Estou Contigo E Nao Abro (2:18)
All I Want (3:25)
Murmurio (3:22)
Pais E Filhos (3:48)
Se Me Lembro Faz Doer (3:50)
Juras (3:12)
Jhony (2:19)
 in stock $22.27
La Vem Salgueiro
Cat: BRZ45 06. Rel: 25 Apr 14
La Vem Salgueiro
Tenha Fe, Pois Amanha Um Lindo Dia Vai Nascer
Review: Samba flavours do not come more authentic than this. The sixth in Mr Bongo's Brazil 45 series, here they unearth two foundation pieces from Rio collective Os Origianais Do Samba. Forming in 60s Rio, they're still highly active today and have a discography peppered with Brazilian gold. This 45 does well to showcase their breadth... "La Vem Salgueiro" is quintessential samba. Heavy rhythm, punctuated vocals and a dynamic that leaps from bold and delicate in a flash, it charms you instantly. "Tenha Fe" has a softer soul as it strums and sways and more of a folky sensation, tight harmonies and alluring naked instrumentation.
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Tags: Brazilian | Samba
 in stock $9.28
Mr Bongo Record Club Vol 3
Cat: MRBLP 165. Rel: 03 Jun 19
JB De Carvalho E Seu Terreiro - "Fui A Umbanda" (2:33)
Trio Ternura - "A Gira" (3:04)
Alcione - "Figa De Guine" (2:19)
Impacto 5 - "Longe Daqui Aqui Mesmo" (3:23)
Abaete - "Pisa No Taboado" (2:34)
Tobias - "Coisa Sentimental" (4:00)
Os Flippers - "Estrelar" (2:02)
SpaceArk - "Don't Stop" (unreleased long version) (4:09)
Pure Release - "I'll Know It's Love For Sure" (3:37)
Luther Davis Group - "You Can Be A Star" (4:39)
Kaleidoscope - "Let Me Try" (3:26)
Marumo - "Khomo Tsaka Deile Kae?" (3:43)
Splash - "Peacock" (4:51)
Gyedu Blay Ambolley - "Highlife" (5:00)
Harari - "Senyamo" (4:44)
Tokyo Academy Philharmonic Chorus Group - "Taharazaka" (2:57)
Cesar Roldão Vieira - "Ze Do Trem" (2:14)
Elias Rahbani - "I Want To Be" (3:21)
Elias Rahbani - "Dance Of Maria" (2:45)
Galt MacDermot - "Coffee Cold" (3:22)
Review: The crate-diggers behind the Mr Bongo label can usually be relied upon to showcase some seriously good tunes old and new. That's certainly the case on this third volume in their occasional "Record Club" series of compilations. Spanning sunshine soul, obscure samba, spacey jazz-funk experimentation, wide-eyed underground disco, fiery funk, weirdo rock, cheery South African bubblegum, synth-laden early '80s highlife, Ramsay Lewis style workouts and the psychedelic Middle Eastern disco-funk of Elias Rahbani, the compilation's 20 tracks are not only near faultless, but genuinely surprising and eye-opening. To quote a cliche, this collection genuinely is all killer and no filler.
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 in stock $22.27
Lovely Day
Cat: MRB 7222. Rel: 26 Apr 24
Lovely Day (Studio Rio version) (3:59)
Lovely Day (Studio Rio instrumental version) (3:59)
Review: A decade ago, German brothers Frank and Christian Berman created a genuinely overlooked masterpiece: an album that combined classic vocal and instrumental performances from soul, jazz and funk performers (extracted from multi-track tapes of the original recordings) with new Brazilian-flavoured backing tracks featuring some of Brazil's most famous and storied musicians. The album, credited to Studio Rio, kicked off with this: a shuffling, samba-fired version of Bill Withers' classic 'Lovely Day' that's arguably even sunnier and more positive than the great man's original soul recording. It's a genuinely brilliant version, all told, and one that sounds like a summer festival and end-of-night anthem in the making. Mr Bongo thinks so - hence this must-have 7" single that pairs the vocal version with a previously unreleased instrumental take.
