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Random Access Memories
Random Access Memories (gatefold 180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 888837 16861. Rel: 05 Jul 21
Funky/Club House
Give Life Back To Music (4:30)
The Game Of Love (5:25)
Giorgio By Moroder (9:03)
Within (3:45)
Instant Crush (5:29)
Lose Yourself To Dance (5:47)
Touch (8:14)
Get Lucky (6:07)
Beyond (4:49)
Motherboard (5:42)
Fragments Of Time (4:40)
Doin' It Right (4:12)
Contact (6:17)
Review: You might have heard about this LP..... After a pre-release campaign that took on Hollywood-esque proportions, French pair Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter return as Daft Punk with their fourth studio album Random Access Memories sporting a A-list cast of guests and contributors. Given the input of disco icons Giorgio Moroder and Nile Rogers it's entirely understandable that the overbearing sound on Random Access Memories is one of classic disco with lead single "Get Lucky" a good indicator for what to expect. There's also a smattering of yacht rock within the thirteen track set, whilst the ubiquitous Panda Bear turns up on the midnight stutter funk album highlight "Doin' It Right". Those expecting a return to Daft Punk's Homework heyday will be disappointed but Bangalter and de Homem-Christo are touching forty so the polished, expertly constructed disco direction makes perfect sense.
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 in stock $29.59
The World Of Arthur Russell
Cat: SJRLP 83. Rel: 26 Mar 21
Dinosaur L - "Go Bang" (Francois Kervorkian mix) (7:34)
Lola - "Wax The Van" (5:25)
Loose Joints - "It's All Over My Face" (Larry Levan mix) (6:55)
Arthur Russell - "Keeping Up" (6:19)
Arthur Russell - "In The Light Of The Miracle" (13:19)
Arthur Russell - "A Little Lost" (3:18)
Loose Joints - "Pop Your Funk" (6:38)
Arthur Russell - "Let's Go Swimming" (Walter Gibbons mix) (5:12)
Dinosaur L - "In The Cornbelt" (Larry Levan mix) (5:59)
Arthur Russell - "Treehouse" (2:09)
Indian Ocean - "Schoolbell/Treehouse" (Walter Gibbons mix) (10:05)
 in stock $28.81
Afrodesia Episode One
Afrodesia Episode One (limited 12")
Cat: BSTX 067. Rel: 23 Jul 21
Deep Down In Zanzibar (6:42)
Desert Storm (6:32)
Meet In Tunis (5:28)
Orion Beat (6:17)
Review: REPRESS ALERT!: Afrodesia may come on like another dusted down gem from those dedicated detectives at Best, but it is in fact a modern construction from the talented studio trysts of Mystic Jungle and Whodamanny from the Periodica camp. These Italian producers have more than proved their knack for crafting sublime, honey-smooth jams with a nod to the golden studio era of the 70s and 80s, and they're more than up to the task on this killer 12" of heavy funking jams with a dose of boogie and a nod to Ivory Coast disco. It's quite simply perfection, rendered with love and attention to detail, but utterly natural in its feel and flavour.
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 in stock $18.67
Charlene (12")
Cat: PPU 055. Rel: 07 Dec 13
Charlene (4:43)
Midnight Mirrors (5:07)
Review: Having come to the fore with a pair of boogie slammers on the Cosmic Chronic label, Mickey De Grand IV's Psychic Mirrors outfit ascend to parent operation People's Potential Unlimited with the excellent Charlene. Allegedly recorded with the help of a ten piece live band, both the title track and "Midnight Mirrors" are evocative of the sort of modern lo-fi funk that PPU corners the market in these days. Bringing the Miami heat, "Charlene" is a veritable dancefloor bomb, with a rugged boogie bassline the sort of flirtatious element that hips can't say no to. B Side cut "Midnight Mirrors" is more of a late night number with some exquisite synth work. Props to PPU!
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! low stock $14.28
Liquid Deep
Cat: PPU 083. Rel: 01 Mar 17
Liquid Deep (3:49)
Summer Love (3:09)
Review: More quality grooves from Washington DC label specializing in reissuing obscure and unknown 70s and 80s dance music. This time around is Dreamcast who are Davon Bryant in conjunction with Swedish guy Sasac aka King Al. "Liquid Deep" is sexy late night deep funk the way it was always intended and Bryant's smooth as silk vocals are just like... Wow! So with Dreamcast on the vocals and Sasac on the beat, we are hoping there's more things on the way from this trans coastal duo in 2017.
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 in stock $11.68
Let's Ride
Let's Ride (12'')
Cat: PPU 072. Rel: 17 Jul 15
Let's Ride (4:07)
You Must Go On (4:00)
Review: It's well known that People's Potential Unlimited boss Andrew Morgan has some serious crate digging skills. Even so, he continues to amaze with the obscurity and quality of the releases he chooses to reissue. Serious collectors have long sought out "Let's Ride" by guitarist Willie Lee Jnr under his occasional Junei alias. Originally released on 7" back in 1987, it's a killer chunk of synthesizer-heavy electrofunk blessed with some serious eyes-closed guitar solo action. Flipside "You Must Go On" - originally the A-side of the '87 release - is fantastic, too, offering a near perfect blend of sun-kissed Balearic attitude and smooth '80s soul grooves.
