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Deep Cuts (reissue)
Deep Cuts (reissue) (limited numbered 180 gram magenta vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: RABID 014RX. Rel: 20 Aug 21
Heartbeats (3:55)
Girl's Night Out (3:36)
Pass This On (3:46)
One For You (3:51)
The Cop (0:44)
Listen Now (2:48)
She's Having A Baby (2:09)
You Take My Breath Away (4:28)
Rock Classics (4:56)
Is It Medicine (2:25)
You Make Me Like Charity (3:06)
Got 2 Let U (4:00)
Behind The Bushes (4:15)
Hangin' Out (1:02)
Review: It's hard to believe it has been 20 years since The Knife first put out their game changing debut album Deep Cuts. It first came on Sweden's Rabid Records on CD only before getting a North America and UK release once the world had cottoned on to its brilliance. It is much brighter and more melodic that the dark and witchy sound they gravitated towards on later albums but still sounds way ahead of its time. There are effervescent, Eurodisco-tinged pop tunes like 'One For You' to get you singing along, then hardcore euro rave bombs like 'Listen Now' and the odd occult head masher like 'The Cop.'
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 in stock $23.93
Love For The Sake Of Dub
Cat: BCR 163. Rel: 08 Feb 24
Love For The Sake Of Dub (2:51)
Grilled (2:55)
Review: Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band is an enigmatic steel pan collective from Hamburg that has a hardcore fan following around the world and a new album on the way that is superb. They are loved for their covers of hip-hop classics and last year served up a version of the Stranger Things theme tune but this time out we get 'Love For The Sake Of Dub' of 45 rpm. It is another pair of funky tunes with the signature brass sounds front and centre as the fat bottom rhythms roll deep and fleshy. Another gem from this leftfield outfit.
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 in stock $10.11
Dancing Queen
Cat: DSKO 81. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Dancing Queen
 in stock $14.09
The Magic Of Boney M (Special Remix Edition)
The Magic Of Boney M (Special Remix Edition) (limited gatefold pink & blue vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 194399 34431. Rel: 18 Mar 22
Daddy Cool (3:30)
Sunny (3:51)
Rivers Of Babylon (4:16)
El Lute (3:59)
No Woman No Cry (4:20)
Hooray! Hooray! It's A Holi-Holiday (3:57)
Rasputin (4:28)
Painter Man (3:19)
Belfast (3:29)
Brown Girl In The Ring (4:05)
Kalimba De Luna (4:14)
Happy Song (4:00)
Still I'm Sad (4:27)
Mary's Boy Child/Oh My Lord (4:04)
Baby Do You Wanna Bump (2:28)
Felicidad (Margherita) (2:53)
Gotta Go Home (2:34)
Ma Baker (4:08)
Sunny (Mousse T radio mix) (3:22)
Majestic x Boney M - "Rasputin" (3:09)
Lizot x Boney M - "Daddy Cool" (2:36)
Rios De Babylonia (Spanish version - bonus track) (4:09)
 in stock $26.58
New Hondo (reissue)
Cat: NUNS 034V. Rel: 22 Jun 21
Las Penas (La Cana) (4:18)
Si Yo Volviera A Nacer (Aires De Huelva) (3:17)
Review: NuNorthern Soul's 2021 Record Store Day offering is something of a treat. It's a fresh reissue of an impossible-to-find promo 45 first issued to promote Flamenco legend El Turronero's 1980 disco album, EL Hondo. It features two tracks that have long been regular features in the sets of many dusty-fingered Balearic selectors, especially globe-trotting cult leader DJ Harvey. On the A-side you'll find the cosmic, driving, synth-laden brilliance of 'Las Penas (La Cana) - a genuine "everything but the kitchen sink" affair topped off by El Turronero's distinctive vocals - while the more exotic 'Si Yo Volviera Al Nacer', where synths and Sitars accompany the Flamenco-disco grooves, resides on the flip.
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 in stock $12.22
Maudit DJ
Maudit DJ (12" + insert)
Cat: DISCOMAT 006. Rel: 27 Nov 19
Maudit Deejay (version longue) (5:37)
Maudit Deejay (version instrumentale) (3:32)
Maudit Deejay (version 45 Tours) (3:31)
Review: Parisian crew Discomatin have come up with some little known boogie brilliance here from Belgian producer Jay Alansky, with lyrics by Jacques Duvall and falsetto vocals from Clara Capri. It's a fine fusion of Italo disco basslines, shimmering electronics and 80s pop and r&b, with more than a hint of early house vibes also thrown in for good measure. All remastered from the original tapes, the tracks are loud and crisp and are perfect dance floor hymns. The long version is the one DJs will reach for, with its sleek lines and hypnotic leads all finished with some elastic bass.