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 in stock $20.16
Onda De Amor: Synthesized Brazilian Hits That Never Were 1984-94
Cat: SNDWLP 125. Rel: 06 Jul 18
Ricardo Bomba - "Voce Vai Se Lembrar" (3:56)
Vania Bastos - "Tabu (The Sweetest Taboo)" (4:42)
Rosana Mendes & Grupo Veneno - "Reague" (3:44)
Grupo Controle Digital - "A Festa E Nossa" (3:16)
Villa Box - "Break De Rua (Versao Longa)" (4:44)
Batista Junior - "Cheira" (7" version) (3:18)
Dado Brazzawilly - "Saramandaia" (4:00)
Anacy Arcanjo - "Toque Tambor" (4:11)
Fogo Baiano - "O Fogo Do Sol" (3:57)
Dodo Da Bahia & As Virgens De Porto Seguro - "Africamerica" (5:00)
Via Negromonte - "Love Is All" (3:59)
Electric Boogies - "Electric Boogies" (4:01)
Os Abelhudos - "Contos De Escola" (Millos Kaiser edit) (4:39)
Nanda Rossi - "Livre Pra Voar" (Millos Kaiser edit) (4:41)
Andre Melo - "Onda De Amor" (3:29)
Regiao Abissal - "Feminina Mulher" (instrumental) (5:39)
 in stock $20.16
Jambu E Os Miticos Sons Da Amazonia
Jambu E Os Miticos Sons Da Amazonia (gatefold 2xLP + MP3 download code + 24 page booklet)
Cat: AALP 088. Rel: 21 Jun 19
Rosvaldo Ja Chegou? (intro) (0:30)
Pinduca - "Vamos Farrear" (3:07)
Os Muiraquitans - "A Misturada" (3:02)
Os Quentes De Terra Alta - "Praia Do Algodoal" (3:21)
Pinduca - "Pai Xango" (3:36)
Janjao - "Meu Barquinho" (3:13)
Messias Holanda - "O Galo Canta, O Macaco Assovia" (3:33)
Vieira E Seu Conjunto - "Lambada Da Baleia" (2:55)
Verequete E O Conjunto Uirapuru - "Mambo Assanhado" (3:25)
O Conjunto De Orlando Pereira - "Carimbo Para Yemanja" (2:19)
Pinduca - "Coco Da Bahia" (3:06)
Messias Holanda - "Carimbo Da Pimienta" (2:29)
Verequete E O Conjunto Uirapuru - "Da Garrafa Uma Pinga" (3:11)
O Conjunto De Orlando Pereira - "Maruda" (2:00)
Magalhaes E Sua Guitarra - "Xango" (3:20)
Vieira E Seu Conjunto - "Melo Do Bode" (3:45)
Grupo Da Pesada - "Voa Andorinha" (2:43)
Grupo Da Pesada - "Lundun Da Yaya" (3:15)
Mestre Cupijo E Seu Ritmo - "Despedida" (4:09)
Review: Analog Africa's latest must-have release focuses on the little-known musical culture of the Para state on Northern Brazil, and specifically the port city of Belem. Since the 1960s the city's musicians have been serving up unique and exciting new styles that draw as much on West African, Cuban and Caribbean music as they do the rhythms and instrumentation of the Amazonian tribes based nearby. It's these kinds of unique and exuberant fusions - think heavy bass, bouncy ska-style rhythms, punchy Afro-Cuban horns, densely layered drums, celebratory vocals and tropical guitars - that make "Jambu E Os Miticos Sons Da Amazonia" such an essential listen. Context is provided via the included 24-page booklet, whose extensive liner notes track the development of Para's unique musical culture.
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Tags: Brazilian | Ska | Cumbia | Afro Cuban
 in stock $24.68
Tava Mais Nao Tava
 in stock $9.28
India (reissue)
India (reissue) (gatefold LP + insert)
Cat: MRBLP 149. Rel: 31 Jul 17
India (6:54)
Milho Verde (4:25)
Presente Cotidiano (2:54)
Volta (3:19)
Relance (4:55)
Da Maior Importancia (5:08)
Passarinho (5:27)
Pontos De Luz (2:43)
Desafinado (2:39)
Review: Last reissued in Brazil over 10 years ago and last reissued on vinyl over 20 years ago, legendary Brazilian singer Gal Costa's sixth album is a tropicalian odyssey. Reflective, soulful, touching and dynamic, Gal guides us through a sunset story of ballads ("Volta"), bossas ("Milho Verde") blues ("De Maior Importance") and beyond with an all-star troupe of musicians including Gilberto Gil, Arthur Verocai and Dominguinhos. Remastered to a touch and complete with the original cover that was banned by the Brazilian dictatorship at the time, this is the first time India has been reissued with care in decades.
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 in stock $22.27
Cat: BRZ45 022. Rel: 20 Apr 15
Rita Lee & Tutti Frutti - "Agora E Moda" (4:17)
Pete Dunaway - "Supermarket" (4:52)
Review: Time for some Brazilian psychedelic boogie straight from 78. Erstwhile lead singer in Os Mutantes, with a personality thrice as big as the soaking wet bassline on "Agora E Moda", Rita Lee is no stranger to her motherland - even now. Flip for a huge soul injection courtesy of Pete Dunaway. Sounding English in every direction (from his name to his lyrics to the stunning, string-coated arrangement) he's actually Sao Paulo born and is a renowned multi-instrumentalist. Check this and you can tell in an instant. Stunning.