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 in stock $13.75
She Can't Love You
She Can't Love You (heavyweight translucent pink marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: SPEC 1817. Rel: 26 Jul 21
She Can't Love You (vocal version) (5:20)
She Can't Love You (instrumental) (4:52)
She Can't Love You (Purple Disco Machine edit) (4:30)
She Can't Love You (remix) (6:14)
 in stock $20.50
A Minute
A Minute (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: AND 011. Rel: 15 Jan 20
A Minute (Moplen edit) (7:00)
Can’t Hide (Moplen edit - edited By GW) (11:21)
Review: With fine multi-track re-edits and remixes to his name already on GAMM, KAT and Lumberjacks In Hell, it would be fair to say that Moplen (AKA Italian producer Luca Locatelli) is currently one of the most sought-after rework specialists in the disco scene. Here he makes his first appearance on A&R Edits, a sneaky imprint that has been around longer than most rework labels. A-side "A Minute" is an energetic, all-action revision of Tavares' 1975 disco gem "It Only Takes A Minute" - a song later made more famous by Brit boy band Take That. Over on side B Moplen gives his take on David Joseph's sparse, synth-powered Paradise Garage favourite "You Can't Hide Your Love", which has in turn been further extended by Greg Wilson.
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 in stock $12.98
808 Doves
Cat: KNB 01. Rel: 25 Jan 24
808 Doves (5:00)
Crystal Doves (4:44)
Review: Cheesy electro goodness from Canadian edit and remix machine Nick Bike, here indulging the humorous moniker Nicholas Bicicletta for the second of two 7" Kon editions. '808 Doves' comes through with glitzing hits, filter-freqqed lasershots, synth claves, and arpy sixteenths, all chalking up a downtown New York circa 1987 vibe. The free-as-a-bird theme is kept up with 'Crystal Doves', which concocts a sonic landscape picture of cathartic vocal gurgles and subby progressions, all against an epic collage made up of Crystal-Watery recognisance.
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 in stock $19.21
Keep Me On Fire
Cat: DB 010. Rel: 25 Sep 19
Keep Me On Fire (7:01)
I Tried To Help It (6:34)
Termination (6:39)
Review: This is a big reissue of some disco-not-disco weirdness as cut up and chopped, skewed and made to dazzle by the Bastedos camp. "Keep Me On Fire" is a chugging pumper with fat drums and noodling riffs that sets the groove train in motion and keeps it running. "I Tried To Help It" is even more wild and impassioned thanks to the unabashed vocal that cries in soulful falsettos while Chic-style riffs power it along. "Termination" ends in a freaky but funky fashion with twisted vocals and gauzy guitar chords layering up into a marching wall of sound that's laden with effects.
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 in stock $12.98
Intimate Connection
Cat: DMD 9637. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Intimate Connection
 in stock $13.75
Love EP
Love EP (12")
Cat: SIREE 01. Rel: 12 Feb 20
Love Me Right (version) (6:56)
SASA (6:59)
Never Was Love (6:48)
What Does It Take (7:15)
Review: Apparently DJ Harvey and Lovebirds have been hammering these "personal edits" from the Sirsounds crew in recent DJ sets. Listening to the clips, it's easy to work out why: they're a cut above the rest, edit-wise. There's a good variety of sounds and styles on show, from the stuttering drums, blissful guitars, dewy-eyed vocal snippets and rich boogie synths of "Love Me Right (Version)", to the eyes-closed synth solos and driving disco-funk grooves of quirky closing cut "What Does It Take". Our pick of the bunch though has to be the effortlessly eccentric Italian electro-funk insanity of "SASA", which sounds a little like it could be a lesser-known outing by Tullio De Piscopo (though don't quote us on that).
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 in stock $12.98
Arthur Baker Presents Dance Masters: Shep Pettibone The Classic 12 Inch Master Mixes Volume One Part One
Cat: DEMREC 870. Rel: 01 Oct 21
George Michael - "Hard Day" (The Shep Pettibone remix remastered) (9:05)
Duran Duran - "I Don't Want Your Love" (Big mix) (7:27)
Whitney Houston - "So Emotional" (Edited remix) (4:24)
Thompson Twins - "In The Name Of Love '88" (Railroad mix) (6:44)
Level 42 - "Lessons In Love" (Shep Pettibone remix) (7:50)
Belinda Carlisle - "Heaven Is A Place On Earth" (Heavenly version) (6:01)
Miami Sound Machine - "Bad Boy" (Shep Pettibone remix) (6:10)
Cyndi Lauper - "Change Of Heart" (12" extended club remix) (7:52)
Pet Shop Boys - "West End Girls" (The Shep Pettibone Mastermix) (8:23)
Alisha - "Baby Talk" (extended dance mix) (6:43)
The B-52's - "Summer Of Love" (Summer party mix) (6:07)
Huey Lewis & The News - "Hip To Be Square" (dance mix) (6:00)
New Order - "Bizarre Love Triangle" (Shep Pettibone 12" remix) (6:43)
Depeche Mode - "Behind The Wheel" (Shep Pettibone mix) (5:56)
Erasure - "Chains Of Love" (Unfettered mix 2009 Remaster) (8:25)
Elton John - "I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That" (The Shep Pettibone mix) (7:20)
Review: Arthur Baker is the perfect host for this new series from Demon Music which focuses on the famous extended remixes of the 80s. Each series will be a multi-disc, various artist collection that is united by one remixer, and there can be few better to kick it off than the legend that is Shep Pettibone. He was a hugely in demand studio hand who reworked multiple genres and everyone from Pet Shop Boys to Duran Duran, New Order to Level 42, George Michael to Erasure. This ambitious, widescreen collection takes in all manner of golden remixes from the world of soul, pop, synth and more.