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 in stock $15.41
Expansions (limited transparent green vinyl LP)
Cat: BCR 095LPC2. Rel: 16 Jul 21
Tough Victory (3:11)
Space (2:32)
Raise It Up (2:37)
My Jamaican Dub (2:40)
I Need Somebody To Love Tonight (4:01)
Dirt Off Your Shoulder (2:53)
Getting Nasty (3:04)
Blow Your Cover (2:34)
Represent (3:23)
The Healer (2:50)
Les Fleur (3:20)
Squaring The Circles (3:29)
Review: The latest must-cop record from the good people at Big Crown is a real summer special. Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band serve up some seriously soul-enriching grooves, with the impossibly warm and good time vibes that come from steel drums on each and every one. The beats are rooted in funk, with fat bass and expressive horn work bring each one to life. There are sojourns into dub, disco and jazz, and the whole thing bris with so much character and personality that it cannot but put a smile on your face.
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 in stock $21.26
Back For Gold: The New Versions
Cat: 889854 34701. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Brother Louie (I'm A Lover) (3:20)
You're My Heart, You're My Soul (3:31)
Cheri Cheri Lady (3:40)
You Can Win If You Want (3:26)
Atlantis Is Calling (3:13)
Geronimo's Cadillac (3:24)
Modern Talking Pop Titan Megamix 2k17 (Full long version) (8:18)
Modern Talking Pop Titan Megamix 2k17 (3 track DJ Promo) (5:40)
Modern Talking Pop Titan Megamix 2k17 (Chorus short mix) (4:39)
 in stock $22.32
The Art Dance
The Art Dance (hand-numbered heavyweight vinyl gatefold LP with lyric sheet insert)
Cat: MW 025. Rel: 15 Oct 10
Pure Desire
Nice Song
Electronic Journey
Short Wave
Sexual Desire
It's Not Too Grand
Your Lover
Daily & Blue
Good Name
 in stock $26.58
Paisa Got Soul: Soul AOR & Disco In Italy 1977-1986
Cat: FLIES 55. Rel: 16 Jun 22
Alberto Radius - "California Bill" (5:18)
Mario Lavezzi - "In Alto Mare" (4:43)
Beppe Cantarelli - "Se Il Mio Canto Sei Tu" (4:55)
I Ricci - "Vienimi A Pigliare" (3:36)
Eduardo De Crescenzo - "Alle Sei Di Sera" (3:05)
Im Porto - "Smettila (Po-Para)" (4:21)
Barnaba - "Bianco E Nero" (3:32)
Enzo Cervo - "Solo Mo'" (4:16)
Peppino Di Capri - "Mo" (3:46)
Franco Camassa - "Non Andar Via" (4:45)
Stefano Pulga - "La Mia Nave" (4:17)
Massimo Stella - "C'e Una Donna Sola" (4:01)
Gino D'Eliso - "Ti Ricordi Vienna?" (3:41)
Enzo Carella - "Contatto" (3:48)
Serafini - "Se Ti Va Cosi" (4:02)
Review: The Four Flies crew has been hard at work assembling this comprehensive collection of soul, AOR and Italo disco from between the very specific years of 1977 and 1986. Across four fantastic sides of wax it shows how Italian artists took those sounds and added their own perspective to them during that era. Accompanying text says "In Italy, a soulful and sophisticated approach to pop music was embraced ... by an entire generation of writers, arrangers and musicians" and that is sure highlighted here in lush grooves, escapist melodies and feel good tunes that are effortless and timeless.
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 in stock $33.76
Circle Of Love (Elado remix)
Circle Of Love (Elado remix) (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: BOA 001. Rel: 11 Mar 24
Circle Of Love (Elado remix) (4:36)
Circle Of Love (4:24)
Circle Of Love (Elado remix instrumental) (4:20)
You Make Me High (4:45)
Review: Tel Aviv's Elado has put out a fine run of eight releases in just two years on the likes of GAMM, Barefoot Beats and Bonfido Disques, but for his next move, he branches out with his own reissue label. its aim is to "focus on uncovering lost gems" with the original paired with his own remixes. The first one is a 1983 private press from the Canadian pair OUI. 'Circle Of Love' is a big disco banger with flashy synth work and rugged arps, with a pair of Elado's mixes making it even more dancefloor ready. 'You Make Me High' is a more sentimental 80s pop sound.The release has recieved support from a lot of artist, such as Gerd Jansen and Hunee. A fine start to life for this new label.