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 in stock $9.28
Deixa A Tristeza
Cat: BRZ45 076. Rel: 07 Feb 20
Neno Exporta Som - "Deixa A Tristeza" (3:29)
Agnaldo Rayol - "Sumauma" (3:38)
Review: After delivering some killer reissues over the last few years, Mr Bongo's brilliant Brazil 45s series has reached "buy on sight" status. It goes without saying that the label's latest double-header of hard-to-find Brazilian gems is white hot. A-side Neno Exporta Som's impossible-to-find 1971 gem "Deixa A Tristeza", a wild and life-affirming fusion of samba and funk full of fuzzy sax solos, glassy-eyed vocals and heavyweight grooves. Over on the flip you'll find another killer cut from '71: "Sumauma" by MPB star Agnaldo Rayol. Blessed with a great groove and incredible arrangement, it sounds like a Brazilian take on the sort of over-the-top songs used to open James Bond movies in the 1970s (albeit with a bit of samba sunshine thrown in).
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 in stock $9.28
Manha (limited 7")
Cat: BRZ45 021. Rel: 20 Apr 15
Azimuth - "Manha" (3:45)
Osmar Milito E Quarteto Forma - "America Latina" (2:46)
Review: A tale of two sides, Azimuth's classic "Manha" should be recognisable to many; taken from their self-titled LP in 1975, its golden harmonies and lavish, lolloping Bob James style jazz are as timeless as they were 40 years ago. Flip for "America Latina". Conjured by prolific collaborator Osmar Milito (whose discography features the likes of Sammy Davis Jr, Spanky Wilson and Liza Minelli), its striking, sing-along charms are no accident... It was actually created for 70s Brazilian soap opera Selva De Pedra.
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 in stock $9.28
Aguia Nao Come Mosca (30th Anniversary Edition)
Cat: MRBLP 209. Rel: 20 May 19
Voo Sobre O Horizonte (3:41)
Aguia Nao Come Mosca (3:30)
Despertar (4:57)
Tarde (5:26)
Circo Marimbondo (2:28)
Tamborim, Cuica, Ganza, Berimbau (5:02)
A Presa (3:44)
A Caca (3:03)
Falcon Love Call (Armazen No 2) (3:53)
Aguia Negra X Dragao Negro (2:29)
 in stock $22.27
O Journaleiro
O Journaleiro (limited 7")
Cat: BRZ45 016. Rel: 15 Dec 14
Toni Tornado - "O Jornaleiro"
Som Tres - "Homenagem A Mongo"
Review: Rich gutsy soul from a man who's regularly described as Brazil's James Brown, "O Journalerio" is a blueprint funk jam. Released in 1971 (on his hyper-rare album BR-3) it's all about the orchestrated swing, bluesy groove and Hammond licks so lavish you need to towel on every listen. Flip for Som Tres... An off-shoot of the Sambalanco Trio, it's the sound of Cesar Camargo Mariano controlling a restrained rolling slice of filmic instrumental funk where horns, keys and drums gather momentum with big band drama. Neither have been released on 45" before, making this all the more special.
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 in stock $9.28
Tenha Fe Pois Amanha Um Lindo Dia Vai
Cat: BRZ 4504. Rel: 27 Mar 14
Salinas - "Tenha Fe Pois Amanha Um Lindo Dia Vai" (2:52)
Sonia Santos - "Speed" (4:15)
 in stock $9.28
Deixa Rodar
Cat: BRZ 45054. Rel: 16 Sep 16
Hanna - "Deixa Rodar" (3:24)
Almir Ricardi - "To Parado Na Tua" (3:35)
 in stock $9.28
Agua Remixes
Cat: RNTR 036. Rel: 02 Jun 21
Deep House
Agua (Jimpster remix) (6:10)
Agua (Jimpster dub) (5:52)
Agua (Diogo Strausz & JKriv remix) (7:10)
Agua (JKriv & Diogo Strausz dub) (6:07)
Review: This glorious package of remixes of the BaianaSystem band draws together contemporary Brazilian sounds with plenty of modern dance floor flourishes. A?gua is the standout track from their 2018 LP and is a poem to the bands native Bahia people with the legendary Antonio Carlos & Jocafi. It is perfect material to rework for different settings and deep house don Jimpster does that with his fat bottomed, tropical remix then stripped back dub. Brazilian producer Diogo Strausz joins forces with RNT boss JKriv on the flip for a more drawn out and cosmic exploration that pumps up and down on weight bass and that lovely loose jumble of percussion.