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 in stock $20.24
The Negative Positive
Cat: BLACKLP 007. Rel: 29 Apr 21
Deep House
Stained With The Tears On Their Faces (3:27)
Is It The Whole Truth (2:31)
This Is Message To You (feat Nadine Charles) (4:01)
The Negative Positive (3:17)
What's Good For You (feat Obebewa) (3:27)
Recovered Memories (feat Samii) (3:05)
She Is Virgo (2:28)
What's An Inferiority Complex (4:15)
The Disclaimer (2:04)
Review: Over his long and illustrious career, Dennis 'Dego' McFarlane has made music in many complimentary styles, but it's been broken beat with which he's been associated with for the least two decades. Alongside his friend and regular studio partner Kaidi Tatham, he's developed a particular strain of "bruk" that incorporates elements of jazz, electrofunk, soul, boogie, jazz-funk and, more occasionally, hip-hop. It's this fluid, attractive, synth-heavy sound that's at the heart of The Negative Positive, his first solo full-length for two years. It's as well-made, soulful, slick and musically rich as you'd expect, with a series of stellar vocal numbers joining a swathe of similarly impressive instrumentals.
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 in stock $14.28
Knights Are Cold EP
Knights Are Cold EP (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: IMO 014. Rel: 06 Jul 20
Deep House
Knights Are Cold
Be Side Me
Review: Ilija Rudman and Antonio Zuza's consistently classy label is back with a standout 12" from Californian producer Michoacan, who's previously been spotted on DFA, Eskimo and many other highly regarded labels. "Knights Are Cold" is a vibrant, original and delightfully kinked slab of sunshine with a subtle pitch-bent oddness and an innate funkiness. It's smart in its reference points, but certainly not trying to be a simple 80s disco pastiche. "Be Side Me" is a slower, moodier affair but the same melodic sensibilities shine through to make this a rich selection for DJs wanting grooves with personality and attitude to spare.
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 in stock $7.52
Do You Wanna Dance? (feat Felix Dickinson mix)
Cat: ERC 060R. Rel: 31 Oct 22
Do You Wanna Dance? (5:31)
Do You Wanna Dance? (instrumental) (5:27)
Do You Wanna Dance? (Felix Dickinson Discomix) (9:08)
Review: Emotional Rescue returns with the third (and final?) King Sporty & The Ex Tras releases with the first ever-official reissue of the highly sought after cult boogie jam Do You Wanna Dance? Coming as remastered vocal and instrumental, plus again featuring a special Discomix, this time courtesy of acid-disco slayer Felix Dickinson.

Appearing shortly after the success of the band's only album, Extra Funky, Do You Wanna Dance? pointed the way forward, moving further from Disco and closer to the rising electro-boogie sounds that were sweeping the dance floors. The confident up / jump electro drum programming, slap bass and trademark Sporty guitar chops are propelled by a monster swamp inducing synth arpeggio that sings the funk electric, while hip-hop-shout-outs ride the rhythm. If the vocals are too much for some, then the original Instrumental (dub) is also included for those just wanting that infectious groove.

As many will recall, Do You Wanna Dance? featured on Felix's "Originals" compilation for Claremont 56 back in 2011, so when the King Sporty reissue project was coming together there was only one name to be asked for the Discomix. With a long history of DJing and music production, as well the man behind the Recycled Records, Fools Gold, Urban Myth and Bastedos labels, as well many, many releases on the long running and aptly titled Cynic Recordings, his remix arrives on point.

Teasingly drawn out, his mix switches back / forth between versions, the interplay between vocals, guitar, bass and electro-glide synths hypnotically building, with Dickinson's deftly dubbing tripping it out, making the title's question irrelevant, as mind and feet involuntarily move.

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 in stock $10.38
Love Money (reissue)
Cat: SJR 519-12. Rel: 23 Mar 23
Funk Masters - "Love Money" (6:30)
Bo Kool - "(Money) No Love" (6:40)
Review: A momentous reissue of Funk Masters' 1981 disco/jazz funk hit. Out of print for over 40 years, 'Love Money' was a staple of the New York underground scene, spun everywhere across the city from Larry Levan's Paradise Garage to David Mancuso's Loft. With a low swung, funk-geared groove, 'Love Money', is a truly timeless track, encapsulating the sheer energy of disco, funk, and proto-house across eras. On the B-side, Bo Kool's '(Money) No Love' is a track steeped in historical significance - it's one of the earliest examples of UK rap. With nods to the reggae and dub culture at the root of the UK's club scene, it's no surprise to learn the track was produced by Jamaican reggae DJ and producer, Tony Williams. We're delighted to hear this lauded record make a triumphant return to record bags and dancefloors.