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Intérprete: Elado, Funkyjaws
 in stock $15.16
Drum Chums Vol 8
Cat: TDCHUMS 008. Rel: 30 Oct 23
Sexy Cowboys (6:24)
Proverbial SOB (6:00)
E Motion (8:03)
Name Game (6:42)
Review: Four massive new dark disco/new beat tracks from Miserymix, hot off the plate. A collaboration born behind the Piccadilly Records counter, Miserymix is the dark disco alias of Goth Spice and Mushy P. Together, these four contemporary tittilators, from 'Sexy Cowboys' to 'Name Game', chart the lighter ends of dark disco, keeping things hi-NRGied yet light-footed. By the time we reach 'Proverbial SOB', distant sampledelic vocals seem to call out in the night, as huge transitional lasershots, double-claps, and impossible-to-play bass licks abound. Things take a steadier turn come 'E Motion', a clever track of velvety undertones, glitzing synth stabs and a steamy narration in French.
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 in stock $15.94
Cat: BCR 095LP. Rel: 16 Jul 21
Tough Victory (3:11)
Space (2:32)
Raise It Up (2:37)
My Jamaican Dub (2:40)
I Need Somebody To Love Tonight (4:02)
Dirt Off Your Shoulder (2:54)
Getting Nasty (2:58)
Blow Your Cover (2:37)
Represent (3:17)
The Healer (2:51)
Les Fleur (3:23)
Squaring The Circles (3:27)
 in stock $17.55
I Cry For You
Cat: BYN 033. Rel: 08 Aug 22
I Cry For You (7:07)
I Cry For You (US remix) (5:29)
 in stock $22.60
Eastern European Cut Outs Vol 3
Cat: EECO 003. Rel: 07 Jul 22
The Re-Magic Track - "Tevedes" (5:03)
Schmoltz - "Tropicheskaya Pticha" (6:11)
Kompleks - "Vaker" (5:40)
Dyyune & Boryn - "Banany Banany" (4:53)
 in stock $13.82
Brother Louie (reissue)
Brother Louie (reissue) (limited numbered 180 gram audiophile red vinyl 12")
Cat: MOV 12057C. Rel: 02 Feb 23
Brother Louie (Special long version) (5:28)
Brother Louie (instrumental) (4:10)
 in stock $24.98
You Can Win If You Want
You Can Win If You Want (limited numbered 180 gram audiophile gold vinyl 12")
Cat: MOV 12055C. Rel: 01 Dec 22
You Can Win If You Want (Special dance version) (5:20)
You Can Win If You Want (instrumental) (3:41)
One In A Million (3:39)
Review: Disco heads are considered Modern Talking's 1985 maxi-single 'You Can Win If You Want' a classic for many years. It's textbook Scandi synth-pop from the group that contained producer and songwriter Dieter Bohlen, vocalist Thomas Anders and various other guest members during the 80s. The group put out some 13 albums but this one was always the standout. The original comes as a Special Dance Version and Instrumental while 'One In A Million' is also included on the flip for extra dance floor fun. This superb reissue comes on luxurious gold vinyl making it even more special.
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 in stock $16.49
Don't Leave Me Alone (remastered)
Cat: THANKYOU 018. Rel: 02 Dec 22
Don't Leave Me Alone (3:50)
Don't Leave Me Alone (Wunderbar mix) (4:13)
Don't Leave Me Alone (extended mix) (8:51)
Review: The Artless Cuckoo label has done a fine job of showcasing the work of lesser-known German outfit Ghia his year by releasing an album of rediscovered 1980s recordings as well as a special 7". Now Thank You has put together this 12" package with three different versions of 'Don't Leave Me Alone.' The original dropped in 1987 and was an instant euro-pop classic. An OG copy on wax is tough to find these days so often fetches three figures. Soon as you hear the tune though you know why - it's effortlessly catchy with mounting tension and super creative vocals.
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Intérprete: Manu Archeo
 in stock $13.82
DW00:00:02 EP
DW00:00:02 EP (limited 12")
Cat: DW 000002. Rel: 12 Mar 24
Jaz - "Cleopatra" (6:46)
Frantz - "Hyde & Go Sleaze" (5:44)
DJ Rocca & N2B - "Abuse" (5:57)
Facets - "Never Passing" (5:23)
Review: Death On Wax has already slipped out a handful of sharply informed edit and remix 12"s which fly the flag for the early 80s dance culture, when seedy, nocturnal bands were colliding with the flamboyant grooves of disco and synth pop. On this latest record, Jaz goes low and slow on the new wave goth tones of 'Cleopatra' before Frantz leans in on the Eurodisco freakiness of 'Hyde & Go Sleaze'. DJ Rocca & N2B pile on the pressure with the camp delights of 'Abuse' and Facets completes the set with the boxy beats of 'Never Passing'. Essential cuts for any discerning death disco.