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 in stock $16.45
Xango (7")
Cat: BRZ 45084. Rel: 26 Mar 21
Magalhaes - "Xango" (3:21)
Os Panteras - "Lambada Pauleira" (2:42)
Review: The previous instalment in Mr Bongo's ongoing Brazil 45s series offered up two sought-after cuts from Di Melo's 1975 self-titled debut album. This volume takes a slightly different approach, instead delivering killer cuts from two different artists, both of whom hail from the North of Brazil. On side A you'll find Magalhaes' 1986 gem 'Xangos', a cheery and energetic Lambada workout rich in jangling guitars, shuffling percussion, ear-catching vocals and restless bass. On the reverse Os Panteros takes over with 1987 jam 'Lambada Pauleira', a quirky chunk of Lambada full of fuzzy synths, infectious percussion and lo-fi guitar licks. The cut was famously re-edited some time back by Joutro Mondo, though this original version is - in our opinion - far superior.
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Tags: MPB | Brazilian | Cumbia
 in stock $9.28
Cat: RNT 45007. Rel: 12 Jan 21
Emancipacao (5:05)
50 Anos Em 5 (4:37)
Review: Diogo Strausz has previously released on Razor-N-Tape as part of the duo Balako but now steps up as a solo artist to kick off the label's 2021. A Sao Paulista now living in Paris, he brings plenty of musicality to the slick 7", firstly with 'Emancipacao,' which is awash with melancholic keys and rich bass but also plenty of fantastic leads from both synths and sax. It's splashy and splashy and colourful disco. '50 Anos Em 5' then gets playful and funky with a Latin twist as the salsa beats an squelchy bass all make you want to spin on your heels.
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 in stock $12.20
Ola De Novo (The Remixes) (feat Kiko Navarro/Kaidi Tatham/Blair French/Ezel/Cee El Assaad/Chris Coco/John Beltran & John Arnold mixes)
AZTEC 2022 (Kiko Navarro Jazz Suite) (9:31)
Bliss Mode (Kaidi Tatham remix) (4:53)
Pour Le Moment (Blair French Revision) (4:39)
Rythm Of The Sun (Ezel remix) (7:11)
Get Away (Cee ElAssaad remix) (7:25)
Linda Sau Paulo (Chris Coco dub) (4:12)
Rhythm Of Sao Paolo (Beltran & Arnold Brazilian Blend) (5:27)
Review: Having thrown somewhat of a creative curveball with the launch of Latin and soul-centered project Sol Set, John Beltran hands over the Detroit collective's debut album Ola De Novo to a list of impressive global talent for the remix treatment. Kiko Navarro, Kaidi Tatham, Blair Frech, Ezel, Cee ElAssaad, Chris Coco and John Beltram with John Arnold all line up to do their duty, incorporating the sun kissed, percussion-heavy and exotically instrumented vibes into their more house and techno productions. Highlights include Cee ElAssaad's remix of 'Get Away', its gloriously optimistic vocal retained and re-purposed over light and nimble beats, and Chris Coco's dubby slow motion samba take on 'Linda Sau Paulo', but like the label says, it's All Good
Read more
 in stock $19.63
Brazil 45 Boxset Vol 3 Curated By Kenny Dope (Record Store Day RSD 2022)
Cat: MRB 7206. Rel: 07 May 22
Luli Lucina E O Bando - "Flor Lilas" (Kenny Dope remix) (2:54)
Jayme Marques - "Berimbao" (5:42)
Di Melo - "Pernalonga" (Kenny Dope remix) (3:36)
Toni Tornado - "Sou Negro" (2:23)
Milton Banana Trio - "Primitivo" (2:43)
Milton Banana Trio - "Cidade Vazia" (2:51)
Papete - "Procissao Dos Mortos" (2:57)
Papete - "Domingo No Parque" (4:56)
Antonio Carlos & Jocafi - "Quem Vem La" (Kenny Dope remix) (3:52)
Miguel De Deus - "Black Soul Brothers" (Kenny Dope edit) (3:40)
 in stock $53.58
Deixa O Morro Cantar
Cat: BRZ 45066. Rel: 14 Aug 17
Deixa O Morro Cantar (2:33)
Mas Que Nada (2:33)
Review: Supreme musica popular Brasileira and bossa-nova vibes here on two tracks from Mr Bongo's leading Brazilian 45's lady, Claudia. "Deixa o Morro Cantar" features on Claudia's very first 7", released in 1965 by RGE Brazil. Her version of "Mas Que Nada" is said to be more of a jazzy/folk-funk take on the Ben classic. A relatively recent discovery made during the label's last trip to Brazil, Maria das Gracas Rallo was born in 1946 in Rio de Janeiro. She has become the most awarded singer outside of her home country and was most popular internationally in 1982 with the song "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" from the musical Evita. Moreover, she has recorded over twenty albums and has amassed huge record sales throughout her successful career.