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 in stock $15.31
Arthur Baker Presents Dance Masters: Shep Pettibone The Classic Master Mixes
Cat: EDSL 0081. Rel: 01 Oct 21
George Michael - "Hard Day" (CD 1- Shep Pettibone remix remastered)
Duran Duran - "I Don't Want Your Love" (Big mix)
Level 42 - "Lessons In Love" (Shep Pettibone remix)
Whitney Houston - "So Emotional" (Edited remix)
Belinda Carlisle - "Heaven Is A Place On Earth" (Heavenly version)
The B 52's - "Summer Of Love" (Summer party mix)
Huey Lewis & The News - "Hip To Be Square" (dance mix)
Miami Sound Machine - "Bad Boy" (Shep Pettibone remix)
Cyndi Lauper - "Change Of Heart" (12 Inch extended club remix)
Run DMC - "It's Tricky" (club remix)
Paula Abdul - "Knocked Out" (Pettibone 12 Inch)
Narada - "Divine Emotions" (Shep Pettibone single remix)
Pet Shop Boys - "West End Girls" (CD 2 - The Shep Pettibone Mastermix)
Alisha - "Baby Talk" (extended dance mix)
The Flirts - "You & Me" (12 Inch Shep Pettibone mix)
Phyllis Nelson - "I Like You" (12 Inch extended version)
New Order - "Bizzare Love Triangle" (Shep Pettibone 12 Inch remix)
Depeche Mode - "Behind The Wheel" (Shep Pettibone mix)
Erasure - "Chains Of Love" (Unfettered remix - 2009 Remaster)
Kim Wilde - "You Came" (Shep Pettibone US 7 Inch version)
The Psychedelic Furs - "Shock" (Shep Pettibone mix)
Elton John - "I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That" (The Shep Pettibone mix)
The Communards - "Never Can Say Goodbye" (single mix)
Gloria Gaynor - "I Am What I Am" (12 Inch extended version)
Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam With Full Force - "I Wonder If I Take You Home" (CD 3 - Shep Pettibone remix)
Sananda Maitreya - "If You Let Me Say" (The Shep Pettibone mix)
Five Star - "Are You Man Enough" (Shep Pettibone remix)
Pointer Sisters - "Goldmine" (12 Inch version)
Lionel Richie - "Love Will Conquer All" (12 Inch vocal version)
BB & Q - "(I'm A) Dreamer" (12 Inch Shep Pettibone vocal/long version)
Howard Hewett - "Stay" (After Midnight mix)
George Benson - "Twice The Love" (club Love remix)
Thompson Twins - "In The Name Of Love '88" (Railroad mix)
Lisa Stansfield - "This Is The Right Time" (Shep Pettibone mix)
Pia Zadora - "Dance Out Of My Head" (The Dressed-Down mix)
Leroy Burgess - "Heartbreaker" (CD 4 - 12 Inch Shep Pettibone mix)
Sinnamon - "Thanks To You" (12 Inch Shep Pettibone mix)
The Jammers - "Be Mine Tonight" (12 Inch Shep Pettibone mix)
Instant Funk - "(Just Because) You'll Be Mine" (12 Inch Shep Pettibone mix - 2017 Remaster)
Aurra - "Such A Feeling" (12 Inch mix)
Carol Williams - "No One Can Do It (Like You)" (12 Inch Special remix)
Steve Shelto - "Don't Give Your Love Away" (Shep Pettibone mix - short version)
Skyy - "Show Me The Way" (12 Inch Shep Pettibone mix)
Mike & Brenda Sutton - "Don't Let Go Of Me (Grip My Hips & Move Me)" (12 Inch Shep Pettibone mix)
Weeks & Co - "If You're Looking For Fun" (12 Inch Shep Pettibone Master dub mix)
The Salsoul Orchestra - "Ooh I Love It (Love Break)" (12 Inch Shep Pettibone mix)
First Choice - "Let No Man Put Asunder" (12 Inch Shep Pettibone mix)
Review: Until he quit the music industry in the mid-1990s, Shep Pettibone was the most in-demand remixer on the planet - a position he'd held since the late 1970s. This four-disc compilation does a great job of showcasing some of his greatest remixes, all of which are presented in full-length form. There's naturally plenty of versions of big pop singles of the '80s - see the epic 'Mastermix' of Pet Shop Boys' 'West End Girls', as well as rubs of Duran Duran, New Order, Whitney Houston and Belinda Carlisle - as well as a sprint through his celebrated disco and boogie reworks (see disc four). In addition, you'll find versions of some lesser-celebrated gems from the freestyle-era, including heavyweight revisions of Sinammon, Alisha, Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam and The Flirts.
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Intérprete: Luke Solomon
 in stock $18.16
Funk Wav Bounces Vol 1
Funk Wav Bounces Vol 1 (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: 889854 43421. Rel: 18 Aug 17
Funky/Club House
Slide (feat Frank Ocean & Migos) (3:54)
Cash Out (feat Schoolboy Q, PARTYNEXTDOOR & DRAM) (3:49)
Heatstroke (feat Young Thug, Pharrell Williams & Ariana Grande) (3:52)
Rollin (feat Future & Khalid) (4:37)
Prayers Up (feat Travis Scott & A-Trak) (3:27)
Holiday (feat Snoop Dogg, John Legend & takeoff) (2:51)
Skrt On Me (feat Nicki Minaj) (3:49)
Feels (feat Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry & Big Sean) (3:47)
Faking It (feat Kehlani & Lil Yachty) (4:02)
Hard To Love (feat Jessie Reyez) (3:48)
 in stock $25.95
I'll Be Good
Cat: 884009. Rel: 01 Jan 90
I'll Be Good (Special mix)
I'll Love You More
Review: 'I'll Be Good', a Mercury single release, is an excellent later track from Rene & Angela (Winbush),
still working alongside Bobby Watson, with a fat, synthesized midtempo 80s groove feel.