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Intérprete: DJ ROCCA
 in stock $15.16
1st Step To Heaven (reissue)
1st Step To Heaven (reissue) (limited numbered 180 gram audiophile gold vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: MOVLP 3059C. Rel: 25 May 22
Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi (5:02)
Opium (2:00)
Brothers (3:49)
Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi (part II) (5:14)
Sex Up (3:34)
Pure Joy (3:27)
Party (3:19)
1st Step To Heaven (5:44)
Review: The late Gabi Delgado fronted the Dusseldorf duo DAF (Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft), and in his honour, this reissue of their experimental sixth album 1st Step To Heaven comes courtesy of Music On Vinyl. Janky and fairlight-hued, as was the case with much of 80s dance music, the music pines after sex like an object to be pursued in and of itself. "You make me want to have sex" goes the refrain of opener 'Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi', while 'Sex Up' continues the charge with a dubby, Balearic remix, continuing the mantra throughout the album. A fantastic look back on a weird and provocative duo.
Read more
 in stock $28.44
Pol Rax 2000-2010
Pol Rax 2000-2010 (limited LP)
Cat: TVPCRE 003. Rel: 07 Jul 22
Dla Ciebie (3:30)
Rock Your Video (5:16)
Goraco (feat Julee) (3:57)
78 Km/H (3:16)
Zatrzymac Sie (feat 4Letters) (3:41)
Szal Sezonowej Mody (feat Nice2mU) (3:57)
Za Pozno (2:53)
Full OF Shame (feat Nice2mU) (4:00)
 in stock $25.51
Medecines (180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: TBB 001. Rel: 22 Jul 22
Introspection (3:38)
Charbon Alcool (6:38)
Balek Zouk (6:34)
Blanc Nuit (6:47)
Hagen & Again (5:47)
The Balek Bad (5:50)
Lenteur (7:18)
Cosmic Barry (6:16)
Kenesam (6:54)
Review: Abstrack France kicks off with Medecines, which is a first album for the Balek Band and label. It is, they say, "the product of a magma of influences, the emanation of large decade of music infused lives." It is also a deeply absorbing musical landscape with cosmic overtones, spiritual moods and elements of everything from kraut to dub to disco, funk and more. A rich array of instruments and percussion join the retro-future synth work to make each track busy and compelling, fresh and unique. It's an escapist and therapeutic listen that works both in the club, at home, in the car or on the beach.
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 in stock $28.44
Loredana (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: SFL 03. Rel: 16 Jun 22
Loredana (5:55)
Enzo (5:10)
Review: DJ collective Siffleur shoes off their skills and wide tastes here on a new EP that mixes up all manner of weird and wonderful sounds . There is Italo disco, ethno-funk, Balearic sounds and plenty of leftfield design to these cuts. They are stringy and sinewy but muscular enough to work on the dance floor as well as outdoors in the sun. The opener is a sensual cut with a hint of 80s nostalgia and tropical heat to it. Then on the flip side things get more drama and late night with a pink neon hue accompanying you on a late night walk through downtown.
Read more
Intérprete: Manu Archeo
 in stock $16.75
Cat: BPR 012SP. Rel: 01 Jul 22
Denis & Denis - "Jos Jedna Crta" (3:19)
Igor Savin - "Breakdance Ballet" (3:45)
Davor Rocco - "Radiophonic" (2:34)
Davor Rocoo - "Tehno Igrarije" (2:05)
Vinil Desant - "Leonardo" (1:47)
 in stock $28.70
Der Grosse Preis
Cat: BB 359LP. Rel: 11 Nov 20
Der Grosse Preis (4:40)
Gelb's Groove (feat Sam Irl) (5:29)
Haare (4:42)
Keramik & Konflikte (4:34)
Marktplatc (3:15)
Maske (4:19)
Rausfahr'n (4:00)
 in stock $22.32
Jet Airliner (reissue)
Jet Airliner (reissue) (limited numbered 180 gram audiophile translucent blue & red marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: MOV 12062C. Rel: 13 Apr 23
Jet Airliner (Fasten Seat Belt mix) (5:54)
Jet Airliner (instrumental) (3:50)
Jet Airliner (radio version) (4:17)
Review: Hugely successful German disco duo Thomas Anders and Dieter Bohlen are Modern Talking, and they made lots of sentimental as well dance floor-ready disco sounds back in the 80s. Much of it is being reissued by the behemoth that is Music On Vinyl and next is a limited edition marble red and blue vinyl version of this three-track 12". There is a campness to this which fans of the likes of Erasure are sure to enjoy - 'Jet Airliner# (Fasten Seat Belt mix) has big 80s drum sounds and glistening synths while the vocals drown in reverb. The instrumental is a little more clean though the drums and arps still make for a big impact and the radio version is also included to close.