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 in stock $9.28
Mr Bongo Record Club Volume Four
Cat: MRBLP 217. Rel: 20 Nov 20
The Modern Tropical Quintet - "Midnight In Moscow" (4:28)
James Reese & The Progressions - "Throwing Stones" (Kenny Dope mix) (5:21)
Cindy & The Playmates - "Don't Stop This Train" (3:14)
Carnival - "Eyes Growing Wider" (4:20)
Azwon - "Paradise Island" (5:25)
Carlos Puebla, Santiago Martinez & Pedro Sosa - "Sun Sun Damba E" (3:50)
Pepe Sanchez Y Su Rock-Band - "Sentimiento" (5:00)
DJ Format & The Simonsound - "The Peruvian" (3:42)
Hamlet Minassian - "Al Elnim" (6:10)
Idrissa Soumaoro & L'Eclipse De L' IJA - "Nissodia" (Mike D remix) (4:04)
Teaspoon Ndelu - "Sputla" (7:01)
The Mombasa Vikings - "Mama Matotoya" (3:35)
Lincoln - "Amanha O Tempo Muda" (3:04)
Don Ricardo - "Sonho Lindo" (2:33)
Ze Roberto - "Lotus 72 D" (fast) (3:03)
Wax Machine - "Extralude" (Wyndham Earl More-Than-An interlude remix) (4:27)
Matty - "Selfportrait" (7:15)
Review: Since launching in 2016, Mr Bongo's Record Club compilation series has provided three essential volumes of personal favourites - many obscure and hard-to-find - selected by the label's in-house team of crate-digging DJs. Volume four is naturally every bit as essential as its' predecessors, offering an enticing mixture of Brazilian, African, soul, funk and disco with not a suspect selection in sight. This time round, they've chosen to include contemporary music as well as dusty old gems, with highlights including Kenny Dope's delicious rework of the soul-jazz positivity of 'Throwing Stones' by James Reese and the Progressions, the fast version of Ze Roberto's 1973 MPB classic 'Lotus 72D' and the samba-folk wonder that is Matthew Tavares' 2019 gem 'Self Portrait'.
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Tags: African | Brazilian
 in stock $22.27
Demos (1973-75) Volume 1
Demos (1973-75) Volume 1 (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: FARO 210LP1. Rel: 28 May 19
Prefacio (4:17)
Castelo (version 1) (3:40)
Melo Da Cuica (3:51)
Xingo (version 1) (4:54)
Laranjeiras (7:30)
Equipe 68 (5:36)
Unknown Jam (1:55)
Unknown Song For Mario Telles (3:49)
Review: Before they found fame with their 1975 debut album, Azymuth divided their time between working as backing musicians (attending recording sessions with some of Brazil's top talent) and recording experimental home demos. Recently rediscovered, these demos are finally being given a release thanks to the efforts of Far Out chief Joe Davis. There's much to admire on this first batch (a second volume is also available) of previously unheard early recordings, from the high-octane Brazilian funk insanity of "Prefacio" and Jimmy Smith-esque "Melo De Cuica", to the spacey samba/jazz-funk fusion of "Xingo (Version One)" and the relaxed, slow-burn brilliance of seven minute B-side opener "Laranjeiras".
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Tags: Brazilian | Jazz Funk
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Deixa Eu Dizer
Cat: BRZ 45.01. Rel: 07 Aug 18
Claudia - "Deixa Eu Dizer" (3:39)
Cizinha - "Pra Fazer Um Samba" (2:11)
 in stock $9.54
Cat: MRBLP 139. Rel: 02 Nov 16
Ritual Negro (2:00)
Agua Viva (2:03)
Um So (2:08)
Sem Sombra (3:09)
Savana (2:52)
Advertencia (3:00)
Quem Sou Eu? (2:32)
Flor De Lotus (3:08)
Dentro Da Selva (2:17)
Desengano Da Vista (2:43)
Dual (2:58)
Arabindu (2:01)
Review: Brighton based record label, publishers, cinematographers and legendary former London record store Mr Bongo reissue the legendary 1968 album by Pedro dos Santos, entitled Krishnada. Born in Rio de Janiero in 1919, Santos was (according to the label) "a percussionist virtuoso, composer and inventor of instruments.. such as the 'Tamba' (electrified bamboo drum) and the mouth berimbau whistle." He was a very spiritual person apparently and regarded by some as a philosopher of sorts. The album was produced by himself at CBS studios with arrangements by Joppa Lins. It features poetic lyrics in a unique linguistic structure, as well as various percussive instruments and horn arrangements with samba rhythms from Latin styles. Despite the originality of his percussive sound and the influence it has had on musicians, it had little impact at the time. The album had a cult revival in the noughties and began circulating the internet in MP3 format, finally giving recognition to this unusual spiritual Bossanova masterpiece.