Read more
 in stock $14.01
Pas Si Vite
Cat: HC 75S. Rel: 02 Sep 22
Pas Si Vite (4:14)
Caipirinha (3:57)
Review: In a move towards soulful French electro-funk from the duo that brought us 'Caipirnha', comes the latest new single from DjeuhDjoah & Lieutenant Nicholson. The two producers here bring together a vast cast of musicians playing everything from Moog to claviers, culminating in a texturally rich afro-soul single that urges us to "hold our horses" ('Pas Si Vite') in these troubling times.
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 in stock $14.28
You're In Love
You're In Love (limited 7")
Cat: FUR 7331. Rel: 15 Dec 23
You're In Love (Kon remix) (4:27)
You're In Love (Kon dub) (4:27)
Review: Second time around for Kon's fabulous re-rubs of Twilight's slept-on 1986 disco-boogie gem 'You're In Love', which first dropped on seven-inch almost a decade ago. Vinyl copies of the 45 are hard to come by, so this Ubiquity Records re-issue is most welcome. Kon's takes stick closely to the original - these are multi-track tweaks, rather than revolutionary remixes - while subtly beefing up the groove and highlighting the band's weighty synth bassline. On the A-side you'll find the full vocal take - all sweet vocals, crispy disco drums, colourful synths and clipped, Chic style guitar licks - while the flip-side 'Dub' is a marginally more minimalist, groove-focused affair, with delay-laden vocal snippets and swirling instrumental textures echoing across the sound space.
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 in stock $11.93
Don't Let My Rainbow Pass Me By
Cat: GF 2525 12. Rel: 22 Jan 18
Don't Let My Rainbow Pass Me By (4:41)
Track 2 (4:43)
Review: One of many stone-cold Patrick Adams disco funk gems, 1981's "Don't Let My Rainbow Pass Me By" enjoys a long-awaited reissue 37 years after its last outing. Its sprightly slippery groove and floating falsettos remain as strong and as a vital as they ever did... But at a fraction of the once triple-figure price tag it's had over the years. Don't let this record pass you by.
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 in stock $15.56
Let The Music Play
Cat: EMDS 6540. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Let The Music Play
Let The Music Play (dub version)
Intérprete: Mark Broom
 in stock $14.01
That Body
That Body (12'')
Cat: PPU 029. Rel: 07 May 11
That Body
Fired Up
Review: The Peoples Potential Unlimited quest to unearth the Atlantic boogie that time forgot continues unabated - this time reviving a1983 gem from Detroit's The X Man. Wrapped in an excellently presented sleeve, the somewhat mysterious X-Man supposedly had what should have been a fruitful musical career cut short by a 30 year stint in a Motor City psychiatric hospital. This was no obstacle for PPU however, who were granted the master tapes to press up "That Body" and "Fired Up" at 45rpm on a nice fat twelve! There's an undeniable funk swagger to "That Body" which sounds like Jimmy Edgar if he was a child of the 70s - in a word, killer. The B Side proto hip-hop bump of "Fire It Up" proves to be just as infectious, driven by some loose limbed synth flourishes.
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 in stock $15.31
Ooh Wee Babe
Ooh Wee Babe (coloured vinyl 12")
Cat: FD 009COLOUR. Rel: 27 Jul 16
Ooh Wee Babe (dance mix) (6:48)
Ooh Wee Babe (dance instrumental mix) (7:36)
Intérprete: I Love Disco!
 in stock $14.28
She's Just That Type Of Girl
Cat: PPU 086. Rel: 25 Sep 17
She's Just That Type Of Girl (3:15)
Track 2 (3:18)
Under Pressure (4:18)
Review: Electro Wayne's mid 80s-focused Circuitry project get busy on Peoples Potential Unlimited with two starlit synth boogie originals; "She's Just That Type Of Girl" is a playful east coast funk flex with a slight freestyle touch to it. Harmonies, light touches on the keys and exceptional drum production, it's a sassy slice that will warm-up any floor. "Under Pressure" lowers the tempo but thrusts up the sensual urgency with great percussion and come-to-bed spoken word. Authentically done.
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Intérprete: Manu Archeo
 in stock $14.28
I Need You Now
Cat: JD 19029P. Rel: 16 Jan 19
I Need You Now (5:28)
I Need You Now (The Fierce reprise) (5:56)
I Need You Now (acappella edit) (2:08)
 in stock $16.09
Free 2 B
Free 2 B (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: APRON 41. Rel: 17 Mar 20
Deep House
Juno Fantasy (4:20)
Prayer For U (5:31)
Feelin Real Good (4:04)
Mystery Angel (2:28)
I'll Be Yours (feat G'la) (3:48)
Girl U Hypnotize Me (2:55)
Love Beam (2:53)
Feelin Real Good (instrumental) (4:05)
I'll Be Yours (instrumental) (3:49)
Review: Space Ghost has most recently been spotted dropping excellent albums "Aquarium Nightclub" and "Endless Light" on Tartelet, but now he's made a swerve for Funkineven's Apron Records to drop this sultry collection of jams that match bittersweet keys with rubbery bass and plenty of crooked funk that calls to mind broken beat and boogie as much as house music. From the swanging funk of "Prayer For U" to the slow jam New Jack Swing of "Mystery Angel", this is an album that champions some great eras of black music very much in the vein of Apron overall, but still says its own thing. Soulful at every turn and finished with an '80s digital veneer so slick you could trip on it.