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 in stock $21.26
Watch Out!
Cat: VPB 012. Rel: 13 Nov 23
Watch Out (dance version) (5:16)
Watch Out (AP mono Disco remix) (5:19)
Watch Out (Bellatrix remix) (5:37)
Watch Out (radio version) (3:21)
Watch Out (6:02)
Watch Out (Prospero remix) (6:09)
Watch Out (Chris Van Buren Vocoder remix) (6:05)
Review: Jackie Touche's 'Watch Out' is a highly sought-after Italo gem and one Michiel Van Der Kuy's most appreciated vocal productions. It has been unearthed by Vintage Pleasure Boutique from the Made Up Records catalogue and is denied by the lushness and richness of the classic Juno 106 synthesizer at its core. It brings ever-rising progressions with classic 80s Linn Drum suns that are tinny and metallic and lovely and pure bait for fans of 80s electronic sounds. As well as the restored and remastered original version you also get new remixes by Prospero, Bellatrix, A.P. Mono and Chris Van Buuren.
Read more
 in stock $21.54
Another Place & Time (half speed remastered)
Another Place & Time (half speed remastered) (180 gram vinyl LP + booklet with obi-strip)
Cat: DBTMLP 012. Rel: 06 Jul 23
I Don't Wanna Get Hurt (3:29)
When Love Takes Over You (4:14)
This Time I Know It’s For Real (3:37)
The Only One (3:55)
In Another Place & Time (3:22)
Sentimental (3:12)
Whatever Your Heart Desires (3:53)
Breakaway (4:03)
If It Makes You Feel Good (3:45)
Love's About To Change My Heart (4:01)
Review: This is a vinyl reissue of the 1989 album Another Place And Time by Donna Summer, the legendary American singer and songwriter, and co-pioneer of Hi-NRG disco (for those not in the know) with Giorgio Moroder. Coming fresh with a completely new novelty album cover, it's got just 10 tracks of pop, disco and dance, reflecting the late 80s assembly-line approach to releasing such music . Summer was extending one foot to balladry by this time, with the hit singles 'This Time I Know It's For Real' and 'I Don't Wanna Get Hurt' going for the more heartfelt power-chordism shot for by solo artists releasing music closer to the Millennium. Nonetheless, this is still quintessential Summer.
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 in stock $26.06
In 100 Years (reissue)
In 100 Years (reissue) (limited numbered 180 gram audiophile silver marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: MOV 12064C. Rel: 13 Jun 23
In 100 Years (long version - Future mix) (6:41)
In 100 Years (part I) (3:58)
In 100 Years (part II) (4:09)
Review: Modern Talking is the German duo of Dieter Bohlen and Thomas Anders - hit making disco artists from the 1980s who penned plenty of seminal tracks, many of which are in the process of being reissued now. 'In 100 Years' comes on limited and hand numbered 180 gram silver marble vinyl courtesy of Music On Vinyl. UP first is the long version of the single - a crashing and foot-stomping maximal disco workout with withering sci-fi effects and a heartbroken vocal. On the flip you'll find the track split into two equally dramatic parts.
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 in stock $9.56
Brother Louie '98
Brother Louie '98 (limited numbered 180 gram audiophile yellow & white marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: MOV 12066C. Rel: 10 Oct 23
Brother Louie Mix '98 (feat Eric singleton - radio edit) (3:25)
Brother Louie '98 (New version) (3:39)
Brother Louie Mix '98 (feat Eric singleton - extended edition) (4:13)
Cheri Cheri Lady (feat Eric singleton - extended edition) (4:24)
 in stock $30.31
Lonely Tears In Chinatown (reissue)
Lonely Tears In Chinatown (reissue) (limited numbered 180 gram audiophile yellow & orange marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: MOV 12061C. Rel: 13 Apr 23
Lonely Tears In Chinatown (3:32)
Give Me Peace On Earth (4:15)
Review: Modern Talking was one of the most successful German disco-pop acts of all time. It's an alias for writers, composers, producers and vocalists Thomas Anders and Dieter Bohlen and they put out a busy run of music back in the 80s that is reconnecting today with modern audiences. As such much of it is being made available again thanks to the Music On Vinyl label, and on various different coloured slabs of wax, no less. 'Lonely Tears In Chinatown' has all the playful pomp and campness of a Eurovision song winner with its big synth stabs and cold drum machine grooves. 'Give Me Peace On Earth' is an over-the-top ballad that drowns you in more 80s nostalgia.
