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Tags: Middle Eastern Jazz

Products tagged as Middle Eastern Jazz
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Houdou Nisbi
Houdou Nisbi (LP + insert)
Cat: WWSLP 50. Rel: 25 Feb 22
Bala Wala Chi (3:25)
Relative Calm (4:21)
The Same (2:30)
Yalla Kichou Barra (2:36)
Don't Go (4:22)
Bil Nisbi La Boukra (4:55)
Bisaraha (4:19)
5 To 7 PM (3:59)
Rouh Khabbir (6:26)
For Sure (2:44)
Khalas (3:54)
Finale (1:38)
Review: Houdou Nisbi is a top draw, cult classic record from Ziad Rahbani that now gets a deserving reissue on Wewantsounds. It was recorded in around 1984-85 and originally came out on the sought-after Lebanese label Relax-in in 1991, and only on CD and tape. Now it lands on vinyl for the first time and still sounds as good in the way it fuses Arabic sounds with jazz, boogie, funk and even hints of Brazil. Original groove fans heralded this as one of the best of its kind and this newly remastered version, which has been curated by Lebanese DJ, radio host and compiler Ernesto Chahoud, certainly backs that up.
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Oghneya (LP + booklet + MP3 download code)
Cat: HABIBI 0191. Rel: 21 Jul 22
Matar Al Sabah (4:25)
Entazerni (4:17)
Oghneya (6:32)
Edfeno Amwatakom Wanhadou (3:13)
Matar Naem (4:44)
Lahnon Lemra'ati Wa Beladi (5:14)
Juma'a 6 Hziran (4:49)
Review: Habibi Funk present a legendary Lebanese work from Issam Hajali's group Ferkat Al Ard. This groundbreaking release from 1978 is a truly international affair, as Arab, jazz, folk and Brazilian styles criss-cross with flair under the arrangement guidance of Ziad Rahbani. The sound moves between pop and psych to touches of bossa nova and tropicalia. For diggers who have been after this record for some time, it's worth noting the band insisted on two tracks being excluded which were on the original version, but they have been replaced by the equally stunning 'Juma;a 6 Hziran'. This is a gem of Lebanese musical history, and a quintessential release in the ever-essential research undertaken by Habibi Funk.
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Intérprete: Juno Recommends Funk
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Kifak Inta
Kifak Inta (LP + insert)
Cat: WWSLP 64. Rel: 03 Nov 22
Farewell Song (4:05)
You Can Forget (3:04)
Ouverture 87 (1:43)
"Ya Leili Leili Leili" (7:07)
Reprise (1:13)
Prova (3:33)
"Kifak Inta" (How Are You?) (3:32)
"Dia' Anou" (3:14)
Something Is Happening (2:45)
Indi Thika Fik (4:24)
It's Not A Problem (6:47)
Review: Available here for the first time on vinyl, Lebanese singer Fairuz's 1991 album - previously only sold on CD and tape - has lost none of its romance or immersive qualities since the last time you heard it. Meanwhile, if this is your first outing with the eastern Mediterranean siren, prepare to dive into a mesmerising experience in which Arabic tones meets jazz-funk on an impressive scale, with unarguably rich depth.

A career spanning six decades, Fairuz is nothing short of a legend in her home region, with many citing her among the most famous vocalists from the Arab world. The Soul of Lebanon, no less, her voice is incredible but the work she aligned with, and pushed into the mainstream, is perhaps what's most impressive. Straddling genres and cultures with aplomb, the tragedy of the western music industry's homogenous attitude means many are still unaware. Thankfully, here's chance to rectify that.
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The Middle East
The Middle East (LP + insert)
Cat: SS 013. Rel: 08 Jul 22
Mahur (8:10)
Shur (5:43)
Isfahan (6:05)
Zarb Solo (2:12)
Spain (6:43)
Arab World (4:53)
Turkey (5:36)
Amen Avci Vurma Beni (5:07)
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Hadaeq (LP)
Cat: ZEPLP 054. Rel: 05 Jan 22
Asquini (7:19)
Kai Zhas Seka (6:24)
Pe Molate, Pe Khelel (5:54)
Adame (5:40)
Hisan (6:18)
Aksam En Guzel (5:10)
Furn El Sibbek (3:54)
Surfaton (4:05)
Taksi (3:12)
Review: Lebanese singer Pol Seif has linked with various European instrumentalists for this Molo Sayat project , which has its base camp around the Med. The band compose their material in Arabic, Italian and Romani languages and their first release on Zephyrus Records oozes a soul soothing calmness and plenty of colourful folk sounds. The musicianship is second to none as saxophone, clarinet, double bass and trumpets are all blended into one smooth and beautiful soundscape as Serf's voice adds another layer of magic. Whether jazzy and upbeat such as 'Kai Zhas Seka' or slow and mournful like 'Adame' these are all essential sounds.
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Chansons Immortelles
Cat: MLP 00131. Rel: 17 Oct 23
El Bent Echalabeya
Nahna Oul Kamar
Bitchouf Bokra Bitchouf
Rih Echamali
Ya Mayla Aal Ghoussona
Laure's Lover
Ya Ghzeyel
Hellala Leya
Ya Rabaa
Nehna Ou Dhyab El Ghabat
Laweyn Rayhine
Ya Hneyna
Heda Ouchrouki
Ya Milou Ya Amar
Ila Raaya
Kif Halek Ya Jar
Debra Ou Ma Toubna
Ya Hneyina
Ila Arraaiya
Keef Halek Ya Jar
Ya Oum Ayoun Ouissaa
Bebebak Ma Ba'ref
Oum Elaïn Elkabla
Azzeynou Ezzeyno
 in stock $16.96
Shams (translucent orange vinyl LP)
Cat: VNAMISH 272. Rel: 21 Dec 23
Morning Fractal (5:30)
Eclipse (6:32)
Bambi (7:26)
Taqsim For Chadi (3:43)
Snow On Baghdad (7:08)
Shams (Soleil) (9:38)
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Live At Cafe Oto
Live At Cafe Oto (limited cassette)
Cat: MAIS 061CA. Rel: 06 Jun 24
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Aykathani Malakon (3:03)
Mouathibatti (3:28)
Bell (1:01)
Ya Nass (2:20)
Rings (4:41)
Shajar Al-Touti (1:49)
94 (1:51)
Oulo La Emmo (2:45)
Ayouha Al-Taiin Fi Al-Mawt (2:17)
 in stock $12.91
Amrak Seedna & Abtal Wa Harameyah (remastered)
Cat: WWSLP 86. Rel: 02 May 24
Al Muqadenah 1 (Introduction 1) (2:09)
Mashad Al Fahes (Examination) (0:18)
I'alan (Advertisement) (1:17)
Tango (1:39)
Break (2:09)
Al Muqadenah 2 (Introduction 2) (instrumental) (2:10)
Al Muqadenah (Introduction) (instrumental) (2:19)
Tagheer Awal (First Change) (1:22)
Oghniyat El Shahadeen (1:19)
Tagheer Thani (Second Change) (1:21)
Al Piano (2:56)
Tagheer Thaleth (Third Change) (1:37)
Al Jeel (The Generation) (1:51)
Hake Ad Ma Baddak Fee (2:07)
Oghniyat El Gharam (1:28)
Mashhad Al Hob (1:16)
End Of Chapter 1 (0:26)
Kabbaret Dancing (2:16)
Kbareah Wa Mhajjaren (1:30)
Slow (1:00)
Mashhad Al Serk (1:18)
Final - Al Adala (2:20)
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