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 in stock $15.83
Ooh Wee Babe
Cat: FD 009. Rel: 27 Jul 16
Ooh Wee Babe (dance mix) (6:49)
Ooh Wee Babe (dance mix - instrumental) (7:37)
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Sintesis Moderna: An Alternative Vision Of Argentinian Music 1980-1990
Cat: SNDWLP 150. Rel: 03 Nov 22
Carlos Cutaia - "Operativo" (4:23)
El Signo - "Dimensiones Ocultas" (Ric Piccolo edit) (5:17)
Ultimate Warriors - "Running Away From You" (5:25)
Abaddon - "No Es Computable" (3:29)
Toby - "Ain't That Better" (Harari edit) (5:02)
The Originals - "Vamos A La Playa" (5:20)
Mike Ribas - "Secuencia Sin Consecuencias" (3:13)
Adalberto Cevasco - "Reencuentros No 2" (7:29)
Los Moesicos Del Centro - "Esquirlas" (3:41)
Divina Gloria - "Mediterranee Club" (3:58)
Mike Ribas - "Como Son Los Retratos" (Harari edit) (4:39)
Delight - "I Wanna Make You Mine" (4:54)
Gaita - "Mueve Tu Cuerpo" (8:03)
Donald - "A Ver, A Ver" (Ric Piccolo edit) (5:09)
Bad Girls - "Dance To Dance" (4:46)
Carla Rab - "Sexy Films" (6:18)
Los Musicos Del Centro - "Aire De Tropicos" (3:52)
Jorge Lopez Ruiz - "De Mama Candombe" (5:36)
Jorge Alfano - "Fuego" (7:38)
Review: Revisionist history is just as important for music as it is for geopolitics or economics, so we're more than happy to recognise this 'Alternative Vision Of Argentinian Music' throughout one of the most important decades in popular music history. Whereas popular thought tended towards Argentina being a hotbed for 'rock nacional' (national rock) music made in the post-dictatorship return to democracy, here Soundway focus on the more extreme ends of the experimental music fringes that cropped, thanks to the newfound freedoms allowed by neoliberal policies. Arthur Russell-esque disco, downtempo battle breaks, avant-garde obscurities - it's all there.
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Remind Me
Remind Me (12")
Cat: FSR 109. Rel: 14 Jul 22
Remind Me (4:59)
Remind Me (Different Style) (4:37)
Review: Once more unearthing a rare and classic electro funk piece, Candy McKenzie's 'Remind Me' gets a proper 12" reissue, homing in on her classic cover of the Patrice Rushen original. Chugging, slick and wacky, McKenzie's vocals glisten and flit over a raw electro beat, heralding offbeat and Texan funk guitar, electrics and basses alike. As much is true for the 'Different Style' dub on the flip.
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Everything Is Slow
Cat: AOTNLP 065. Rel: 08 Jun 23
Hello In The Dark (Standing) (4:18)
Fireflies (3:03)
Slow Dance (4:20)
When I Look Into The World (4:27)
Flowers (4:04)
Everything Is Slow (3:38)
It's Only Rain (4:33)
Leave It All Behind (3:28)
Space & Time (3:26)
NY Disco (Smile) (4:10)
Doom (1:41)
Review: Given their respective careers, you'd expect this surprise debut album from Balearic nu-disco specialist James Bright and Groove Armada member Tom Findlay to be rather good - or at least sonically attractive with good grooves and quality musicianship. It is, of course, with the pair opting for a glossy, 80s-influenced synth sound, bubbly electronic grooves, sun-splashed Balearic pop intent and authentically executed nods to West Coast electrofunk and nu-disco pioneers Metro Area. Our picks of a very strong bunch include the synth-fired blue-eyed soul of 'Slow Dance', the sunset-ready gorgeousness of 'Flowers', the low-slung, late-night AM radio vibes of 'It's Only Rain' and the Morgan Geist-esque 'NY Disco (Smile)'.
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Inch By Inch
Cat: SPEC-1467. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Inch By Inch (garage funk mix)
Inch By Inch (garage groove mix)
Inch By Inch (garage classic mix)
Inch By Inch (original mix)
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Cerrone By Cerrone
Cerrone By Cerrone (limited blue vinyl 2xLP + insert)
Cat: BEC 5610893. Rel: 27 Oct 22
Give Me Love (5:11)
My Desire (3:02)
Got To Have Lovin' (2:10)
Look For Love (The Reflex Revision) (5:18)
The Only One (Mercer remix) (3:35)
Cerrone's Paradise (Joey Negro Soulful mix) (3:14)
Love In C Minor (Dimitri From Paris remix) (3:52)
Je Suis Music (2:58)
Standing In The Rain (4:32)
Call Me Tonight (2:00)
Took Me So Long (4:41)
The Impact (2:27)
Hooked On You (5:10)
You Are The One (4:11)
Striptease (3:30)
Supernature (6:19)
Review: All hail the mighty Cerrone, one of the most important figures in the development of a European disco sound distinct from what was happening in the US. His run of LPs in the late 70s introduced a new, synth-driven sound which spawned some monumental hits, the biggest of which undoubtedly being 'Supernature'. Now the veteran disco machine is celebrating 50 years of active service in music by revisiting his former glories with new versions of much-loved favourites. Alongside these productions, Cerrone has also invited some more contemporary players to produce remixes, including Dimitri From Paris and The Reflex.