Read more
 in stock $21.26
The Album
The Album (yellow vinyl LP)
Cat: DN 0301. Rel: 19 Jan 24
I Trust You Like I Trust Myself (3:08)
Too Late To Cry (4:08)
No Fear (4:17)
Heading For The Sun (3:44)
Strangers In The Night (3:01)
I Need Your Love (feat TQ) (4:15)
Discoqueen (feat Ken Laszlo) (4:31)
Follow Me To Mexico (3:01)
Rhythm Of Love (feat TQ) (3:49)
Never Surrender (feat Fred Ventura) (3:42)
Illusion (4:20)
L'Amour (3:26)
 in stock $23.93
Greatest Hits & Remixes
Greatest Hits & Remixes (limited pink vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: ZYX 230311. Rel: 16 May 23
You're My First, You're My Last (Maxi version) (5:54)
Perfect Love (Maxi version) (5:54)
Welcome To Cairo (4:35)
Keep Trying (Flemming Dalum remix) (6:09)
Heartflash (Tonight) (Maxi version) (5:44)
Passion (6:36)
Just One Word (Maxi version) (5:09)
I've Got The Night (Maxi version) (5:46)
 in stock $20.74
Another Place & Time (Deluxe Edition)
Cat: DBTMCD 212. Rel: 07 Jul 23
I Don't Wanna Get Hurt
When Love Takes Over You
This Time I Know It's For Real
The Only One
In Another Place And Time
Whatever Your Heart Desires
If It Makes You Feel Good
Love's About To Change My Heart
In Another Place & Time (Pete Hammond remix)
This Time I Know It's For Rea (7" mix)
I Don't Wanna Get Hurt (7" remix)
Love's About To Change My Heart (PWL 7" mix)
Breakaway (Power radio mix)
When Love Takes Over You (Dave Ford 7")
This Time I Know It's For Real (extended remix)
Love's About To Change My Heart (extended remix)
I Don't Wanna Get Hurt (Phil Harding 12" version)
Breakaway (remix - Full version)
Love's About To Change My Heart (Clivillés & Cole 12" mix)
This Time I Know It's For Real (Euphoric club mix)
When Love Takes Over You (club takeover mix)
 in stock $18.87
Don't Worry (reissue)
Don't Worry (reissue) (limited numbered 180 gram audiophile blue white & black marbled vinyl 12" in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: MOV 12063C. Rel: 13 Jun 23
Don't Worry (3:37)
Romantic Warriors (4:00)
Blinded By Your Love (4:01)
Review: 'Don't Worry' is a classic song by Modern Talking, the German duo of Dieter Bohlen and Thomas Anders which was released in 1987 as part of their fifth album, 'Romantic Warriors'. The song features the signature sound of the acclaimed duo, with catchy synth melodies, disco beats and harmonised vocals. The song is a classic example of the Euro disco genre that the West Berlin duo popularised in the 80s and has certainly stood the test of time.
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 in stock $23.13
Give Me Peace On Earth (reissue)
Give Me Peace On Earth (reissue) (limited numbered 180 gram audiophile clear vinyl 12")
Cat: MOV 12060C. Rel: 13 Apr 23
Give Me Peace On Earth (4:16)
Stranded In The Middle Of Nowhere (4:31)
Sweet Little Sheila (bonus track) (3:06)
Review: Modern Talking is the German pair consisting of Thomas Anders and Dieter Bohlen who were rather prolific back in the 80s and beyond. There has been a revived interest in their music of late and for that reason much of it is being reissued, including this new, limited edition and nice heavyweight 12" edition of 'Give Me Peace On Earth.' It's a three track disco odyssey that starts with the sentimental and syrupy sweet vocals of the title track, which is doused in loved up 80s chords. 'Stranded In The Middle Of Nowhere' is just as devastatingly heart broken with its slow, crashing drums and yearning vocals then bonus cut 'Sweet Little Sheila' picks up the pace for a lively dance floor disco workout.