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Onde Anda O Meu Amor
Cat: BRZ45 082. Rel: 04 Dec 20
Onde Anda O Meu Amor (3:44)
Gueri-Gueri (4:19)
Review: Following persistent requests, Mr Bongo has finally relented and dedicated an edition of their popular Brazil 45s series to Orlandivo Honorio de Souza, a composer, singer and percussionist whose 1977 album Oelandivo remains high on my collectors' wants-lists. Wisely, their A-side pick is 'Onde Anda O Meu Amore', a cosmic and spacey fusion of samba-soul and jazz-funk rich in ethereal flute lines and intergalactic keys. This time round it comes backed by the equally as impressive 'Gueri Gueri', an insatiable samba-rock number wrapped in heady accordion, jangly acoustic guitar and punchy horn sounds.
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Amarelo (Special Edition)
Amarelo (Special Edition) (gatefold 2xLP + booklet in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: STERNS 2034. Rel: 25 Feb 20
Principia (feat Fabiana Cozza, Pastor Henrique Vieira & Pastoras Do Rosario) (5:51)
A Ordem Natural Das Coisas (feat MC Tha) (3:53)
Pequenas Alegrias Da Vida Adulta (feat Marcos Valle) (3:47)
Quem Tem Um Amigo (Tem Tudo) (feat Zeca Pagodinho & Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra) (4:08)
Paisagem (3:08)
Cananeia, Iguape E Ilha Comprida (5:36)
9nha (feat Drik Barbosa) (2:57)
Ismalia (feat Larissa Luz & Fernanda Montenegro) (5:54)
Eminencia Parda (feat Dona Onete, Je Santiago & Papillon) (4:06)
Amarelo (Sample: Sujeito De Sorte - Belchior) (feat Majur & Pabllo Vittar) (5:23)
Libre (feat Ibeyi) (2:51)
Who Has Friend, Has Everything (feat Denise D'paula & Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - bonus track) (3:42)
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Tema Do Brisa
Cat: CLUB 01. Rel: 20 Nov 19
Zeca Do Trombone - "Tema Do Brisa" (3:22)
Sambacanas - "Panga, Danga, Panga" (3:28)
 in stock $11.94
Brazilian Dorian Dream (reissue)
Cat: FARO 219LP. Rel: 29 Oct 21
Brazilian Dorian Dream (5:37)
Facing East (4:43)
Jungle Cat (5:36)
That's What She Says (4:09)
Slaughter On Tenth Avenue (4:59)
Who Needs It (5:19)
Braziliana No 1 (9:04)
Review: By the time he recorded "Brazilian Dorian Dream" in 1976, Brazilian composer, musician, producer and bandleader Manfedo Fest had already worked on countless bossa-nova, samba and jazz albums, both in the United States and his native Brazil. Yet the album, which Far Out has now reissued, is like nothing else he recorded before or after - and not just because it was based on "the principle of the modal diatonic scales of the Dorian mode". Musically, it's deliciously vibrant and colourful, combining elements of his native Brazilian samba and bossa-nova with Azymuth style jazz-funk, American jazz-fusion, and futuristic, then cutting edge synthesizer sounds. Above all, though, the album strikes a near perfect balance between funkiness and the sweet sunniness that defines some of the greatest Brazilian music.
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 in stock $24.14
Airport Love Theme
Cat: BRZ 45085. Rel: 26 Mar 21
Airport Love Theme (2:43)
Afro Som (2:58)
Review: Mr Bongo's reliable Brazil 45s series reaches its' 85th instalment. This time round the Brighton-based label has chosen to offer up two cuts from Waldir Calmon's 1970 set Waldir Calmon E Seus Multisons. While the album is not all that renowned, the track 'Airport Love Theme' - which resides on the A-side here - most certainly is, thanks to Madlib sampling it on the Madvillain album. It's a laidback and languid fusion of mellow soul breaks, Mexican stand-off trumpets, soaring choral vocals, Mediterranean acoustic guitars and mazy organ solos, all topped off with the sugary polish often associated with classic lounge music. Over on side B there's a chance to savour another killer cut from the same set, Jean-Jacques Perrey-esque lounge funk groover 'Afro Son'.