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Brighter Tomorrow (reissue)
Brighter Tomorrow (reissue) (eco vinyl 10" limited to 100 copies)
Cat: 10 EXP 20151ECO. Rel: 07 Sep 23
Tom Browne - "Brighter Tomorrow" (feat Carol Woods) (6:12)
Diplomats Of Soul - "Brighter Tomorrow" (feat Incognito & Imaani) (5:53)
Review: Expansion's offshoot label is back with a second release and for the occasion have put together a special eco vinyl 10" here that is strictly limited to just 100 copies and is fully deserving of that treatment: Tom Browne Feat. Carol Woods combined to great effect in the 80s on this soul classic that now gets a first-ever single release. It's the sort of immediately heartwarming tune that draws from soul, jazz funk, disco and more to cook up a steamy and excellent groove. On the flip is Diplomats Of Soul with their own super cover of 'Brighter Tomorrow' featuring Brit funk and acid jazz greats Incognito & Imaani.
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Sun Country
Cat: ERC 147. Rel: 04 Sep 23
Sun Country (4:56)
Sun Country (Instruemental) (5:09)
Sun Country (40 Thieves Disco mix) (9:21)
Review: Here comes Emotional Rescue and Konduko's last in their series of Noel Williams/King Sporty reissues, this time looking at later electro productions and the hip-hop/boogie influenced 'Sun Country'. Vocals and co-production come from Williams' long-time partner Betty Wright and as well as a vocal and instrumental mix there's a longform remix by Bay Area disco dub stalwarts, 40 Thieves.
By this point in his career, the godfather of Miami Bass had travelled a long way from his Jamaican roots in reggae and soul, paying homage to the warm climbs of the Sunshine State and laying down a much copied template using the TR-808 drum machine create the electronic emulations of the breakbeat, claps accenting the backbeat and trademark low frequencies shaking the floorboards. The instrumental stretches the arrangement, emphasising the interplay between electronics, bass, vocal samples, scratching and fx, the voice transformed into a percussive element in its own right. The flip sees 40 Thieves flexing their understated understanding of electro funk, making for a rounded, generation-jumping package.
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Intérprete: Manu Archeo
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C'mon Stop
Cat: SPEC 1427. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Black Gold - "C'Mon Stop"
Kumano - "I'll Cry For You"
You Got It
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Propriete Privee
Cat: SEC 005. Rel: 25 Apr 19
Yamina (7:09)
Mizele Ngue (6:08)
Sala Keba (6:29)
Propriete Privee (4:48)
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Hard Times
Hard Times (limited 7")
Cat: FSR 7098. Rel: 02 Mar 23
Hard Times (3:25)
If You Want My Love (3:30)
Review: 'Hard Times' is a mega rare outing from Chequers which they dropped back in 1983 at the height of popularity for this sport of sound. It's irresistible electro-boogie that will get you in a spin in no time. The squelchy bass, r&b vocals and withering sci-fi disco synths all bring real colour. Flip it over and you will find the equally stellar 'If You Want My Love'. This is the first time this one has ever been reissued by its Freestyle label. Don't sleep on this surefire party starter and underground classic.
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Love Vibration
Love Vibration (limited LP)
Cat: SNDWLP 164. Rel: 23 Mar 23
Martin Street Special (6:46)
Love Got A Hold Of Me (instrumental) (4:11)
Hometown Weather (4:40)
Martin Street (New version) (5:32)
Love Vibration (5:02)
Party Beats (6:33)
Review: Nkono Teles was one of the standouts of the Doing It In Lagos compilation by Soundway, which proved a best seller. He is someone who worked on, arranged and or produced music for more than 100 other artists in Nigeria across the 80s, including playing keys with Tony Allen's band. Now he gets the spotlight firmly on himself with a retrospective mini-comp fun of his unique boogie and funky rhythms, cutting edge drum machine sounds and mix of synths and guitars. It's a collection fans of the likes of William Onyeabor and Steve Monite will love.
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Feel Alright
Cat: DEMSING 029. Rel: 28 Jul 23
Feel Alright (4:02)
Feel Alright (instrumental) (3:57)
Review: For the 29th instalment in their ongoing series of seven-inch singles, Demon Singles Club has decided to offer up a 45rpm pressing of Komiko's 'Feel Alright'. First released on legendary disco-boogie imprint SAM Records back in 1982, the track has long been a favourite with boogie DJs and with good reason. Built around a memorable bassline, squelchy electrofunk synths and unfussy machine drums, 'Feel Alright' boasts a fine female lead vocal whose lyrics extolls the virtues of dancing all night with happy strangers. As it did back in 1982, the vocal mix comes backed with an instrumental take in which producer Darryl Payne's killer bassline and synths rightfully take centre stage. If it's not in your collection already, you need to grab one of these copies pronto.