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The Sun Shines At Night: Giorgio Moroder In Finnish 1972-1989
Cat: SRE 583LP. Rel: 30 Jun 22
Danny - "Maantielta Taloon (Nachts Scheint Die Sonne)" (3:14)
Koivistolaiset - "On Siita Aikaa (Good Grief Christina)" (3:19)
Danny - "Muuttokoon Maailma Taa (Cigarettes Women & Wine)" (3:13)
Virve Rosti - "Antaudun (Giving Up Giving In)" (4:05)
Mona Carita - "Mona Carita: Soita Mulle (Call Me - Theme From American Gigolo)" (3:34)
Virve Rosti - "Ohari (The Runner)" (3:52)
Markku Aro - "Lady Lady Lady (Lady Lady Lady)" (4:23)
Eini - "Pista Valot Pois (Vamos A Bailar)" (3:45)
Mona Carita - "Mika Fiilis (Flashdance... What A Feeling)" (3:49)
Tarja Jykyla - "Jos Valot Sammuttaisit (Turn Out The Night)" (3:05)
Seija Simola - "Luotan Rakkauteen (Thief Of Hearts)" (3:31)
Tauski Peltonen & Meiju Suvas - "Kay Mun Vierellain (Hand In Hand)" (4:15)
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Here I Am (reissue)
Here I Am (reissue) (limited LP)
Cat: THANKYOU 020. Rel: 22 Feb 23
Quiero Bailar (4:04)
Feel So Good (3:58)
Much Too Much (3:38)
Soon (4:14)
Love To Time (3:29)
Never Gonna Let You Go (4:13)
Don't Take It Away (4:44)
Here I Am (5:24)
Island Jive (4:40)
Review: The distinctive vocal sound of Shirley Giha aka. Ghia is both naive and infectious. Her only album Here I Am gets a reissue via Thank You, recalling the short-lived period in the spotlight enjoyed by the musician between 1987-88. Heavyweight city pop, new jack swing and slow-jam dreamers all combine in an almost oppressively 80s sound, while Ghia's vocals glide over each track elegantly and unprocessedly.
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Intérprete: Manu Archeo
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Fatal Destination
Fatal Destination (translucent yellow vinyl 12")
Cat: VPB 019. Rel: 15 Apr 24
Fatal Destination (dance version) (6:05)
Fatal Destination (Electro Potato Vox mix) (5:23)
Fatal Destination (Vocoder version) (5:47)
Fatal Destination (AP mono remix) (6:31)
Review: Vintage Pleasure Boutique is an excellently named label out of Poland that is fast approaching its 20th releases. This latest 12" is another dazzling Italo disco gem that arrives on translucent yellow vinyl. Claudia T.'s 'Fatal Destination' arrived originally back in 1989 at the height of the genre's popularity and very much takes you back there with its cold but compelling synth sounds and crashing drums, all very reminiscent of the era. The soaring vocals brings the glorious hook next to zippy lead synths. This was a bit hit back in the day and is sure to win over just as many global dancers second time around.
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Chasing Ghosts
Chasing Ghosts (blue vinyl LP)
Cat: DN 0300. Rel: 26 Feb 24
Viva La Victoria (3:05)
Chasing Ghosts (4:11)
At The Disco (3:04)
Space Crusaders (4:09)
Burn The City (4:15)
Stockholm Is Calling (3:09)
Hold The Line (3:35)
L'Orient (3:57)
Hollywood (3:48)
Mas Tequila (2:55)
Turbo Lover (3:56)
The Mirror (4:11)
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Private Disco Show (reissue)
Cat: BAP 056RE. Rel: 05 Apr 24
Private Disco Show (7:00)
Private Disco Show (instrumental) (7:30)
 in stock $17.01
Yu Aerobic: Original Workout Music From Yugoslavia 1981-1984
Cat: FOX 008LP. Rel: 08 Dec 22
Ugrijavanje/Warming Up (instrumental) (7:45)
Izolacije/Isolations (instrumental) (4:03)
Bedra/Thighs (instrumental) (4:04)
Jogging (instrumental) (3:40)
Noge I Bokovi/Legs And Hips (instrumental) (4:56)
Trbuh/The Belly (instrumental) (4:12)
Ruke/Hands (instrumental) (4:14)
Struk/The Waist (instrumental) (4:37)
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Mythologic Disco EP
Mythologic Disco EP (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: RTMT 001. Rel: 16 Nov 22
Mythologic Disco (6:22)
Aphrodite Is My GF (5:52)
Cruisin On Helios Vespa (6:07)
Perseus (6:03)
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Boom Selekcija (reissue)
Cat: DCM 012. Rel: 19 Jun 23
Moje Cake (5:38)
Rokenrol Stipaljke (3:19)
Studentski San (3:58)
Vladina Gitara (3:40)
Pogresan Broj (3:41)
Zuljas Me (3:33)
Bora Klej (2:49)
Frizerka Nada (7:04)
Review: Discom continues to unearth genuine gems from the former Yugoslavia. The dusty-fingered reissue imprint's latest pick comes from 1983. It's the sole, self-titled album from Boom Selekija, a relatively short-lived eight-piece made up of funk and soul musicians from other Belgrade bands, who disbanded shortly after the LP was released. Musically, the album pairs vibrant and authentic disco-boogie instrumentation - with some Eastern European flourishes - with impassioned Serbian-language vocals. It's a quietly impressive set all told, with our picks including the spacey and loved-up stomper 'Studentski Stan', the rubbery bass guitar, rock-style guitar solos and intergalactic synth textures of 'Vladina Gitara', the subtly jazz-funk-infused, slap bass-propelled 'Juljaz Me', and the almost beat-free jazz-funk sleaze of 'Frizerka Naja'.