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Memoria Das Aguas (remastered)
Cat: OMSD 006. Rel: 22 Mar 23
Memoria Das Aguas (5:05)
Amanhecer Tabajara (A Alceu Valenca) (3:57)
Ladeira Dos Inocentes (5:05)
Revoada (5:23)
Mercado (Gravado No Mercado Tanger) (3:20)
Curimao (Sons Onomatopaicos E Folk Da Guine) (6:48)
Solito (Solo De Balaue) (4:29)
Danado Cantador (Balaue, Orquestra E Declamacao) (A Fagner) (4:46)
Review: For the first in a series of must-have reissues of obscure Brazilian treats, Optimo Music and Selva Discos have joined forces to offer up a new pressing of Fernando Falcao's superb 1981 debut, "Memoria Das Aguas". The eight-track set has long been considered something of a slept-on and hard-to-find classic, with Falcao conjuring up an octet of tracks that brilliantly join the dots between neo-classical movements, dreamy, percussion-led soundscapes (see the sublime "Amanhecer Tabajara (A Alceu Valenca)"), spiraling big band Afro-Brazilian jazz ("Ladeira Dos Inocentes"), intoxicating classical-jazz fusion ("Revoada") and experimental, beat-free sound collages ("Mercado"). In a word: exceptional.
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Nega Neguinha
Cat: BRZ 4502. Rel: 19 Feb 14
Samjazz - "Nega Neguinha"
Abilio Mandel - "Luiza Manequim"
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Dois Minutos De Um Novo Dia
Cat: BRZ45 048. Rel: 01 Jul 16
Antonio Adolfo & A Brazuca - "Dois Minutos De Um Novo Dia" (2:36)
Maria Castro Neves & Samba SA - "Candomble" (2:08)
Tags: MPB | Brazilian | Samba | Bossa Nova
 in stock $9.28
Demos (1973-75) Volume 2
Demos (1973-75) Volume 2 (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: FARO 210LP2. Rel: 29 May 19
Duro De Roer (4:07)
Manha (7:05)
Tempos Do Parana (7:37)
Bateria Do Mamao (1:05)
Quem Tem Medo (2:32)
Xingo (version 2) (4:28)
Juntos Mais Uma Vez (4:53)
Castelo (version 2) (6:08)
Review: Far Out takes a second deep dive into the previously unheard early demos of Brazilian jazz-funk greats Azymuth, offering up more unpolished gems recorded during the years as one of Brazil's most sought-after session bands. Interestingly, much of the material is closer in tone and style to their subsequent releases, though some of the rhythms, solos and basslines are arguably a little wilder and more experimental. Highlights include the fizzing opener "Duro De Roer", the sweaty and percussive brilliance of "Bateria Do Mamao", the Blaxploitation influenced spy-chase madness of "Quem Tem Medo" and the surprisingly smooth "Manha", the demo that eventually earned Azymuth a recording contract.
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Sambalanco (limited 7")
Cat: BRZ 45037. Rel: 25 Jan 16
Noelita - "Sambalanco" (2:59)
Doris Monteiro - "E Isso Ai" (3:00)
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Wave (reissue)
Wave (reissue) (gatefold 180 gram vinyl LP + CD with obi-strip)
Cat: LR 349LP. Rel: 08 Jan 18
Wave (2:48)
The Red Blouse (5:01)
Look To The Sky (2:17)
Batidinha (3:06)
Triste (2:00)
Mojave (2:17)
Dialogo (2:50)
Lamento (2:40)
Antigua (3:07)
Captain Bacardi (4:27)
The Red Blouse
Look To The Sky
Captain Bacardi
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A Beleza E Voce Menina
Cat: BRZ45 092. Rel: 10 Dec 21
A Beleza E Voce Menina (3:29)
Embalo Diferente (3:27)
Review: For the latest edition in the label's superb Brazil 45s series, the Mr Bongo crew has decided to reissue one of their all-time favourite tracks, Os Devaneios' 'Embala Differente'. Situated here on side B, the track is one of the funkiest and heaviest samba floor-fillers going - a 1978 workout that adds punchy horns, disco-boogie bass, strong male lead vocals and mazy organ solos to an infectious and percussively dense rhythm track. A-side 'A Beleza E Voce Menina', a slightly later recording, is equally as impressive, with the obscure Brazilian band adding elements of soul, South American boogie and AOR to their funky-as-hell samba template. Another essential instalment in one of the most on-point reissue series around.