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Intérprete: Juno Recommends Disco
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Computer Age (feat Universal Cave mix)
Cat: ERC 148. Rel: 09 Oct 23
Computer Age (club mix) (4:59)
Computer Age (dub mix) (4:59)
Computer Age (Universal Cave Discomix) (13:35)
Review: King Sporty is something of a chameleonic artists, not that many people know. He started out int he 70s making reggae and soul 7"s, then moved into disco, boogie, hip-hop and electro 12"s during the 80s, and then when house music hit in the 90s he evolved once more. This new drop from Emotional Rescue takes a tune from that late era. 'Computer Music' is four to the floor with electro influences and a lazy break that pull you in deep. Far-sighted chords bring a serene sense of cosmic majesty while a filtered vocal adds space age vibes. A dub is included as well as the Universal Cave Discomix by the Philadelphia DJ and production crew. A retro-future EP indeed..
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Rock & Roll Skate
Cat: KALITA 12023. Rel: 22 Jun 23
Rock & Roll Skate (Sax version) (4:49)
Keep On Tryin' (vocal version) (4:59)
Keep On Tryin' (instrumental version) (4:33)
Review: Addmoro were a lesser known Los Angeles-based disco outfit active throughout the late 70s and early 80s, and their sound was unique for its ahead-of-its-time weight and phonk, not to mention a difficult-to-match versatility, both traits evidenced by this Kalita reissue of the obscurity 'Rock & Roll Skate' here, first released on their very own Addmoro Records. The titular A-sider and 'Keep On Tryin' were released originally in 1985, with the former coming as a ploddy but groovy hard-hitter - which could've easily predicted the reams of modern-day producers who would the style on for size decades later (but not quite achieve it so well) - and the latter a surprise-taking curveball in a stumbly-funky, disco-electro mood.
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Keep Giving Me Love
Keep Giving Me Love (limited 180 gram yellow vinyl 12")
Cat: SPEC 1972YEL. Rel: 26 Nov 21
Keep Giving Me Love (album mix) (6:51)
Keep Giving Me Love (vocal remix) (6:41)
Keep Giving Me Love (dub version) (5:30)
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Golddigger (Jura Soundsystem mix)
Cat: ERC 134. Rel: 15 May 23
Golddigger (12" mix) (7:12)
Golddigger (Tape mix 1) (7:05)
Golddigger (Jura Soundsystem Disco dub) (12:52)
Review: Emotional Rescue is at it again with another fully licensed and remastered offering, this time bringing to wax Mataya's Golddigger with a previously digital-only 'tape Mix.' Zimbabwe-born and later London-based Mataya "Clifford" Chewaluza was a core part of the vibrant West London music scene, using his songwriting, production and multi-instrumentalist skills on albums for RCA and Virgin. He also dropped a few 12"s and this one was released in 1988. It's a cult curio with crashing 80s production, disco-tinged grooves and plenty of subtle African rhythm which includes a standout dub mix from Jura Soundsystem.
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Keep On Searching For Love
Cat: SJR 53812. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Keep On Searching For Love (6:09)
Eastern Lady (6:41)
Review: A superb 12" slab of rare South London British jazz funk, originally released in the UK in 1984 by Jamaican-born producer Tony Williams, the man behind the seminal Funk Masters' jazz-funk masterpiece, 'Love Money'. Now heard again, 'Keep On Searching For Love' is emblematic of London's 80s dub disco sound, with its every constituent part recorded, arranged and processed to the discotheque-addict's letter. Gated snares and acapella croons abound, with the uplifting vocals of Linda Taylor shining as brilliantly as star at the peak of its supernova. The flipside instrumental, 'Eastern Lady', comes complete with hypnotic bassline, drum machines, synths and stabbing horn lines; both tracks have been lovingly remastered from tape and now come exquisitely repackaged for you to enjoy. Gotta keep on!
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Fantasy (feat Jonny Rock Discomix)
Cat: ERC 149. Rel: 05 Feb 24
Fantasy (4:34)
Fantasy (instrumental) (5:07)
Fantasy (Jonny Rock Discomix) (9:47)
Review: The last of the Konduko series from Emotional Rescue arrives now and quite possibly it is the best of the lot from Noel Williams. His 'Fantasy' saw him work with Larry Dermer aka Der Mer on what is an effective and catchy electro jam that operates at the higher end of the tempo chart with some classic vocoder vocal action to really make it pop. Despite being released originally in 1984 this one still bangs with its emulated TR-808 beats and nagging melodies. The instrumental heightens that and then the Jonny Rock Discomix shuts down with long-form rework that shows why the DJ, editor and all-round amiable bloke is so well regarded.
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Love How You Feel
Cat: SPEC 1392. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Love How You Feel
Love How You Feel (dub mix)
You Got My Love
You Got My Love (instrumental)
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Wait For You
Wait For You (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: FABC 016. Rel: 08 Jan 24
Wait For You (4:20)
Love Street (3:26)
Review: Austin Boogie Crew presents the vinyl debut of ATX musician Father Sheed (Nick Jamshidi). Sheed is a resident DJ of the renowned ubiyu party and as a producer he established his local presence by co-founding electronic imprint Two Geez Music. On this 45, Sheed offers two slabs of moody modern funk with electronic-indie flourishes. For fans of acts like Toro y Moi and Shiro Schwarz, the results are truly mouth-watering.
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