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Only One Night
Only One Night (limited translucent green vinyl 12" + sticker)
Cat: MAXI 111212. Rel: 27 Dec 23
Funky/Club House
Only One Night (11:30)
Don't Leave Tonight (9:14)
Review: The Hurricanes' 12" Maxi-single 'Only One Night' is at last available as a new reissued version, courtesy of ZYX Germany. This limited edition version of the industrial, dark disco classic comes as a fresh coloured disc and is an absolute must-have for all the die-hards out there; the track perfectly intersects the late-stage motifs of Belgian new beat and its morphosis into trance. But that's not all! This new edition comes with an exclusive remix by none other than Flemming Dalum, whose rerub 'Don't Leave Tonight' is a machinic, malleting, melancholism, replete with glossed-out vocals that clarify the original's for a new listening age.
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The Joy Of Flying (Soundtrack)
Cat: VAG 13. Rel: 11 Jan 24
The Theme Of The Joy Of Flying (3:08)
Sensualita (4:01)
Joy Of Flying (version) (1:45)
C'mon, Let's Do It (2:08)
Joy Of Flying (Slow version) (3:22)
Get It Up (2:49)
Hey Svey (3:09)
Swedish Tango (1:53)
Sirtaki (1:40)
Hannes Tesar - "Be A Rover" (4:06)
Disco Machine (2:09)
Sylvia (4:20)
Bossa Island (2:08)
Hey Svey (version) (4:06)
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Cat: FUNKSCAPES 006. Rel: 01 May 24
Altstadtking (2:53)
Altstadtking (Hade rework) (4:02)
Review: This is one of those wonderful curiosities that we hardcore record-collecting nerds love. 'Altstadtking' is a German language track that brings funky grooves and disco synths together in a beguiling cut that will always stand out in any set. It comes here on this 7" courtesy of Funkscapes and on the flip is a Hade rework that brings plenty of playful and jazzy keys to the fore and allows the vocal to take a back seat to the instrumental grooves. Wonderful stuff for when you need a curveball.
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1992 (CD)
Cat: CT 346CD. Rel: 06 May 22
To Know You Is To Love You
So Many Dreams
Okay It's Over
That's Right
Your Prince
7th House
Move From The Heart
Follow Your Mind
So Many Dreams (NYC Classic edit)
So Many Dreams (1992 demo mix)
So Many Dreams (Amek live dub)
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Tasma Bitowa
Tasma Bitowa (cassette)
Cat: SPRK 002. Rel: 11 Jun 21
Hug Me (New version) (5:15)
Track 2 (11:34)
Le Fantome Electrique (5:44)
No Vacation Soundtracks (5:49)
BeatBOX (5:40)
Amiga Anty-rap (5:28)
Historja Prawdziwej Muzyki (11:28)
Drown/Burn (6:30)
Krolewski Bit (10:49)
 in stock $11.69
Four Years After
Cat: ZYX 230471. Rel: 09 May 23
Bad Boy You (4:05)
Baciami (Kiss Me) (4:11)
Daddy Daddy (3:01)
Flight Of Fantasy (5:17)
Body To Body (3:10)
Macho Man (3:56)
Silent Movie (3:43)
A Love Song (3:53)
Aliens (remix '89) (4:35)
 in stock $18.87
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