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Que Vida E Essa
Cat: BRZ45 051. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Wal Sant'ana - "Que Vida E Essa" (2:47)
Ronie & Central Do Brasil - "Atoa Atoa" (2:29)
 in stock $9.28
Siria: Mestre Cupijo E Seu Ritmo (remastered)
Siria: Mestre Cupijo E Seu Ritmo (remastered) (gatefold 180 gram vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: AALP 076. Rel: 19 May 21
Mingau De Acai (2:54)
Mambo Do Martelo (2:30)
Caboclinha Do Igapo (2:05)
Tubarao Branco (2:13)
Morena Do Rio Mutuaca (2:53)
Papa Chibe (2:54)
Farol Do Marajo (2:27)
Cade O Anel (2:48)
Ventinho Do Norte (3:45)
Siria Quente (3:11)
Eu Quero O Meu Anel (2:51)
Perereca (2:07)
Pra Danca Meu Siria (2:52)
Passarinho Siriri (2:43)
Review: A very special release, available for the first time internationally... Here Analog Africa explores the pollination of rural Brazilian music made by Amazon natives and the influence of escaped African slaves. Composed by Mestre Cupijo and recorded between 1975 and 1982, each track blasts and wheezes its own unique narrative. From the frenetic rhumba of "Tubarao Branco" to the spiralling horns and rich chants of "Siria Quente" via sad croons and concrete guitar strums of "Passarinho Siriri" there's a vibrant fusion of elements that will resonate with fans of music from both sides of the Atlantic.
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Tags: MPB | Brazilian | Cumbia
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Waimea 55 000
Cat: BRZ45 079. Rel: 13 Mar 20
Jorge Ben - "Waimea 55.000" (4:00)
Baby Consuelo - "Curto De Veu E Grinalda" (2:29)
 in stock $9.28
Vale Tudo
Cat: MRBLP 230. Rel: 26 May 21
Trem Da Central (4:03)
Candura (3:04)
Pela Cidade (3:21)
Onda Negra (3:41)
Gamacao (3:16)
Vale Tudo (4:09)
Guarde Minha Voz (3:11)
Terra Azul (3:29)
Musa (2:44)
So As Estrelas (3:26)
Review: Considered one of the essential Brazilian funk records of an era, Sandra Sa's Vale Tudo receives a much deserved reissue here on Mr. Bongo. Originally released in 1983, it was produced by Lincoln Olivetti alongside a who's who of musicians that were central figures on the scene at the time. From the disco boogie of 'Trem Da Central' featuring one amazing brass section, the heartfelt and romantic ballad 'Onda Negra' and the late night boogie-down vibe of 'Guarde Minha Voz' - they are the perfect backdrop for Sa's unique voice which really shines throughout. Although most prolific in the early '80s, Sa continues to work in the music industry to this day.
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Obnoxius (reissue)
Cat: FARO 191LP. Rel: 15 Sep 21
Obnoxius (3:52)
Tarde De Nupcias (2:10)
Memoria (2:31)
Ponto De Chamada (3:11)
As Aventuras Sentimentais De Espiroqueta Camargo (4:51)
Talisma (2:50)
Arrail Da Lua Cheia (2:15)
Ancoradouro (3:08)
Cancao Da Casa Iluminada (2:46)
Apocalipse (3:10)
Exaltacao E Lamento Do Ultimo Rei (3:44)
Review: Far Out Recordings have long been masters at unearthing and reissuing long-lost Brazilian masterpieces. Jose Mauro's 1970 debut album, Obnoxious, undoubtedly falls into that category. It's long been a favourite with committed diggers such as Gilles Peterson, Madlib and Floating Points, all of whom appreciate Mauro's distinctively melancholic take on the samba sound. Drenched in atmospheric strings and with the singer's bittersweet vocals to the fore, the album sounds like it was informed as much by the Walker Brothers ad Rotary Connection as the sun-kissed sounds Mauro would have grown up listening to. It's not exactly psychedelic per se, but it's certainly impressively atmospheric and occasionally refreshingly dark. File under: "essential listening".
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Quem Vem La
 in stock $8.76
Faz Tanto Tempo
Cat: BRZ45 073. Rel: 20 Nov 19
Faz Tanto Tempo (2:24)
Sambaloo (2:18)
Review: For the latest volume in their essential "Brazil 45" series of seven-inch singles, Brighton-based Mr Bongo has decided to offer up a fresh pressing of MPB star Renata Lu's superb 1971 single "Faz Tanto Tempo". You'll find the title track, a heavyweight fusion of US style soul and funk with added Latin percussion and a touch of easy listening sassiness, on side A, with original B-side "Sambaloo" on the flip. This features Lu singing over a hybrid samba/boogaloo backing track rich in jaunty bass, rasping horns and jazzy electric piano riffs. It's arguably every bit as alluring as the A-side.
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Tags: MPB | Latin | Brazilian
 in stock $9.28
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